China wants to turn Singapore into its mouthpiece

Bloomberg News reported on 1 Dec some comments by Bilahari Kausikan on the recent spat between China and Singapore.

“This is not the first time Singapore ships equipment from Taiwan through Hong Kong,” said Bilahari Kausikan, an ambassador-at-large for Singapore. The fact this particular consignment was picked up shows China wants to “send a signal
not only to us, but to all” Southeast Asian nations. China’s long-term strategy is to turn Singapore into an ally and “mouthpiece” for its positions, he said.

I am not sure whether Bilahari said the above in the capacity of an ambassador or as an ordinary citizen. The comments are likely to irk China again and may draw some flakes. At this point in time, with the heat still on, Singapore officials especially diplomats and ambassadors should be more careful in what they said. Maybe there is already an official position to take.

There are two schools of thought on this. The more garang and brave group that could not understand the meaning of ‘牛存不示虎’, literary translated as little calf did not know what is a tiger, would be egging the govt to be strong, to stand up, look China into the eyes, to tell China we cannot be bullied. The more mature and sensible group would recommend not to aggravate the situation by talking cock, oops, I mean talking tough. Talk reasons in a reasonable and respectful manner and try to resolve the issue as amicably as possible. But looking at the tense situation, this is unlikely.

If Bilahari is speaking in his capacity as an ambassador, it is likely that this is an official position and his choice of words was precise and intended. If he is speaking in his private capacity, then he can talk all the cock he wants and Vivian would just say in Parliament when questioned that he need not have to waste his time discussing about what a private citizen said.

Would China send a note to the MFA demanding an explanation and would Vivian said, stuff it? Whichever, these comments are not helpful except to prove that Singapore got balls to stand up to China, to punch above its weight. The consequences for such bravado would be for the people to bear.

There is a time and place to be tough and principled. There are times when talking cock would look silly and incur strong reactions. Without good men in charge, the lack of wisdom is glaring.


Anonymous said...

Do you think this is why I am paid millions? Do you think I can just wipe my backside and leave immediately after I shit (create a mess)?

Virgo49 said...

Fear not, Fear not.

Sinking Land been building the SAF from 1965 till now from a kampong rag tag coffee shop boys and full time dragon and tiger tattoo engraved gangsters running away from section 55 to today's modern SAF trained in so many continents.

Surely, with our modern well equipped Arms and well educated nerd soldiers, surely we can take the PRC on.??????

Further, with nearly 500 thousands operationally readied men since 65 with many of us in Grandfather's battalions on recall for collecting bodies in bodies bags why fear the PRC.????

If USA and Japan dared not take the first step. Let's us be the First.

As we pride ourselves First in Everything.

Let's see whether sinking land be the First to be sink and no longer in the Map in less than ten minutes.

Shoot, hoot ah???

Anonymous said...

Rb //牛存不示虎’, literary translated as little calf did not know what is a tiger, //



Your "Cinese" really quite "broken" lare?

Anonymous said...

R u a baba or what?

Anonymous said...

What if DT's granddaugther's Chinese better?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Before u talk talk, u must look at the mirror first!

See how "big" u are, before opening your golden BIG mouth!

This is basic in life! U don't know meh?

Cool it! Cool it! Cool it!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, good that you know the Chinese text. It is a Hokien phrase, 'goo kia mng pat hor', not a mandarin expression. Could not find the exact words in the translator, so use the closest words available.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:43am
Shoot, hoot ah???

I like I like. RB was absolutely sober when writing this article:
the real meaning is: "the surviving calf should not display in front of the tiger."

This is the grand strategy in real war at Aleppo. The IsIs restrained the civilians from running away and the western media keep displaying those pictures of people especially children and women died under shelling and bombardment. Was this 牛存不示虎?

Being a calf, as small nation against the tiger like China, Sin city must draw in more foreigners through CECA so that those who have no jobs including the 70% cannot run away will display as old and weak pushing carts to do exercise on street on pictures for Bloombird to show to the world how weak is Sin city, yet China is still bullying it taking away its 9 vehicles not returning. Meanwhile, powerful training on its soldiers are every where including part of china that china has no power to control.
That made China scared of Sin city. Not only it stands up to ask China to give up the unlawful sea islands under the Philippines tribunal, it also continue to do what China does not want it to do. Sin city s strategy will work to its advantage as a Asean vocal leader and its leeders will receive medal on Lion King award of asean and taiwan partnership, a new partner ship forms by Obama and Hilliary foundation akandatang.

Anonymous said...

Trying to use the same logic and methodology against Roy and WP and opposition candidates on China? Can call on Shanmugam and Davinder also tak jalan. This is like a taste of one's own medicine.

Anonymous said...

the real meaning is: "the surviving calf should not display in front of the tiger."
How to pretend to be a surviving calf when you are an overpaid Millionaire?

Anonymous said...

Spore can bring in India and Japan to fight China. Trump would not be interested. Oh got Australia also to help.

