China - From friend to foe

Lee Kuan Yew spent half his lifetime building, cultivating and developed a special relationship with China. It took less than two years of his passing and China is now more a foe than a friend. Dunno who to thank for this sorry state of affair. It is definitely not Singapore's fault, not the MFA's fault, Singapore has done nothing to China or against China to cause this. Vivian could even said he can sleep well, with no prick of conscience. Not sure about Hsien Loong but he has been very happy going about doing his things without having to say a word about the deteriorating relationship with China.

This is a queer case of stupidity in diplmacy. It is either the Chinese are so stupid that they are angry with Singapore when Singapore did not do anything to badmouth China, to hurt China or to undermine China's core interests. Or the Singapore side is so stupid that they have done all the things against the interests of China but has no clue that they were against China. The latter is really quite frightening. It is worst than the Emperor and his new clothes. It is someone having diarrhoea without knowing it and happily walking around with the stench of shit but could not smell a thing.

The Terrex Incident has just started and who knows how long it will be dragged on and how serious it could turn out when more things were revealed. And before one could say let's move on, 20 DBS staff in Hong Kong have been arrested for breaches to good conduct and banking practices. They have violated the law for releasing confidential data of their clients. Has this got anything to do with the declining relations with China? Or is it just a coincidence, nothing to worry about. No one needs to lose any sleep.

The special relationship and access Lee Kuan Yew had with China is now passe. And it also means the special relationship Singapore enjoyed with China is also history. No western leaders would not be able to call on the Oracle to learn a few wisdom in dealing with China. Out line to China is cut, dead, no one is going to pick up the phone on the China end.

How did we do it so quickly after one and a half years after Lee Kuan Yew's death? All his good work and effort have gone to waste. There is no turning back, at least not under this govt. Singapore still thinking it can ride on the Chinese growth engine, to bid for projects in the OBOR big scheme of things? Would any minister think he or she would be invited to Beijing after this diplomacy mess?

Life goes on, nothing really happened, Singapore is still China's good friend or China is still Singapore's good friend. Singapore did not poke at China. Either the Chinese are so dumb that they did not know they were being poked or the people doing the poking are so daft that they did not know they were poking and poking at China. What insanity!


Anonymous said...

When leaders meet and shout about how good the relations are today, just take it with a spoonful of salt. In this world there is no such thing as permanent friends, only permanent enemies. One wrong step on the other's toes and friends can become foes.

And remember, the enemy of my enemy is always my friend. Now whose side is Red Dot on? Make a guess!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is a silly case of making enemies when there was no need to and being friends is so important.

Anonymous said...

I am a millionaire or billionaire after so many years on top job in sin, I ready don t know. I am on p vacation (actually properties hunting). If sin goes south, I just move out, you silly people will have to pick up the pieces.

Anonymous said...

"We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow."
- Henry John Temple Palmerston, Remarks in the House of Commons, March 1, 1848

Is it in Singapore and Singaporeans' self interest to keep giving PAP a blank cheque at every single General Elections?

Anonymous said...

Rb I think unless china apologies to us I don't think our government can forgive them. We are a powerful country and the first thing we can do is to withdraw our investment. See they knee and beg or not too bo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:01, I think you are right. China is going to get a bloody nose from our punch above our weight. China is shivering in their pants.

Wait for Singapore to frame charges against China in The Hague, the UN backed international court, or is it the NOT UN backed kangaroo court?

patriot said...

Maybe we are too big headed about the Importance of Sin.
Maybe even grossly over-rating our say and influence in geopolitics in the Region and globally.

I cant help feeling that neither China nor US carr much about the 'Peesai'
except to exploit it while
they can. But nothing very strategic.
lf they want to deal with the Tiny Dot, all that needs to be done is to instigate the Larger Countries around Sin or leave it alone.

l do not think Sin is any big deal to anybody except the Sinkies themselves.


Anonymous said...

A comment in TRE following an article saying the same thing.

Dear PM:
December 22, 2016 at 11:58 pm Dear PM(Quote)
Dear Loong,

Thank you with all sincerity for keeping your big mouth shut. After more than 50 years, Singaporeans can finally enjoy some peace and quiet.

Anonymous said...

往事 under LKY 只能回味!

Yes! 往事只能回味! 往事只能回味!

Must remember this....没有永远的敌人!.....没有永远的朋友!

But...worry not worry not.....儿孙自有儿孙福!

So.....be happy be happy!

Anonymous said...

The Russians have a proverb - If you are a rooster, crow. If you are a chicken, shut and and lay eggs.

The moral of the story is, if you are not big and strong enough, but just pretending to wear big shoes, please don't try to scare others.

Just saying the wrong things can become a serious problem. Sometimes it is better to keep the silly mouth shut then to open it.

Doing it at home, in Red Dot, is maybe, I only say maybe, alright because you have all the protection of the law and the law enforcers. And after all, most homebodies are daft, or at least 70% are.

