President elect Trump & Peter Navarro have sinister motives in accusing China of unfair trade.

President elect Trump and Peter Narvarro have sinister motives in accusing China of Unfair Trade.

First let's examine America as a country of its history. Before 4th July, 1775, there was not even a country called US to speak of. The whole of North America belongs to several native American tribes numbering several millions of them. Then in 1600s with the arrival of the aggressive French and British invaders native America soon lost its peace and tranquility. France and England fought for total control of the North American continent. England emerged victorious and became the only supreme European power to rule the land. The native Americans fought bravely against the British invaders hoping to evict them from the continent. Soon they found out fighting the Europeans with bow and arrows and wooden spears were no match against ther enemies' guns and cannons. The natives were mercilessly slaughtered and as time rolled by it became an almost complete genocide.

With being the only supreme and sole conqueror of the continent England was free to encourage millions of British and later other white Europeans to emigrate to North America.. The conquest of North America by England through force of arms and military might had rendered British and European rule illegitimate.

By the 1700s there were over one hundred million British and other white European settlers in the land. In 1770s many British settlers were dissatisfied with strong arm rule from London. They agitated for self rule and independence. Thus in the war of independence they prevailed and on 4th July, 1775 the revolutionaries declared independence of a new country US which then comprised the thirteen states of about six hundred thousand square miles fronting the Atlantic Ocean.

The large remaining areas from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and north of Mexican California were still under direct British rule. However the British did give the various native tribes some sort of self-government in the central plains and west of the continent up to the coast of the Pacific Ocean

The native self governing states were not to last long when the US of the breakaway thirteen states decided to march west and conquer all of them. Though the natives fought hard and bravely against the invading US army it was inconsequential. The white Americans of US were even more wanton and brutal than the British in the killings and slaughter of the natives. It was a case of the worst and most brutal genocide of natives that ever occurred.By the turn of 1890s not more than ten or twenty thousand native Americans were left out of the original native population of about eighty-five millions.

Thus the present US is an illegitimate country built on brutal genocide of the entire natives of the American continent and subsequently the brutal use of enslavements of negro slaves from Africa to provide the toil and free labour for its development. Its railways and other infrastructures were built on exploited Chinese labours in the 1800s to 1880s.

Now let's examine American present perspective in its norms of behaviour and conduct in international affairs especially vis-a-vis China. There is no doubt US is an illegitimate country built on terrorism and its conduct has never shown it as otherwise. It is very bellicose and gingoistic throughout its barbaric history. US is even more evil than you think. US organizes and trains different groups of Islamic terrorist organizations like the Taliban, Alqaeda, Isis and many others and release them to create choas, instability and civil strives in countries US decides to overthrow a regime or governments which it considers unfriendly and not toeing US dictates. In short USA was, is and will continue to be the world's biggest and most evil terrorist country.

At present in the economics, politics and military America , more than any other country has built up colossusly to awe and threaten the whole world. And yet to the Anglo-Saxon Americans everything is never enough unless its ultimate objective of world hegemony is achieved.

The tremendous wealth of USA does not benefit the vast majority of Americans but only the one percent of the elites ruling class encompassing the bankers, stock brokers, business tycoons, hierachy of top politicians, and top military personnels in the Pentagon and CIA as well as perhaps about ten percent of the middle class. The whole country is actually controlled by a handful of top notch crooks, rogues and scoundrels in the powerful demonic organisation of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist cabal under the centralise Rothschilds Illuminati and Free Masons absolute total control.

President Donald Trump is a member of this group. He is blaming China for all the ills of America, He and Navarro claim that half of USA deficit is caused by China's unfair trade with America. He and Navarro accuse China of manipulating the Chinese Yuan and subsidising exports.

China's trade with other countries and USA is based on the rules and regulations of the World Trade Organisation in which both USA and China are members. China's international trade has so far benefitted all other countries including USA. No one has ever complained against China of unfair trade except USA. The fact is that America's businessmen and industrialists take advantage of China's vast pools of cheap labour, so they shifted their productions to China to enhance their high profits.

