Japan working hard for its just retribution

The two atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima were not enough. They only settled the debt of Pearl Harbour, which is really nothing, 3 or 4 thousand men and women from the American Pacific Fleet and the loss of half of the Pacific Fleet.

The invasion of Asia, from the Koreas and China down to South East Asia, the air raids, rapes, looting, burning and massacres, comfort women and the destruction of the countries and millions of innocent lives have yet to be repaid. The paltry sums paid as compensation were nothing compared to the war reparations inflicted on China in the 1894/95 wars, the 21 Demands etc, etc. Though some South East Asians are very happy with the Japanese compensation and are jumping into beds with the Japanese, forgetting the invasion and massacres of their people, the great pain and destructions in Korea and China were too painful to describe and to bear. While these two nations would like to forget these dark passages of their histories, the Japanese are working very hard to remind them that Japan would want to repeat these sufferings to the Koreans and the Chinese people by drumming up the glory of Japanese Imperialism, by remilitarization and by taking aggressive, assertive and abrasive acts against the Koreas and China.

The refusal to return the Diaoyu Islands to China and the repeated claims to Dokto Islands owned by the Koreans would only ignite nationalistic fervour in the two nations. And the aggressive and threatening acts of intercepting and challenging Chinese aircraft and ships in the East China Sea, the cries against the North Korean threats and threatening to attack North Korea, would not go unanswered. The two countries are waiting for the right moment to return the Japanese the favour and to let the Japanese remember and experience the pains and sufferings of the two people during the Japanese invasion.

The denials by the Japanese of their aggressive acts and intents at China recently would only open up old wounds. This was what the Japanese said, ‘Japan said on Monday it had protested to China over a Chinese complaint that Japanese fighter jets had engaged in "dangerous and unprofessional" behaviour when they scrambled at the weekend as Chinese aircraft flew near Japanese islands…. But Japan rejected China's assertion.

"I have received a report from the defence minister that the Japanese planes did not conduct any close-range interference toward the Chinese military planes ... or threaten the safety of Chinese military planes or its personnel," Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said.

"The fact that China’s military unilaterally announced something clearly different from the facts is extremely regrettable and harms the improvement of relations between Japan and China, and we have strictly protested to the Chinese side," he said.

Suga said Japan would watch the actions of the Chinese military, "which are expanding and increasing", and make every effort towards "firmly protecting our country's land, sea and air space and, in accordance with international and domestic law, take strict measures against any invasion of our airspace".

These kind of hawkish and unrepentant talks are a stark reminder of the days of Japanese Imperialism when they rubbished all Chinese and Korean protests when they were militarily stronger and they are still behaving just like their Imperial past. Today, the militarily stronger countries of China and a combined Korea would flatten Japan in a matter of days and the Japanese would be given a taste of their own cruelties committed during WW2. Japan is asking for it, unrepentant and arrogant and aggressive, assertive and the end result would be a just retribution that they rightly deserved for their cruel crimes against China and the Koreas. When it happens, there will be no mercy. It will be a bloodbath across the whole of Japan in the same scale the Japanese inflicted to the Koreas and China.

And Japan is working very hard for this day by continuing their bad behavior to their neighbours and provoking them, reminding them that Japan has never changed and just as evil and Imperialistic as they were in the past. No one would be there to save the Japanese when Judgement Day comes for Japan, to pay its war debt to the Koreas and China. The Americans had their desserts, the Koreans and the Chinese are waiting for the main course.

There will be no tears in heaven.

Japan’s two greatest enemies are China and the USA. China for fear of a retaliatory invasion of Japan to repay the war debt and humiliation of the Chinese people, and the USA, for dropping two atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and keeping Japan as a semi colony since WW2. Japan would want to make the Americans pay for the two atom bombs one day.

Their most hideous plan, if they could pull it off, is for Japanese Harry Harris to start a war with China using American soldiers and weapons, leading to the destruction of Japan’s two arch enemies in one go, without the Japanese having to do anything or to die for it. And Harris is rattling his sabre, wanting to charge into China with American boys and girls to die for him and his Japan.


Anonymous said...