Doing it outside Red Dot is a different story altogether, ASEAN or no ASEAN. Members of ASEAN are, to my mind, not that friendly below the surface. Just look North or South or recent history if you do not believe me.

Anonymous said...

Do u think that the whites miw men Sinkies with spurs stuck in their hide can punch above its weight? How to? Sinkieland only a little red dot even his allies also 'siam' when they mention about joining forces to challenge China uprising. It look like it is Loony & Chichen Hen against Xi only Leh? Lets await for matter to gradually subside year after year..as there is no permanent enemy only common interests & mutual benefits..

Anonymous said...

I think we should give china the ulitimatum that by Chinese New Year either they apologize or we take action. Then they know who they are dealing wth. Too much face given to thenm already

Anonymous said...

Now, what action can Sinkieland take? Even the old man's project in China gets swallowed up by the Chinese. He must be boiling with rage, but could not do anything. NTUC went to China hoping to sell some insurance software and found that those software used by the Chinese were way in advance of what they have to offer.

Now, what action can Sinkieland take? Send our warships and warplanes to confront China? Red Dot might just disappear from the surface of the earth if they do that. If that is not feasible and cannot work, there is always the UN and ICJ. Like they say to the locals, if you need help there sre so many sources you can go to and they can provide you with jobs like cleaning, gardening and even become bus captains.

Anonymous said...

Sin city has lots of excitement in foreign relation. Do not mention one old man pls. He is not considered someone of importance to current new batch of china leaders. Pls pls pls. China current batch of leaders are no farmer or army generals fighting the long march Changzhen. Deng as ex general was ignorant of how capitalism would work in china. Some consultations end up as long term liability to china? Will the current leaders think so? Pls use your heads pls pls pls.

Sin city is anti china from beginning. In past, anyone went to china, can never be allowed to re enter sin city. Young people, pls remember china chinese knew this. Now the world is turned around, Sin city leaned towards china a bit to get its money is natural as Sin city do not believe making money need to have jobs. Invest public funds, sell high price. That is principle one old man used.

Sin city is nothing to china, really nothing. Ok answer me? Which material sin city export to china is used to re export back to sin city? pc parts? show me. China is export business country. Sin city does not hold any things the chinese need. Stop thinking sin city is important to china. Taiwan is better than sin city. SK is more important than Tw. Now Malaysia is more important than sin city. China is building a city at malacca, to house 700k residents, and to operate a port to handle china cargo.
In near future, sin city s importance is further reduced, not even the port is used by chinese ships.

Sin city can play more important games to fire at china. The new setup National Trade Council under Trump hired Navarro as chief. Nava is top anti china gamer. Sin city will have many leaders can be his good advisors. Nava had propose 45% tax on china goods in his book. So shipments passing sin city port will be reduced, to the dear leaders s delight, no more chinese in sight. Nava said china will attack US similar to pearl harbor. Sin city can tell them to use changi to fire missiles with Okinawa and Giam to protect pearl harbor.

Most important of all Nava said china manufacturing took away usa peoples jobs. Sin city must agree and do not mention sin city has cheap labor from regions and india can speak english. Cost 10% of usa labor cost. Sin city if says this to Nava, habis for being stupid. If not say it, Nava cannot find out what sin city is doing. But by 2018, there are tax information and bank account information sin city must let usa administrator see. Sin city makes sure no usa tycoon hide money in banks. Nava can get mad and stand at china s side to fire at sin city. If it happens, sin city can play 1 china policy following Trump. Make calls to the rich man daughter president for tea to irritate china. That is easy. And follow Trump, "let them have it" on those stuff at HK.

Sin city will be remembered. For stand on its own with ONE leg. Westerners will beg to come to sin city to pay homage for its revolutionary special brand of foreign policy: support USA no matter how it happens to the ground. What did you say? Ground i heard. We have 70% support, 93% control in parliament seats. U can talk and complain, we still win the ground. So this is the reality. Sin city deserves what they will get, no matter how educated people can remind the daft, they do not mind eating white bread and instant noodle 2 meals a day.
Ultimately, when reduce to 1 meal a day with white bread instant noodle, the ground might shift towards opposition. All sin city by then will be BMI 22 or below, or just nice at 22 to 23. Good leadership. BMI on jack pot. Still can claim 70%.

Anonymous said...

according to anonymous 10.50am.......

"Sin city is nothing to china, really nothing"

"Sin city is nothing to china, really nothing"

Yes, Sin city may be very tiny.....but others want to 大小通吃!

What to do?!

Anonymous said...

Teo Chee Hean now overriding Vivian Balakrisknan ?

Singapore has reportedly denied entry to Veterans Affairs Council Director Lee Shying-jow (李翔宙), who was on his way to visit veterans of the Republic of China (ROC) armed forces residing in Singapore, despite a tacit agreement that the visit had been approved. Last month, Hong Kong customs authorities seized armored vehicles belonging to Singapore’s military that arrived in the territory on their way back from Taiwan after a training exercise permitted by a defense agreement with Taiwan. The report of Lee’s denied entry and the Hong Kong incident have prompted concern that Beijing is pressuring Singapore over its ties with Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:19, you mean ikan bilis want to 大小通吃, including swallow whales?

