The vicious cycle of the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed

Singapore has had 50 years of good fortune, with good leaders in the past planting the right trees to provide shade and bearing fruits for today's generation to benefit. The regional countries were not so fortunate and many of their people were unemployed or underemployed, ie unemployable for one reason or another. But they were lucky that they saw a rainbow with a pot of gold at the other end. And the rainbows all ended up in Singapore.


So all the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed took a flight to find their rainbow's ends and came to Singapore. The Singapore govt was and is very generous and employed all the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed of neighbouring and far off countries. Millions of jobs were given to these unemployable, underemployed and unemployed.


What the govt did not plan for is the creation of a Singaporean class of unemployable, underemployed and unemployed in the process. As time goes by, with the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed of other countries flooding here, the number of Singaporean unemployable, underemployed and unemployed increases proportionally. So the govt do the same thing, tell the Singaporean unemployable, underemployed and unemployed to go overseas to look for jobs like the foreign unemployable, underemployed and unemployed did by coming here. The solution looks so simple and neat. The unemployable, underemployed and unemployed can easily go overseas to find better employment and Singaporean unemployable, underemployed and unemployed should do the same and should not have any problem.


Unfortunately things are not that simple and straight forward. There are many obvious reasons, the govts of other countries are not so talented to know that foreign talents are good for them and their economies. They also did not have so many jobs to offer to the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed from Singapore, and they have many other good reasons not to do so.


So, while Singapore happily goes about hiring the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed of other countries, the Singaporean unemployable, underemployed and unemployed, though much more talented and well qualified and full of experience have no takers. The end result, Singapore ended up employing other countries' unemployable, underemployed and unemployed, but no one wants to employ Singapore's unemployable, underemployed and unemployed.


It was supposed to be a virtuous cycle, we take other countries' unemployable, underemployed and unemployed and other countries should be taking our unemployable, underemployed and unemployed. The realities did not turn out the way it was expected. If it does, it would just be a vicious cycle where we give better paying jobs, good jobs to the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed of other countries and do not mind them giving lower paying jobs to our unemployable, underemployed and unemployed. The end result is that it is a one way traffic. Singapore ended up providing all the good and high paying jobs to foreigners that were unemployable, underemployed and unemployed in their countries, but not to Singaporeans. The unemployable, underemployed and unemployed did not end up with anything but remain the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed Singaporeans..


A vicious cycle where Singapore exchanges its unemployable, underemployed and unemployed for the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed of other countries is already bad enough. Now it is worse, the other countries did not want our unemployable, underemployed and unemployed.


What a sick joke. And Singapore even prepares and trains its unemployable, underemployed and unemployed to accept lower paying jobs, lower level jobs, and cheap currencies and a less hospitable environment and lower quality of life style to work overseas, to replace the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed who came to Singapore to work in better paying jobs, strong currency and a better environment and better quality of life.


Whose silly formula is this? Or whose clever idea is this?


Anonymous said...

The unemployable, underemployed and unemployed did not end up with anything but remain the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed Singaporeans..

But then why PAP could still get 70% votes in the last election?

Maybe the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed Singaporeans are only 30% or less of all Singaporeans?

And the majority are employed or at least got lots of money and perhaps even richer than you think?

So it is not for nothing that PAP could get 70% votes, u know.

Anonymous said...

Cannot help feeling that the oldies making lots of nouses here were pappies polumpars or lee kuan yew idolators not too long ago.
Maybe, these oldies even scorned people like lim chin siong, jbj, lim hock siew and all those that were opposed to lee kuan yew.
Now, these oldies regret but deny their mistakes in the past.
Even in this article and in many of the articles in the past in my singapore news, we witness how rb idolises lee kuan yew.
Like someone said to his friends, l born in sin shall die in sin cos sin is best even today.
He is 76 years old and half his four children have migranted.
Luckily his migranted children are not harm by the
76 years old polumpar, otherwise bipeh wan ong. But
most younger sinkies are in limbo, so are many oldies themselves.
Sinkies deserve the leeders to lord over them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the unemployable, underemployed and unemployed Singaporeans are only 30% or less of all Singaporeans?
8:58 am

Could be. And could be even much, much less than 30%. Just look at how many are protesting at Hong Lim Park and you roughly know.