Agree, Japan is asking for it. They want war thinking it would be like before, to be the undisputed number One super power in Asia. This can only happen with the destruction of China and the USA. If not it would always be a semi colony of the US.

Anonymous said...

They tasted the USA muclear test on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, like it, and still sucking the American cock.

Stupid or just plain dumb and just need to be under the yoke of the US. I guess they are still suffering the inferiority complex of the defeat during the second world war and need to exorcise the ghost of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Anonymous said...

The Japs are bidding their time to hit back at the US. That was what they did to Pearl Harbour after the Americans forced them to open their ports and subsequently kept them away from raw materials. They are not as stupid as Singaporeans, got massacred and then go and sleep with the Japanese.

The proud Japanese would cut off the American balls when the time comes for Nagasaki and Hiroshima and the occupation of Okinawa.

Anonymous said...

The world would be in chaos when US, China, Koreas, Taiwan, Middle East, Japan & Russia r at war with one another. It will be a WWIII, a type of war nobody in this sane world would wan it to happen...it will be a D-Day for mother earth. Human beings will have to migrate elsewhere, probably deep underground or outer space( only rich can afford to goto space station or Mars with no guarantee of returning to earth).Probably, scientists have discovered some can of warp drive or a time machine to immigrate thru' future time or elsewhere in the galaxy ( land on alien land in a habitable zone, like sci-fi , Stars Wars Rogue One -- A Japanese? Or Chinese? or Americans?...)..

Anonymous said...

World War 3 will be the end of human existence. How long can one live underground, knowing that a nuclearised earth will take hundreds or even thousands of years to recover. Nothing grows. no food on the surface of the earth will be edible. Humans will have to go back to cannibalism. Then it will be better to be dead than be alive. Amen.

Let's not think too much about it.

Anonymous said...

You fuckers should be paying Japan, instead of asking Japan to pay you fuckers. Why?!?! Because of Japan conquering half of Asia in WW2, this made the Asian natives realise the weakness of Western powers and planted the seeds of rebellion against Western colonization and the quick demise of Western empires after WW2.

If not for Japan -- Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma, Northern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Southern Afghanistan, Sri Lanka will still be under British.
And Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia will still be under French.
Indonesia will still be squeezed by the Dutch, and Philippines will still be US colony.
And China, Manchuria, Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia will still be ruled by 100s of warlords & bandit clans, instead of a strong Chinese Communist Party today.

virgo49 said...

News of China fortifying the islets that they built.

Long range drills flying exercises.

PRESIDENT Xi is weak??

Carter how Lian ready to confront China???

Best time for all Sinkies to forget all their woes.

PAP also happy not to go down in history as the government to sink Sinkieland.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes and no. Japan wanted to conquer Asia but in a very brutal way. The invasion killed at least 20 million Asians. If the Jap's intent was just to conquer and rule, the hatred against them would be less.

The demise of the western empires was not an intent of the Japanese, just incidental.

Anonymous said...

Rb, japan really has no shame to ask Russia to respect Treaty -

Kuril island belongs to japan.LOL

Japan invaded those islands. Russia invaded those island.

Those island, Sakhalin actually belongs to Qing dynasty, china.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Japanese are still trying to claim this and that island when they seized them during their Imperialist days. One day they would be forced to return everything and more.

Anonymous said...

I feel Japan has limited role in asia because of its weak military power. It was Abe putting up a show. During Philippine tribunal, Abe and ah long help US and got spotlight. In real fire power, both has nothing. Duterte did not move when Japan gave Philippine the used small warship. Karungui, pinoys has a lot of used weapons from its friendly allies.
Which asian country look up to Japan and follow like shadow, only one little usa.
Putin today visit Japan. He declared there is no territory dispute with Japan. He meant no talk. Kuril islands are much strategic than that useless land from Ukraine. Abe wants to boost his status as world leader to teach Putin to give up lands for trade, Abe again is a clown. Japan never buy Russian weapons wanna talk about exchange territory for trade, that show how Abe behave.

China had memorial service of Nanjing killings few days ago. Japan current defense minister wrote a book denying there was Nanjing killing. Xi will love her story, as there will be no war with Japan if there is no Nanjing killings. China chinese communists old soldiers will want to suck japanese s blood if they claim there was no Nanjing killing, and no using live samples for military bacterias experiments in China.

