The fate of ISIS is sealed

ISIS is going to be history soon with Russia and the Arab states going in for the kill. How did ISIS lasted so long, grew from strength to strength when the world’s Number One super power was ‘attacking them, bombing them’? Or was the world’s Number One super power feeding them and nursing them to strength to be the most destructive force in the Middle East, to bring down popularly elected govt? Why is it crumpling now, into bits and pieces when the Russians moved in?

The fate of ISIS is like other terrorist groups in other countries, like the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, with the American forces there to ‘destroy’ them but never able to do so? Is this strange? The world’s Number One super power everywhere, with their best trained Special Forces and best elite units fighting them but never seem to succeed?

What is the truth? These terrorists organizations so clever that the Americans could not deal with them, could not defeat them, could not destroy them? Or is it the same story, the Americans, their Special Forces and elite units were just there to help them, train them, armed them, to be used against govts that the Americans want to overthrow, regime change?

Now Duterte has seen the truth and wanted to get rid of the American Special Forces before they turned the Abu Sayyaf into another ISIS. ISIS would be destroyed, not by their mother, the Americans, but by Russia and the other Arab govts.  Duterte can only destroy the Abu Sayyaf if he got rid of the ‘mother’ that is there to feed and nurse them, like all the terrorist organizations all over the world, seem to be undefeatable and would continue to grow in strength. Who is behind the scene supporting and growing these terrorist organizations, like ISIS?

If the Russian/Arab joint forces did not get the job done, Trump’s new team of Mike Flynn, a 3 star general fired by Obama for opposing his support for ISIS, will finish the ISIS for good. Read below how the Americans were so thick in its conspiracy with the Muslim Brotherhood to create unending wars in the Middle East and the rest of the world. This is America’s strategy to control the world through wars that many silly Asians refused to look at and in a state of denial that the Americans were the real devils behind all the troubles around the world.

‘In this article I’ll look closely at Mike Flynn, the former 3-star general who will be the all-important Trump National Security Advisor, sitting in the White House. Normally perceptive bloggers and analysts have greeted the Flynn appointment with cheers of joy. They cite his opposition to US covert support for ISIS and Islamic terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra; he is on record that the 2003 Iraq invasion was a “strategic mistake.” Moreover, Flynn is opposed to stirring up war with Russia and instead calls for waging war against ISIS and other radical terrorist organizations. In fact Obama fired Flynn as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency when Flynn opposed the Obama decision to prioritize the anti-Russia war over the anti-Jihad war, and called for cooperation with Syrian President Assad to that end.

Flynn’s position on war against ISIS and presumably also against the Muslim Brotherhood so beloved by Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration, is not one of a man of peace. Rather it is one of a cold, calculating military professional, a military professional who favors working with the Likud of Netanyahu to advance the global agenda of war.

Flynn’s statements on Assad and ISIS and Iraq must be interpreted not in a vacuum but in light of a military intelligence specialist who sees that the decades-long CIA and Pentagon policy of training Muslim Brotherhood and other fanatic Muslim-origin terrorists to wage surrogate wars of empire have backfired badly. Not only the CIA’s July 15 failed coup using networks of Turkey’s Fethullah G├╝len, but rather every CIA-backed Jihad war from Secretary of State Clinton’s war against Mubarak, against Gaddafi, against most of the Islamic world to try to impose US-backed Muslim Brotherhood terror regimes loyal to Washington, has failed. The gross effect has been to drive much of the world away from Washington and their constant proxy wars.’
F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


Anonymous said...

Its difficult for anyone outside of the inner circle to know the truth. RB's assumption may be right as the Americans have created many doubts with its war on terror in ME. Apparently, many attacks and counter attacks may have different objectives. At the end, it is just like gangs fighting for turf. Those who died are street gangsters who are paid to do the dirty work. No one will know who is the big boss behind.

Anonymous said...

From the news update of saa or syrian army, Hillary initiated support on IsIs Nusra or presently call Fatel militants are losing very fast. The joy to see civilians in thousands rushed to the main street was felt. Prior to that, pictures of aleppo was like an empty town. Aleppo is crowded similar to sin city. People can imagine when looking at the torn buildings. There were 20000 civilians ran to syrian army controlled side.

