‘PM’s gaffe is a case of bad diplomacy’

‘PM’s gaffe is a case of bad diplomacy’

The above is the title of an article posted by a ‘Apologise’ in TRE. I quote a paragraph from the article on the PM’s gaffe and Apologise’s position on the PM’s position as not reflective of the general population.

‘Regardless of our individual positions on the South China Sea dispute, we feel that our PM’s gaffe is a case of bad diplomacy because China did nothing to Singapore to warrant such a response. We categorically state that his remarks does not represent all Singaporeans. We feel that by making those remarks, he is acting against our interest and his actions puts in jeopardy our warm and stable relationship with China that former Prime Ministers, including the father of our current PM, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew helped cultivate over the years. Its understandable for China’s leaders to feel annoyed. We would like PM Lee to apologise to China and help restore our peaceful relationship, while supporting Singapore’s call for the speedy and safe return of our property.’

There are strong sentiments in the social media that were not favourable to what Hsien Loong had been saying on the SCS and relations with China. I once mentioned about the dichotomy in views and perceptions between Channel 5 and Channel 8 Singaporeans. The two groups are as far apart and divided in their views, aspiration, taste and likes and dislikes that no one should simply take them for granted as a homogenous group.  When reading the English media, there is this audacity among the Channel 5 that they represent the Channel 8 people and can speak on behalf of them. The truth is far from it. Channel 5 people must not think that they represent the Channel 8 people and that their views are the dominant views.  In reality, at this point in time, the Channel 8 people are the majority in absolute numbers.

Hsien Loong, though coming from Catholic High background, is more a Channel 5 than a Channel 8 type.  His world views and cultural biases are thus more western than eastern and his preferences and affections are quite obvious. His latest comment that there is no ‘middle kingdom’ came as a surprise as he jolly well knows what that word mean in Chinese even if he is more Channel 5. China written in Chinese is zhong guo or 中国。Yes, 中国 means exactly what it is, Middle Kingdom. What he said about being no middle kingdom can be interpreted differently by the Channel 8 people and some may not take it lightly.

Perhaps Vivian can explain that Hsien Loong spoke in his private capacity as an ordinary citizen and not as a PM. That may appease some of the Channel 8 people if they did not know what it means by saying there is no middle kingdom.

Is this a gaffe? Whatever, there is no need to demand an apology, especially from our PM. No need to be so childish, everything also demand an apology. It would be quite embarrassing if our PM actually said sorry and China came back saying sorry must also explain.

The situation is bad enough, it is water under the bridge. Let's move on. It is easy for me to say it but would be good if China is to say it, let's move on.


Anonymous said...

Pinky is unlike his father, too assertive to called China as Middle Kingdom & the dealing of SCS siding to the West. His lousy diplomacy exposes his own weaknesses, he could be 'being made use of by Western powers' to the extend of sacrificing the good 'Chine-Spore relations' build up over the years, it's a pity that Sporeans have such a poor diplomatic PeeAm, the days of good relations with China r all gone. With Americans, relation with the next new US president elect also gone case (due to the dealth of TPP), Spore next 5 years economic fate is sealed, better for PeeAm to retire or be back benched as SM ( jiat Liao bee) to let new blood to come out new solutions & take over the sinking ship..

patriot said...

China maybe and can be
Sin will not just accept
magnanimity or goodwill
without an explanation or
reason as in the Case of
the Armoured Vehicles and

Sin Rulers are Men of Principle and lntegrity.
They do not live by others
kindness or friendship: best
that all dealings are by Law
or Agreement and Pack.
Not only there should be no
cheating or arm twisting, there should be no charity
with motive and ulterior

Sinkies should give the Highest Respect and Accolade to our Sin Leeders who are Folks of the Highest lntegrity and Honour.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Anonymous said...

China is always the Middle Kingdom; Singapore is always the Pee-Sai. It's futile to try to punch above one's weight on the international political arena . . .

Anonymous said...

Our pm, pap and our government never apologise one cause they are always right so why should they apologise Tio bo? Of course others may not have the same view so like that how?

Anonymous said...