China in big trouble now.

Anonymous said...

What happen to all the guanxi? No more guanxi now?
Maybe when one applies the rule of law, no guanxi to talk about anymore.

Anonymous said...


why so very difficult......

direct english translation...."young cow don't know tiger" lah.........


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:15am
"How to pretend to be a surviving calf when you are an overpaid Millionaire?"
新出生的牛犊不怕虎 this is the correct Sin city saying. 初生牛犊不怕虎, is the old chinese saying.

Sin city millionaires said this: the military vehicles have been transported in the past, there was no problem, hong kong is such port, sin city s vehicles are not the only military vehicles blaff blaff blaff.

The whole message is: millionaires cannot see the need to apply license for strategic commodities under the HK laws. They are like new born calf, 新出生的牛犊, never have seen a tiger, how to know who is Mr Tiger.

I guarantee saf personnel never have seen a tiger in jungle, i mean not from the zoo. So far only Putin has shot a tiger when it charges towards him. So my words are correct and factual.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Anonymous said...


Thread is abt (the Great Civilisation) China and (1 pisai) Sin City?

Y all tawking abt (fish ball stick) Thai Gur ...... oops ..... Tiger &/ or (blind) ox?

Anonymous said...

牛仔不识虎/gu kia im puck hoh in Hokkien Dialect, meaning to say a new born calf is ignorant of the danger tiger poses.

Singapore and Singaporeans are no calves, they are deemed the Israelis of South East Asia.
Many Singaporeans claim they are better than Israelis.
ln some ways, the Claim does stand; Singapore has lots of military training grounds around the World,
in the US, Australia, Taiwan, Brunei, Thailand etc.
On top of that, joint military exercises with neighbouring countries anf those mentioned earlier.
Which other countries have such a military scale?

Do not play play with Sin.
You know?

Anonymous said...

The confusion arise because rb used the word 存 (exist) but in hokkien he actually refer as kia 仔 (kid)
so is it existing cow or young cow,??

agongkia said...

I would prefer to write 牛仔不識虎.
Beware of those polumpar khongcum,especially those not of Chinese origin, trying to escalate the issue instead of helping our leader to solve it.
Too bad to have no brainer who are not diplomatic enough to handle such cases.This case can be easily solve with another type of approach,without being seen as a loser or in a embarrass position.
This is not a time to provoke or talk nonsense.
It's not a trivial joking matter and I hope our future generations do not suffer because of some Erm Chai See here.
China is magnanimous,provided we can be humble.
Imho, 以柔制剛 is the only way to solve it.
We should look forward to a peaceful ending and a good relationship with China and also with other countries.

Anonymous said...

PLP KCK: //Beware of those polumpar khongcum,//

Another LoaGoa "victim"?

Ownself "hoot" ownself?

Anonymous said...


PLP - Por Lumpar

KCK - Kongcum Kia

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 10.09.

Sinking Land as already 3 feet under water, you think the Ah Neys want to come?? Stroke survival gold fish eye Ah kiat said We must be confident to overcome the challenges.

Good times, bees come for the honey.But sinkieland only the locusts, worms come to suck the daft sinkies.

By the way, forget to mention our Volunteer Corp of elite soldiers trained in less than six weeks to complement our well trained two/two and half and three years ORDS men.

Some annual 40 days training plus IPT tests.

Ai pak ka eh ya??? -.Taiwanese slogan to fight the PRC.

Sinkie soldiers learnt the same from them.

It's be a waste not to put our SAF to the test.

All the years taking home tax payers monies.

Saying: Pngs eng chik pak.- use only one time to test their effectiveness. That's what Uncle sam being doing.

So sinkieland, cha yew!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sin in some ways is very similar to one of it's Nominated Ruler Calvin Cheng.
Calvin was reported to the Police by Sinkies for having
called for the Killing of children of terrorists.
He(Calvin) was not convicted or implicated
and is enjoying the Limelight for saying what
he did.

Singapore is enjoying the
Limelight of having military
wares landing at the Wrong
Place or without Proper Procedure/Process.
The Incident has made some Sin Rulers famous
or well known to some extend.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Singapore minorities should not mouth their anti-Chinese views on the international platform as if speaking on behalf of the Singapore majority . . .

Anonymous said...

"Good times, bees come for the honey.But sinkieland only the locusts, worms come to suck the daft sinkies."
Your description is too simple. Sinkieland is not 3 feet in water as you said it. It is actually taking off like a super sonic jet. Its economy is having 15.2% growth. Pinky gave a talk to think tangs who longed for his wisdom said to those daft, if sinkieland took in a few more billionaires, gdp would grown by 2 to 3 %. You got eyes to see or not. Sinkieland have so many condos and sea view properties waiting for billionaires to buy and live here as happy as heaven everafter. The economy will take off like supersonic jet. You better put on seatbelt, pinky havent said.