And there could also be something that Hsien Loong knows but RB and others like him don't know.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.30

You will one day become the UNEMPLOYED!!!


You all young DIES always blamed us Oldies for causing this situation.

The main reason is that the situation is created by your New Generation of dumb supposed to be more educated young Dies.

Our old generation of oldies leaders created the Prosperous Singapore and you newbies destriyed5it.

Without our contributions, your oresent generation be still wearing pants without shirts and vice versa.

Now Redbean is still contributing to bring the plight of your ungrateful young Dies to the present day dumb leaders to alleviate your problems.

We, oldies no need to be employ or be employed as we have enough.

Time to go downstairs for an round of Roulette in the Monte Carlo.

When you are eating the grass in the soup, then you will remember how hard Redbean is trying to save your jobs.

But, think the current generation is just too dumb to realise this as they think that they are snart in just having more computer knowledge than the oldies.

Computer knowledge is just an working tool in today's work life and nothing to smirk about.

Anonymous said...

/// What the govt did not plan for is the creation of a Singaporean class of unemployable, underemployed and unemployed in the process. ///

What proof do you offer that this is NOT part of the plan?

We have scholars in our civil service ... are they blind and stupid?
We have Ministers ... the best that we can find with the highest salaries in the world ... are they blind and stupid?
We have highly educated citizens ... are we all blind and stupid?

Anonymous said...

In a democracy.
If you are an unemployable, underemployed and unemployed Singaporeans ... and you don't know what to do ... you deserve die so that Singaporeans can eventually evolve into smarter and wiser voters.

Anonymous said...

//We have scholars in our civil service ... are they blind and stupid?//

What proof? U have lots of paper generals that r jiak Liao bee .. Eg. A 3 star gen Ng sold NOL as he can't even make profit ( is he stupid?or not so smart), LTA admiral Chew left due to smrt breakdown & cover up issues, Minionster TCJ can be blinded that cardboard elderies collect cardboards to exercise etc..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 9:12 have a point. It could be all planned.

The oldies are not complaining as many have bought properties and can sell, downgrade to get cash, children grown up, no more debt. Taken out their CPF. Of course there will be some that will still be struggling.

The worst hit are the not really oldies, the 40s and 50s when children are still schooling and mortgages to pay.

And Anon 9:21, hopefuls Singaporeans will evolve to be smarter and wiser. The empirical data is pointing the wrong way, getting dafter and sillier.

Anonymous said...

Rb, the class that u mentioned is still a very small minority like 3% as per the Mom employment report so nothing to lose sleep over it type lar until it hits u and u are one of the 3%

AhKong65 said...

Yeh! you go to hell first by saying so....democracy is not what you think , you sick man .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am getting very intolerant of people coming here to quarrel or talk nonsense for the sake of talking nonsense.

I will not give them space here to do that. I will simple delete them.

Anonymous said...

No point scolding here and there.

No point kpkb here kpkb there.

I agreed that even with the grave numbers of unemployed and underemployed,
70% still voted yes.

Dont forget, you are living in the "you-die-your-business" tiny, very crowded city state.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

The govt said 2017 will be better. The survey date by Biz assn show optimism is 49.2 below 50. 70% firms not hiring, 7% firms firing in plan. Unemployed is part of the trend.

This economic downturn is far more harder to turn around than previous downturns. What say u? My ground observation is bad bad. Reason is: old firms i used to see close down. Every new firms starts up has about 1% chance to fold up in 2 to 3 years. I observe this. If govt think it has lots of investors queuing up, there is no basis to say so. Only business services sector say next year bagus. These are likely doing liquidations i guess. Lawyers doing properties can be dead. Doing suing for debts can be good. Other than this sector, manufacturing, construction, engineering, retailers all seeing bad future. These sectors are major employers. Unemployed singapore citizens will be more because govt will issue employment pass under ceca to create more PR.

