Terrex Incident – Daft Sinkies or stupid govt?

Why is the Singapore govt quarrelling with China over the Terrex Incident? The Singapore govt consigned its Terrex armoured vehicles to APL with a simple order, deliver them to Singapore from Taiwan. How APL navigates, visits whatever ports, how APL handles the documentations are not Singapore’s problem.  All Singapore is interested is for the armoured vehicles to be delivered to Singapore on time and in good condition.

Now APL detoured to Xiamen, to Hong Kong and found not filing the proper documents and the Terrex armoured vehicles were off loaded into the port in Hong Kong. Why is this a Singapore problem? Why is Singapore sending a team to Hong Kong to negotiate and to retrieve the armoured vehicles? Why is the Singapore govt quarrelling with the China and Hong Kong govt? And by so doing, gave China the opportunity to screw Singapore, to complain about Singapore not abiding by the rule of law?

Should not Singapore just be dealing with APL and let APL deal with China/Hong Kong? APL shitted and why is Singapore running all over the place behaving like the guilty party, as if Singapore shitted?

Should not Singapore just keep quiet and tell APL to deliver the armoured vehicles or be sued for compensation and damages? And by so doing, China would have no reason to point the finger at Singapore and accused Singapore for any wrong doing.

What is going on? Don’t we have the best legal talents to tell the govt, look, this is not Singapore’s problem? This is a problem between APL and China/Hong Kong. Singapore is just a customer of APL. Singapore has nothing to do with what APL did in Hong Kong and how APL handled the armoured vehicles. If APL commits murder, what has that got to do with Singapore? Why is Singapore responsible for APL’s crime or wrong doing?

Is this so complicated to understand? This is strictly a commercial assignment between Singapore and APL. Why is Singapore in the thick of action in this political fiasco?

Do you think Singapore could avoid this diplomatic row by just keeping its mouth shut? Who is the daft one?


Virgo49 said...

APL is just a Scapegoat. For up teem times they been shipping these cargo this way from Taiwan to Singapore without hassles and problems.

That was because previously we have excellent "guanzi". Now we are having a cold spat. Far East Run from Taiwan, China, Japan with HK mainly as last transit port is the norm for all if not most major shipping lines prior SEA thence to Europe.

Other ports in Philipines, Bangkok, jakarta etc are run by feeder regional lines.

Chinese mentality . Ho lai ho kee.

You celebrate the fifteen, I can celebrate on the First.

How, also we can meet mid stream. You served me bitter wine. I can also do the same.

One fine day your balls kena stuck on wooden horse and cannot dismount. I come and cut for you.

That's leave you become Tai kum. (Eunuch)

If's not why send our teams up???

At Xiamen, they don't want to action leaving HK to handle as they do not want to be made an.enemy out of you.

Let's others said We bully kechils.

Let HK as previously under Ang Mo Sai with their flexible ang moh law give you chance.

Also, previously also Commonwealth Bros.

Anonymous said...

We have the best legal minds that is why we get involved as shipping line legal team probably not as powerful as our own. So it's better we take over the case and use the leal stranglehold to strangle hk if hk does not yield as hk also Ang moh law. That is like the logic.

virgo49 said...

Right, right.

See how we won even International Court of Justice.

Pedra Branca.aka Batu Puteh b4 Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Singapore should treat this as a commercial and legal issue from the start. As a customer, Singapore should just deal only with APL and let APL deal with China. So simple and clean.

Now not only one leg in the shit hole, both legs also in, and the shit at neck level, going to drown by shit.

Anonymous said...

What is the MFA doing? What is MFA for? Stirring shit, undiplomatic, poking at other countries, burning bridges, picking quarrels? Now got big trouble all keep quiet, hiding under the table?

Anonymous said...

APL is like the prick that did the screwing and the innocent dumb balls got hung.

Why Singapore garment fighting the case not APL? Catch no ball.


virgo49 said...

This is not APL's issue.

PRC seized the Cargi just to teach Sinkieland leaders like Georgie Boy said mine boh tua big sua.