As an example a pair of Nike shoes make in China may comprise labour cost of say $2, materials $3 and overheads like transport and production cost $3, making a total cost of $8 for a pair of Shoes. The American company sells the shoes in China for around $25 and in USA and other countries for around $45. Obviously the company makes such huge unthink of profits, will it want to move out of China. In the meantime US government gains by taxing on the shoes

The colossal profit of goods make in China by American businessmen goes back to the company and USA and benefits American consumers. If at all the pair of shoes were to be made in USA the cost price per pair would be in the region of about $80 to $100 per pair. Then American consumers may have to pay $150 to $200 per pair. Thus America, from the company to the people and the state benefit all round from manuafacturing their products in China. Therefore this shows what Donald Trump and Navarro is talking is absolutely utter rubbish and mischievous. When they are unable to compete with China in fair trade they utter frivolities in such hues and cries.

However the tremendous profits make by American companies do not so much as benefitting the people, the employees because it is creamed off by the greedy and rapacious directors and CEOs of the listed companies who never hesitate to pay themselves sinful salaries and perks worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

Therefore it is really wrong and mischievous for Trump and Navarro and the American politicians to blame China for all its economic ills. They are just trying to pull the wool over the American peoples' eyes for all the greed and extreme corruption of their ruling elites , the crooks, rogues and scoundrels in the Apex of society. Just imagine how Trump himself managed to avoid paying tax of hundreds of millions of dollars for many years though his company is valued at several billion dollars worth.

Trump and Navarro are great liars and conmen to accuse China of manipulating its currency and foreign exchange. The value of the Chinese Yuan depends on market forces independent of Chinese control . On the other hand US rigged the value of the American dollar to swindle the whole world . Whether it is pushing the dollar up or down it intends to profit both ways depending on the appropriate situation beneficial to US.

America has a total debt of about twenty-one trillion dollars comprising both internal and external debt. Its currency is a fiduciary issue with no tangible intrinsic backing by gold or resources. How then can US now push the dollar to such high value except to con and cheat other countries of their foreign exchange and to do damage to their economies. Third world countries who succumbed to America's currency rigging and foreign exchange manipulation and who are induced to borrow and owe America huge debts are subjected to US control and blackmail. As an example US will demand the installation of military bases in third world countries which can't pay off their debts to US.

Trump and Navarro may think they can play dirty with China. They may be shocked their evil schemings may rebounce back on USA .


Wednesday,28th December,2016


Virgo 49 said...

Let them impose import duties of 30 to 40% on goods from China and rest of world

Trump and Navarro not gonna to absorb or subsidise these taxes.

See whether the Americans will take to the streets the high cost of consumer necessities.

Americans unlike SINKIES kena taxed and whacked no way kept quiet.

There be riots throughout the whole country.

Anonymous said...

I bought my Nike for $200.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi bro 10.41

This to some already considered Cheap, cheep.

So you see how much they made.

Unfair trade practices? ?

Anonymous said...

RB. We are in a Free market world. Nothing wrong for companies to go where labour is cheap and resources readily available. China fits into the bill.

There is no use for Trump to KPKB because this is the most efficient way of production.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump is just shouting wildly. When comes to bottom line, in a free market economy, nothing much can be done unless he wants to raise taxes sky high.

Anonymous said...

How about tge super expensive
goods and services in Sin ?

Who are the evil ones ?

Anonymous said...

Trump kpkb is for political reasons, and not for economic reasons which defy his logic.

PAP want to have Malay President is for "u no what" reasons, and not the reasons PAP explained, which defies logic for ordinary Sinkies, even those who are Malay.

So whether America, Sinkieland or elsewhere, that's how politicians think, u no? Stupid and waste time to argue and talk logic on their reasons.

Anonymous said...

/// The tremendous wealth of USA does not benefit the vast majority of Americans but only the one percent of the elites ruling class encompassing the bankers, stock brokers, business tycoons, hierachy of top politicians, and top military personnels in the Pentagon and CIA as well as perhaps about ten percent of the middle class. ///

What about the tremendous wealth of Singapore?
Who does it benefit?

Is the money flowing out of the pockets of Singaporeans?
If yes, do you know where your money is flowing into?

Anonymous said...

@ December 28, 2016 2:22 pm

When you ask a PAP Minister for help;
They will usually ask you "Where is the money going to come from?" to shut you up.

Next time.
You ask them back.
"Where is my money going to now?"

Anonymous said...

Abe only agree to pay a "return visit" to Pearl Harbor as a goodwill
after Obama did it first- visiting Memorial in Nagasaki

Who are the aggressor in ww2? japan or US?

Similarly, Singapore LKY must pay visit(kowtow) to two dead marine Indonesian before normalization of ties.

Indonesian PM does not need to pay a return visit to those dead and injured Singaporean victims in the bombing.