But the strategy is to let main media to show picture of old and still can walk to push the carts on street so that the tigers think sinkieland is pitiful and sinkieland can save troubles to test it. You said saf is trained everywhere, correct lah. Training is for training not real war. Do scare the poor sons of daft, they all scared to get hurt, certainly the millionaires sons will not want to get involve. So the strategy is to keep the calf at home and not to display to the tiger on street. On streets must show the old and weak, therefore get the CECA working to draw in more foreigners, even they are not bees, can still do for western media to take pictures.
But the pockets of millionaires are pah pah. That one is like calf cannot show lah.

Anonymous said...

Wah! This is a damn good PAP drama on Channel News Asia.
I think it's going to be a long running drama.
Better make more popcorn.

When they are being fucked by other people.
They won't have time to fuck Singaporeans.
Heng ah!

Virgo49 said...

Bro Anon 11.27

Aiyo, you don't know meh???

Sinkies majority living their lives as minorities and the minorities living the lives of the Majorities.

Where on Earth you find such Paradise???

Even Matland, the Majority pulls their Middle finger on you.

Hear what Nasib said. If UMNO or the Bumis were to lose their Power to the DAP (Chinese) based party. It's will be nightmares.

Singapore Daft Majority has been living in nightmares all these years.

That's why better to stay in Matland as minority and bear the nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:14am
I like your analogy: "Sin in some ways is very similar to one of it's Nominated Ruler Calvin Cheng."

Sin city ranked in 2016 against world countries is very low on "Governmental and Civil Service Transparency domain 3" on TRACE international on anti corruption.
Sin ranks 39th, while HK ranks 21th. You can google to find the ranks. Overall ranking HK is far better than Sin on commercial anti corruption practices.

From this ranking of system domain 3, i guess Sin city wants to get back the armour cars without them being under "mandatory forfeiture" of term number 4 of Hong Kong Custom is a real test.

Sin city is testing on this term on mandatory forfeiture. Without license approval notice from Hong Kong custom, items seized is said to be under "mandatory forteiture".

Now China does not take this case as Foreign Ministry or Defense Ministry case, the case is HK custom case under HK Basic Laws.

If China forced HK to give away the seized vehicles which found had no HK license, China is hitting on its own feet ie its own Basic Laws written by China on 2 system administration. China must not get into it.

If China leaves the case to HK Laws administrators, the words mandatory forfeiture will have to apply by its law administrators, as it is black and white.

If HK laws did not apply, then TRACE International s ranking will be a bluff. I think HK will not risk its reputation.

So whatever the main channel 8 or 5 says, these "famous" army general chief and ministers will be like taking stones to hitting on their own toes. No matter how, they did not ensure license and approval notices were acquired from HK yet unloaded the cargoes on HK harbor land did cause huge losses to tax payers money. Should they resign to bear the loss or harakiri as the political party big gun once said this in parliament. This case must settle quickly. It is very bad bad bad for Sin city s reputation.

Anonymous said...

On home ground, they use the stick on all the people and big fat carrots for some people.
Outside of home ground, they put the stick down, and on the floor and offer big fat carrots in return for favours and friendship

Now these "friends" they had made with big fat carrots are in home ground to ensure the mouthpiece is big and moist enough to service their big stick.

That's their fate.

Anonymous said...

There is no need to extrapollate all the political motives or whatever BS about China's intention, whether there is or isn't, especially not from this big-mouth-pompus ambassador.
Just show them the proper Customs papers to transit those ICVs.
And if there are none, you lose , fair and square. Its the law, China's, Hongkong's or everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Karma Karma Karma?

Whatever ........ sinkies ........ at least 3 times more ........ tormentors ........?

............ still ........ early days ........?

Anonymous said...

Law serves Sin is it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:09pm
"this big-mouth-pompus" vip, i encountered this news about vip s grand father land building an aircraft carrier.

Pinky said India is his hope. One US top navy official invited to visit the on going of the carrier " wei hor lan" (vickranl)(hokkien called draw tiger s prick) on Dec 02. This US official was shocked.

It will require India 10 years to see the carrier become combat ready. He found no small missile system and the deck is weak for aircraft taking off.

India s internal audit commented the carrier has weak gear box, weak deck and many faults.

US has high expectation from India to balance China as a helper on Pacific fleets and Japan. Same as Pinky has high hope on indians, and i too have high hope on this indian ambassador who is a vip in foreign ministry having no assigned portfolio yet. He in turn "wei hor lan" saying China wanted to make Singapore its spokesman, some days, China s built carrier will be in India style if this vip s prediction does materialize.

virgo49 said...

That's the beauty when you are held by the balls by the Authority that you think is beneath you.

Like one bro said. HK is playing with the mouse that they held in their paws.

We got all the time in the world to play with you.

You need to see us. Not the other way to settle the issue.

Just like you played with your own citiZens that you are supposed to protect them.

We played a slow game.till you are exhausted and we will let.you have them back.

Not until you lose your water face and don't be so arrogant about being a rising Dragon more than our Big Bro Dragon there.

