Singapore's Great Expectation - India

With the Terrex seizure still dangling like a hot potato and the equally hot comments from the Singapore side, relations between the two country is likely to take a dip into the longkang. The corollary will be trade and economic cooperation. All the projects in the pipeline would likely be left on the backburner for a long time to come. No one in Singapore would be able to go to China to reverse the course of this divide. No one in Singapore would have the guanxi to reach Xi Jinping to resolve the differences. No one would be able to make the right phone call or contact. The Philippines have Ramos to bridge the gap. Who could Singapore rely on to do this job, Chok Tong, Boon Wan, Kan Seng, Chee Hean or Eng Hen? Or should they depend on Vivian and the MFA to mesmerise China with their diplomatic skills?

It is not too far fetch to say that Singapore has just burnt its bridge to China. Some hopefuls are still dismissing the Terrex incident as a joke, nothing serious and everything will be back to normal soon. And better still, Singapore can still have good relations with China, calling China old friends that we can be frank, transparent, throw the book of law at each other and everything will be normal. And better still, still can conduct military training in Taiwan. I think this last part is a high possibility, and Xi Jinping would say, over my dead body.

Now that China is off Singapore's list of good friends, or Singapore is no longer in China's list of good friends, Singapore would not be able to ride the Chinese economic engine of growth and would have to look elsewhere.

How about the USA? Obama is still in office and could be the link man, provided Trump still bothers to talk to him. If there is anyone for Singapore to hitch on to the American 1% growth engine, it could be Hillary Clinton, definitely not Trump. Unfortunately Hillary is out on a limp, irrelevant, history. So Trump is the only hope. Hsien Loong is reported to have invited Trump to visit Singapore. The big question is whether there will be a meeting of eyes. The agenda and policies of Trump and Hsien Loong are diametrically opposed and unless one side is going to compromise, both would go off tangentially, if they ever met. Singapore is unlikely to change its principled position, so what more is there to talk about. Trump would be too busy minding his own business and bring jobs back to the USA, including those in Singapore. Looks like the USA is a no go as well.

What about Japan, the third largest world economy? Sure, Abe and Hsien Loong are like brothers, same thinking, same agenda and same interests. They are like inseparable twins. A slight problem, what can Singapore sell to Japan? I would have a hard time thinking of anything that the Japanese would want to buy from us.

Who is left to give Singapore a lift in the economic gravy train? The next biggest engine of growth is likely to be India, the emerging super power and economic powerhouse. Europe is too embroiled with its own economic problems and would likely breakup. So looks like India is Singapore's only hope, an economic train to hitch a ride to more economic growth. Singapore can invest in a big way in India. And to get the deal, Singapore can offer to sign an even more comprehensive CECA and hopefully India would be grateful and open its legs wide wide for Singapore businesses to get in. Just don't throw in conditions like all the top management staff must be Indians for any investments and businesses in India. Singapore does not apply such conditions to Indian companies in Singapore. India nationals are all welcome to all the top management positions in Singapore companies here.

Yes, India would be Singapore's Great Expectation for the next 50 years. George Yeo and Chok Tong can play the midwives once again in the opening of the Indian market to Singapore and Singapore to India. Nevermind if there is no China, no USA, no Japan. There is always India to lend a helping hand. All the great people to people relations built over the years with so many Indian professionals and influential Indians coming and going will make doing business with India a walk in the park.

Singapore's future is made riding on the Indian economic growth engine, soon to be double digit growth. The govt, especially Chok Tong and George Yeo, have great foresight for cultivating India and tapping on India's talents to build bridges.


virgo49 said...

Good, put the last Screw to the coffin.

Lean towards the Great India.

Sinkieland not only will her panties but get screwed by them.

And they will appreciate who is the God and Devils

Amweicunts, we are only good to stir shits. Now the Hen appealing USA to engage in Asia.

These farking bananas got so much distrust and prejudice against own kind.

Now even Bumis and Pinoys suck up to PRC. Ironically we distrust them.

KNN real boh lean chor.

virgo49 said...

Lost her panties.

Early morning already horny.

They kept forgetting the saying.