I think blood debt needs to be paid by blood. Abe constantly deny there was killings of china civilians. PLA however has different stories. There should be war to retake the Senkaku island now, There should be war to retake Taiwan now. If PLA is for show during military parade and airshow, the budget needs not be USD200,000 millions a year. 200 Billions is used for PLA in a year for display, better sack Xi to save the money. Agree?

As time goes by, when Taiwan Tsai speaks with US president and other leaders such as Abe as normal equal leaders, and Xi still insist to talk about trade and now war, I think it time China CCP to change leader. Waste money, as US has increase interest rate by 25 basic point at 3 am this morning. There will be several increases in 2017. Money is expensive to borrow or lending can earn more. Why wast 200 billions on PLA doing parades and air shows only? The Chinese will not take it any more as Abe and Taiwan will unite as a union to go against China, while Putin might stand as neutral party. If China distance NKorea, China will be harassed by Trump until its one china becomes 2 china after 4 years from now. Trump is playing Taiwan to encourage the world to go against one china principle, ah long has something to please about. But the vehicles might be a problem when landed at wrong place. From little usa point of view, it will be a total decline in economy: less investments, more expensive properties, less export to china and incoming chinese tourists. Generals can only find troubles and start fire, they cannot promote trade in economy. Trump is trader, he make money through selling fire power and use the generals, Abe, Tsia to start fire. Economies in Japan Taiwan little usa will go down. Japan has high public debts similar to little usa, the public funds can use up fast to pay interest when US keep increasing interest rates. Estimated there will be 6 times of increases until 2019. Bankrupt banks and governments with high debts. Abe knows it. Can buy more F35??

Virgo49 said...

USA said Taiwan must spend more on Defence.

Gian png said gian png.

Foolish of countries earning hard earned cash to spend on military wares whilst the citizens especially the poor and needy struggled to survive.

Also, in a way encouraging Taiwan to lean to independence.

Chinese saying: Borrow knives to kill others very apt.

Or is it like in Matland way of life- Sapuloh Dua???

Every transactions you get twenty percent cut!!!!

Wah, military wares can goes into billions of dollars.

That's why some prefer to be Assembly men rather than in private sectors.

The Terrex no wind no sounds???

Maybe send there for marketing purposes.

b said...

Since japan has so much money, it is best for URC to work together and finished off japan. No one will miss them, their stupid management style and useless robots.

Anonymous said...

Thai land signed mutual development plan for next 5 years in Beijing. Involved rail route, innovation, technical cooperations, agricultural, foods safety, and tourism cooperations with target achieving 10,000,000 visits.

Singapore do not this kind of cooperation with Beijing. Singapore has 10 times more tourists than 10 millions visits to Thailand so little. Such a low target, most of the tourists will come to Singapore and not going to Bangkok lah.

Anonymous said...

Japan thinks we still in the 1940s. They can only continue to irritate China. If they are stupid enough

to start a third war I strongly believe there will be more Japan.

Anonymous said...

If the Japanese still think they can go to war with China today and win, then they are not that smart after all.

Their only strategy is to provoke a war between China and the USA and they stood on the side line letting the two giants obliterate each other.

The Americans have all the reasons to want to fall into this trap because of their empire dream and all the treaties they have signed to go to war.

Anonymous said...

Modi demonetization plan had failed

India is busy hosting and inviting dalai lama to anger China. - Playing up foreign threat card

This would divert attention away from domestic problem.

Surely,China would lodge strong protest against India.

Anonymous said...

Why the need to bother with this forever wannabe?

Anonymous said...

‘The biggest risk for frontier Asean economies is that Chinese inflows create “extractive” elites who entrench themselves in power,’ said Mr Song Seng Wun…’

Tony (KFC) Tan.
What are "extractive elites" ???
Are there any such people in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

There are no extractive elites in Singapore. They are just being paid by the millions, a great liability to the people with the people ended up saving money in their CPF to feed them. And the burden is increasing by the days. There will not be enough money to feed the greed of the millionaire elites.