If not why so many of their stooges shouted we must not be cowed by them linking Michael Fay's canning to this occurrence.

APL been in this Run/Trade years ago. B4 also NOL. Other lines Hanjin, NYK GGM etc also in this route

Armoured military wares declared in adavance and no where they can be hidden as they are loaded on deck on full view of all cargo

As long as they are not sanctioned by the UN to be illegal as Sanctioned Cargo like to North Korea for example they are allowed to be transit with safe passages on.commercial vessels.

Also, sinkieland is one of the most friendly hypocritical nation in the whole wide world which even our Tar Man invited to be chairman of G30. No way they harmed our goods.

It's because its is a Tat for Tat

Also, no explosives with these carriers no need to declare Dangerous or DG Cargo.

So no excuse they seized for this excuse or reason

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This was APL's issue. China wants to make it a Singapore issue. Singapore no need to accept it and carry the can. Just act innocent and ask China to deal with APL. But the stupid accept it as a Singapore issue. Now furiously trying to defend themselves when they don't have do.

They forget to pass the buck back to APL and happily carry the bucket of shit around.

How stupid can they be?

virgo49 said...

But Mr Rebean Sir.

Singapore is still the Legal Owner of the Cargo.

Legally, they are severally and legally bound jointly together to claim the Cargo.

As a commercial shipping line, they are just acting as a carrier for the owner of the Cargo

Only as a servant in the service of transit. They are not liable to be hanged if heroin are found it them.

Shipping clauses: SAID TO CONTAIN : as declared by shippers.

Legally, they still will prosecute the rightfully owners.


Anonymous said...

/// How stupid can they be? ///
December 06, 2016 3:14 pm

They may be stupid.
But they are smart enough to get a million dollar salary in Singapore.
While the rest of us earn only peanuts.

Anonymous said...

The 70% daft Sinkies voted for this stupid government.
- it's a marriage made in heaven by the Founding Emperor

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Virgo,
Transporting the Terrex is nothing illegal. Just make the declaration. It is different from heroin or drugs. Singapore has all the legitimate reasons to ship the Terrex. It is APL to make the declaration when they transit the ports. Unless it is Singapore's duty to make declaration, which means Singapore has no reason not to do so. There is nothing to hide, or was there?

b said...

Two is better than one. There can be two china, two america, two russia, two almost everything. A coin also has two sides. God is even a 3 in 1 package. One child policy is not good. Two is better.

Virgo49 said...

Mr Redbean.

I am using the heroin just as an example. The onus is still the Shipper or Owner as jointly and severally with the Carrier liable for any claims or damages. Because in containerised vessels the cargo are been prepared by the shipper and the carrier does not have 100 percent knowledge of them. THAT'S WHY IT IS BASED ON THE SHIPPERS' DECLARATIONS.

The carrier protected themselves with shipping clauses on Bill of ladings like Shippers Load and Count. Said to contain.

Definitely APL had made the necessary documentation as they had been carrying the same many times.

Operations staff in carrier POL are very aware of the Customs and necessary paper works for next port of call. Heavy penalties if run foul of their requirements. Customs Authority in any country are like the lords and they can always on the flimsiest excuse toyed with you.

In this case, APL is just a scapegoat like the grass under one elephant and one mousedeer fighting or making love.

Both ways, they are trampled on.

Anonymous said...

Two wives is also good.
But comes with two mothers-in-law

Anonymous said...

What China is telling you folks is that certain fights, they are above he law. If they target you, the little red dot, either you face up or back down. Try not to do a tai chi here hor. Tai Chi works best if you are chief snake and on home ground. Aiyah, don't be hypocrite lah. There are people here also above the law what. What bloody rule of law? Laws good for keeping majority sheep eating grass only lah.

Anonymous said...

Law says cannot murder..when you go war or fight, law where got apply one. Kill kill kill. Rule of law best use for making money lah

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

All your assets in China...ahem...you know lah

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon, it is guanxi not quanxi.

Anonymous said...

I never guanxi so don't lah. Thks LoL

Anonymous said...

Another word for guanxi is corruption.