Virgo 49 said...

Well said Bro Anon 10.50

But one little comment I disagreed is this what Navarro or Trump big stick in imposing big sticks of heavy duties on goods coming in to America or elsewhere.

If they imposed heavy duties just for political tat for tat and not just for revenues or protection of their own industries producing the same, it gonna hurt their own citizens. It can be a political disadvantage for re-election.

If the Enconmy is well, the Americans is well off, then not so much of disadvantages. If their own citizens found the cost of living beyond their means, then troubles start.

If you impose duties on for example, the dumping of steel from China, the developers will feel the effect but will still pass on the cost to consumers. Not all will be effected by this.

This is ok for protection of own industries producing the same. In some countries, for revenues, they have excise or preferential duties on these home industries.

But you must remember, America imported practically most necessities from China and other countries at a fraction of costs as made in America.

So, the consumers or their own got to pay heavily for these necessities. It will hurt their pockets. Trump not gonna to sponsor these costs next four years.

It still has.to pass to consumers and their citizens. So if the cost of living up too drastic for them and they cannot survive. Trump ratings gonna go rock bottom

So it not just simply have this policy just to scorn your adversary.

Mostly, all empty talks about retaliation. Seldom happens.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:19am
I re arrange the square words for my opinion: 小通吃大.
Small and has no special material or product supplies to big countries want to eat up big countries. That seems the fact.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:22am
李翔宙 was the chief of army during Mayingjieu s rule. Report said Beijing is pressuring Singapore resulted this ex army general s refusal of entry. I think Beijing will not bother and make decision to tell sin city. Sin city is free to do.

Taiwan is treated as country to sign free trade agreement with sin city. It is strange if Hokkiedo sign free trade agreement with sin city, agree? Beijing did not protest. The agreement was signed years back. The starlight was brought up by china years back too.

It sin city s foreign policy. Very much a one taiwan one china policy in low profile way by sin city s behavior. On words, it is one china policy. I guess Trump will do the same by telephoning the rich man daughter president. Tapi Trump s taste for pretty women might surprise me if he date that president. Remember Obama met Yingluck? Joke aside, Trump will encourage other countries to do one taiwan one china. Sin city has good case to advise Trump what to do as consultant and charge Trump billions dollars. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

10.49am, there are many option sg can do to China. Options include
1) navy black age by powerful sg navy so no goods can come out of China or go in.
2) no fly zone imposed by sg airforce.
3) taking over of scs islands
4) use the one trillion that we have to destabilise the Chinese economy
5) stop all investments in China and stop all technology transfer.
6) see all the Chinese shares in our possession till their stock exchanges crashed!

See many options and I think there are more for those in the know. Tio bo?😰😰😰

patriot said...

Many Sinkies are warning the Nation in the Middle aka
中国, to respect the lsrael of the East aka Sin.
Not only Leeders are punching above their weights, even lay Sinkies
are doing the Same.

The Neighbouring Countries better be mindful and beware. Sin is not for anybody to trifle with.


Anonymous said...

This must be a fake report. How can sin city do not pay wages? Sub contractor should get payment as main contractor is paid by govt, how can sub contractor has no cash. Owed $5k take $2K as mom insurance and fly home. Left $1k?

Should be fake report. What do you think?

"In a phone interview with The Straits Times, one of them, Mr Zhao Sheng Wei said that he was owed about $5,000 in wages for September through to last month and that he was at Changi Airport at that moment.

He said, "We had no money to eat, no money even to take the train to the ministry."

Last month, he received $2,000 after reporting to the Ministry, which told him that it was an insurance payout as the company was not unable to pay him out.

Mr Zhao said that he had no choice but to get back to his hometown in Shanxi province as his wife and four children were waiting for him, although the money paid was not the full amount owed, saying "We can't wait anymore. Many of us have wives and children to support."

Virgo 49 said...

Hi bro Patriot,

Nearly choked on my food when I read your comments.

Sinkies been lulled into semi comatose by the PAP last fifty years. Been drilled into we are Number One in this and Number One in that.

Now became too arrogant and full of themselves not knowing they are so vulnerable in this world wide world.

Think these Sinkies are just been sarcastic coming to Mr RB's blog.

If they think they are world class against the PRCs, then DISAsters gonna befall them.

This little rock not grown even a grain of rice or vege and wants to stop transfer of Technolgy to China.

China got Lin Liao Boo or Lenovo. With profits of billions. SINKIELAND WANTS TO.TEACH THEM TECHNOLOGY? ???

If these Sinkies thought so, then the saying : Have not see their coffins have not shed tears.

Many Sinkies I observed think they are superior and not knowing that they are been downgraded worst off than the Malaysian cousins and even immediate neighbours.