I think Sinkieland badly need to turn its destiny, in chinese near new year, called twan yuin or in hk called chin wan. It means sinkies need a new leader to turn the place around. I look at HK, YC Leuong was said to be told by china to go as he might not bring HK to the next level. With so much reactive bad events such as yellow umbrella and new mp insulting china, yet YC still gets the support, i would pity HK. Change, or Chinese favorite word this year is PIEN, in hokkien pee, cantonese pin, malay ubah. Yes, if sinkieland still stick to the grand old way to face this new world of Trump, and fails in ubah, it will pien to Boh bah lioa.

First is Scs issue. The Philippines judgment decided all 9 dashline islands were illegally occupied or owned by China, and all islands are classified as rocks, starting from Taiping island, the biggest, called rock taiping. China s deputy FM Liuzenming was a repr in UN for years, and he specialized in law, asia and ocean affairs. He chaired the press conference and ruled the judgment illegal and china does not accept.
But the little usa came back in asean meetings wanting to put the clauses in resolution on this judgment which china ruled unacceptable. The course of clash was direct.
At washingto, the higher level than FM supported the "strong and power" Philippines judgment as international laws and asked china to follow international laws.
There is no recourse. Agree?

Second the middle kingdom is not a real issue. To the old audience even educated in foreign universities, they knew middle kingdom was wrongly explained by sinkieland politicians. There was never middle kingdom used in silk route to foreigners in an oppressive way that i have come across in history. The arabs traders and western travelers like marcopollo went to china on their own without needed to contribute a single cent. These foreigners might called china in various way, not middle kingdom only.
Middle kingdom actually was used by China minorities races. When China central government was not in full control of mongolians in the north, and nanman races in the south, and other races in the other directions, the central government is called Zhong Yuen, or the middle plain. It was then integrated to Zhong Guao as a nation. Nan man means the southern unreasonables: the cantonese, the hokkiens should have been referred to nan mans, during Dhang dynasty. So the middle kingdom said by sinkieland politicians was more fictitious than historic.

Sinkieland is stuck with this kind of mentality: Scs ownership was not questionable as it was historic events after the war. Middle kingdom or not has nothing to do with sinkieland at all, and in former talk, such twist of a nation s name for political purpose cannot gain any advantage when the audience was sober and rational. Pien is the word please ubah or become boh bah. Export is going down and will further going down as China is the biggest export market. Tourists are declining especially group tours from china, that affect shops hotel businesses in town.

Foreign policy is to increase export and increase tourists to visit sinkieland or to reduce the export and tourists to it? Think about it voters. Its time to vote for opposition.

Anonymous said...

/// Whatever, there is no need to demand an apology, especially from our PM.
No need to be so childish, everything also demand an apology.
It would be quite embarrassing if our PM actually said sorry and China came back saying sorry must also explain. ///

Ha! Ha! Ha!
Sekali China also got a Ng Eng Hen type minister.
"I refuse to accept LHL's apology until LHL explain the legal basis for his apology"

Anonymous said...

Foreign policy is to make enemies.
Singapore is very successful in this lately.

All those in MFA should be bountifully rewarded with 36 months of bonuses.

Anonymous said...

/// The situation is bad enough, it is water under the bridge. Let's move on. It is easy for me to say it but would be good if China is to say it, let's move on. ///

Personally, I hope the matter is not settled.
If PAP is busy "fixing" the China problem, they will have less time to "fix" Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...


we people can never get away from the the issue of "FACE".......

everyone don't want to give way a little due to "FACE"......

therefore the real problem is "FACE"........

sometimes......we must learn to "let go" a bit........

then our world will be peaceful, wonderful and joyful.........

please remember this is singapore, HOME.............

Anonymous said...

Do you think this entire China episode is so typical of our PAP government?
Creating a lot of unnecessary work with no benefits.
There is no upside to this entire episode.
The best possible outcome is that our relationship with China remains unchanged.

Isn't it the same with the recent "Constitutional Commission Review on the Elected Presidency"?
- a lot of work was created
- was any new value created?
- did Singaporeans become richer or jobs more easy to get?
- a lot of work just to achieve a result we all already knew was coming

Is the above true or false?

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to send our powerful airforce and navy to the coast of hk demanding the release of our assets or else. China and hk should be very frighten once they see our forces.

Anonymous said...