It is a great Lies if PAP told you that Singapore always stood up against the Bully.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, next Singaporean PM have the spine (balls)to urge Japan to repent and pay respect to those victims of Sook Ching massacre.

Condemn Japan visit to Yasukuni shrine and glorification of WW2 criminal as japan hero.

Cease all propaganda against Victim of Japan aggression - calling comfort women as prostitute.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have been printing money like crazy in the quantitative easing programs to reduce their debt.

The rising value of greenbacks means that those owing money to the Americans would have to pay even more to the Americans. And the creditors of American bonds would get a bonanza.

Anonymous said...

New Year concert in major TV China station -Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing

They always invite celebrities from Taiwan, HK ,Mainland China. These celebrities earn big bucks.

Not a single Korean celebrities due to Thaad protest.

But Sinkie top celebrities, Mediacorp never have such opportunity to appear in China Tv Show
even though Mediacorp produce Chinese Drama and artists speak Chinese language.

Top Ah Jie and Ah gor cant find jobs outside Mediacorp. They need to crawl back to Mediacop and play those secondary role jobs.


Mark Lee and Jack Neo could have make big buck in China if they had solid Singapore base to build connection with local station.

That is why sinkie never get to see their favorite Sinkie celebrities to appear in China Tv reality show, New Year Concert, CCTV Spring festival, etc...

Those outdated old celebrities from HK, Taiwan continue to appear in China ....
HK and Taiwan CEO has long shifted their base to Mainland China and work inside China TV station.

Only Sinkie Singer based in Taiwan get such opportunity- JJ, Stefania, Tanya...

Anonymous said...

Sinkie are so happy when they get to see Nathan Hartono to appear in Voice of China.

Imagine the feeling or pride of Sinkie if All top ah jie and ah gor mediacorps always been invited to appear in China Tv drama, reality show, talk show, new year concert, CCTV spring festival

Imagine sinkie famous comedian , Gurmit, Mark lee, Jack neo able to break into China market and create storm there. Many mediacorp artist is leaving Mediacorp to expand their career in Mainland China, like TVB artists, - Wong cho Lam, Charmaine sheh,William Chan, Angelala baby...

The career prospect of mediacorp artist is very bleak outside Singapore.
That is why Quality of mediacorp drama has gone downhill.
Sinkie are seeing same old faces to appear in their drama.

b said...

China can stop selling in US and stop US goods from selling in China. That will be a good deal for Trump. US is the first to play the currency game through QE not China. China merely follows what Japan, US, EU are doing. Us people must stop listening to bullshit from german and japan such as yellow peril. Just look at europe, its not yellow but another color that is going to conquer them. Making the same mistakes so many times is stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Most anthropologists recognize that there are four major race classifications in the world, which include Australoid,Caucasian, Mongoloid, and Negroid. The race classification was created by Charleston S. Coon in 1962. Simply put, they are:

1. Black - Africans or Negroid.
2. Brown - Polynesians or Australoid.
3. Yellow - Asians or Mongoloid.
4. White - Europeans or Caucasian.

It has been predicted by a few sources such as Nostradamus and the Revelation of the Bible that at the last stage of the homo-sapiens, there will only be two races left.

The Bible says, "The meek shall inherit the Earth". Among the four major races, which race is the "Meek"? From the present outlook, it seems to be the Brown (Polynesians or Australoid). However, from prehistoric stand point, this race was very savage. They have head-hunters. They ate human flesh. The attacked and destroy one another in order to survive.

From the modern times standpoint, the future world war will most probably be a Nuclear War or Neutron War. Who has nuclear weapons to destroy one and other? Looks like the White and Yellow. That means the last two races left will be the Black and Brown.

From strategic warfare standpoint, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD Warfare) using nuclear or neutron weapons may not be sensible. And the four races are spread everywhere. So there won't be complete annihilation of any particular race/races. Therefore, we look at it from another angle, the Islamic or Mohammedan Warfare Strategy. It has been a two-prong approach since Prophet Mohammad's time, about two thousand years ago. It uses both the the hard and the soft tactics. The hard tactic is to terrorize the enemy until he submits to your will. The soft tactic is to mass migration into the land to be conquered, in order to overwhelm the existing inhabitants and make them powerless or futile to resist by outnumbering them. So, it looks like the religious fanatics and extremists will survive and the rest will perish. Which race dominates this group? The brown and black? I don't know the answer.

So which two races will be left? You want to make a guess?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Europe will be taken over by the brown race. This is for sure. They are now moving in in great numbers, thanks to the American intervention and invasion of Arab countries.