Tried to acknowledge your ancestors and the source of water that you come from.

Don't Ya Ya papaya just because you drink sewer water and try to act like a western nation when you are not so.

By the way, the Ang mos alreafy Chiak sai. You want to follow.??

Wake up you farking idile.

Anonymous said...

...........in everything ........ the tormentors did ........?

........ karma ....... come and come ....... tormentors ....... vanquished .........?

Moral ...... story ....... reaped ...... planted ........ evil ........ all go back ....haunt ....... tormentors .......final days ....... sinkies ....... liberated ........ at last .......?

Anonymous said...

Like "song" fish with "dragon-like" scales out of water?

Under the paws of tiger cubs for adulthood training?

Pappy pappy song song nothing to do all the tiger cups gather to play the "song fish" under their adolescent paws till the "song fish" want to kee seow ......?

Anonymous said...

This time "aong fish no way to escape"?

"Accept yewr (inevitable) fate" bah?

Karma karma karma?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies ....... awaiting ...... liberation ......?

So near ...... so far ......?

Many ...... cannot wait ..... when come ........... riddance ....... fianlly?

Anonymous said...

All these anti china bullshit propaganda from "expert" is a distraction from real issue.

If Singapore had make proper declaration of those goods (commit not wrong), how can Hk custom authorities able to seize your toy?

Blaming China , Accusing China , making untrue stories against china only display your hidden hatred (Singapore foreign policy) against China.

Singapore is not Neutral.

Singapore had been inviting US , India, Japan, Australia to disturb the status quo in SCS.- so called balancing power.

If Singapore had guts to ask china or US to contain the rise of India, i would salute you.

Singapore does not even ask Indian to behave more responsible , display goodwills , abide by international law and norm.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong hit China: You are not the Middle Kingdom ...
One week ago, I already said that China are going to teach Singapore a painful lesson for insulting them.

Seizure of 9 terrex happen one week later.

Even ordinary Singaporean know that it is going to piss off China but

those elites is day dreaming about USA hosted dinner.

Anonymous said...

Knowing when to retreat can save a nation. Leave the battle to another day where conditions are in your favorable. Surely our generals would have studied The Art of War by SunZhe. Under the current conditions, we are in a inferior position. Better to follow the flow of the river and try to get out of the water at a suitable time George Yeo).

Anonymous said...

Talk what war? The real war has started:
1. so few almost no china tourists in tour bus,
2. casino sure will be same
3. china town so quiet in business

Not to forget the numbers: 54% of visitors landed at changi are chinese tourists. If they do not buy things because of singapore s political stand against China, the war is already started.

Sin citizens can beat them?
Next few years, if Malaysia Johor has good airport, these chinese tourists will land there to save money.

Sin better make sure USA is going to help Sin in its economy. Otherwise, Sin city is going to have lots of empty shops in town.

b said...

I think sg economy is tanked so stirring up shit and wanting to blame it on others aka china. More to come in next few months.

Anonymous said...

Cannot stand so must talk cock and sing song.

Anonymous said...

Serve mammon, sure kena pain pain back side

Anonymous said...

Between Art of War and Game Theory, the former beat the latter flat?

No wonder some things happen?

Chose the wrong master (and wrong "thigh to hug"?)?

Anonymous said...

In REAL POLITIKS, the real game and areana is in the international stage?

Domestic front are wayang gullit puppet show like ghost month performance for "eat full nothing to do" bluff bluff 3-yo mentality 80-yo?

"Hugging" those "thick" thighs in domestic politiks is short termists cos internationally they are like ants legs ...... cannot withstand even a slight squeezing and the ants are "dead"?

Anonymous said...

This Taiwanese Li Ao termed sinkieland "pisai" .......

But pisai is non-living .....

He could have used living organism like "ants" .......?

Anonymous said...

Sinkie media spin the story - China forced Singapore to support them because we are Chinese majority nation. - playing up " Chinese ethnicity".

So far, I had never seen any China articles or CCTV blame Singapore for not supporting them in SCS.

In fact, they are busy criticizing Singapore hypocrisy or pretentious attitude to adopt "Neutral position"

Singapore echoed the view of Japan, US on SCS.

Singapore bluff Sinkie to believe if govt did not open its mouth on SCS, it would damage Singapore reputation in Rule of Law, International law etc..

Singapore bluff sinkie to believe that all superpower, US, Uk, Soviet Union have good moral values, law abiding, respect international law, display goodwills to smaller nation. Except China.

If China want to become leader in Asia, they must follow Pap preaching to uphold these "good " values.

Sinkie media bluff people to believe that Malasia and philippine had kowtow to China by pursuing bilateral talk to settle the dispute.

Sinkie media bluff people to believe that Singapore able to criticize and anger US freely without worrying about repercussion, sanction by US. On the contrary, China would simply punish you for speaking against them. (pap brainwashing)

Sinkie media bluff people that US would not or never bully Singapore if they opposed US interests . US respect " Different views" LOL. That is why US is a Beign Superpower. Singapore want US to maintain their hegemony in SCS to balance China.