I doubt this plan to put in more PR and employment pass can help the local firms to have strong demand. The major cohort of immigrants are english speaking Indians and pinoys. They will ship their savings home to buy lands at home. People do not understand what i say here. S$ was 1.2 when immigrants influx was peak. S$ now is 1.45 with 2.6 millions immigrants. Lower S$ means vege fish rice oil all things you need goes up in prices. You might not notice it, go ask your wife who buys things over their life if those things are expensive now. With ceca bringing in more indians, citizens go jobless is natural. Employer hires someone with no cpf to pay, some can get cash payback to employers. Hiring this kind of foreigners is a norm or black market here, from observation of court cases. They occurred in FnB firms, manufacturing firms for furniture etc. Those were known cases, unknown cases r hard to detect, as per mom.
Employers are forced to hire cheap labor due to ever increasing rental upon renewal. High rental comes from high land prices. So the govt make money on land prices, and let employers hire foreigners to lower the cost. Yet firms close down. Why?
Jobless citizens are getting more and more due to this policy. Old firms or new firms has poor sales, cannot cover the high rental and cheap labor= close shop.

Readers, there is no pretence, or complaint, or what you like to call it. High cost is a fixed factor for import of 2.6 millions foreigners. The future will be a total collapse when pinky bring in another 3 millions foreigners. Cost will be so high to live here that suicides are options. People cannot afford to get sick. People cannot start to do small business like retail to lose money. Money is tight. If voters vote for Pap, this will be the future. Pap has plan for 10 millions population, 7 millions foreigners. Unemployed will be norm to our children under this model.

Anonymous said...

"Every new firms starts up has about 1% chance to fold up in 2 to 3 years."
Correct it: its 90% to fold up. From marketing every new startup in US, chance to survive is 1%. Here may be 10% due to convenient transport and comms.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just beware of statistics. Ask who is putting up the statistics, what is the intention and motive.

People are very selective in the stats they put up, how the stats are collected, the sample origins, the sample size, everything can be cooked.

Many using statistics are liars, cheats, to tell one sided stories, to con people with massaged stats, doctored stats.

Anonymous said...

Sound advice to PAP:

Singapore's economy is expected to further slowdown in the coming months as US President-elect Donald Trump will likely exit the Trans-Pacific Partnership after he takes office. To restrain Singapore economy's downward momentum, Singapore needs to attach more importance to countries within Asia, one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. Although the Chinese economy is cooling, China contributed more than 25 percent to world economic growth last year. Currently, China has seen a dramatic rise in outbound direct investment and is a staunch advocate for free trade, putting it in stark contrast with the US. Forget about INDIA !

Lee Hsien Loong should learn from Duterte! Just as the Philippines has shown greater interest in China as a means to maximize its economic benefits, Singapore should also consider the opportunities that await as China further opens up its economy. As the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership may be the only mega regional free trade deal in the Asia-Pacific region if the TPP fails, Singapore should pivot toward the RCEP to push for trade liberalization in the region.

What's more, Singapore should focus more on the Belt and Road initiative in seeking new business opportunities. Singapore should explore new overseas markets to boost its economic momentum and countries along the Belt and Road route may be suitable choices.

Anonymous said...

/// And Singapore even prepares and trains its unemployable, underemployed and unemployed to accept lower paying jobs, lower level jobs, .... ///

Ever since Philip Yeo retired from EDB.
The PAP government has not been able to create good jobs for Singaporeans.

True or not?
I'm a daft voter. Please tell me, is this true?
I don't know how to use my brains to think for myself.

Anonymous said...

So who actually created good jobs for Singaporeans in the 1970's and 1980's?
Philip Yeo or the PAP government?

Virgo49 said...

Nowadays, these socalled Start ups are mostly empty shells companies with no REAL built up captals and Assets unlike those our old capital invested assets businesses.

Mostly like MLM techology based commission agents or subscribers based businesses.

No real pay out capitals or assets. Just hoping for empty air hopeful business from subscribers numbers.

Ex what Facebook, Farkbook, subscribe to what statistical numbers to boost their shares.

It could also be massaging frictional numbers and when discovered plunged into oblivion.

Also, many offering commission based paper or empty talks sales for monies.

These are the new newbie young ways of so called businesses and they are so smirk about it.

Any socalled enterpriual with just a few thousand dollars and just two dollar pay up dollar can register a company.

Cannot survive just close down and called themselves enterpurials.

Our time, even to start a small logistics firm, got to have at least 500 k.

Pay up for deposit of vehicles b4 finance loans.

Rental of office 3 months deposit. Now they just rent virtual office.

Staff salaries for at least 3 months b4 you collect what owe to you.

Paid upfront for clients etc. Entertainment expenses.