The PAP pride and cater to the own cronies on million dollars salaries with those daft Sinkies in sports bringing some once a whilst flash glory to their Ego whereas the majority of them just living from hands to mouths and yet mesmerized and worshipped them

At least LKY is straight and honest enough to call them DAFTs.

Whilst LHL and gang continued to con them happily

patriot said...


Elder Virgo;

Young calf not afraid of tiger due to ignorance.

But, Leeders punching above their weight had the Calves more misled and hence the Conceit of most Sinkies.
Even many Baby Boomers in our
generation and our parent are inculcated to believe we could be better than the Israelis.

'Em zai si' or not knowing the Consequences and ignorance is making Sinkies very 'how lian', boastful
and conceited.

The Day of Reckoning shall be
upon Sin in no time.


Anonymous said...

Singapore is always anti China since independence under LKY.

Singapore only make connection with mainland china when they need to open China market for japan investment. By doing so, Singapore had cultivate good relationship with Japan, rising power.

Japan faced major obstacles in the West. Japan need abundant cheap labor in Mainland China for their economy reform.

Singapore had offended West - Asia values vs Western liberal values. Caning case of Fay.
Hence,Singapore sell idea of China threat to the US. It raise leverage of Singapore position in SCS and importance of Singapore to USA geopolitical interest

Singapore is using China as their hedge in case the West had imposed sanction on them.

Singapore is always pro Japan and India. Singapore rarely talk about Japan re militarization, Japan ww2 aggression, Japan potential bully with unilateral declaration of ADIZ, annexation of Diaoyu and reclamation of island in international water.

Singapore always chastise China and Korea for raising WW2 issue against Japan.
Singapore never mention about Sook Ching Massacre or

demand Japan to cease all provocative acts - Visit to Yasukuni shrine or calling comfort women as prostitute.

LKY had ignored all facts and blindly sided with India in SIno India War 1962 - implying China was the aggressor. Read his book.

By now, We all know that India was the aggressor.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 11:38am

Bros, the argument that import NOT from china will be expensive. Its true and false depending on the REAL price in market. Your argument is based on globalizaton argument. That s where Trump won, majority usa voters did not buy that idea. This idea of china made cheap seems that china do not eat rice, but take white bread and instant noodle to keep fit at bmi 22. Not true and factual. China chinese drive on super good high way better than PIE. Their cars are big capacity. Their houses are independent landed at rural and condo style in town. There are few kampong. Those kampong i saw were all gone.
Their cost of living is high. K mar i pants is as expensive as sin city. U expect them not to raise their export products price?
Take for example: common item soysauce. The lasting riversomething, started at sin 1.10, now is 2.10. All china canned foods are more than double the prices. Other things you can find out.

If US make soysauce at any place inside US, they can sell to consumer at $0.50 per 634ml bottle. Beer in china is much localized. 1 beer is only 1 over rmb at kampong in china. This proof that, i can say, 1 soysauce made in USA is worth $0.50. Jobs can be created to sell any consumer products made in USA.

Globalization is a fake concept, not real, not considering local advantages or "house advantage" in casino. I have seen the whole globalization unfolded in sin city, many middle class used to be living with correct standard, now cannot have jobs, cannot do something like selling simple things such as foods or gifts. Rental shot up so high. Cheap labor from Indians and pinoys speak english take up the above $1000 jobs. This is globalizaton. Buy cheaper goods? Canned foods from china not cheap, vege not cheap, fish lagi more expensive, meat especially mutton is like buying salmon.

You can wait. I think Trump s concept will work. High import duties to curb china import is just a way to bring down china s high import duties on US export. U will see china give ways for more US export into china and form certain free trade agreement with Trump.

Can u see how Trump work? He will never let tea pee pee to spoil his american laksa export to china, hot and spicy made in usa, better than sin city export nothing, everything is globalization, means do nothing is good.

Do nothing, learn nothing. The is the death nail. I never agree with the do nothing generals from saf. They cannot fight real war, i bet.

Anonymous said...

Mediacorp had great difficulty to sell their own Chinese drama production to TV China mainland despite the fact they speak same language, Mandarin.

On the contrary, TVB (cantonese content) can easily sell their drama to TV mainland China.

So far, the level of accomplishment of Mediacorp

MediaCorp. Studios on Tuesday made its biggest syndication deal of 2008, selling 95 hours of modern Chinese-language drama to China's Guangdong Southern Film & TV Programs Co

Anonymous said...

Meedercork program is stagnant in standard. I did not watch for 16 months after GE2020. Dongzhi had dinner i watched the drama. I felt the scripts was similar to what i watched. The story lines is not exciting and repeating, i wander the actors and actresses will feel the characters and put in emotions.

Sin city has been stagnant. Meedercork s drama is a proof. Broken mrt signaling problem is a proof, negative growth on export is a proof, good bonues for the generals is a proof.

Want to export products, anything, drama is one, need to have quality. Do not expect china or taiwan to buy standards lower than their locally produced drama. The stations need to survive from advertising revenues from commercial firms.
Meedercork can get garmen advers, china garmen does not advertise, notice that?

