Unemployed Singaporeans – Mismatch, no skill, no experience?

The problems of Singaporeans losing their jobs and unable to find reemployment is reaching a critical point. The senior PMEs have long given up hope, resigned to their fate that the govt is not going to do much for them except telling them to go for retraining to take on low paying jobs.

What is frightening and unacceptable is to find out that under 30s are also unable find gainful employment, fresh from polytechnics and universities. In many countries there will be riots on the streets and the govt will be brought down. Here we have the govt trying to explain away the problems.  The reasons cited by the MOM for the unemployment of Singaporeans, ‘the belief that there is no suitable work available, employers’ discrimination or the lack of necessary qualification, training or experience’.

As a result 1,200 young and discouraged workers, under 30, were reported, up from 700 last year. This is only known statistics. How many more not accounted, not reported. And the total number of discouraged workers is 9,900, up from 8,700 last year. As if a consolation or an achievement, it was down from the high of 11,300 in 2009. What a relief.

If the reasons quoted by MOM are the real reasons, how come there are more than 500,000 foreigners here gainfully employed? They did not believe there is no suitable work available, the employers discriminated in their favour, they have all the necessary qualification, training and experience that graduates from our top polytechnics and universities did not have? Who is kidding? Or our polytechnics and universities are so hopeless, useless, cannot produce graduates with the right qualification, training and experience that third world rubbish bin universities and polytechnics and schools could do better?

Please, what is the real reason for such a big number of discouraged workers that are unemployed, not counting probably much more that were not in the statistics? If there are so many Singaporeans that cannot find employment or proper employment, why is the MOM still issuing so many thousands of WP, EP and SP  to the foreigners and they are still arriving in huge numbers daily?

Is the lax issuing of WP, EP and SP the real reason for Singaporeans being unemployed or under employed? Has CECA got anything to do with the plight of these discouraged Singaporeans and those that have given up all hopes?

This is what Gan Kim Yong said at the Teochew food and cultural Fair,

‘Speaking at the event in Mandarin, Minister Gan Kim Yong said that Singaporeans should understand their culture and stand united during difficult times. Below is a translation from States Times Review:


“The understanding of a common culture can unite Singaporeans during difficult times. Every Singaporean should promote the kaki lang (Teochew for my family) spirit to be united and overcome difficulties.”’


The first thing that came to my mind was the follow up phrase. But I need not have to waste time trying to figure it out. A James Bong replied,

‘Kaki nang, ka chern sair tang, pa see bor siang kang!’


Is this what is happening to the discouraged and unemployed Singaporeans?  ‘Kaki nang, pa see bor siang kang!’ Though the millionaire ministers are having a good time in all seasons, the discouraged or unemployed or under employed Singaporeans are really having a bad time. Anyone think these are kaki nang and need to be helped, deserved to be employed instead of the 500,000 foreigners?


Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by Papies 'Kaki Lang' Teaochew speech by Minion ster Gun Yong Yong? What he meant is to take care of their own miws people lah. Others citizens r all juz dafts servants to serve the white masters okay & r expect to unite themselves to serve these whites 'kaki lang' masters. Who cares bout the discouraged, unemployed & mis-matched/displaced redundant PMETs people...it's telling them 'u die u own bziness' .As what 1 white Lim Sui Swee said " ...Sporeans r competing with cheaperer, fasterer & betterer ..if they can't compete...it can't be helped as they r lousy & lazy & not hungrier enough to wan the job Mah.."..

Anonymous said...

/// Unemployed Singaporeans – Mismatch, no skill, no experience? ///

Is it just a simple case of Singaporeans voting for a political party that has no interest in helping Singaporeans?

If this is true.
Then just vote Opposition and the unemployment of Singaporeans is solved.

Anonymous said...

“Remember your place in society before you engage in political debate… Debate cannot generate into a free-for-all where no distinction is made between the senior and junior party… You must make distinctions – What is high, what is low, what is above, what is below, and then within this, we can have a debate, we can have a discussion… people should not take on those in authority as ‘equals’”
– Former Foreign Minister George Yeo (1994)

Just like in George Yeo's case.
It's no point engaging our Ministers in a debate or feedback session.
In a democracy.
The proper feedback if you are not happy is to vote Opposition.

Then wait and see if the government comes running after you to get feedback and start a CONversation with you.

Anonymous said...

/// Please, what is the real reason for such a big number of discouraged workers that are unemployed, not counting probably much more that were not in the statistics? ///

Let's all vote Opposition to find the answers.

Anonymous said...

This kakilang millionaire and his predecessor are the main cause for letting in millions of foreigners. The employment pass used to be around 150000. Now has reached 900000 including S pass. The figure 900000 came from PR who were previously employment pass and S pass holders.

