Rule of Law versus guanxi

Anyone heard of the word ‘guanxi’? This word has been spoken umpteen times by our leaders from their experience in dealing with China. Guanxi is very important to them. Some even bragged about the who’s who they know in China and can use this guanxi to get things done fast.

What is the difference between the rule of law and guanxi? Guanxi is about human relations, there is a human face involved though the necessary procedures under the rule of law still apply. Sometimes because of guanxi, some things or rules may be overlooked and procedures expedited. Guanxi does not mean lawlessness.

What about rule of law? Rule of law is all about law. No human face. The law says yes or no. Nothing to argue about. Don’t tell anyone how big is your face or who you know. Rule of law is faceless.

The issue of the seizure of the Terrex is all about the rule of law. Is there a violation of the law? If there is, play by the law. This has nothing to do with guanxi anymore. Like they say, play by the book.

This may be the reason why several of our senior politicians are all keeping quiet and out of sight, They know that since everyone is bragging about the rule of law, don't anyone try to get pass it by quoting guanxi. Singapore leaders going to China to strike deals can forget about guanxi forever unless they want to be slapped right in the face. A rule of law country, depending on principles, incorruptible meritocracy, must not have second thought about guanxi. Everything is transparent, above board, no monkeying around behind closed doors, no double talk.


virgo49 said...

When I was in Hainan Island years ago, the Tour guise a gentleman exclaimed to me "wah,your gov't first class, very efficient and law abbiding and followed laws very strictly"

Not they taste how laws are implenented strictly, No more quanxi.

Laws implemented strictly only those who goes against them and not for them. That's the PAPies.

Many Harper that Matland is corrupt and pride sinkieland not to be so.

Little does they know that with just a bit of quanxi even with the ordinary law enforcers you can settle matters not of serious nature like unwittingly speeding offences.

You are not hassled and put into great stress just because of these minor offences by our high and mighty law enforcers who think that the Government is their chok Kongs and can bullied you. You think sinkieland no close eyes of quanxi their own people. Just look at Police Reports against the PAP stooge/s
Any action taken???

Now, you not only don't give me face which actually all the while I did not demand but blow my water face.

So, sorry no more quanxi, we shall go by the book.

Friendships like China Bowl, broken cannot be mended whole.

Never learn in kindergarten meh??


Anonymous said...

Rule of Law.
But laws can be changed correct?
Most recent memorable change in the rule of law - the changes made to the office of the elected presidency.

Is the above true?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

So if rules of law can be changed.
Guanxi can also be changed by frictions in human relations tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Sg leaders are naive. They think too highly of themselves

Anonymous said...

In the past, Sinkies gahmen & bzinesses can use guanxi to settle many problems in China. All these r destroyed by our gahmen who follow the so-called rule of law to ask China to settle the SCS issues, being made use of by the white men superpower who hosted a grand dinner. Even wan the TPP to be ratified after the white men superpower change hand, continue being hosted by Aussies, an exploded ego make his brain go overboard ( juz like high on alcohol), the guy think he can punch above his weight but never know bout ' 牛仔不示虎' ( or young calf not scared of tiger, mentioned by uncle RB in last post), his beyond cure as his cancer cells must have spread to his brains causing guanxi to be destroyed & think that rule of law can stand on his way (didn't he know that sometimes law can be a mistakes, look at Science laws many r rewritten to give way for more breakthrough, blindly following law is a hindrance to creativity & innovation)..

Anonymous said...

So if we change the human actors in this drama ... maybe frictions will also be reduced?

Hmmm. So I wonder which human actor we should remove from the scene to reduce the amount of unnecessary work created?

Anonymous said...

Maybe SomeboLee in Singapore did not take George Yeo's advice.

“Remember your place in society before you engage in political debate… Debate cannot generate into a free-for-all where no distinction is made between the senior and junior party… You must make distinctions – What is high, what is low, what is above, what is below, and then within this, we can have a debate, we can have a discussion… people should not take on those in authority as ‘equals’”
– Former Foreign Minister George Yeo

Singapore and China relations.

Who is above and who is below?
Who is senior and who is junior?
Who is high and who is low?

George Yeo.
Can you please explain?

virgo49 said...

Quanxi actually going round whether in so called law abidding and not so abididing countries and in every strata.of societies.

As in blood relations, own clans, own faiths of worships, own same colour skins etc.