If meedercork can beat taiwan productions, than can talk about selling to china. HK is different, it is part of china lah. Taiwan and sin city are adversary of china. Lagi better sell good quality stuff, if not the chinese will not throw money even they have alot to spend.

Anonymous said...

Correction: it was GE 2015, not 2020. typo

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just bought a digital watch online for three eighty five. It comes with stop watch and fanciful lighting, a big face and good lcd, and battery, a functioning watch.

When a watch battery cost $5, this watch came by air, including postage and battery, yes, $3.85. Who can beat this kind of pricing?

The canned food prices have all gone up. Is it due to cost at China side or due to the mark ups/profit of the sellers here?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, is ur online S$$3.85 watch bought from Taobao or Alibaba? Is it made in China? Any warranty? How long can it last? Got the 'sport activity' function of tracking/monitoring sports? Can it be bought at even lower pricing? Will it become malfunction after wearing for a few months? Is it durable? Do you get a 'tank you' from them? ..etc..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For $3.85 you want warranty?
This is a use and throw item. Just bought it for fun. So far working very fine and looking very good.

I quote this to show how cheap is their manufacturing cost. Many manufacturers would not be able to compete in the world market without the cheap labour in China. Ford or General Motors and many Japanese products would be out priced by Korean made products.

American workers need to have beef steak and car owners against the simple and low cost life style of Chinese workers. It is not easy to compete on cost.

Anonymous said...

..RB, u r lucky. Our Papies gahmen have not impose a 30% - 45% import tax..u got to thank Pinky Loony for this (but he is on annual leave till year end)..maybe next time our gahmen may think of imposing some kind of a tariffs of goods coming in Sinkieland (as the Terrex still on hold by China)..

Anonymous said...

The 3.85 watch might be in this way: factory clear stock and sell in bulk to retailers including online. In china factory, sometimes the karanguni men collude with stock staff who condemn good stock as write off. Sorry i think the stock might be very low cost, the transport and delivery takes away most of the cost.

In departmental stall, when they clear stock, goods can be cheap. This is because the initial stock is price high to earn the margins, the balance stock need to sell off to put in new stock. What i know about recent years was problem of initial stock was priced too high, end up few takers. How to mark down near chrismas? That s retailers problem.
I often hit at the low salary insisted by swee swee. People eat white bread slides kosong and instant noodle at night is not good sign to retailers. Ah long want to have malls malls malls few buyers, by cutting average folks salaries, but not their very own bonues so high already. Few rich most poor, so retailers cannot clear old stock at cheap prices for seasons. That also put buyers off and refuse to walk in.

I like to choose physically before buying. I never buy online by picture, even batteries. But my neighbor told me buying meat online. Online is a threat to retailers, no doubts, so build more malls more malls and condos to boost gdp, else now way liao.

Anonymous said...

"China - From friend to foe"

What about PAP?
PAP - From friend to foe ??

Anonymous said...

Sinke singers ,JJ, Tanya, Stefania, Ah Dou can make million rmb in mainland China today

they had foresight to expand their base to Taiwan.

Singapore wont have any prominent Chinese Singers today if they follow mediacorp tradition - only popular inside Singapore.

These singers would suffered same fate, like Ah jie, Ah Gor in Mediacorp ( li nan xing,Jack neo, mark lee, Zoe Tay, Fann wong)
- they cant make Million RMB in Mainland China by using their past popularity in Singapore.

Singaporean celebrities feel jealous because those outdated singers and celebrities in HK and Taiwan can still make million RMB in China.

Huang an(outdated Taiwanese singer - Tzu yu controversy) can still Make Million RMB in China today - he kept singing same SONG again and again - "Butterfly."

Anonymous said...

Singapore build their chinese bridge with Chinese world by exporting soft cultural power - like sinkie singer, JJ, Tanya, Stefania, Ah Dou

Without these popular Sinkie singers who based in Taiwan, the name of Singapore would become insignificant in the Chinese Cultural world.

Reality China tv, Taiwan reality show wont invite Sinkie Singers . Soft Power.

In 20 years later, nobody in Chinese world would know about any popular sinkie singer (name of Singapore) after the retirement of these singers, JJ, tanya, Stefania, Ah dou

Popular Singaporean Singer, Kit Chan had become promoting herself in HK long time ago. But She is not that popular.

Anonymous said...

In Hk, there are two rival stations - TVB VS ATV

ATV HK - their rating is always 1% or 0.005% . Everyone watch TVB. ATV had bankrupted and tv licence been revoked recently.

Yet,those not famous ATV celebrities can get plenty of job opportunities in Mainland China.

The shocking fact is

Mediacorp is much worse than ATV HK.

It is very difficult for Sinkie Ah jie, Ah Gor (top artists) get same jobs opportunities in Mainland China. Their popularity is much worse than ATV celebrities.

That is why Fiona is coming back to mediacorp.
Those older celebrities is still making same boring drama in Singapore. They did not venture outside Singapore.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, please do not worry too much about the Singapore/China relationship. I am confident that under your ever efficient PAP government this very insignificant misunderstanding would be forgotten and things will become normal again.

b said...