If you see an ..... and a cobra, kills who first??


Anonymous said...

I thought the latest is black ant versus Cobras? Black ants are harmless till they are in millions and even cobra will die in their hands? No?

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew already warned that silly boy George when he was a wide eye kid trying to sell him how great India was. And George got his deserving screw for trying to be too clever, or to prove his own stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Looks like without LKY Singapore is not able to punch above its weight. Mati lah. Now got to court India. Cannot see any benefit from the ground level. Wonder what they see from the top of the ivory tower.

Anonymous said...

This is what the 70% asked for!

"Singaporeans get the government they deserve, so I don’t want
to hear any more complains"......said one top top opps leader.


Anonymous said...

TOP level can see sovereign funds investing billions in India that otherwise not allowed. So can make big profit. But then the profit is not shared with u so u don't get any benefits lar only cost and pain Lor

Anonymous said...

The Yo-Yo Georgie Boy is still a yo-yo and still a boy.
He has not grown up yet. Worse still, I think he has grown younger.
He, like a calf don't know tiger, went to work in Nalanda University, which is
a Buddhist University since the days of Sakyamuni Buddha, or Prince Siddhartha. And our Georgie Boy is a Christian through and through. And he audaciously accepted the job thinking that he could handle it by introducing another Two Integrated Resorts on the University Ground so that the Students and Graduates can gamble away their hard-earned savings in the Casinos. No wonder he got kicked out so fast, until he don't know coming or going. Funny thing is why don't he go to Mother Theresa's Homes and find a job there. May be more suitable. How can a Christian who always call the Buddhist's Deities as Demons and Devils be accepted into the Devout Buddhist Environment? The Nalanda University is World Famous for Top Buddhist Scholars who have at least attained a certain level of wisdom through prolonged concentrated meditation. What Wisdom does Georgie Boy thinks he has acquired? The Wisdom of a Bookworm and the Wisdom of Making Families Broken because of Gambling?
Yes, may be he had sold these two wisdom of his to the Indians, and the Indians initially were so impressed and mesmerized by him that they quickly accepted him in. Little did they realized, within the first 6 months, that this guy is a fake. All he was good for was to talk his way through like a yo-yo. Sorry, Georgie Boy, you got kicked out so fast and furious. May be you go to America and apply for a job with Donald Trump. He may want you to run his International Hotels for him and may be you could convert them into Integrated Resorts?

Anonymous said...

//The next biggest engine of growth is likely to be India, the emerging super power and economic powerhouse. //

Tiok Lah?

When Pax Britainica (Crane) and Germany (Clam) fought to "their exhaustion and ruins", Pax Americana (fisherman) emerged the world hegemon after WW2?

So the next Pax Americana could be Pax AhNehnica?

Anonymous said...

Why worry! Why worry!

儿孙自有儿孙福! 儿孙自有儿孙福!

So, be happy! Yes! Be happy!

patriot said...

Please do not look negatively
at Sin.

As a country as powerful as lsrael, it has to be reckoned
with in terms of its survival and prosperity.

Sin has much joint developments with Malaysia
and Indonesia; both Sin's immediate neighbours. They are providing lots of opportunities for Sin.

Right now, lndia lndians are
prostrating to the Late Lee Kuan Yew and PM Lee Hsien Loong being the Son of the Idol, is just as adored by the Indians World-wide. And
do not dismiss the Oracles who are forecasting that lndia will overtake China in
all aspects of developments soon.

What about the Forgings of close affiliations with Japan, Nyanmar, Vietnam and some European Countries courted by the Sin Regime.

Sin Regime is not just pragmatic; the Cabinet is filled with brilliant Aristocrats and Elites. So
guarantee these folks will
make Sin prosper as the Asean Region becomes one of the Most Vibrant in the Coming Years.

The Road ahead for Sinkies is paved with opporrunities that
the Sin Regime shall bring about.
At least, no less than 70% of Sinkies are confident and have faith in the Regime.


Virgo49 said...

Country as powerful as Israel. Yes, 500 plus operationally readied fighting men.

Complement with by now ten to twenty operationally readied six weeks boys scouts foreign volunteer talents oops Sorry elite special forces.