For the Yellow skins, mostly favours of enriching themselves which is of paramount importance.

For the whites, their White supremacy.

For the blacks, their colour and yet they discriminate each other in chaste.

For the Bumis, their religion is paramount. My Muslim bro dies in Myanmar, that's my.bro even that bro do not even know he exists.

Singapore quanxi. My circle of elite friends. Rest are just simply peasants. What farking Nation you talking. Together.in National Slavery?? That's billshit.

If not, why got priority that their own get into so called affiliated schools of their choices?? They will give you one thousand and one reason to justify their decisions

What farking meritocracy??

White horses in the SAF..PAP stooge gets the plum contracts.

Don't bull Shit open tenders and what's not.

See their kinds can criticize others in religions or what's not and they go Scotts free like Scott's tissue papers

Rest, the lightning strikes you hard.

Their own par lum pars got a leg.up on the rest of Sinkies.

LKY built a guanxi realtionships with the PRC thru good wills and give and take bargains when both needs each other.

Only to be destroyed by these nincoompoos who think that they are smart now that we had arrived.

Punched over the weight. Ka kain suck up the whites balls just because they are prejudiced against the China men.

And only been sighted by them in not granting him an audience

So asked the Black Man to give him a Banquet thinking that sinkieland is Lampar one.

In just one china's province, they can simply beat you hollow with your unnatural build and Avatar gardens.

Anonymous said...

Guangxi is like credit card. China govt has a list of credit card deserved users called Lau Peng Yew. There are fewer fewer to China govt. I think China has a chinese practise called Yi (heard of the 3 kingdown zie Yi at 桃 peach garden? That is the real meaning of guangxi). In the west, the only qualified laupengyew can use quangxi is Kissenger.

But Kissenger is the one started one china policy. Do not expect him to send terrex to taiwan to do military training. And worst, unloaded the terrex on HK s sovereign land without HK approved permit or license.

In short, sin city has no laupengyew holding credits to china govt. Not credit but discredit. Sin city s fm openly supported the philippine tribunal judgment in open meeting compelling the meeting resolutions to put south china sea issue in it. Sin city also openly calling china to follow international laws at washington and tokyo, implying china did not follow international laws. Now sin city wants NOT to follow HK laws demanding strategic goods loaded in HK needs license? If that is so, then sin city is not following international laws.

I think sin city is very upright. They will follow HK s custom laws inch by inch in terrex case. Most likely, sin city would attend HK court as it is the owner of illegal comodities landed in HK harbor. That was the conclusion from reading public reports. Who has other interpretation? May be the ship was hijacked to HK harbor? If not, there is no clear reason to land the goods in hk. No matter how, guangxi will not apply to sin city, as one needs to look for laupengyew class in china. I guess china govt has a list to deal with guangxi, similar to gold no wrong, its Platinum card now, as very few laupengyew still living in this world. Rule of laws is Xi s era.

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle rb......

U asked.....What is the difference between the rule of law and guanxi?

The answer is very very simple.....Money! Yes! Money!

The new normal in this world is that there is no more REAL guanxi and rule of law!

Money money money, attracts people/leaders!

Just look at countries around us in recent happenings.

Pls remember.........有钱能使鬼推磨!


denk said...

last time sg trained in tw, china closed one eye.
now sg wanna talk law to china,
ok u ask for it, u get it !

Anonymous said...

There are two types of guanxi, monetised or unmonetised. The line betwen the two is very thin. Only rare and brilliant people like LKY can enjoy UNmonetized guanxi. In his younger days, Lky is so respectd by the Chinese leaders (because he speaks sense, can influence USA, UK, even speak chinese) that a lot of things get done just by a phonecall or personal visit.
The other type of guanxi, the monetised, is similar to corruption, and rule of law can likewise be bend occasionally.
Today's sg leaders could not evoke either types of guanxi, as a result we are destined to follow 1000% law by the book. There is nothing wrong with it, but we do miss the days of LKY whose towering figure commands respect in a clean and wholesome way lubricating the rough rides which often comes along with international affairs.

Anonymous said...

change goal pole and or main actor, not director can or not?

Anonymous said...

Sg has training places in Au, US, using Tw is a way to warn China similar to warning China to follow the Philippines tribunal judgment. Sg s warning to Beijing is by exposing its highly commented Terrex. Look at the APL route, Taiwan to Xiemen port, then to Hong Kong. Common sense would alert the saf officers placing the order. This route is not the first choice. Furthermore, APL did not get license for clearing the route. APL was under NOL. Therefore, the guangxi is not clear why no license was demanded from saf: a normal practice? No license to transport weapon, who will cover the INsurance?