Readers must understand that employment pass and s pass holders can convert to PR easily under the kakilang time. That was the time when kakilang was in mom, geylang had prostitutes standing at the main streets, showed on newspaper, and on tv, women at coffeeshops offering cb service openly. It was a no border situation until he was removed . There were complaints that banks hire all indians employees, foreigner hr openly telling singaporeans they were not qualified as hr were looking for foreigners like malaysians. In short it was free for all. Foreigner hr wanted kakilang, can openly tell citizens interviewees not qualified due to nationality. Then, situation might affect votes, the mom ministry change from one millionaire to another until the recent on who sit on it twice.

Its not easy to find jobs for those above 50. 70% of above 50 jobs seeking has "given up" finding jobs. This means they have never get into interviews after sending out letters of applications from newspapers and the precious job banks. If mom was to help citizens to look for jobs, why there are 70% job seekers, the experienced ones, give up finding jobs? Can any one answer this question?

The above 50s are no hard labor jobs, not stall holders or helpers or cleaners kind of low skill jobs. If above 50 are skilled work force and they gave up to look for jobs, it means the economy is at the brink of collapsing, correct? Firms do not hire skilled workers. True or not?

The economy is not collapsed yet, it means the skilled workers are working on the jobs as managers in those still existing firms, like banks, offices, factories. There require office technicians, managers, marketing, accounting, engineers, IT, production sup to managers etc. Banks need managers, financial experts, marketing, analysts etc.
Many of these jobs are occupied by foreigners. There is no doubt as there are almost 600000 to 800000 PR, i have not checked the figures, given up liao as the number has not been kept down but moved up. These PR moved up are from employment passes holders.

Once PR are given, they are treated as equal to citizens, and quotas on hiring foreigners can expand in the hiring firms. Foreigners hr and managers also practice Kakilang, correct? Especially the indians, they are the kakilang expert. They can rotate the jobs, one goes back to channai, another indian is hired to replace the one who left home at channai.

50 and above wanna to find jobs? I recommend they vote for opposition and not pap. This is the only one solution. No choice for them. If they give up finding jobs, and they still vote for Pap, their graduate children will also face the same destiny, Now 12% graduates have given up finding jobs. Next 5 years the 12% will move up to 25% due to cumulative and multiplying effects. Because the foreigners PR will baloon to more than 1 millions, in order to keep the employment pass and s pass look normal, swee swee, for those dafties to say, "normal lah". Dont want to change to opposition, then continue to be jobless. No body care about it. KJ said: they deserve it for voting Pap. Agreed. U too?

Anonymous said...

/// If there are so many Singaporeans that cannot find employment or proper employment, why is the MOM still issuing so many thousands of WP, EP and SP to the foreigners and they are still arriving in huge numbers daily? ///

Is it because Singaporeans keep voting PAP?
So the PAP government keeps issuing more and more WP, EP and SP?

Vote Opposition in greater numbers.
I'm pretty sure the numbers of WP, EP and SP issued will be decreased very quickly.
But GE 2020 is 4 years away.

So lan lan bo pian lor.
Stay unemployed for another 4 more years.
You got the government you deserve.

Anonymous said...

If a cheaper foreigner is easily available to do the job that a local can do, a company with rational economic behavior would always employ the cheaper foreigner to reduce the costs to the firm. The company cannot be blamed for causing high local unemployment.

Many Singaporeans have lost their jobs to foreigners and their families are in financial distress due to PAP's policies.

Anonymous said...

The next election is 2020. Come 2019 they will promise that by 2023 they will reduce foreign talents by. X numbers

And silly dafts will cheers n the MSM will blow it up evey day. Everyone will be happy n again vote for them.

Imagine if they are so proud to annonce that by that 6 years from now or 2022 cleaners willl fet $200 more .

$200 more 6 years from now. This type of news make me "puke" the poor old uncles and aunties has to wait for 6 years .

2022 the cleaners will get about $ 1400 per month. So the poor cleaners has to work 100 Years to be near what a minister get in one

One year. This is gross miss match in earnings. Why are the minsters getting so much ?

Year to get this amount.

Anonymous said...

How many cleaners would be dead by then?

Anonymous said...

“If I can get another 10 billionaires to move to Singapore and set up their base here… I think Singapore will be better off because they will bring business, they will bring opportunities”

Cleaners and unemployed Singaporeans.
I think the gahmen see you no up.

Do you think it's better you all eat shit and die?
Ooops! Sorry.
You are already doing that.

Anonymous said...

@ December 13, 2016 11:49 am

Maybe the Gahmen's billionaires moving to Singapore will bring opportunities.
But the opportunities don't go to Singaporeans.
So what for you want to vote for this pro billionaire gahmen?

Anything good, they call you first or they call their billionaire friends first?

Anonymous said...

