Terrex – Enemy armoured cars landed!!

Many people are trying to pooh pooh the seriousness of the 9 Terrex armoured vehicles on the shore of Hong Kong as if they were toy cars, no weapons, so very safe and innocent. It is really a non issue and Singapore’s relation with China would go on as per normal. Singapore can still demand China to abide by the rulings of the NOT UN backed Hague Tribunal, China must abide by international law, China must ensure freedom of navigation in the SCS, China must not split Asean to divide and rule. Singapore politicians can sleep very well and not going to lose any sleep over the incident. How about 20 machine guns or rocket launchers without the rounds instead of the Terrex? Safe and innocent?

The 9 Terrexes are claimed by Singapore and were on an innocent passage through Hong Kong. What if, the armoured vehicles belonged to some terrorist groups or a hostile country? No country would allow such war machine to land on their soil without permission or without their knowledge. In a worst case scenario, the armoured vehicles could easily be armed and run through the city firing at anything on site like a suicide mission or a point assault group clearing the way for the main force to move in. How much damage can 9 armoured vehicles do to any city or country once landed? Think about it.

In this case, was someone testing Hong Kong’s custom alertness or a procedure to land military vehicles into Hong Kong, a trial run in preparation for a military op? Who knows, the incident is claimed to be so innocent. Was there any intent by some nebulous party testing out their plans to back up Nathan Law and the other silly girl to create a state of street violence when the opportune time comes? It is not necessary that they would use the Terrexes, the perpetrators could be more ominous and dangerous war machine like tanks could roll in when street demonstrations go berserk. An innocent passage of the Terrexes through Hong Kong with proper papers and declaration would be just another non event. Why were these not done?

Once a procedure like this is proven to be feasible, workable, the planners could use the same modus operandi to turn Hong Kong into a mess. Do not take such an operational slip lightly. No one knows for sure who was behind it and what was the real intent? Don’t just pooh pooh it as just an administrative slip by APL.  

Sure Singapore is likely to be an innocent party but its vehicles could be made used of by some unfriendly party without Singapore knowing it. Sure, Singapore has no such ill intention against Hong Kong. But that does not mean other parties did not harbor a threat with evil motive against Hong Kong and China.

Were the landing of 9 armoured vehicles onto Hong Kong soil, or in Hong Kong port, transiting or otherwise, with no papers or declaration, without the knowledge of the Hong Kong govt, be that innocent or a sign of things to come?

Everyone is looking at it from the political perspective, a ruse between China and Singapore, China sending a message to Singapore in a deteriorating relationship. No doubt China has cause for doing so, and wanting it to be so. Beyond this, could there be something more devious behind an incident that should not have happened at all. This is not the first time such cargo is being shipped. Why so many holes in the incident? Why so many unnecessary and avoidable lapses?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Can it be a conspiracy between CIA and APL to test 'water' using Singapore as prawn?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is an incident that should not happen but happened. Why?
Could it be someone trying to stir shit between China and Singapore?

Many parties have evil intention to cause trouble in Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

The Paper Gen said not their problem leh..it's APL problem mah..get tat Murugam lawyer to sue APL lah..that Minion-ster Chicken hen still wanna expect an answer from HK customs or else no take back that army toys, u see all this incident is about a cuntry's dignity? ..get back army toys important? Or saving face important? Or people monies important? Guess we all know the answer..The minion-sters don't care ..for sure..

Anonymous said...

Someone talked about CIA, that is US secret agents arm. Last few hours ago, the IsIs supported by CIA s supplied arms surrendered the weapons in East Aleppo without a fight. The report said the IsIs trapped 200 civilians on the East. When the civilians saw Syrian soldiers, they ran towards the Syrians and the militants surrendered later.

The problem for these IsIs militant is: they were cut off from South by Syrians. The South is their HQ Idlib, which is about to go, with lots of US weapons in stock similar to what Syrians showed on video.

What is the lesson? Without US troops willing to die, it is hard to topple a sovereign government. US wants to topple China with some little usa s help? It is not possible when looking at Aleppo war. Its like a mosquito biting an elephant, not i say, its little Bush said this.

The claims that China Spokesman GangShuang directed HK to release the 9 Terrex was said somewhere from social media. I did not believe it as this guy is just a mouth piece. If Wang Yi China FM said it openly, i will believe it is fact. But it seems the main media said Singapore refused to take back the 9 Terrex until China give reason for detaining the Terrax. Got such thing meh?

Why cant the Singapore Greats collect the vehicles and file diplomatic protest to ask for good reason for detaining the Terrax? Singapore mingdeaf can claim damages on scratches on the surface of the armoured skins, correct?