Saf equipment NO need insurance on transit?

There are many doubts for laymen to question what these "professionals" have done.

To common chinese politicians, they can easily draw conclusion that: a provocation to one chine policy, until it is proven otherwise.

From Sg citizens point of view: the politicians want to cut china off once for all. They bet on Hillary to win and continue the TPP and asia Pivot. Now they bet on Trump to take same road to put 60% weapons in Asia, to use Sg as base to fly P8 to monitor Chinese submarines. etc. This plan should work as the armoured vehicles will put China into balls dropping situation. Hong Kong will have to forfeit the weapons without license. China politician like the fm will drop his balls, now Taiwan president also dare to call US potential president directly. Anything can get out of hand to recognize Taiwan as an ALREADY independent country.

Lee Tenghui, Taiwan s present president s ex boss, had said, Taiwan is already and independent country. The Taiwan President calling Trump the potential president is very significant move. The terrex showed having direct military exchange with Taiwan is nothing to China.

Honestly, do not blame Taiwan or Sg, its China s own weak stand against issues already laid out by their predecessors. I think the hardline leaders like ex President Chiangzheming and PM Churongzi will throw blood when knowing the current situation.
China is facing breakthrough in 1 china policy. It is too weak in stand. Any stand also goes for China present leaders, as long as trade is there. The China chinese even allowed President Tsia s related family to open seafoods restaurant in China, the Haiparwang.

Even pro Taiwan independent companies can make money in China.
Make China s money and turn against China. Like the Hong Kong youths, took Hong Kong money and fuck peoples republic of china. That is china s one china policy.

Anonymous said...

Two things Sin garment can do, change the One China policy. Or get our clever lawyers to interpret the One China policy to the way we want. So simple.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 12.05

It's not the JLBs SAF personnel faults. It's the Top Echelon Govt People nincompoop's faults.

They took too many things for granted. Still think Status Quo with the PRC. Still think as what you said China A Pussy Pussy Cat. Paper Tiger.

But when the Pussy Cat becomes a Real Tiger, it can be frightening.

Our Hen said: Why Why ??? All the times this is the Norm. Why now seize our equipment.

Because our Quanxi is OVER, baby Over!!!!!!!

You keep on punching and provoking people and yet you dumb dumb still not prepare people will one day jumped on you and punched you.

Deserved to be ORR Bak Kat.

Anonymous said...

They poked here,, poked there, poked everywhere, no reaction, felt them shiok. Thought they were poking at a dead cat.

When the dead cat turned into a tiger and bit back, they said, where got poke, no leh. We only stuck to principles, said what was right, even none of our biz, we on principles must also poked. We very transparent one.

One ministry poked until shiok shiok, other ministries thought this is the new normal. Keep training in Taiwan, keep going to China to look for more projects. Really khong cum, keep building a bigger port for Chinese ships to come calling.

Anonymous said...

More accurate is rule of Sin. You have rule of China ...rule of America...international or rojak rule etc etc

Basically...can also call it ruler's rules. If the ruler is a big fuk...the big fuk calls the final shot.

If you believe in the Chinese quanxi then you deserve to be fleeced. Big fuk eats you for breakfast, lunch,dinner and supper. LoL

Anonymous said...

Do our Millionaire Ministers think CPC (Communist Party of China) is the same type of pussycat as WP (Workers' Party)?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:27pm
In some place, its "honest mistake", if the complete 9 terrex is forfeited under HK custom declared condition: mandatory forfeiture of unlicensed import export transit of strategic commodities.

What fault? This year bonus par pah.

I suspect the serious flaw in saf is: they employ foreigner who do not know shipping laws to do the export of terrex from taiwan. The papers work should have been done in Sin city. Indians or bangkali does not know what is HK shipping laws what is weapon in transit because he or mostly she is educated in mumbai uni, reputable uni according to swee swee, and backup by a master degree from no need to attend course south pacific island uni.
That girls picture was good looking hor. So may be ming deaf also has more good looking mumbai uni graduate.

Joke aside, I saw this you said fault can cause big big problem in logistic when in war. It clearly show saf a set up has no experty on transporting mission critical weapons like armoured cars.