Sg cannot only have one friend but must have many friends. If one friend dislike you still can have many friends to like you. But Sg cannot offend that powerful friend that can influence all other friends to dislike you.

Anonymous said...

Those mediacorp names, i know non. I watch HK and Taiwan, i know their names.
Singaporeans please, your chinese standard is low, your performance standard lack emotion and passion, do not expect me to respond to your fake shows.
The govt is the same. U can pretend to serve the people, but the people are losing jobs and getting poorer. Its you who give employment passes and s passes to foreigners to take away the decent citizens jobs.
If it is going to be slower from slow, its cannot be the cleaner has no productivity and charge $1k salary. At least with the salary, they buy from ntuc and you govt make the money.
Stop hitting at the poor trying to curb their slow salary. stop the tricks on giving passes to foreigners. Soon by 2020GE, there may be surprise for you pinky. No one can predict similar to Trump vs Hillary. Do not go too far thinking your theory will work. Start looking for jobs pinky. Its time to look for some meaningful job yourself. Old man is dead already long ago. Let others lead Pap, may be still have chance to keep the support.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

IMO, China is the one behaving like a spoilt and pouty schoolgirl.

Singapore shouldn't allow itself to be "defined" by other powers---regardless of their size. Fuck that shit, and fuck those China rulers with Chinese-peasant mentality, and emotional UN-intelligence. 💩

Instead of being such an "offended victim", China please wake the fuck up and understand that having misunderstandings and disagreements is part and parcel of all relationships---even "mature" ones like ours. So China, grow the fuck up fast and be "mature" about this. 🤓

China may be big, but she is not the only cuntry in existence in this part of the world. If they want to claim some shit, then they better face the reality that other cuntries might disagree with their claims.

Everyone knows how important China is in the world, it's place and role in the economic, financial, infrastructure and security systems of the world. Yes. it's a global player and the only cuntry close to being the #2 Super power. Yes they got people in space, MagLev trains, nuclear power, robotics, military hardware, cutting edge science...and MONEY....

...but in this instance: They DON'T HAVE CLASS, BREEDING, SOPHISTICATION 😜

Anonymous said...

According to SCMP, Amos Yee has been detained in the United States while trying to seek political asylum, and had been detained after landing at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on December 16. Amos Yee had entered the US with a tourist visa, but was detained following a secondary screening in which he told border control officers he was seeking asylum.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. : You can't have everything...and that's OK. That's why we have division of labour and comparative advantages---in that way we all need each other to provide what we can't produce ourselves to live.

So maybe there's an argument to be made that China doesn't need class, breeding and sophistication. Afterall, all these years with their sua teng mentality, they've done remarkably well.

So carry on, PRCs. Spit where you like. Shit and piss according to your whims of your muse. Do it in our streets, on our trains. Continue to abuse people and be as rude and as inconsiderate as your amorality dictates.

Why should you care anyway? You have the money. You've "won". 😂😂

Anonymous said...

" I am confident that under your ever efficient PAP government this very insignificant misunderstanding would be forgotten "

If the conflict is not forgotten as what this writer predict, what will happen?

1.Trump will want those supporting US to fight with China. Trump s team is formed. Malaysia Najob for example, will not join Trump to shoot at China after Jan 17, 3 weeks later. Not 3 months later.
Dear Leader has to continue to shoot at China on Scs sea issue. Trump will shoot at China on Tribunal.

Singapore s future is fixed, against China, no way out. Forgotten? Kids also cannot do it so fast.

2. Trump will question 1 china policy. That will pull Taiwan into the water. Can Singapore get out with starlight and close ties with Taiwan?
Singapore s future against China is fixed in coming months. Anti china stand is fixed. It depends on the tone, strong as after white house dinner with Obama, or weaken, similar to now, stopping Taiwan ex chief of army visit to show show symbolic respect to china. China will not appreciate such symbolic actions. Real actions like starlight, free trade agreement with taiwan, and many others china considered meddling on china s own affairs, including arranging Xi and Ma to meet in singapore.

How can singapore hands off on meddling with Taiwan affairs? Not possible. Singapore will lean towards Trump s team to attack china. This is only option for singapore now. No way to turn back and claim what singapore had done was one china policy when china is complaining. The same complaint will be applied to Trump. Trump cannot claim one china policy is in place when he has direct communication with Taiwan president.

The question, a terrible one is: when US has war with China on Scs, which side will singapore stands? Standing on US side will bring injury to singapore citizens and its economy. Singapore may sink into depreciation on economy if having at war with china. Regional countries may avoid singapore including malaysia. This risk will be huge, too huge to take. Costly because singapore depends on malaysia, water, labor, foods etc.

Anonymous said...

North Korea ship with weapon transport to Cuba was confiscated by Panama authorities.

It take almost one year to solve the case.