Main media may lose their brains or I am too uneducated as there must be good reason for detaining before Singapore want to take back the expensive trucks.

My interpretation is: HK is not China, this is truth. Under HK, there is laws governing customs clearance. So my interpretation is: China Foreign affairs refused to take the case, and left it to HK to deal with it. Not foreign affair of China, WangYi keeps quiet (so far), it means HK must take the case lah.

Under HK laws, the APL shipping company has to be charged in court for putting weapons or strategic commodities on HK Harbor. This step can lead to the 9 Terrex being forfeited under Custom laws. Go check yourself. Not only shipping company must know the same laws, the exporting party, mingdeaf whoever, must also follow HK custom laws.

If what is saw is correct. The charges will surface once HK s said "investigations" is complete. From the delay of HK not writing to Singapore to collect the Terrex, and not informing HK media it is releasing the Terrex, i think my observation that Singapore cannot collect the Terrex is more likely. HK is an open society on Custom practice. If transporting weapon with no license and yet letting the parties taking the weapons quietly away, the HK media will shoot at the HK government. That is very serious to HK citizens. I doubt the HK government dare to try secret deals unless it pushes the ball to China, then HK citizens will not shoot at the HK government.

virgo49 said...

Singapore, Defence science and Technology. Also produce conventional WMD.

Have to have customer to recoup production costs

Can Say send these for our military training

But, ahem as marketing strategies.

You never know

Maybe returned rejected cargo.

Anonymous said...

The whole incident is like wat the Chinese idioms said 螳螂捕蝉黄雀在后. Who is the real mastermind behind the scene is difficult to find out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:05pm
It is not true of this:螳螂捕蝉黄雀在后.

All shipping cargoes cannot have this kind of assumption that no 螳螂 want to snatch the cargoes. If you think your cargo will safe by passing to whoever to ship for you, you already a most foolish person in this world.

Do not believe me? pass your airline luggage to someone going to same place, hoping that he will deliver for you. Go airport to try.

So it is not 捕蝉 at all. It is offering the luggage for someone to take. U do that?

The Terrex has license to go? No. No license, can cover by Insurance? I dont know.
Terrex is like the luggage example: pass the Terrex to someone they said same shipping company, and dont check if licenses and insurance are ready.

Anonymous said...

If there are machine guns or rocket launchers this is serious. Understand the taiwan president has Japanese blood

And her father was a very senior offeicer working for the Japanese whem Taiwan was Japan colony. Also she went

To seek advice fromAbe before she was elected President. Then you read that a few young traitors want

Ann Independent Hongkong which was given wide publicity. And CIA are expert in this type of work. Some say APL now belong to Jap

Sound frightening when you try to connect the situation. Maybe I imagining?

Anonymous said...

It is said that we have a 万事通 minister aka as 梁山伯 & 祝英台 minister!

That minister is well known to "resolve" problems facing ministries!

That minister posted from one ministry to another.

If that minister is soooooo goooood, why dont get that minister to resolve the issue!

Dont play play! Dont play with fire! Before it turns into a crisis!

Get that 梁山伯 & 祝英台 minister now!

Anonymous said...

Please lah ... APL did all the documents correctly. That's why up till today there's no formal legal charge sheet to state exactly what laws were broken and under what charge the 9 Terrex were impounded. Everything so far is simply based on verbal announcements by China spokesman & reported in mass media. It is similar to police suddenly arrest you at your office & throw you into prison, but no formal charge and police spokesman simply say you have broken some regulations, and no lawyer allowed and no court hearing. This is the characteristics of a political matter, not a legal matter.

If the 9 Terrex were impounded at mainland China port, then no problem for China court or police to issue a fake court order or charge sheet. But in HK, the authorities there are still not willing to create a fake court order or legal document. HK still need to consider the negative consequences as a international trade & business & financial centre if they are to be seen as cowboy town where the authorities can anyhow create court orders & police charges against foreigners.

So for now, HK authorities just follow China order to impound the 9 Terrex, but not willing to go all the way to create some legal charge or court order against APL or against Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:22am is out right lying.
The local main media said reporters asked the saf chief at press meeting if license "approved notice" was given, the saf chief said he needed to check.

Need to check in press conference, the media said, it should be just calling the company to check if "approved notice" was given, not difficult at all.

Base on this kind of press conference by saf chief, you think there is truth in this:"Please lah ... APL did all the documents correctly. "

Saf chief should be clear at press conference. Show reporters the photo copies of "approve notices" so that the public is clear that HK or China is wrong.
Where are the photo copies?

Anonymous said...

@ December 07, 2016 11:59 am

If it's true, there's approve notices will PRC lose more face if we show them ?
Maybe we are already saving face for PRC but PRC's ego cannot let it go. And will you all screw PRC and support SG ? Or will you all continue to help PRC with some excuses ?