CPF and misc expenses.

So st least have some real assets to show for bank overdrafts and guarantees.

Nowadays, all these companies kosong, kosong.

Surviving on commission basis and hopefully grace of God took off.

How many employees you can employed of this MLM business?? (

No solid backing.

Anonymous said...

Came across a very very interesting and very very shocking article
regarding the 10 richest politicians in SG in ASS web.

A MUST read acticle!

Happy reading.

Anonymous said...

Top 10 Richest Politician of Singapore


Really ah?
So did the politicians create good jobs for the daft Singaporeans?
Or did the daft Singaporeans create good jobs for the politicians?

Anonymous said...

Opposition can only solve the unemployed citizens problems.
To solve it: citizen s hiring cost must be = to foreigner or lower.
It means abolish cpf for employer+ abolish in camp training liability.

It is simple and neat solution.

But this cannot answer to PR asking for lower salary to compete.

Opposition must abolish PR. Get rid of those being alleged to have stolen money first to improve export markets. Get rid of those with professional qualifications which are common among citizens, like admin, accounts, engineers, teachers, lecturer etc. Only allow those of specialized un-replacable skills like designers, ceo, coo to have PR.

Singapore will have hope if citizen s hiring cost= foreigner by legal framework ie cpf and ns. If not, citizens will have to get screwed by foreigner hiring agents keep importing lower and lower asking salary professionals and technicians.

PR getting bigger and bigger will increase the withdrawal of S$ to their home countries. S$ will get weaker and weaker, and foods stuff import, material imports will be more expensive. Watch out Pap s policy, this is the cancer cell to all singaporeans including foreigners living inside the island. S$billions are taken out of singapore monthly.

The economy especially retailers will not be good if the above 2 main points are not solved. Purchasing power of citizens cannot be good. Lower and lower disposable income will kill retailers. Majority are hired in these firms, do not look down at departmental stalls. Once they and FB fold up, it can be crisis. This is coming now. Johnlittle gone, who is next?

Anonymous said...

/// The economy especially retailers will not be good if the above 2 main points are not solved. ///

How to solve the economic problems if you don't vote out PAP first?
Can our lives ever improve with a PAP government in power?

Anonymous said...

"Can our lives ever improve with a PAP government in power?"
1:20 pm

Of course not the lives of all (100%) Sinkies lah. If only the lives of 70% improve, that's very good for PAP already. If it is a university exam, 70/100 score A already, u know.

And still wondering why majority voters didn't vote out PAP?

Anonymous said...

Lives improve meant what? The specific question is: can disposal income increased if employed or self employed? Correct?
Under pinky, he has no real jobs to create jobs. He thinks by inviting foreigners in, give them jobs, foreigners will create jobs for locals. Its like hire a maid, the maid will create jobs for locals. U believe him, vote for him.

I tell from my view. I went to an IT equipment maker at UBI. The whole floor, quite small one were indians and pinoys. Pinky will say, yes, indians and pinoys will hire locals. My observation is: what local can these people hire?

This is the difference: Pinky speaks from his istana, i speak from my observation. I will vote for foreigners hiring economic policy or no i want locals to fill the workshop?
Pap supporters vote for hiring indians and pinoys. I vote for opposition.

There is no right or wrong. I vote for my own pocket disposable income and my children s disposable income. Pap voters vote for indians hiring has their own reason. GE is in 2020. Let compete lah. By then wander Pinky is still standing as PM or may be SPM with a PM as signatory.

Take my view or up to u: u alone cannot change the election trend. The trend to vote for whom is formed from daily sufferings. If no change in 2020, it means suffering is not up to the turning point yet. Then suffer more for 2025. Simple lah.

Anonymous said...

PAP in panic mood right now.

ST need to produce two anti China articles - questioning China huge investment in Malaysia.
A week ago, ST make a distorted or fake news- Madagascar growing hostility against China investment.

ST:Malaysia's East Coast Rail Line touted as a game changer

ST:New reliance on Chinese-funded projects sparks concern

Anonymous said...

@ December 22, 2016 2:17 pm
" The trend to vote for whom is formed from daily sufferings. If no change in 2020, it means suffering is not up to the turning point yet. Then suffer more for 2025. "

I think you are right.
Americans are not so stupid and patient.
8 years and Obama does not deliver a better life.
They vote in Trump and the Republican Party.