NS men sure scared of this kind of clerk work. When expecting weapon support, they keno zero and zero around saying the weapon is taken away by mistakes. Be more on the ball and we can overlook what is one china policy. Nothing to do with Ns men. Kens sabo by mistakes in logistic is life and death if in real situation.

I recommend you look at real war at Mosul and Aleppo to prepare yourself for war when sin city is attacked. Wrong foreign policy can result in this kind of war similar to Middle east. There are countries rich rich rich rich enough to pay for war. In middle east is Saudi and Qartar, in south east asia, do not count this possibility out. Who do you think can pay for war???

Anonymous said...

Rule of Law versus Guanxi??

No lah.
It's the rule of 70% dafties.
The 70% voted for the dumbfucks who will be planning our logistics during war time.
Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Daddy! Daddy!
China see me no up.
Daddy! Daddy!
How ah?

Virgo49 said...

Bro Anon 2.36

Planning our logistics and war plans for wars????

Wah piang, MG SMRT chief even have own civilian employees KILLED in peacetime.

Want to plan for wars????

SMRT breakdowns. Now Sing @Tel just recovered from breakdown.

Aiyo, thought at aged 68 no more recall. Blissfully playing roulette.

Now have to come back and carry body bags of undeserved KIA sinkies.

LHL said singapore must remain open to the world.

Open legs big big and bend down.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Guanxi - it is a set of convention rules.

it also exist in English common law.

As usual, Banana lover always looks down on Chinese stuff- Chinese term "Guanxi"

If PRC used the English term to describe these relationship Guanxi as "Convention" , these banana lover would immediately admire it.

Which term would most likely appeal to you? Convention or Guanxi

Anonymous said...

Daddy! Daddy!
I got no more ships to carry my tanks anymore.
Daddy! Daddy!
How ah?

Anonymous said...

All China has to do now is to give full support to Malaysia to recover Singapore as one of its States.

Relations between Singapore and Malaysia is now not bad. After the General Elections, if Najib strengthens his support base by trouncing the DAP, using the Pro-Islam tactic, he may just shift his stand on Singapore.

Of course, he will make sure all his money in Singapore are take out first.

Then Malaysia can start to plan for an invasion of Singapore with Indonesia, China, Russia, and Arab Countries full support.

By the time the US comes to help, it may be too late.

Anonymous said...

The proverb "Blood is thicker than water" means Quanxi lah.

How come Banana Suckers still don't know or pretend not to know?

Tell China to abide by International Rule of Law but ownself check onwself
actually run the cuntry by Rule By Law, not Rule Of Law. How come like that?

How come still support the Lawless US President Black African Man and hammer Donald Trump thinking that Trump won't get elected? Now skin thick thick shamelessly called up Trump and say "Congratulations!"

How come relationships with Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines become worse and worst?

This fellow of a sissy walking like a woman and sits cross-legged like a woman always cock-up one when foreign relations are concerned.

Without father around he simply gabra and sabra and salah, until shitting in his pants, then anyhow hantam, anyhow say. Yet still want to act tough and gang-ho.

Idiot is always idiot. Score 10 As also no use.

Get double honors at Cambridge also no use lah.

Anonymous said...

The political tide in Europe will reverberate thousands of miles away, with Singapore particularly vulnerable. "We have always depended on open trade, making friends around the world, looking for opportunities to cooperate with others ," Mr Lee said. "We have relied on a secure, peaceful Asia, an international order where countries big and small cooperate and compete according to rules which are fair to all - where small countries have a right to their place in the sun. And that is how we have prospered these last 50 years." While Singapore has worked very hard and earned it success, it was also lucky to enjoy this international environment, he reiterated.

Rule of law failed. Quanxi failed. To each his own. Leeders too blinded by gold and human ingenuity to see what's coming. When the fools wake up, they will smile at you and your back will have a hole.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 4.44

USA no more coming to help lah.

Don't want to be policeman of the World.

DT not that stupid. Spent Trillions of hard earned monies just to have the Americans die in battles.

Now you chee kee koo chee kee.

China's prospered quietly all the years letting the Americans go and fight shits and fires.

Out of blue, Loony Loong told PAP stooges. We must unite and be the Party to rule sinking land.

Ground No more sweet, sweet.

One Bro, also said Aunties, Uncles in coffee shops kept on shaking heads like the Last Night Farewell at Zouk having their last fun before having plain rice and tau yew sauce for
future lunches and dinners.