If it's false, there's no approve notices , good for all of you. The screwing, the condemning, the cursing continues .... Good chance to show the people the world their poor capabilities , not measure up to their pay and screw ups they created or and ... etc so whatever .

Nothing's change.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:29pm

The reports of NO approval notice or license on shipping strategic commodities are not in Singapore. The reports in HK are all saying HK custom officers said no license was the reason. HK reports referred to Custom laws saying no license for "strategic commodities" would result Custom department to detain the cargoes.

You lie to Singapore readers. I hope you are paid for doing it. If not you must be a foolish writer to have come inside here to say so. Most readers here are well informed.

Anonymous said...

In the 3rd meeting with HK custom yesterday, TOC today reported APL was unable to get the Terrex to release. There must be reason HK retain the Terrex. If APL is having the license, HK custom should provide date for releasing the Terrex and apologize to APL for the delay. HK side no heel at 3rd meeting. Can you see it?

Court case will make it transparent for the reason why+how the Terrex are retained. This is most likely in view of the keep delaying, as the HK AG might be studying if the charges are possible and appropriate, and the custom could not tell APL, my guessing only.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:49, why waste time with a banana who would probably spy for the Japanese to kill Chinese, thinking he is not Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Got papers no papers so difficult to determine meh?
If got papers, APL or Spore can call press conference to wave the papers to embarrass China and HK. What is so difficult?

Anonymous said...

The HK version of events as reported by BBC seems to imply that the customes officers were surprised by what they found because the vehicles were not supposed to have entered HK because no approval had been sought or given to enter HK. According to the BBC “strategic goods” must be licensed for transshipment

Anonymous said...

The HK main media 7 Dec 2016 on yesterday HK Custom 3rd meeting with APL:

"In a response on Tuesday, Hong Kong customs officials repeated previous remarks that the case was under investigation and that no further information was available.

The cargo is being kept at a customs depot in Tuen Mun.

Under Hong Kong’s Import and Export Ordinance, a licence is required for the import, export, re-export or transshipment of strategic commodities. The maximum penalty for failing to obtain a licence is an unlimited fine and seven years’ imprisonment."

See the wording: LICENCE is REQUIRED.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.37am

So who is behind all this?

Anonymous said...

Watching US s IsIs surrendered in North Aleppo, lots of weapons piled up in hospitals and religious places. The last battle in days to come in South Aleppo will have more US weapons when the IsIs there surrender.

End of Syrian war comes soon. Taiwan war will be more exciting. Little usa may have chance to fire the US weapons on Taiwan lands if Trump is planning one to invite PLA to take Taiwan. Life will be exciting for Trump and dull for Obama, lost the Syrian war. Trump may find Taiwan an independent country and Xi will have to bye bye like Obama.
Who knows what Trump is trying to do?

Look mah, Trump has sent his envoy to Taiwan. China pretends not see, someone is in Taiwan to boost to China s one china one taiwan policy?

"Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney's national security advisor, Stephen Yates, arrived in Taiwan on the morning of Dec. 6. He denied the speculation that he was the one who set up the "presidential hotline" between Taiwan and the U.S. He stated that his trip to Taiwan this time was arranged before the US presidential election."

With this new entry of US officials to Taiwan, to get back Terrex lagi harder. Or much easier.

denk said...

this is part of a larger scheme of china baiting,

trump already piss off china with that 'imprompto'
conversation with taidu chief tzai ying wen

he blasted china on 'money manipulation' and scs.
thats one up on obama.

he befriends russia, pak, ph, but take pleasure in poking the dragon.

this is trump the 'great divider'at work.

Anonymous said...

Google quoted RMB to USD at 7.43 while floating rate was 6.88, dropped 230+ points. Trump can say any thing, i guess by January, he will see 7 RMB. Export to China will be hit but export to US will be hot. Trump can talk cork, but the market shifts cannot stop.

China will pin taiwan down when it goes for Japan alliance. Taiwanese will be eating radio active contaminated foods when Tsia ing wen open the market for Fukushima foods to enter taiwan soon. If taiwan has problems of law and order, China will have reason to invade Taiwan. Trump will have reasons to sell more weapons to taiwan at much higher prices. Little usa may join taiwan to have a game with PLA and also need to buy new weapons. Trump s calculation is so so simple.

virgo49 said...

It's in their Genes and cultures

Cowboys!! Gun fights.

And those westernized bananas now following their footsteps

Now they have conspired a case up against PRC.

All the PRC wanted is just to tell the sinkieland leaders to respect the One China Mantra that they claimed to recognise.