1 In the past when one graduates, we look for a job, any job. We have never heard of the word "mismatch" I've known many who graduated as engineers joining the work market as logistics officers/managers in training. Lawyers/accountants/chemical engineers who went on to become marketeers selling anything from consumer electronics to wine and chemicals. What mismatch?!!

2 A graduate with a general degree has no mismatch because they can be trained in anything. So what mismatch?!

3 If army officers who have no prior experience in transportation and shipping can be brought in as CEOs of shipping and transport companies as well as ministers, what mismatch are we talking about?!

4 Do we mean that only those who work with the PAP are not mismatched and the rest are?!!!

Anonymous said...

/// In the past when one graduates, we look for a job, any job. We have never heard of the word "mismatch" ///

Very true.
Do you think there is only one real mis-match in Singapore?

Have Singaporean voters voted the wrong political party into government?
So there is a mis-match between what Singaporeans need and what PAP can deliver?

virgo49 said...

Italy think by now unemployment statistics 40% from 38%.

Waiting for the day when Sinkies unemployment statistics at 50%.

Then real pain will come
When real pain comes, reality will come.


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:32pm

Mismatch is what the millionaire s snake oil. The oil is meant to cure all jobless pmet.

U jobless meh? Hr dont want you meh? It must be your skill not matched with hr requirements lah.

Stupid right? First: does hr hiring someone based on a medicine prescriptions like kind of format? This person said mismatch, i was surprised. Not disputing hiring a hr person should
first look for knowledge of labor laws. If that is the mismatch, it is a NON existence mismatch. Because, if someone applies for hr, he must have known labor laws is a requirement, payroll is a requirement.
second the hr hiring the hr staff will not take someone has no such knowledge? Not true too, if the hr is willing to spend time and money to train up the new staff. Certainly those with hr skills like payroll will be shortlisted.

last, most important is: are foreigner given the hr jobs has labor laws and payroll skills? i can tell you, most cases, foreigners do not know singapore labor laws, and payroll software skills will need to be retrained.

That last point actually is to rebut the mismatch reason given by the millionaire.
Mismatch of skill and knowledge is not a mission critical make and break issue. Hr can train the person internally.
Why hr hire foreigner? cheaper asking salary, no cpf, no family, do ot always possible and not need to pay them if exceed salary. For male, no ns incamp trouble.

The last point lead back to rebut to this millionaire: if mom stop issuing employment pass, citizens will be employed. No mismatch up front as reason for rejecting on hiring.
The reason for NOT hiring citizens is cost higher. Mom can change the laws to abolish cpf and ns. If cannot, the stop issuing employment pass.

If both cannot? Voters must vote fr opposition to stop the practice so that citizens can be hired to do the same jobs. If they vote for pap, there will be no change.

Virgo 49 said...

How's to vote The Opposition to take over the government when you have 70% dafts both YOUNG and old Sinkies who sold their futures, their children and grandchildren's lives and futures just for S$300.00 GST dollars.

On top of this, you paid more than $300.00 GST dollars in one year.

Yesterday went to VIvo Starhub just to change a faulty adapter for setup box and happened to buy lunch at lunch time crowd at the Cafeteria.

Wah see so many happy smiling faces PMETs and other office workers eating happily with their colleagues both local and foreign.

Little do they realize that in time to come, they be eating Maggie's noodles at home and their foreign colleagues still patronize the Cafeteria smiling away with their Ayam Penyat.

Still they deserved to be screwed for being so naive and stupid.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans kena lelong still don't know.
What is the real unemployment statistic in Singapore?
Do you know what they would count, and what they don't count to massage the numbers to show a low unemployment rate?

Anonymous said...

The daft sinkies did not know that they have lost their country. Yes, wait till they lose their jobs then cry also too late.

Anonymous said...

Dont cry. Pray for higher pay when landing the new job. Incompetent team will tell you to lower asking salary and take any jobs. Go for training to sell property. May end up not having earned a cent but paying thousands of training fee and related costs.

They will ask you to go for training, to pay them money and feed their kakilang first.

Look at the figures: "A total of 13,730 workers were retrenched in the first nine months of this year, an increase from the 10,220 retrenched during the same period last year"

Harder to land a job is because incompetent team keep lowering asking salary using foreigners as a tool to create the low salary. Low salary for all end up departmental stores have to close shop. Look at the plaza singapore departmental shop going this month. More will come next years because the departmental stores customers are all poor in purchasing power. Do not hope for rich foreigner from china, the foreign policy tell them to stay away.

Next year will be worst than this year.

Anonymous said...

In many countries there will be riots on the streets and the govt will be brought down.

Hahahahaha. Sinkies not even interested to protest legally at Hong Lim Park, so how can there even be riots?