Sinkie media had been calling pro China Asean state as puppet - cambodia, Laos

when Singapore is a typical Puppet US state which allow them to station Military force against other nation.

Anonymous said...

LHL did not open its mouth on Rohingya issue when Aung visit him.

LHL did not make jokes about problems in Mynamar.
LHL did not say that it would damaged the reputation of Singapore and unity in Asean if Singapore did not raise Rohingya issue in Burma .
Singapore had great interest to ensure that Rohingya issue would not split Asean and harm the peace in the region.

But Singapore did not speak out for persecution of Rohingya.

Malaysia and Indonesia are holding big protest against Burma in front of their embassy.The people are very angry and blame Aung for not helping them.

Singapore invite Aung to visit the city at this Moment.

What a Great FOREIGN POLICY!!!

Anonymous said...

Carried a yellow umbrella to swear as MP in HK Legco looked so comical to me. I was wandering that was against the rule of swearing, sure for those who play with the words in swearing, and one putting the HK flag upside down to swear.

4 more to be prosecuted under A G s case in HK.
The couple real one living together at Central rented property but parted now sued by AG HK has chalked up fees 1000 mun or 1000x10000 HKD. wahlau 10 millions HKD just for fucking the people s republic of china and pronoucing cheena at swearing.

Coming to putting armoured cars on HK harbor land without license, will the AG let go of the case setting the armoured cars free to go?

A common sense development that Sin city side cannot get formal charge from custom officers is: most likely the shipping company APL may have to face the charge at court for dumping the armoured cars without license to land on HK.

This will mean mandatory forfeiture of the items dumped at the harbor now being guarded at tgnmoon custom s good down hq.

The cost in legal battle will be huge when APL send up contesting teams of legal experts. At the end, the vehicles will still go under mandatory forfeiture if HK AG mean business as usual.

The big losers are the tax payers money. Not the generals, but HK will make lots of money for this kind of mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Ngiam Tong Dow and Tan Soo Khoon last time hinted already ......?

On Botak-nomics and ......?

LaoGoa-nomics ......?

Anonymous said...

Remember "7 modern days wonders" by TSK?

Anonymous said...

Remember "auto-pilot" comment by NTD?

Anonymous said...

Now their warnings ......

...... Botak-nomics ...... and ...... LaoGoa-nomics ........

...... 1 by 1 ........ true le ......?

Anonymous said...

Many Everybolee were/ was asleep in Mar 2015 .......?

Save one 16-yo ...... and a minority of others .......?

He seems to be "insightful" abt 1 .... lao ah ........?

Anonymous said...

6.11pm // Sinkie media bluff people to believe that Singapore able to criticize and anger US freely without worrying about repercussion, sanction by US. On the contrary, China would simply punish you for speaking against them. (pap brainwashing) //


Past 1 week, even in many kopishops and hawker ctrs, many aunties and uncles talk non-stop abt ....... offend China ....... jin tua tiao liao ........?

......... take millions $$$$$$$ ........ tekan ....... sinkies ....... #1 ......... real work ....... kns ....... Baey Heow ......... tai chee .......

Anonymous said...

From their body language .......

Like eat "party drug" ...... keep "shaking their head" .......?

Some keep saying ....... "sin car poh" ........... liao liao ....... lao ..... kee liao ....... seow lian ....... aiyo ...... bo chye kang ....... jian tor ....... liao liao ...... jin jiat kek sim ........ ?

Anonymous said...

Even some young children like in primary sch age also curious also overheard asking their parents what happened .......?

Why adults so "affected" abt this matter and keep "talking" ......?

What happened? They asked .......? Like very serious ...... like that .......?

Anonymous said...

Some oldies more positive ......?

They said ...... in hokkien ..... Kua Phua lah .......

....... jit jeet kuey jit jeet ...... jeet jiat kar jit kua cha liao ....... bian huan loh a ni zuei .......?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo .....

Even aunties ...... oso ...... aiyo ...... non stop ......

...... drank so much bèer .......?

Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanDecember 02, 2016 10:05 am
//Haha, good that you know the Chinese text. It is a Hokien phrase, 'goo kia mng pat hor', ......//

'goo kia mng pat hor'?

Ya ....... also heard ...... aunties .......

..... uttering that .......

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Virgo49 said...
Hello Anon 10.09.
Sinking Land as already 3 feet under water, you think the Ah Neys want to come?? Stroke survival gold fish eye Ah kiat said We must be confident to overcome the challenges.'

Don't bet on it. Though our forefathers worked their guts out to own this country, our daft and khong cum sinkies did not think this is their island and so willing to give it away.

To the foreigners this is a piece of real estate for the taking without having to work for it. Only pai jia zi, 败家子, would happily give away their inheritance. And the foreigners would come to take it since the 败家子 did not want it.

Anonymous said...