Aiyo, chiam liao.

Anonymous said...

Pap propaganda -freedom of navigation is very important for us. Singapore need to speak loudly on SCS. bla bla....

Pap govt are implying that China would block the Sea lane . -it portray China as international pariah, bully and a potential enemy for Singapore.

This is how a "friend" treat their old friend.

Some Sinkie really believe these nonsense.

History shown us that only two nations had actually block Freedom of navigation in SCS
1. USA
2. Japan

Pap govt praised these two nations (law breaker)for their commitment to uphold rule of law, international law and freedom of navigation.

Singapore is actually more Pro Japan than China. It got something to do with their background history -LKY and LHL

Singapore wont raise Sook Ching masscare and lodge strong protest when Japan visit Yasukuni Shrine, deny WW2 atrocities, insult comfort women as prostitute, whitewashing history

Instead, Singapore lodge a Strong protest against Indonesia when they named their navy after two dead Marines

Singapore warn Indonesia that their move would undermine good ties with Singapore

On the contrary, Singapore praised Japan for doing enough to acknowledge their past aggression
Singapore condemn and blame Korea and China for promoting hatred against Japan and used it as political tools.

Think again!!!

How many Singaporean was killed by Indonesia marine vs

Brutal Genocide or Massacre by cold blooded Japan imperial troop?

Anonymous said...

It remind me about Wang Jing Wei.- Japan collaborators.

If Wang able to form an independent nation in Southeast asia, Regime would been more pro Japan than their own motherland, China.

Japan might held them as hostage and might expose their "colorful pasts." during Japan colonial rule.

Anonymous said...

ST continue to produce state sponsored editorial propaganda to blame China over seizure of 9 terrex.

The problem is that China had changed.

China had grow stronger. They begin to flex muscle against smaller nation who once help them to prosper. LOL

All these year, Singapore always maintain consistent policy. LOL
Singapore commit NO Wrong in such Incident. LOL - ( the hidden point of the editorial)

Truth Seeker said...

All the Multi-Millionaire (at taxpayers' money expense)Ministers and all the Local Mouth-Piece of PAP Government Newspapers tried to hide this FACT:

Before the American President Line's ship landed at Hong Kong Port, it attempted to land at Hsia Men Port, just across Taiwan.

The Questions are: WHY? WHY? and WHY?

FL said...

`Guanxi is practised in China for generations.

Anonymous said...

Overpaid incompetency is practised in Singapore for generations.
So is stupid Singaporean support for the white monkeys.

Anonymous said...

To Truth Seeker @December 04, 2016 6:45 pm

Even RED BEAN ALSO TRIED TO HIDE THE FACT that THE SHIP CARRYING THE 9 Terror ARMOUR VEHICLES had first ATTEMPTED TO LAND AT XIA-MEN PORT before discharging them at the Hong Kong port.

Anonymous said...

December 04, 2016 5:51 pm

shit times is totally ft controlled.
i once wrote to shit times to highlight the problems of miscommunication bet ft
aneh doctors and locals.
i got a call from the editor's sec to verify my particulars, i thought if they bothered to do that it meant the letter'd be published, but it wasnt.
so they called me to verify just to add my name into the dissenters' data base i guess ??

truth seeker
December 04, 2016 6:45 pm

trumps is breaking a 40 yr taboo to talk to the tw 'prez' .
this afv fiasco is clearly designed to drive sg further away from china.

the usual suspects doing their usual dirty tricks.
dont expect trump to be any different from the previous 44 war mongers potus.

December 04, 2016 6:46 pm

how could i forget the indon genocide when i documented murkkans divide and conquer tactics in asia ??

3m slaughtered including almost 1m ethnic chinese cuz the murkkans wanted to depose pro beijing sukarno !!

this is the kind of terror we'r facing and it has got nothing to do with china.

denk said...

December 04, 2016 9:27 pm
thats me

Anonymous said...

His grandfathers law
his grandfathers
Thats how the
despot rule.

Anonymous said...

/// Singaporeans know this all too well and would find it unacceptable if the vehicles were being held as part of a wider strategy to assert power or make other geopolitical points. Among old friends, such discussions are best done diplomatically. ///


"Unacceptable" wor.
China so scared already.

Book Reviewer said...