Syrian army advances at a rapid speed. Within a week, the militants is left with 20% areas under its control. It seemed western media was wrong. Aleppo does not have 250000 civilians. Now people are watching how these militants being surrounded can win the war even though US supplied them weapons. But their supply routes are cut. No food, no medical and no fresh weapons. So far 671 militants surrendered. That meant these militants are not die hard as described in social media, they do scare to die.

With Obama keeping quiet on Aleppo, syrians will end this last location being taken by IsIs. Meanwhile Iraq is clearing IsIs at Mosul. IsIs still have a large area. Question is who from the west is supplying militants weapons even qarta and saudi are paying them money?

The world has changed slowly. Obama goes and Hillary defeated means US forces are re positioning themselves. Malaysia, and Philippines made quick shift to China. Cambodia is having military exercise with China this month.

Vietnam has made run way on Scs island for its planes to land. Sin city has open a case for armour cars shipped without license and caught in HK. This behavior may result mandatory forfeiture of the 9 armour cars, according to HK laws.

When these cases develop, we can see syria back to rebuild, Vietnam has word war with China, and Sin city has legal battles with HK to fight the mandatory forfeiture. Will China help Sin city to get back the armour cars when it objected to starlight training cooperation with taiwan symbolizing taiwan is not under china s control? If China does that, Xi may have to go, correct? If China ignores, Sin city will lose face, tho it will sue the shipping company for causing the loss.

Will US come in to help Sin city? How to and on what ground to force China to oblige?
These are the battles left in asia beside Japan will install Thaad to start another story.

Anonymous said...

Meantime our MSM will continue to write about the two traitors who insulted Chinese all overthe

world giving 2/3 page coverage, follow up with a few days of news on the court case. it ends

with two pages of the country on how the living stardard and have to live and sleep on cages..

Wonder why so important to them. I believe our EP and economic situation are more important.

Why, any benefits to us.

Anonymous said...

The HK appeal court judgment on the 2 youths was clear cut. The youths changed the words of swearing resulted it ineffective, this is the core. The behaviors similarly resulted the swearing ineffective as background. No swearing effective, no mp validated.

This clear cut application of basic laws HK is a mirror on how the 9 armour cars will be treated. The laws has mandatory forfeiture as a condition of custom laws.

In HK court, when the shipping company face the judges, the answer is straight forward.

Sin city is a disgrace for having tax payers money wasted this way.

virgo49 said...

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That's why we can afford to have million dollar salaries and send our cronies round the world with the KFC man waving our sinkieland flags on the house.

Thank you, you daft Sinkies

b said...

Who is real boss of isil? Wikileaks already revealed is omama/killary. Assange should be given noble peace award.

Anonymous said...

Muslim in Disguise, Oblama-Obloody, The Gay President with a Shemale First Lady previously named Michael, and his Heir-Apparent to his Throne, the Crooked Hellary the Rotten Clit-on are the Co-Creators of ISIS. They supply them weapons, money and air cover, intelligence and logistics supplies through various CIA Operations.

Now the Accounting Dept discovered to their horror the thousands of CIA guns, weapons, badges, cars, mobile phones, etc. have been missing. How can CIA agents lost all these things and the President does not know?

Now also the Federal Reserve discovered $9 Trillion missing. Who has the authority to remove such a big sum of money from the Federal Reserve? Who is directly and indirectly responsible for the loss of $9 Trillion? Where have all these money gone to? Most probably part of this went to ISIS. Part went to Obama's personal bank accounts in 5 Continents. That is why he now owns many mansions all over the world.

Now they realized why the US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was murdered together with 3 Secret Agents and CIA operatives at Benghazi in 2011. Oblama and Hellary allowed them to be slaughtered although there were 600 requests for help and assistance and all rejected. There were troops, air force planes, special units and friendly neighboring forces on standby which could have intervened to rescue the Ambassador and his men. But Oblama refused to rescue them and let them die. See how cruel and heartless this Oblama is - Really a Black Man with a Black Heart!