What's more, majority Sinkies not even interested to give more votes to the opposition, let alone elect the opposition as govt to help them better than PAP.

Why Sinkies are like that ah? And why Sinkie opposition also not ready to be govt ah?

b said...

The solution is simple: slapping a heavy fine/duty/levy on imported immigrants who replaced a singaporean. Employers have the obligation to train staff to meet their requirements. Certain jobs (eg fin and IT) should not open to foreigners so the skilled pool stay within the country.

Anonymous said...

I think unemployed Singaporeans are still a minority, maybe 30% or less.

At least 70% Singaporeans (including new citizens of course) still have jobs, despite the 900000 PRs and S pass holders working here which Anon 10:02 am mentioned.

That probably explains why 70% Singaporeans continue to vote for PAP.

I think this one LHL also knows and maybe more, just by looking at IRAS tax returns statistics, among other things.

Anonymous said...

LHL knows that unemployed and suffering Sinkies, not only just a minority of Sinkies, but they also dare not or does not want to protest, legally or not.

In other words, they also don't cause any trouble to the govt. At most they just kpkb only in kopitiams or on internet. Lucky LHL and PAP to rule such kwai kwai (peaceful) Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

If PAP Millionaire Grace Fuk can't even park her own Mercedes car by herself.
Do you think she can create good jobs for Singaporeans?

Based on this article, maybe she can only create car parking assistant jobs for Singaporeans.
Think about this when you vote in GE 2020.


Virgo 49 said...

This is what she meant when she said.

If you kpkb of our millionaire salary how are we going to drive our Mercs????

Want to cut, then have to forgo my second Mercs.

You want me to buy push cart is it collecting cardboard like my Old folks PAP supporters? ?

I just grasp their hands and hugged them during Election Time and gave them some hai kow yew talks.

Later, they pushed their Carts and I drive my Mercs.

Good deals.

Virgo 49 said...

This is what Bro Patriot Said As a Minister and In the Elite Circle,.these are the Fringe Benefits that even the Government servants got to por lum par you.

These are just the nitty gritty ones. BIG ONES NOBODY CAN SEE IN PUBLIC.

So you want to quit and become TOP surgeon or PSA chairman? ??

No such benefits ok???

Can get fines and even beaten in public.

Anonymous said...

@ December 13, 2016 5:14 pm

I think the reality is:

"Singaporeans create good jobs for PAP Ministers"
"PAP Ministers create good jobs for Singaporeans"

Anonymous said...

The other hard truth is:

"Singaporeans create good jobs for Foreign Talents"
"Foreign Talents create good jobs for Singaporeans"

Piyush Gupta ... what do you think?
Khaw Boon Wan ... what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Create more good jobs for their kakilang.

b said...

Politicians everywhere are hypocrites. Once they gained power, they only care for the interest of the political class and big corporations. Left or right wing all the same scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies very united, very caring. So united & so caring that the vast majority, 70% in fact, are saying that those unemployed are lazy or stupid or both. They advise very sincerely that these unemployed people better change their attitudes & be +ve thinking and go to E2I & WDA & WSG and be happy to re-train & re-skill to become bus drivers, taxi drivers, security guards, toilet cleaners, hawkers, town council road sweepers, pest exterminators, etc etc ... so many wonderful jobs out there, but these unemployed people just too lazy and too close-minded.

virgo49 said...

Right bro, these are mostly the PAP stooges who think that they are a class above the rest.

Many of them in my estate strong LKY supporters and in friendly banter said the same.

I told them, you think just because now your children and some of you are gainfully employed these retrenchments and layoffs will not happen to you???
One fine day find yourselves and your children in the streets scavenging for food in garage bins then that's be the day of your badmouthing your fellow Sinkies.

Many of them thought that their children are smart and no problem in been employed when they graduated.

Little do they know that even with their toilet papers if the stooge government keeps on having their the same policy of opening their legs wide for the refugees,their children will unable to secure any jobs due to their disadvantage of employers preferring the later.

Some how Lian ones even scorned at oldies like us thinking we are.uneducated. I swan those single income Sinkies with three or four children in tow saying Best you don't die. Now no more temples to accept your children and your wifey got to compete in Desker Road with the foreign prostitutes.

Some.oldies especially the PSA employees at aged nearly seventies still at work . I swan wah piang left only half a screw to your coffin and still working
Must be still having mortgages not fully paid yet.

Which government in the world sucks you dry and takes care of its citiZens first???

Only in Singapore. The only excuse they said Its the global trench of these restructuing of enconmy. When you find yourselves roam the streets.

What Rubbish.

Now I walked my.dog in peace as they were too afraid to hear my Doomsday talks.

Anonymous said...

The great feat of the PAP is the ability to initiate anti-Singaporean-interests policies and yet get re-elected at the polls every election . . .