Navy and Air Force with the latest armoury. Trained in so many continents.

Send our SAF to South China Seas and blockade the PRC vessels at the doorsteps to demand the return of our what Terror carriers.

If not, later they gonna send them to chairman Kim as Christmas presents.

The Taiwanese ladies will be crying: Ah ping Kea, Ah ping kea why so long never come???

Wait for your long long.

So many millions spent on these fighting men and machines.

At least show us your mettle.

Not NDP display ok????

Anonymous said...

As a tax payer;
I sick and tired of paying for all these government "study missions" to the 1,001 countries all over the world.
- and what is the great PAP Minister insight after returning from all these "study missions"?

Singaporean workers and PMETs are;
- not competitive
- not cheap enough
- not good enough
- not hardworking enough

A new study mission to India will come to the same conclusion
- why bother going?

Whatever we have learnt from our study missions and investments in China.
Just change all the words from "China" to "India".
Just copy and paste.

Virgo49 said...

Sorry forget the 500 thousands and ten to twenty thousands plus fighting Singapore like Israelis soldiers.

Old already, alphabets small Small hard to type.

Just to add. If the USA what carter now no sound no sight don't want to act.

Let's sinkieland be the first to act.

We can punch above our Weight.

Yes, Si???? Si as exclaimed by the Italians.

Not not only Si- but really see in hokkien.

Or si- shits in Cantonese.

Anonymous said...

If the 3G PAP Ministers got no original ideas or vision for Singapore today.
I suggest they learn from Iceland.
See how they ownself help ownself to recover from the Global Financial Crisis in 2009.

Iceland did not depend on China or India.
Iceland's leaders trusted and depended on the capabilities of their own citizens.
Iceland is a real nation and country.
Is Singapore a real nation and country?



How much does an Icelandic Minister's salary cost?
How much does ONE PAP Minister cost us?

Anonymous said...

@ December 05, 2016 10:36 am

What's the difference between Iceland and Singapore?
The difference is PAP.
Iceland does not have a PAP government.
So it's very easy for Iceland to re-invent themselves.

Anonymous said...

how come our dear defence minister not elected to PAP CEC yesterday.......

sincerely hope that it was not due to the Terrex seizure case........


Anonymous said...

@ December 05, 2016 10:49 am

This is what happens to a Singaporean who is no longer being managed by a PAP government linked entity.
You suddenly become better.


denk said...

first they told us we need an army of indian workers cuz no sg want to do those dirty jobs, fair enough.
then they said we need to have a population of 7m at least, so they let in an army of indian pr, citizens [ together with the prc, burmese, vn, indon, angmoh, ph, ...]
then they said we need all those indian it, bankers, lawyers, cuz our own crop aint good enough any more, hmmm....
so now we've indian dominated media ,, finance , law, tech. ouch !

we already have a bevy of heavy weight indian ministers in the cabinet.
apparently that isnt good enough.

now pm lhl says
*i hope there's an indian pm, its highly plausible*
this is as good as confirming tharmans declaration some months back that *a minority race pm is a matter of time*
in other words, this had all been decided long time back, all the inner circle knew about it.

i find lhl' words very intriguing !
why does he 'hope' for an indian pm ?
if its just to show the world on sg's vaunted racial equality then its a very cavalier move.
cuz lky once remarked that sg works on zero tolerance of error, u could've made 1000 wise decisions but one wrong move is enought to wreck the ship. dont play play with the pm job. !

or is lhl implying that as far as he can see, right now the only worthy leader of sg is from the indian crop ?

listen up chinese sg, you've done your part in building up sg from scratch.
but now you've lost touch on all fronts, kaput.
you are no longer able to run the banks, maintain the infrastructures, up keep the industries [if any], let alone govern the island.
its time to make way for the 'better' men.

make way little india of serangoon, soon the entire island would be elevated to the
'little india of south east asia'.


Anonymous said...

If readers look at 20 years span as a comparison between China Singapore and India. We can know this phase "Singapore's future is made riding on the Indian economic growth engine, soon to be double digit growth." can be an illusion.