//And the foreigners would come to take it since the 败家子 did not want it.//

Imagine a Japenise minister (who is an ex-Gen) supports the Russian to celebrate their Independence day in Tokyo Square?

And their leader even comes out to (publicly) support this (Jiak Sai) minister?

And when their pple voice their unhappiness, this minister even labelled their pple "vile"?

Can yew imagine (how kongcum) that minister can do and say such thing?

Is that not as good as giving up the sovereignty of a state?

Is that not "treason"?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this minister was the poster boy of uncle (from the 2011 batch)?

Uncle sometimes eyes dunno "old flower" or "pasted stamps"?

Keep "betting" on the "wrong horse"?

Anonymous said...

牛存不示虎 = 鸟kia不知道有'Lastic(aka small bird never know a catapult, hokkien is jiao kia um zai yia lastic) , too bad nobody teach those minion-sters those hokkien idioms ( or was it that this dialect has been 'killed' during old fart time, until only recently the gahmen revive this hokkien dialect in the Friday noon show called '吃饭没' to 'brain wash' the elders about gahmen policies..it's as though they jia ba boh Sai pang)..it's a matter of time this red dot is sold fully to foreigners & all FT take money & chao lor..

Anonymous said...

Come on Ah Loong.
We must stand by our principles and rule of law.
We must never give in. We must never give up.
Our old emperor will soon rise up from the grave to reinforce us.
Majullah! Merdeka!


Anonymous said...

Can yew imagine if a PRC minister publicly supports another nationality such as the Japenise to celebrate their National Day in Tian An Men Square?

Would not the minister be "sacked and thrown into jail"?

Only such thing can happen in a Uniquely (Jiak Sai) LEEDERSHIT and "get away scot-free"?

Anonymous said...

Meritocracy! SMRT! TPP!
Changi Airport #1 !
PSA Port #1 !
Merlion! Sentosa! F1 Night Race!

Everything #1

Virgo49 said...

Tien Ann Mien- chang pee without blindfold.

North Korea- Tied to cannon and fire into South Korea.

Sinkieland- Promoted to full minister.

Needs lots of lessons to learn from Grand Master.

How to sell your country. Not marketing business to sell your country.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49December 02, 2016 8:51 pm
//North Korea- Tied to cannon and fire into South Korea.//


Ha ha ha ......


Anonymous said...

//Sinkieland- Promoted to full minister.//

Uncle Virgo69,

Since yew in Matland, can yee tell whether possible for a Matland minister publicly advocates for example sinkies to celebrate Independence in Pu(tra)du Jaya and still can survive in cabinet and even get promoted?

Possible or not?

Not hilarious meh?

Maciam circus like that?

Masak masak?

Kindergarten toddlers playing masak masak like that?

Where got like running a cuntry?

Citizens hearts wont turn ice cold meh?

Hope wont turn into vapour meh?

Confidence (in the leedershit) wont sink into deepest part of ocean meh?

Anonymous said...

i saw a video at real war in middle east syrian s aleppo.
Now the US supported IsIs Nusra or Fatel is left with a small space to fight.
The video showed shops closed but cars on the road were new, brand new trucks and saloon cars like those on sin city roads.

That place call Al Tall had bus waiting for the IsIs militants to fetch them to Idlib. The place was handed over to Syrian army they called Tiger forces.

War can have such deals when IsIs is at the brink of collapse in Syria.

I heard Trump s new Defense minister will focus on middle east. He was the commander in Middle east. He should know it is not easy to fight the middle kingdom if US could not even win in Middle east.

Therefore i guess Scs will not be an area US want, and China is not to be encircled. So US president and Ah long will not have dinner at white house.

No South China sea to talk about international laws
No Philippines Tribunal to talk

What will leeders gonna to talk about international politics?

RCEP? One road one belt?

MOM need to conduct upgrading courses for Leeders to upgrade their skills. Swee Swee got jobs to do now as Trump is coming in 50 days later only.

Anonymous said...

i look at the crystal ball

it tell me about future of singapore

1.Singapore would remain stubborn and defiant by maintaining military ties with Taiwan

2.Singapore would continue to provoke China on the false belief that they are Smarter than those " backward thinking, authoritarian Chinese leader.'

3.Singapore would lost everything that they had achieved over past 50 years. Singapore become totally irrelevant in new global order and international community.

Local people would rise up and overthrow ruling party.

Anonymous said...

Rb //China wants to turn Singapore into its mouthpiece//

No no no!!!???

No way !!!???

Yew want to become like senile LaoGoa ownself turned ownself become their mouth piece?

Dun involve us!!!???


Anonymous said...


1)SAF dont conduct joint military training with Taiwan.,like other nation.

2)SAF only rent their place in Taiwan to train SAF troop because Singapore dont have enough land and airspace.

CCTV expert exposed these lies
1. SAF does conduct joint military training with Taiwan.
2. SAF transfer those technology and modern knowledge to Taiwan military .
3. Taiwan gain invaluable military experience, knowledge, technology from such exchange.