Just seize the armoured cars and release after that.

Preferably in HK and not Xiamen.
As if in Xiamen, their netizns would cry that China is been too lax with us. China laws are straight and unbending. If give chance, how to apply to its citiZens.
Now sinkieland in league with the Americunts are going to accuse PRC of been a big bully.

Seize our armoured cars without any reasons..there I told you they are a rising power with menace .

Now China's balls stuck into wooden horse. Cannot dismount and cannot move forward.

How to settle matter without giving them a reason of seizing their military wares.

But anyway, China would come up with a win win solution just wait and see.

Their brains are smarter.than daft Sinkies and the war monger Americunts and their allies.

virgo49 said...

PRC because of that Taiwanese Tsai President who are leaning towards Japan and the Whites becomes so hot up and wants to put stop of nations diplomatic and political engagements with Taiwan.

Previously, Ma I Chou, they are more relaxed and easy on Singapore.

Our dumb leaders unwittly or pretended not to know of these tensions.

Still think its status quo.

Anonymous said...

If you are friendly with China govt or certain officials, import/export of heroin & amphetamines also no problem. Everything authorized under license for medical drugs & products. Been there & done that. But expensive becoz need to pay expensive administrative fees & licensing fees to the Chinese aka under-table money, but all printed out nicely in legal black & white with red chop from govt ministry. So this Terrex matter is bullshit, becoz if Singapore govt is really on good terms with China govt, then Singapore can import/export nuclear bombs through HK or Xiamen also no problem. In fact can buy 10 Chinese nuclear ICBMs and load them on APL cargo ships to sail back to Singapore.

b said...

China should think long term. Why insist on one child rule when taiwan has been self ruled for so long? Better to have a friend than a foe especially since culture so similar. Why end up killing each other? Putin may jump ship so only friend left is maybe taiwan. Just make sure they called themselves taiwan.

virgo49 said...

Not so simple bro b.

If Taiwan self rule, what's happened they lean towards the Japanese and Americunts ???

You have a big adversary at your doorstep.

Then why the hard work and hassle the 9 dash line??

Main reason to protect their coastline b4 enemies approaches

Just curiosity sake.We need the approval of the KFC man for the HSR project with Matland??

!wah now president got lots of power in Sinkie matters???

Or just go to Japan and tell Abe of their conspiracy or kena arm twisted must give to Xi as requested by Najib.???

Anonymous said...

@ December 07, 2016 12:49 pm

No issues. Eventually truth will surface unless both side also hide the truth and resolve their difference behind the doors. By then of course if you re right then i will not come here anymore.

BTW, HK is no longer the old HK .

Anonymous said...

Do you think Singaporeans will enjoy a better standard of living if Singapore were to become another province of China?

Do you think Singaporeans will enjoy a better standard of living if Singapore were to become another state of Malaysia?

Yes! Yes! to both questions.

Anonymous said...

you getting dementia so soon ? You so fast forget the famous remark by bye-bye farter ?

"There is a conspiracy to do us in"


so Big red dot do small red dot in ? So what ? Send all Ah Tiong back to China ? come, I clap for you

Anonymous said...

PRC should just annexes the
Taiwan Island which is recognised by the World as part of China.
Once Taiwan is under PRC, all
the Other Lingering Regions such as Tibet, Xinjiang and even Hong Kong should be rein
All citizens that work against national interest shall have to be dealt immediately and imperatively
to rid China of traitors.

Anonymous said...

"川普的經濟政策顧問摩爾(Stephen Moore)日前表示,美國應力挺台灣盟友,如果中國不喜歡,去他的。北京官媒《環球時報》社評今天警告說,共軍奪台以小時計,美軍馳援不及,在美軍未到達之前就基本結束戰鬥了。"

In short, Stephen Moore said, let china to fuck off, US will support taiwan friend. Global times commented: PLA take taiwan is counted by hours. By the time US arrives, the war is over.

I really think so when looking at was at Aleppo, the Syrian Tiger forces taking back the lands was counted by hours. Syrians troops are not comparable to PLA. Further more, from survey, more than 70 % will not resist if PLA is taking taiwan. Sounded like kakinan or similar to Aleppo civilians, when they saw Syrian troops coming in, they rushed to Syrians troops by hundreds. The IsIs militants had to surrender in north Aleppo last night. I guess Tiawan when getting attack by PLA, the reaction will be the same. Espeically, they road side war on cutting the 7 days labor official leave was really fierce this week. More protest on Fukushima nuclear contaminated foods will be in January 2017. Do not expect the Taiwan people are against PLA.

PLA go ahead lah. Xi is weak leader. Take taiwan now as taiwan is in chaos with current government.