China has deep focus on technology in past 20 years. It now has its own space station out there. Singapore spent billions to build housing for 10 millions immigrants or 7 millions net net foreigners to live here with jobs catering for them. India still making Tata cars, not yet ready to market worldwide.

Singapore and India are good combination, i laughingly accept. How many experiments can a human have over a span of 20 years? I give you examples.

Hillary has control over US lives for 30 years. Her experiment to make immigration free from continents to continents has flopped right in front of your eyes and mine. She failed badly only score 232 while Trump came from just one year ago as a novice in politics scored 306, well above the required 270. US voters 129 millions voted for this result. What does it mean? Free immigration or globalization is not the solution to better lives.

I must tell readers to look at better lives these words. The giving jobs to foreigners and foreigners can create good jobs for local singapore citizens was not truthful. We can see singapore jobs mainly office jobs like admin accounts engineering it production, are fixed in skills. Take away an admin manager job giving it to an indian from channai, the job is taken away. The India becomes a PR, take his son over when young, when reaching secondary school, send his son back to india, never come back again. The PR is still working to pay for son s university education, buy lands, buy this buy that, are overheard. What jobs can a foreigner manager create for local?

That foreigner create jobs for local by giving them jobs was bluff or reality?

If the same job is given to a citizen, the local furniture shops will have buying and renewing, and jobs at sugei kudut factories will have orders. If the same job is given to a foreigner PR, he never buy new furniture for his rented 4 room flat, which is sub rented out to other indians.

Yesterday, Italy PM Renzi resigned because his plan referendum was rejected. Anti establishment is a trend? No. Its anti immigration, free immigration i meant. Merkel is one who follow Hillary s call in globalization. She is most likely the next world leader to lose her job as PM.

Singapore worship free immigration, and 70% voted for the current team. Is Singapore export to India getting better? Singapore and India has CECA, free flow for Indians to find jobs in Singapore. Show me the statistics that Singapore export to India is important. Singapore cut off China, drastically with compelling clauses on resolutions on Scs against China s wishes, in asean meeting and other world scare meeting. Singapore terrax being seized for no license, was being reported as held up for political reason. But readers must open the eyes, export to china is top in the rank. Dont need china market? Must find Indians buyers to absorb all the goods produced in Singapore. What? India does not have the technology to use Singapore s hi tec products.

Singapore is trapped by its own illusion of this world. Scary to know, it is the reality voters really voted the politicians to do that. Tighten your belt. The future is not bright if Singapore is dependent on India.

Anonymous said...

The future is not bright if Singapore is dependent on India.
December 05, 2016 11:58 am

The future is even less bright if Singapore and Singaporeans continue to be dependent on PAP.
True or not?
You tell me lah!

denk said...

india/murkka engineered a regime change in sri lanka
in 2015 removing the pro beijing prez.
the first thing the newly installed prez did was to stop work chinese working on a port proj.

but when india/murkka didnt step up to plate the port work was left in limbo, half completed.
in the end the murkkan/indian patsy got to crawl back to china to finish the job. !


Anonymous said...

Eyes paste stamps uncle? Or is it "Buay Tua Buay So" (BTBS) or LaoGoa (eyes pasted stamps)?
//Singapore's future is made riding on the Indian economic growth engine, soon to be double digit growth. The govt, especially Chok Tong and George Yeo, have great foresight for cultivating India and tapping on India's talents to build bridges.//

Happened to be behind some ah nehs in an ATM queue over the weekend .....

See ah nehs draw $$$ from ATM machine vomit blood ......?

Was in a hurry and couldnt find other ATM nearby so reluctantly join the queue with a couple of ah nehs in front.

When they can draw (cash) straight away, they "strangely" pressed "cancel" after checking their balances and reinsert atm card again to go through the processes all over again of checking their (bank account) balances .....

Some were standing sideway so the amount (of their balance) displayed on the (ATM) screen is visible for those behind the queue .......

Alas, one had abt balance $1269/= and he key in to withdraw $1200 .......??

Another (ah neh) balance show abt $1358 and he keyed in $1300 for withdrawal ........?