The North Korean ship seized with undeclared Cuban weapons on board is returning to Cuba, says the Panamanian government.

"The ship was seized seven months ago with Soviet-era weapons and fighter jets hidden under sacks of sugar"


Same law applies to Singapore property, Terrex in HK port.

Today, MINDEF makes formal representation to Hong Kong on detention of SAF’s Terrex ICVs

Singapore govt are in panic mood right now !!!

Anonymous said...

I have 1 point on claim of the vehicles.

Noted that the bill of lading was not properly done, no name for the consignee written. Set aside the license lacking, mindef is not legally holder of the bill of lading to claim the vehicles.

What authorise HK customs to pass the cargo to someone not holding the bill of lading?
Legally there is no proof that the vehicles ownerships falls on mindef.

To make it plain, proof ownership first, no papers to prove. What can HK deal with mindef? Nothing. Who is the shipper, it was not said on papers according to HK report.
The carrier APL is only known party.

Let say now the storage handling charges become large, will APL a party to pay? If a fine on no license is imposed, APL to pay? APL was never the owner supplier and consignee, all these people s names are missing when the case surfaced.

It is very UNprofessional, if the vehicles belonged to a govt.

Voters must not approve such practise. Vote for alternative party in 2020GE.

Anonymous said...

FM Vivian Balakrishnan should resign. Over the Terrex incident he seems helpless and need Teo Chee Hean to step in for damage control. Better to save large sums of taxpayers' money from paying Bala a salary on public payroll . . .

Anonymous said...

@ December 23, 2016 11:02 pm

Sure wish FM Bala will retire and go back to being an eye surgeon.
Then he can start paying income tax into Singapore Reserves.
Rather than draw his Minister's salary from Singapore Reserves.

Anonymous said...

Really,wats d use of terrex

When young sg seek asaylum.in

Other country.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 10.54.

The detention of the military equipment by the HK Customs is purely on the ground that China wants to signal Singapore to stop its diplomatic relations with the ROC. THIS is directed by their Big Bro the PRC and nothing to do with what licensing and what documentation NOT in order.

As the Hen stated, NO Ammunition or explosives with the.Terret and hence they are classified as Class One I cargo.

Class I Cargo on vessels are usually not allowed to berth in port. Have to be discharged if meant for that particular port at outside the port areas or "roads" (sea off port limits) transferred by lighters or other means of transportation to the land. That's why Few commercial vessels would like to carry these cargo unless they are the Nation own shipping carrier. Vessels transiting thru various other ports before the actual discharging port faced problems and lay up time to have these cargo put aside in order that the remaining actual port of discharge cargo properly discharged in port areas.

In some kamikaze countries like the PRC, their own military equipments and explosives may be discharged in their ports areas as up to their discretion.

So, like what I said earlier, customs authority in any country can toy with you on the most nonsensical and flimsy excuse to detain your cargo.
But if cargo is finally released, most consignees or shipping agents will not usually persue the matter further.

Unless they are confiscated, then they would settle in Court under the Laws of Sea Carriage as stipulated in the BLs as issued by that particular Carrier or Line.

This incident nothing to do with licensing as claimed. The cargo is meant NOT for HK and BL stated discharge port Singapore. So trasshipment manifest are adequate for transiting ports are good enough if they required them.

The main reason of this episode is just purely the PRC wants to Singapore leaders to stop their further realtions with Taiwan.

Now they are just sore with their bitchy woman President trying to toy the idea of becoming independent nation with the change of a new Lunatic American PRESIDENT.

Virgo49 said...

Missed out the wording "NOT" as classified under Class I Dangerous or DG Cargo.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Finally Matilah jumped up from his grave. It was rumoured that he was dead.

Matilah, if you have been following the bitching in the China Singapore relationship you will know who is the bitch and who is the one that is crass and a spoiler. When you want to hantam, make sure you got your facts right.

Anonymous said...


HK detained the vehicles for more than license lacking reason.
The listing of cargo called cargo manifest missed out the military items.
This is clear case of avoiding detection on board of the commercial vessel.

While others tend to see it as political action by china, i see it as a total
avoidance of "international laws". Bear in mind the vessel went to china port Xiamen before HK. And the undeclared cargo "landed" on HK port.

If the "landing" was not volunteering, the undeclared cargo on cargo manifest was the main motive to avoid "international laws".

"international laws" on someone s mouth is just a joke. a joke for people to laugh back at him. laugh back at him. laugh back at him.
Where is the recourse to get back the undeclared cargo??? no single plan B, yet the party simply did it to avoid "international laws". this kind of military planner, and his boss still award him big big bonus.

Anonymous said...

Dear uncle Virgo
Some people think the real issue is how the PAP government manages the "One China" policy.
Other people think the real issue is the legality, the cargo manifest and the bills of lading and etc.

If our leaders can address the "correct" issue, the matter can be solved quickly.
If the "wrong" issue is addressed, the problem will never be solved.