@ December 10, 2016 11:07 am

Yes. The China armed forces will die laughing at our mighty air-force and navy.

Anonymous said...

This deteriorated relationship will not "move on". Move down is the word.

S Korean, Japan, Taiwan, Sinkieland businesses on tourists went down because of bad state to state relatioship.

If we look at the macro point of view, what size is sinkieland comparing to china size?
One is the D cup one is ice cream cup.

I would say after shrinking the markets, one is DD size, one is half scope ice cream crone size. China will not look at sinkieland and move on, can sinkieland not look at china for business?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No worry lah, Balakrishnan said China is our good friend, nothing will happen. Always good friend. Tomorrow China will invite him to Beijing for an Emperor's banquet to mend relations. China needs Singapore to show the world it has friends like Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday Syrian Army took 85% of Aleppo, i read media reported Obama decreed to allow IsIs Al Nusra to be given more potent weapons. Today Syrian Army controls 93% of Aleppo.
US s supported IsIs is not fighting the war. The last heavy battle is at a city on the East Palmrya. If this is over, the rest are counter attacks from IsIs remaining forces.

From this US supported war, small countries should take the risk to get into war with more powerful forces thinking that US will provide full support and die for it. It will never be the case. Duterte was right in his judgment to get away from direct clashes with China PLA. He will be in trouble if Philippines clashes with PLA thinking 7th Fleet Harris will send in marines.

Trump will be more "american first", do not expect Trump to authorize fighting with PLA. But if let say Taiwanese wants to fight with PLA, Trump will be glad to sell weapons to Taiwan. This is getting clear now on US reprs visiting Tsia.
I hope little usa does not want to get into such conflicts. It will cost little usa a lot of money and dying for no serious reason. Trump said he will renegotiate trade deals made by Obama as the deals are "stupid". Remember Trump said TPP is stupid. Little usa may be hit too. The future is not so easy for little usa which clashes with china and having potential legal battles with HK custom. HK is also little usa export market. Thanks to the talented team for clashing with china HK to tighten the belts of its people.

Anonymous said...

‘PM’s gaffe is a case of bad diplomacy’

So what when his party can win big in elections in Singapore?

And what's the use for a Sinkie even if he can do a better job than PM Lee, whether in diplomacy or what not, when he/she cannot win elections, or doesn't even want to be in opposition politics in the first place?

Therein lies the dilemma of Sinkies and their bad diplomacy PM. They are stuck with no better available ones to be PM.

Anonymous said...

The "Channel 8" voters voted in a "Channel 5" Prime Minister.
- fucking daft Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39pm
U spoke the truth. Its the fact now sinkies are facing:
"Therein lies the dilemma of Sinkies and their bad diplomacy PM.".

Tell u why i think it is the dilemma. UN general assembly has passed a resolution to demand the seizure of Syrian army on Aleppo. China Russia NKorea voted against it with others, but majority led by the west won.
How to implement a resolution of Syrian army should not encircle the "IsIs" seizing its own Aleppo citizens, who are also syrians?

These IsIs being encircled are supported by Obama. That is the reason. Friday 1000 IsIs fighters from Al Fatah group surrendered to Syrian army as reported. Syria takes back its own territory fighting with US supported terrorists came from Turkey was wrong and needed UN to have a resolution. Do u think this is correct?

China was correct, voted against this resolution. The world will shift towards a more principled type of world with China s presence.

So little usa wanted China to give up the 9 dashline as a foreign policy, can work?
Ask yourself can it work in Asia?
Little usa also wants to use Taiwan as training ground while China disagree, can it work? Is that a good policy? This is similar to Aleppo belongs to Syria, and IsIs occupies Aleppo, SyrianArmy encircles Aleppo, US says Syrian army cannot do that. China said Taiwan is its territory, little usa cannot train in Taiwan. Little usa speaks like US in UN on Aleppo, correct? Aleppo to US is belong to IsIs, and Taiwan is belongs to so and so. If the Syria is angry, China should also be angry for the same reason.
Can little usa policy work?

Anonymous said...

Japan parliament had finally ratify TPP.

LHL feel happy now?

Japan is the biggest currency manipulator for so many years. The value of Yen is so low.