Singaporeans being only recently released from slavery over the last 100 years.
We have a much higher tolerance for pain and suffering.
So it's natural that we will continue to vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

@ December 22, 2016 9:33 am @ redbean
" And Anon 9:21, hopefuls Singaporeans will evolve to be smarter and wiser. The empirical data is pointing the wrong way, getting dafter and sillier. "

The smarter Sinkies are all emigrating out of Singapore by the thousands.
These are the Sinkies who will vote Opposition and also likely to become Opposition leaders.

So naturally it benefits PAP that all these smarter Sinkies leave Singapore.
So that the Singaporeans left behind are all the "natural born" slaves who will continue to vote PAP.

Do you think this is true?

patriot said...

The Aliens are opening shops and foodstalls and they are well patronised by their fellow countrymen on top of having locals as their customers. When nore of their countrymen arrive, the better their businesses and the more money they make. They will then buy property in their hometowns, here and abroad.

Daft Sinkies will have to be cleaner and warehouse assistant cos taxi and bus will go driverless soon. Those with general degrees will be no different from the Uneducated Sinkies cos there will be no job for their qualifications. Maybe security
industry will accept them.

Those below 30 year old will have problems buying house, getting married. Car ownership likely impossible.
Whatever the Babyboomers own will have to be sold or downgraded for themselves to survive and to help their children who have turned adults.

All in all, it is gloom and doom. Do brace for the Fate that the Daft Sinkies have asked and wanted.

Some think the Tide in Sin could be turned and changed,
l too hope it could be done though l am not optimistic.

Good Luck to All.


Anonymous said...

@ patriot @ December 22, 2016 4:05 pm

The best hope for Sinkies is to seek an alliance with the Aliens.
Work with the Aliens to form the Aliens Opposition Party.
And let the Aliens Political Party teach Singaporeans how to vote wisely.

patriot said...

The Retail lndustry that are not food related will not do well universally as internet purchase becomes more popular.

As for transport, they will become driverless too universally and millions of those that drive for their livings will have to look for other jobs.
Office and factory workers had been greatly reduced for decades and less are needed as computerisation and mechanisation become more advanced and sophisticated.
For a barren tiny rock like Singapore, the Future is bleak no matter how optimistic the Leeders paint the Future. Of course they(Leeders) themselves are amongst the Richest and they can live not only abundantly, mmost can afford to live in opulence for many generations.

Sinkies have no option; the Last Chance was in the 2015 General Election but, Sinkies threw it away.
Now it is one way ticket to....


Anonymous said...

I fully agreed with your observation. I saw a news, one employer gave slides of white bread and instant noodle to her pinay maid and reduced her weight from 49kg to 29. The judge said she was normal. Reason for doing so was "normal frustration". This person sounded like some foreigner from big country, as she stays at orchard road condo.
People out of frustration can bring down the health of maid. Normal sinkies can take Pap s no-job policy for these "spur not stuck onto hides" daft for a long time. 100 years they still do not feel tire of it.

It matches well. Normal sinkies will just take jobs for foreigners policy as really good for them similar to CECA and TPP. Sinkies will not resist the onslaught violently. US citizens will not take it for a minute more.

If pinky tell them to take white breads and instant noodles daily to tighten the belt while unemployed, but make sure they pay the hdb conservancy charges on time, will sinkies oblige? I think 70% will oblige. Too bad for opposition after understanding the new psychology of sinkies through the case. Opposition needs to wait for sinkies taking instant noodle no white breads daily, then oppo might stand a chance. It has to be 2025 and not 2020. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

/// Sinkies have no option; the Last Chance was in the 2015 General Election but, Sinkies threw it away....patriot ///

Trump and USA only interested in ownself help ownself.
Not interested in helping Singapore anymore.

Only investments from China can help Singaporeans now.
So we have to vote in a political party that is more friendly towards China.

Do you think PAP qualifies as a pro China party that can attract investments from China?
GE 2015 - Did Singaporean voters bet on the correct horse?

patriot said...

Dear Anon 4:32pm 22/12/16.

China will care for Sg even if it(Sg) is not too friendly with PRC.
The Main Reason is that it has many of its' people(citizen&ex-citizen) here making money and likely using it to build homes and invest in PRC.