Papa, please wake up from the grave, ah .... I mean the Urn that I put your ashes.
You never taught me how to Guanxi leh. Alamak! I remember Mama kept telling you to teach me how to Guanxi but you said "no need, no need, you papa will always be with you, even if I died I would jump up from the grave if I sensed that something is wrong with Sickapore .....

Alamak! I stupidly got your dead body burnt to ashes. Now how can you jump up from the grave? I had turned your into ashes already, too late .... too late .... I forgot I had to keep your body intact, then you can jump up from the grave like a mummified zombie.

The idiot cried until he fell asleep in front of his father's alter set up secretly by him in his bedroom. The jinx wife came and woke him up and pulled him to bed. Half dreaming and half drunk with stupidity, he stumbled to bed and slam down hard unto the bed, and started snoring like a pig......

This is a sad ending of a fake leader who initially did not have the confidence of becoming the Prime Mini-Star of a tiny city state known as Sickapore but was forced to take up the post by his Dictatorial Machiavellian Dad!

The Title of the Book is called: DAD, PLEASE HELP ME!

Anonymous said...

The lumber 1 pre-requisite of a (potential) leader in a small country im the 21st century is the ability (and understanding of in depth IR) to balance itself (delicately) among the big nations ......?

In the past, it had shown that nothing is a sure thing .......?

Whether it is an existing hegemon (Pax Britainica in the early 20th century) or rising one (Germany in the late 19th century and early 20th century), there is no guarantee either will be the hegemon in the period of transition and after .......?

Like (what) many countries are doing, (ultimately) hugging the wrong "thighs" could be potentially disastrous in the LR?

Obviously even the Oracle himself didnt know how?

Otherwise, present conundrum wont arise?

Yewr old man was too arrogant and dismissive of (wise) ideas from non-bookworms?

Btw, according to ancient Geomancy, the Chinese believe it will (101%) bring bad fortune (and downfall) to future generations if their demised founding Emperors were not "buried properly" (or worst if they are cremated?)

The Chinese ancient belief advocated a founding Emperor (of a dynasty) must NEVER NEVER be "cremated"?

The best burial ground must be found?

Actually modern PRC "Emperor" Mao's body is still preserved intact till this day?

That's why PRC has continued to grow from strength to strength?

Cremating a founding "Emperor" is taboo in ancient Chinese geomany?

patriot said...


What Fengshui.

Fengshui revolves 风水轮流轉。

The Geographical Advantage of
Sin was sinfully taken advantage of and exploited by
the angmo and the Locals that succeeded them were and are more avaricious. They sold the Country and pawned the Daft People.

Early Atheistic Chinese believed in 入土为安, 落叶归根
as the Way of Nature. Religions were brought into China from India, Middle East
and contaminated China adversely and badly till Mao Zedong cleansed up all the Superstition and paved the Way for China to be the United, Progressive and Prosperous China today.

As for Sinkapore; it is fully exploited by the Local Rulers and little or nothing is left for it to progress any further.
Be it going back to the good old days of working for aliens or be slaves to their Rulers, it shall all depends on ones' luck.

Be prepared for the Consequences of been daft.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

During the days of European empires, the sea is the only cheap means of transportation. Today it is outdated, too slow and time consuming. The Chinese literally reinvented the wheel, changed the game. The road is superior to the sea, cheaper and faster and more efficient.

The game of ruling the sea is over. Though in some cases the sea may still be relevant but in most cases it is totally irrelevant. Goods from and to China from Europe have no reason to go by sea anymore. Other than crude oil or heavy mineral resources, everything goes by land and air. And if all the land pipelines are built and accessible, more will go by land.

This is a revolution in transportation and a game changer. Singapore still dreaming that the world's trade still needs to call at Tuas.

Anonymous said...

//Be prepared for the Consequences of been daft.//patriot 9.39am

Tiok lah?

Some daft 70% offered to be spurred (& "sodomised")?

But can't even earn at least S$5k a month to make ends meet?

patriot said...

This Sin Society has gone sick and cold under the Conscience-less Pappies.
There is no more feeling in
the Sinkies and therefore there is no 'guanxi' which
is feeling and emotional connection between and amongst beings.

The Wood and Concrete Pappies are no better than beast as a living species. They are a shame to human society.


patriot said...

More new parents and grandparents are chucking
their newborns to infant care, nanny and maid.
When the Kids grow up, they
are going to chuck their parents and grandparents to
old folks homes.

One good turn deserves another .

Typical of a sick society.