Japan is the largest exporter nations. They dont import much from other nation except Oil and mineral.
Japanese consumers are very nationalistic.
They only support Japan product.

Is TPP a good deal? LOL

Anonymous said...

Trump talked about American first.

Trump would punish Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore who take advantage of US.

Do PAP make preparation to face such challenge?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans do not vote for the useless incompetent ministers and their appointed civil servants to be the mouth piece of the Japs and the evil warmongering Americans. They just like to talk loud and big to boost their small ego and to show they are more powerful than their counterparts from other Asean countries and to impress and carry the scrotons of the Japs and the Americans hoping to get some praise or little reward for their subservient servitude. It is alright if they feel no shame to demean themselves but they have no right to drag Singaporeans to the path of self destruction and the lost of self respect and dignity.

Worst still the Singapore government has employed a pack of similar anti-China clowns and buffoons who behave like savage hyenas attacking China persistently and continuously without end as if they are on battle path against China. These incongruous vile characters can be found all over Singapore institutions of higher learnings in the universities, in Rajaratanam School of International Studies, ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute, Lee Kuan School of Public Policy, Raffles Institute of International Affairs, Singapore Institute of International Affairs, SMF Institute of Higher Learning and Institute of South Asian Affairs. There are far too many of them. They are all highly paid at not less than ten thousand to thirty thousand dollars a month or even more. They come from diminish places like Philippines, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. They are running down Singapore with their hawkish attitudes towards China. They are a discredit to Singapore and should be sacked and asked to go home instead of staying on to waste tax payers money. Hope the dumb daft 69% Singaporeans will have an awakening before Singapore is dragged further down the drain by the incompetent buffoons they elected.

Fazed, let down and disgusted

Anonymous said...

“Singaporeans get the government they deserve, so I don’t want to hear any more complaints”.
- Kenneth Jeyaretnam

One of the wisest words ever said about Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Ah Lee versus Ah Tiong.
Natural aristocrat versus Communist peasant.
Highest paid Prime Minister versus lowest paid President.

Anonymous said...

Just saw media report Syrian army recaptured Palmyra city. one of few major city in Aleppo from East side.

Obama s plan to topple a sovereign nation is coming to an end with his own departure in month ahead. I guess Syrians christains are celebrating chrismas in Aleppo on their returning home. It must be a once a life time joy to them to have survived Obama s scheming.

Still only 7% lost land not recovered from IsIs for Syrians, to the dismay of Obama.

Now, forgive and not to forget, for chrismas spirit, upon fully recovering the lost lands in Aleppo, the residents must invite Obama to celebrate chrismas with them RIGHT in Aleppo and talk about nobel peace prize given by the swiss for wordy peace.

Anonymous said...

Nonetheless, PAP is still smarter than Mongolian govt.

Mongolia govt invite Dalai lama in defiance of China when
1. Mongolia is asking for China aid to save their economy
2. Mongolia is facing severe Winter
3. Mongolia did not prepare any back up plan for offending China
4. Mongolia is relying on China to export their commodities.
5. Mongolia expect China to respect their decision to approve Dalai lama.

Now, Mongolia is asking India to help them. LOL

Anonymous said...

Do you think PM Lee has more cabinet ministers than President Xi Jinping?
- China has 20 Ministers
- Singapore has 19 Ministers ( not counting the Ministers of State and Ministers in the Prime Minister's Office)

Do you think PM Lee has more Generals than President Xi Jinping?

Anonymous said...

Russia reported Aleppo war has ceased in order for civilians to evacuate through the corridor marked for he purpose. 50000 has left on the green bus and Saturday alone was 20000.

I guess after this exercise, that will be the end of US s back IsIs terrorists.
Something is going the right direction in the world. Evil force must be destroyed especially those militants who cut peoples heads. Its time they face the termination. What do you think?
For little usa, i pray the people do not ask for it. PLA is no ordinary army. Let US try it first to see what is the consequence. Little usa wanna test that kind of army, we must recommend the generals to lead the wars. Only the little usa current generals can beat the PLA. Ordinary soldiers should hands off.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousDecember 10, 2016 4:45 pm
//“Singaporeans get the government they deserve, so I don’t want to hear any more complaints”.
- Kenneth Jeyaretnam

One of the wisest words ever said about Singaporeans.//

The daft oldies got the garment they deserved (to shaft spurs up their .....)?