For example, Singapore's declining fertility has been identified for more than 20 years.
And still the problem continues to fester and deteriorate.
Did PAP government address the real issues underlying Singapore's declining fertility over the last 20 years?
Or did the Leeches not do anything until we are reduced to our current state of misery?

Pay millions and you still get monkeys.

DPM not willing to be Prime Minister.
Opposition leader not ready to be government.
And fucking etc.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 10.14

These Terrex are stored right ON DECK in full view of anyone who is not blind.

No way you can escape detection without declaring the Cargo. Import license only required at POD and not at transit port. Further these are Returned Cargo as belonged to our own SAF, so only SIN required the IP not HK.

Now they just wayang wayang that documentation not in order.
This is to let sinkieland away out of this predicament.

SINKIE land Kepala Batu leaders had gave in and acknowledged no further starlight training with Taiwan.

You will see the release of the cargo soonest.

Anonymous said...


john pilger documentary

Anonymous said...

FUCK you, matilah singapura. Your cock is constantly in and out of your big mudder's hole (the one from which you once emerged) when you are not throwing shit at other people. You are a mudder-fucking scumbag,the lowest level of human scum. The same goes for you, Redbean, for allowing a scum like matilah singapura to post scum comments on your site. Your actions are like allowing an uncivilised man to throw his shit through a kitchen window onto someone's dinner table.. Your a fucking (f-u-c-k-i-n-g) arse.

In time to come, Sinkieland will be completely overrun by aneh, AND ahuan will rise up to upset the no more-golden applecart. The aneh, who is considered high-class by LHL will be slaughtered by the very sassy high breed ahuan, who is a natural-born follow-on to the most unique high-breed (hybrid) mooseleems of the Middle East who like to chop heads and immolate people alive as seen in numerous youtube videos.

Yeah, Sinkieland's destiny will soon be in the hands of the high class aneh and the high breed ahuan. Fuck you, Redbean, for being unable too see the writing on the wall.

Anonymous said...

What can Singaporeans expect from an incompetent, inefficient, inadequate, inbreeding party built, dominated, tightly controlled, mesmerized, robotized and eunuched (castrated) by One Man for more than 50 years? Now that One Man is DEAD, how can his useless, parasitic, over-dependent, clueless, "gabra-spider" son be able to manage international relationship, if he can't even establish a cordial relationship with his own younger sister and younger brother?

If a leader cannot sort out his family matters behind close doors in an amicable way, how the hell can he maintain or establish good long-term relationship with other countries' leaders?

Moreover, he can't even make a simple guess as to who would be the next US President on two epic occasions - in 2008, he banged on Obama not being elected but Obama become the US President for two terms; and this year, 2016, he went all out to support Hillary Clinton but Donald Trump has been elected to be the next US President. A leader with such lack of foresight, vision and wisdom can only be detrimental to his country if he continues to helm the leadership role. Such a leader cannot be a good leader for a small city-state for long. He was using the momentum generated by his father and his predecessor to progress, but not for long. His claws and tail are starting to show the real person he is!

Wake Up, Singapore!

patriot said...

The Many Calls for Sinkies to wake up come too late.

The Less Educated baby boomers were mesmerized
by a horrible old man who spoke Queens English.
The Uneducated First and Second Generations were awed by the Horrible Man's command of the English Language. They even believed that the English Language equals Money.
Many even forgo their Surnames and forgot their Origins.

Soon, the Horrible Man began to call his idolators DOG AND DAFT, as he saw the Sinkies' blind obeisience
and faith in him resembled that of the Canine.

To he serious about the Fate of Sin and the Cause of It, the Leeders are less responsible and culpable than the Daft Sinkies Themselves.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean 943:

Hi redbean, I am very much alive and enjoying The Hotel and all its seductive offerings of which I readily avail myself to.

Here's my problem with Chy-ner ( Donald Trump style):

We, the citizens of Singapore, have educated their kids in the world's best system, we've allowed them to buy property, given scholarships, fucking bent over backwards to accommodate these RUDE PRC's, even putting up with their hostility towards locals and terrible hygiene habits like spitting and occasionally doing Number 1's and Number 2's in our public spaces.

As far as the armoured vehicles are concerned, we've been shooting and blowing stuff up (for practice) in Taiwan for 40 years, then proceeding to bang as much smokin' Taiwanese pussy as possible; even risking being put "on charge" if we contracted VD (nowadays, called "STD" or "STI"). But now some young cadre from Chy-ner's congress want to "action borak" so, pick o Singapore....why the fuck not?

Also, by stealing the Terrex, they get to STEAL all the Singapore-developed tech. Chy-ner gets ahead by blatantly copying the work of others. No big deal. Most people already accept that, because they like the cheap copies Chy-ner is so good at making.

@ 1122 (obviously a fa of my shit)

>> FUCK you, matilah singapura. <<

>> Yeah, Sinkieland's destiny will soon be in the hands of the high class aneh and the high breed ahuan. <<

I can't wait for the big black cocks to be sliding in and out of every hole the female members of your family have to offer. 😂👳😂


li said...

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