Anonymous said...

@ Imagine sinkie famous comedian , Gurmit, Mark lee, Jack neo able to break into China market and create storm there. Many mediacorp artist is leaving Mediacorp to expand their career in Mainland China, like TVB artists, - Wong cho Lam, Charmaine sheh,William Chan, Angelala baby...

First of all, you think our china born show hosting skill Guo Liang 郭亮 good ?
Dont think so but i prefer his acting instead.
You think Jeffrey Xu 徐鸣杰 acting skill good ? ( Now i found it lousy , future dont know yet ? )
I prefer his hosting skill instead.

We still have singers song writers making it in Taiwan. To me not too bad.
As for HK or Taiwan talents , if you have different opinions about China or CCP , they also banned you.

You forget to mentioned Singapore Ng Chin Han who make it in Hollywood , although not the main actor but the films he starred in Independence Day Resurgence, The Dark Knight, 2012 , ... Not bad for a litte dot.

Anonymous said...

The migrants-cum-refugees invasion of Europe has already begun more than ten years ago, when Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq and destabilized the Middle East and stirred up the Arab World.

Sweden is already gone. Next is Belgium and Germany, followed by France and UK.

In the US, there are already more than 6 million refugees willingly welcomed and invited with open arms by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. These are the puppets of the World Shadow Government of the New World Order. There are another 11 million illegals infiltrated through the borders of Mexico and Canada. The US Government under Obama has specially assigned more than 11 cities to be Sanctuary Cities for the illegal aliens, two of which are in Chicago and New York. Obama has also formed a secret military force, a separate private police force and a separate CIA. That explains why US$9 trillion were missing from the Federal Reserve. He intents to stay in power to challenge President Donald Trump. It is highly possible there will be a Civil War in the US together with the Economic Collapse during Trump's Presidency.

So, after Europe falls, the next will be the US?

Anonymous said...

Which of the two main races remain?

According to Buddha's prediction, the two races left with be the Black and the Yellow.

In Buddhist and Ancient Hindu Philosophy, the composition of any living organism, has five distinct parts. They are:

1. The Physical Component (or the Body) which is represented by a Translucent White Dot in the Center of the Head.
2. The Sound Component (or the Voice/Speech) which is represented by a Dark Red Dot at the Center of the Throat.
3. The Consciousness Component (or the Spirit/Mind, not the brain) which is represented by a Dark Blue Dot at the Center of the Solar Plexus.
4. The Manifestation Component (or the Qualities) which is represented by an Bright Yellow Dot at the Navel Center.
5. The Creative Component (or the Activities) which is represented by a Bright Green Dot at the Center of the Secret Center (Pubic Area).

There is a Central Channel, invisible to the naked eyes, running from the Secret Center to the top of the Head. This Central Channel has three tubes - the left, right and center tubes. All the Five Colored Dots a located right in the center tube.

(You can get more details from the Advanced Meditation books from the Hindu Masters or the Buddhist Masters. One excellent book to s "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" written by Karma Lingpa in the 14th century, and translated, published and popularized by Walter Evans Wentz in 1927. There a new translation with the same title published in 2007, translated and edited from the original text by Graham Coleman (Editor), Thupten Jinpa (Editor), and Gyurme Dorje (Translator).

Among the five dots, the most powerful is the center dot, which is the dark blue dot, or the Mind. It controls everything. It is from here that every other things arise.

The colors of the four main races correspond to the colors of the first Four Dots, i.e. Translucent White, Dark Red (Brown), Dark Blue(Black) and Bright Yellow.

The White Physical Component can be destroyed or dissolved.
The Red/Brown Sound Component can be silenced.
The Blue/Black Consciousness Component, Soul or Mind cannot be destroyed - it continues forever and ever infinitely.
The Yellow Manifestation Component or Qualities cannot be grasped at, manipulated or destroyed; they simply change and transform.

Therefore, based on this theory, thinking, philosophy or teaching, the White and the Brown will be destroyed. Only the Black and the Yellow are left. The black is the most powerful race because it represents the consciousness of all living beings.

Believe it or not, it is up to you.

b said...

The yellow peril was invented by duits and japs to setup the white fighting the yellow so they can pick up from there and conquer the world. The two colors that will prevail will be yellow and brown. white and yellow becomes light yellow. white and brown becomes light brown. white and black becomes dark brown. no more white eventually. it will be better for the world. the whites have committed too many malicious crimes against human kind.