4. This is a Military exchange between two armies.
It is false lies that Singapore only borrow Taiwan territory for training their own SAF.

China had kept silence over such issue because both nation enjoy special relationship.

China had strongly lodge a protest against USA whenever US sold weapon to Taiwan.

So far, China had turned a blind eye to those activity of Singapore in taiwan which had violate One China policy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

like i said before, the special relationship long exist between China and Singapore had officially ended.

When LHL make such bold attack/insult against their old friend - " There is no middle kingdom during APEC." - "It's the last straw that breaks the camel's back"

Singapore cant sold US technology to Third nations without express permission of US.

Likewise, Singapore cant hold military training with Taiwan without permission of Beijing.

Both US and China had similar policy.

Singapore would never recovered their expensive Toys.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland need to vote out traitors who give jobs to foreigners.

They will suffer and continue to suffer even more if they do not vote those traitors out. They have done one at a grc who signed for the ceca. Now this guy also knew what is kena pok tao lor by indian government.

More and more are losing jobs and retailers as well as F N B cannot take blank days having low taking in sales while rental is fixed at high prices.

Vote out these traitors to let citizens have some foods to put on tables, both job seekers pmets and small retailers. The traitors only serve big companies to supply them foreigners at cheap cost without cpf and ns. Cannot tahan further if Trump is not giving chance. Sin city will die belly up under these traitors.

Anonymous said...

Sue ah! Sue! Sue!
Why Ah Loong don't sue?
Ah Loong must sue China to prove Singapore's honesty and integrity in a court of law.

Davindar! Where are you?
Your country needs you.

Anonymous said...

In 1980,LKY finally visit China because he want to help Japan to open China market for foreign investment and cheap labor.

Japan and Singapore needs China at that time.
Both rising Japan and Singapore faced tremendous pressure from the West.
Western media had launched attack against LKY ruling in Singapore. In defence, LKY invent " Asian value " and "Confucianism slogan'.

He pursue a closer ties with China for trade , in the event the relationship between the Singapore and West turned soured over human right issues.

It also increased the values of Singapore for western political agenda in the region.

Like DPP, Singapore would love to have a closer links with Japan more than China.

Singapore always portray Japan as " a positive and a good role model nation" - rising peaceful nation.

On the contrary, they always portray rising China as " not peaceful" and a "potential bully" toward neighboring nations.

LKY and LHL are probably another Japanese wannabe,like Lee Teng Hui-

Anonymous said...

LHL blame Korea and China for promoting hatred against Japan.
LHL accused korea and china for using those past Japan aggression as tool to stoke nationalism.

- implying that their anger against Japan past aggression is not genuine.

LHL remind the world that Japan had offer many apologies. It is the time to move on.

LHL blame those nation for harboring grudges against Japan - not letting the past go away because it serve the interest of ruling party.

LHL always hailed Singapore as good role model for those nation to emulate .

LHL dont mention about Sook Ching massacre in his address before Japan parliament.

Japan regularly pay visit to Yasukuni shrine and call comfort women as prostitute.

Like a closet japanese, Lee teng hui

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans support China's confiscation of the Terrex because there are no mass protests outside the China embassy in Singapore"

True or not?
You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Saw reports on Sin city losing in competitiveness.

Of course losing competitiveness, hiring fake degree holders, and hiring mainly from India can improve competitiveness??

Big firms are running away to Malaysia because the rental here is fixed too high by pinky s policy of raising land prices.
Export is not competitive because pinky raise the local dollar when land prices increase and brought in inflation.

Pinky s great policy of raising land prices and rental helps Malaysia a lot.

Homer Story Teller said...

Hiya, don't worry about China lah.
Sinkapore has Captain America mah.
China don't give back 9 armour cannot one.
Sinkapore cannot lose one.

So many schoolar generals with balls one.
All not only can talk cock
But can also show cock (middle finger)
All belly clever one.

Talk cock like sing song.
Show cock like ah kong.
Also pinky inherited knuckle duster,
He can teach Mr Xi of china about master.

He walks like a pondan,
Sits cross-legged like a woman,
But he got big big balls one.
Otherwise, how can he has kids one?

He talks like others only born yesterday.
For he always like to talk wind-wind one.
Which wind you want?
Blow East, blow west also can lay.

He very flexible one.
They call him "Bend With The Wind"
Not for nothing.
'Cause he is something.

So, please don't make him angry.
If he gets angry, he throw tantrums
At sons and especially poor daughter,
'Cause she already has no mother.

She prays to her mom Dr Wong Ming Yang
Every day and every night without fail.
She cry and cry until eyes red and face pail.
Yet her mother has never appear.

See, how powerful pinky is?
Even ghost also scare of him.
How can Peking win him?
They should know who he really is!

So, don't play play, Peking Man.
We have pinky with knuckle duster
Who will teach you how to master
If not, he can use Captain America Man.

A Matter of Grey Matter said...

Another AMBER Alert: Singapore drops in SEVERAL World Rankings.