Though China needs not depend much on this tiny barren rock to help it(China) in anyway, PRC will care for her people.
Realistically speaking, Sg is a place where the Aliens can make use to make money while Sg is still vibrant for the Time Being. lt may not be so in the Long Run if it is not properly govern.
l do see that there is glimmer of hope that Sg might become a vibrant city if there is/are someone/people to make it into one as a city
and less of a country. When it becomes a vibrant city, it will be haven to the Rich from all over the World but the poor locals shall be serving them(the Rich) their meals and cleaning their houses, toilets included.
lt wont he foreign maids doing those chores, BUT Sinkies.

To me Sin is sold and Sinkies are pawned.


Anonymous said...

It is not reflective of China media s attitude towards Singapore that China "care" about Singapore. China treats Singapore as adversary. During 2015 China PLA in Shangrila was put down and the words against Singapore surfaced. During press conference where Singapore FM went off without attending it regarding Scs issue. It was clear. During Asean meeting with China PM Obama Abe involving Scs meeting, China deputy FM singled out Singapore being not part of Scs claiming party should not voice support on the issue of Philippine judgment. China PM also warned Japan Abe to mind its words on Scs. Singapore continued to voice support for the Philippines judgment at Washington and Tokyo meeting with Abe. There is no doubt that China has singled out Singapore as adversary similar to Japan Abe.

Please do not give a false impression because of chinese race. China has no illusion. Even Hong Kong citizens are a distance from China leadership, HK CY was more treated as an official of subordinate ranking. Not one similar to major of china city. Singapore s official would be treated similar to SKorean or Japan or Taiwan. They will not look towards to Singapore officials and come forward to say hello.

People can watch to see if what i hv said is correct. China official will not look at Singapore officials or to have casual chat. Dont present China will bother about Singapore if attacked. I do not think China will bother. In trade too, China will not give any priority for Singapore. Hear them telling Singapore 1R1B joint ventures? Singapore is isolated.

AhKong65 said...

Very rightly said , not enough suffering yet .

AhKong65 said...

Singapore will prosper if our ministers can perform like Mr Philip Yeo in bringing in investment and business .

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07, you have pointed out what Singapore did against China. Your statement should be Singapore treated China as enemy instead of China treating Singapore as enemy.

Singapore is the one that is poking at China and China has no choice but to respond to Singapore's poking. China would not have treated Singapore as enemy if Singapore had not been poking at China.

So what is your beef with China?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:39pm

Answer is so simple. Both sides carry on with their poking.
Singapore will have US s support as Trump will be glad to have some aggressive to China. Singapore will please Trump alot by talking loud about China similar to Trump using word "stole".

Btw: the stolen drone was returned within 3 days. The armoured cars were detained for more than 30 days.

Can u explain the difference in returning the drone and armoured veh?

Anonymous said...

Is writer referin georged yeo?

Anonymous said...

The peesai country is nothing to the countries around it and more so to super powers.
China would not be bother about the peesai. However for its' nationals, it is a different story.
For those who work against the interest of it, be they from anywhere, all shall be treated similarly wherever they are.

Peesai or little red dot frightens nobody.

Anonymous said...

Super power used peesai to stir another super power. When peesai gets fire back, its peesai s own problem at the cross fire. Most stupid is like attack dog.

Anonymous said...

" In trade too, China will not give any priority for Singapore. Hear them telling Singapore 1R1B joint ventures? Singapore is isolated. "
December 22, 2016 6:07 pm

China's quarrel is with the PAP government.
China's quarrel is not with Singaporeans or any Opposition Party.
If Singaporeans vote out the PAP government.
Don't you think Singaporeans will enjoy many 1R1B projects?

Anonymous said...

Kaki lang, pah si boh siang kang. Singapore and China are good friends. So can fark China and still can do business with China. Not to worry, China needs Singapore and will come begging to be good friend of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

China needs Singapore and will come begging to be good friend of Singapore.
December 23, 2016 8:30 am

Better to double confirm by voting in an Opposition government ... just in case.

b said...

China long term plan for Sg is to make it into a resort island. China has no good plan for Sg elites. The Sg elites will see their wealth meltdown under china. So the sg elites will sacrifice the people to enrich their wealth but they can opt to migrate.