They better grit their teeth and not let out any screams or murmur of (intense) pains?

Oldies better dun kpkb/ complain this and that ......?

Anonymous said...

During old man's reign between 1959 to 1990, the oldies gave him (at times) more than 80% .......?

Later, old man decided "whats wrong squeezing more $$$ from the daft"?

Oldies deserve no sympathy rampaging (smelly) rubbish bins for tin cans worth less than $1 per kg?

TCJ even (sarcastically) said good exercise for oldies to rampage rubbish dumps ......?

Maybe next time TCJ should encourage oldies to wash (and scrub) the toilets in S'goon Rd areas after every Sunday (for even more exercise to keep fit and healthy)?

If oldies can rampage smelly rubbish dumps for tin cans, it should be no problem for them to tahan the stench in the toilets ...... after each Sunday?

Anonymous said...

12.10am to get 70% vote it's not only the oldies that voted but the stupid young sinkies that would be replaced by FT too. I look at all these losers and they deserve it. Only they dragging the 30% along with them very jialuck.

Anonymous said...

(Old) Uncle //Is this a gaffe? //

TCJ openly said before (it helps) oldies to exercise ..... collect card boards ...... dig ...... rubbish bins ...... tin cans also ......?

Is that a gaffe?

Or the fate oldies deserved being so daft?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousDecember 11, 2016 6:17 am
// .......to get 70% vote it's not only the oldies that voted but the stupid young sinkies that would be replaced by FT too........//

Oldies not only brought likely "cruel fate" to younger generations "throuhg their (past) daftness"?

Now even hoping (and "praying day and night in their hearts"?) younger sinkies get replaced by FTs brought in by policies of their idols?

Oldies are "hypocrites"?

Kpkb about FTs but hoping young sinkies replaced by them?

Kpkb but who knows after "given some special cards (and many other "sweets"), they ...... are ......70% .......selfish lor ....?

Anonymous said...

Oldies kpkb so much is to pressure ........ give more ...... healthcare ....... subsidies ...... maybe even free services ......?

All ....... themselves ....... only ....... use ....... excuses ....... pressure ...... get ........ benefits ....... themselves ......?

How many ...... everything ....... before ...... action ...... think for ...... younger generations ......?

How many openly kpkb and decried that special cards etc ...... will ...... burden ....... even bankrupt the ...... younger generations ....... in years to come (and refused, cut the special cards into 2?)?

How many?

Go see doc everytime still use it?


But who actually bearing all these burden?

Also the high (premium) costs of AlimamaCare ..... oops ACA ..... oops ..... universal coverage ......?

Who tap in to the insurance scheme (much) more?

How many days a 20+ yo young sinkies need stay in hospital every year?

How many nid go for heart surgery or TKR?

In united stakes, claims blown through the roof liao past few years ......?

So too ..... premiums ......?

Young sinkies on one hand kena pressure from FTs?

On the other hand, need pay future skyrocketing premiums .....?

Whose faults?

1970s and 80s they not even born?

They part of the 70%?

Bluff who?

Anonymous said...

7.02am are u restarted or what. Mathematically oldies do not made up 70% of the population so there are young sinkies voting for pap too. In fact if you look at the population data, it's a very much smaller proportion unless u classify oldies as over 25?

Virgo49 said...

Best part.

Asking Travel Agencies to buy Insurance if they absconded with the collection of fares as paid by their Customers.

What's sort of logic is this??

Mr Seah Choon Seng - case President and officals of STPB.????

You mean to ask the Travel Agencies fly by night companies who you allowed them to operate their business.

Collect all the payments and then declared bankruptcy then Insurance companies pay back.????

Better system, kuching kurap companies furnished Banker's or Cash guarantee and they will see whether feasible to makan customer's monies or not.

This way, you boh tau noun just encouraging frauds.

Innocent people lose their monies and every Tom Dick or Harry lee can operate Travel business.

Sapu monies easier than Casinos.

Poor innoncent us got to pay higher premiums in everything as insurance companies whether bullshits or not will always said boh tang.