For a country that always boasts about being Number One in this and that, Singapore has dropped down several global rankings in the last 12 months.

Not only in the areas of being competitive and comparative in offering incentives for doing business in Singapore for local and foreign companies, but also in the area of nurturing and attracting talents, especially in home-grown talents.

Her total disregard for the preparation of local residents and citizens through the various institution of education has taken its toll seriously in recent years. This is especially striking when Ministers across the board keep repeating the mantra - training, training, and more training; upgrade, upgrade and more upgrade .... especially from the mouths of EM Goh Chok Tong and Labor Chiefs, both old hat and newbie.

Now, as the Manpower Minister, the ex-Labor Chief keeps complaining and complaining as before, but as usual never ever to offer any solid concrete solutions, except uttering meaningless phrases like "cheaper, faster, betterer". His English is atrocious for one thing but personal behavior is even more unbecoming of a person of his stature .... Just one look at his face and you vomit because he can't even comb his hair!

With this kind of caliber of people given "Scholar" label for being a book-worm and Minister title for drawing millions of dollars a year (more than the salaries of the US President, the Russian President and the China President combined}, who simply weather their way through by talking and talking meaningless verses and phrases, how can a tiny island state compete with other countries like US, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam that have a much larger population base to draw natural talents from?

With a leader who does not have the talent to select good caliber lieutenants to assist him in the running of the country, it is only a matter of time that the tiny island state must drop and sink, or even blown away with the wind. How can China be wanting to turn such a lousy mouth-piece into a China mouth-piece?

Lee Kuan Yew would most likely be turning in his ashes vase?

Virgo49 said...

Hello to the Anon who wants to exeronate all oldies who are a disgrace to you.

Without the oldies your grandparents and your parents who shoot you out into sinkieland making love in bunks you would not be breathing today and yap yap all the unpleasant things of your grand chok kongs.

At least the oldies still got the means to have this fun. Whereas in time to come you young dies gonna be lining up MBS highest level to sky dive into thousand pieces.

Your families gonna boil the beautiful grass under your blocks for making soup.

With your decadent style of living like the chow ang mos you worshipped to be your ancestors you gonna to die slow painful death with debts strangling you.

Many of you blamed the oldies for voting the pay and pay into power but in reality you daft sinkies supposed to be more eelecutoted vote them in with more than the oldies.

You think this sick government can have 70% oldies votes???

So brace yourselves to learn how to have grass for your soup instead of having starbucks high class coffee all the while.

Unfortunately, your poor children innocently got to suffer with you.

patriot said...


Dear Elder Virgo 49.

Me agrees with You that many
who voted for the PAP(Pimps &
Prostitutes) are the Younger Sinkies who also make-up most of the Grassroot Members with the Womanfolks.

the One blaming the Oldies here for nurturing the Pimps and Prostitutes is unfortunately not wrong.
l suspect that many of the Vocal Oldies were fans of the PAP in their younger days.
Amongst them are some of the Most Active Bloggers and Activists lambasting the Sin Leeders now.
You(Virgo) could had been a PAP Fan too in your younger days. No?

Maybe l should reveal my stance to be fair. Me never
likes PAPpies cause my intuition tells me the Leeders were vainpots.
lt was, is just sixth sense,
so please do not ask me why l felt and feel so.
Even the Abbreviation for Singapore SIN gives me creeps
about this tiny rock. lt just
sounds eerie.


virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, You are right.

Stupid of me even on my wedding and going for honeymoon cancelled them just to stay back and voted for Rohan Kamis in TB GE.

Had a hard time requesting the Travel Agency for refund. They said, don't worry can go lah.
Just said you overseas and reinstate your name.

But as years go on, see so many injustices that I Cheng Sim and cursed them.

But got one time. I hope Dr Lee Siew Chor wins some seats in Parliament. Disappointed that they abandon the 13 seats and from there no opposition credible enough to take them on.

Anyway, all good things must come to an end.

Sinkies of the younger generation must taste what's like to eat rice with only sauce and porridge with kam hee before they wake up.

This is the only painful lesson for themselves and their children.

Anonymous said...

The younger Sinkies are double victims of their elders and also the leeders
who brainwash them the moment they are born.
They are mentally enslaved so to say.
To say the younger sinkies are smarter is not very accurate. Many will be languishing and immersed in
mental problems.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousDecember 03, 2016 2:18 pm
//The younger Sinkies are double victims of their elders and also the leeders
who brainwash them the moment they are born.//

Even many primary sch kids know the 700 trillion sq nano-metre rock no hope le ......?

If (so easily) kena "conned" like those (daft 70%) 3-yo mentality 70-yo who are (so) easily taken in by "sweets" thrown at them every 5 yr or so, many as young as Pri 5 won't be harbouring ........ seek ..... greener ....... (much much) larger pastures ......

The younger generations are not as kongcum (and daft) as the (many senile and child-like 3-yo mentality) PGs?

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