A peep into RB's or rather BTBS or LaoGoa "painted bright future" ...... of trading and "dependent" on ah nehs' motherland ECONOMICALLY ......?

Great future?

Sinkies all going to HUAT liao ......?

Heng Ah?

Can depend on ah nehland arh .....?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Bro tks. Just key in singaporepools.com.sg. to buy your recommendations.

Huat Ah!!!

If strike will praise the Ah Neys.

Wonder can combine for today's 7 million toto draw??


Anonymous said...

Anon December 05, 2016 12:57 pm
I fully agree and support your view.

We cannot depend on the current team who let citizens being fired from jobs, and allowing foreigners to get employment pass or PR to replace citizens from their jobs.

Its a policy= citizen out because employer can get cheaper source= issue employment pass and PR to make the position a permanent LONG TERM loss to citizens.

You look at this formula of current s operations in 20years and will continue for another 20 years. The number of foreigners taking away citizens will be increased in straight line basis.

When you are old 20 to 40 years from now, you only 1 or 2 children cannot find good jobs. Cannot find good jobs. Cannot find good jobs. Cannot find good jobs after 20-40yrs from now.
This is because, first the policy replace citizens on good jobs. second, the foreigner from India will stay long term 20 to 40yrs as PR to take the salary and move to India.
third, the Indian PR will hire ANOTHER indian as his subordinate, and the number multiply. Can your son find good jobs with NS incamp under constitutions?

Indians will hire indians, and form indians department, departments, and the whole company is indian company. From Pap s policy, some indians as PR are counted as citizens equal. So it is alright to Pap. It is wrong to native citizens, we serve NS, yet we do not have jobs in Singapore eventually.

You need to read my message from my observation. It is replacing citizens in a long term and normal citizens will not bother, until their own sons cannot find jobs, then they will blame the oppositions wp.

My observation is: singapore citizens deserve being kicked out from corporate jobs by voting for Pap. Not me included in this group. So i have every right as my right to fight for my group to have jobs in Singapore. Let the 701% suffer, i do not feel sorry for them because they do not mine how Pap run the job market this way. I mind it.

So what future can u see by going with India under CECA signed by Pap?

Anonymous said...

Political correctness - India would become another superpower ,like china , US etc...

The hard truth is that


Dont put your investment based on ideology. Make same mistake twice, you are a fool.

Anonymous said...

Employers have preference for Indians employees because this group is more willing to pay the employers for a fees on monthly cash to get them on jobs. The deals we saw in court cases are: first get employment pass or s pass to avoid levy, second get the cash by thousand back from employees. This scheme might break off when employees apply PR but that needs employers to support them. So getting cash back from employees is part of the scheme on employment pass in black market. as what evidenced. Pap s schemes can kill citizens jobs future. The secure way is not to vote for Pap and do small business on your own. If one is trained as a professional, it is difficult to do hawker job demanding low skill and long hours. That is not a modern society where every citizen s ambition is to be hawker.
Do you feel proud when your kids tell you they only want to be hawker under Pap?

Anonymous said...

Trump said yesterday US firms move away to gain cheap labor cost will face high tax when re exporting back the goods to US. He targets firms like Apple.

Trump further said he will lower taxes for US s own companies.

It means US firms will have reasons to move back to US to enjoy a big market. Singapore will be hit by export to US as taxes will be higher.
Singapore cuts China as export market is daring. It now bet on regional markets to buy its export. China tourists will not come in organized tours. Hotels will be hit. Singapore Pap s foreign policy will bring export and local retailers to the ground level. Hard to take off while US shut the market, and EU is collapsing due to immigration problem.

Anonymous said...

The US President alone cannot pass any new tax bill ......?

And high possibility to be bogged down in a senate filibuster ......?

By 2018, it is possible for a sitting president's party to suffer (heavy) defeat in mid term election?

Anonymous said...

By 2020, hypothetically if another party wins the presidency, senate and house majority and turn back the tax law, then how?

Those US companies that moved back between 2017 to 2020 have to pack up and move overseas again?

The politics in the coming 4 to 8 years are fraught with many known unkown, known unknown and unknown unknown ......?

Anonymous said...

No wander Apple is so confident. Tax laws in US cannot change by president, also cannot changed by senates and congress where GOP are the majority. Trump is in for troubles in 2018. Some one from Singapore will call the shots.

Anonymous said...

In the short and medium run, the economy should be able holds its own ......?

In the lo(ooooooo)ng run, politics and economics in the major world powers are quite fluid ......?

How political, economic and social events (actually) unfold in the next few years in and among the major powers would then likely affect outcome in the lo(ooooooo)ng run ........?

Anonymous said...

Annon 10:56. Yeah, why is Def Minister not in the CEC list? Can someone explain? He is too old?

b said...

Sg has been ruled by ahnehs long time already. Sg Lee is only a puppet. Chinese better learn to get out before too late. Better to be under angmo rule than ahneh rule. Sg is only a stopover. Even birds know that.

Anonymous said...

CCTV news - so far , there are 8 cases of iphone exploded in China. Apple provide no explanation.

But i cant find any news on Western mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:43pm
Defense minister is in south california conference with carter. He was an important organizing secretary for last year election.

This year defense minister was not even in the list, while the foreign minister and social welfare minister both are not elected as top 12. The results indicates some possible changes coming. The defense and foreign ministers came from same batch. Ex transport minister who was similarly not in the list eventually resigned. Projection is: someone might take over the defense and other ministries. Old one got into obvious serious problems. But mrt remains a problem, some harakiri man still chai chai unshakable. Hard to see break through changes. Old team remains for next terms.

Anonymous said...

Defense Minister?
Defend what?

Singaporeans got anything (belonging to us and not the Millionaires) worth defending in Singapore meh?

Anonymous said...

We have a choice of two potential 4G Prime Minister candidates.
One is called lampar face.
The other is called lancheow face.

And both of them will report to a (soon to be promoted) Senior Minister.

Virgo 49 said...

Don't be like that.

Our Great PM already publicly said We Must Serve the People.

How many times he said this?????

Now he blames the World for been protectionist.

All the smart voters had already been plucked and sick of their own con governments of their philosophy of globalisation that They kicked them.out
Our beloved PM.still wants his voters to believe an open world to have the doors open to the refugees.

Singapore boh kwe liao.

Anonymous said...

Serve the People. He meant serve the 3rd world people by giving them jobs to improve their lives. All from India are thankful. From Blangadesh are grateful.

Citizens are paying higher installments, getting income almost half or three fourth of 10 years ago after retrenchment. Many changed to taxi driving facing worst income strains yet costs of living is running higher.
PM serve the people? You wait for the answer from someone s dreams to be US s globalization expert from Singapore. He should have joined Hillary as her assistant, may help her to win Trump.

Anonymous said...

Serve the people?
Ownself serve ownself with a million dollar salary?
i.e. self serving?
“How much do you want? Do you want 3 meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?”

Minister for MCYS Dr Vivian Balakrishnan in replying to a request by MP Dr Lily Neo’s “Is it too much to ask for just 3 meals a day as an entitlement for the PA recipients?” (25 April 2007)

“If the annual salary of the Minister of Information, Communication and Arts is only $500,000, it may pose some problems when he discuss policies with media CEOs who earn millions of dollars because they need not listen to the minister’s ideas and proposals, hence a reasonable payout will help to maintain a bit of dignity.”
-- Dr Lim Wee Kiat, PAP MP for Nee Soon GRC, 24 May 2011 (Lianhe Wanbao)

Askmelah‘ Note: So to say if a police officer who earns about S$1000-2000 per month, talk to us we can choose not to respect or listen to him since many of our middle income executives are earning way above that amount? How dumb can a politician say this?

“I didn’t ask for it. That was the rate for the job, that’s what I accepted. You don’t like the rate, I can’t help it.” (2011)

President Nathan who doesn’t feel he needs to defend his high salary which has been criticised extensively online. (The Sunday Times 7 Aug 2011)


virgo49 said...

FARK them, bring these and report to the HELL God.

See whether He asked Sapuloh Dua or not???

How Great You Are and How Big You are also turned to Dust or burn into ashes into an Urn.