Can misquoting or misrepresenting the UN to mislead be sued?

The western media have ceased to add the prefix of ÚN backed' to the Permanent Court of Arbitration or The Hague Tribunal. The PCA or The Hague Tribunal has always been referred to as such as what it should be rightfully called until the PCA acted on the farcical case of the Philippines in its claims on some South China Sea islands with China. The Aquino govt thought it was 'legally'a right thing to do, with the backings of the USA and Japan to force China to agree to an arbitration that China had the full right not to participate. The whole ordeal was as good as what you could get of a kangaroo court in action. But with a blank face, the western media intentionally added the prefix ÚN backed' when referring to The Hague Tribunal to deceive their readers that the PCA/Hague Tribunal was indeed a ÚN backed' institution when it was NOT. And everyone, including govts who are part of the conspiracy to fix China, would sing the same chorus, that the PCA/Hague Tribunal, was ÚN backed' and insisted that its nonsensical rulings were legal and binding and telling China to comply and abide by it.

Today, this farce has been exposed, and failing to convince the people of the world that the PCA/Hague Tribunal is a ÚN backed' organisation, they have all but dropped this pretence. Western media and those crony govts have stopped using the misleading prefix ÚN backed' when reporting and referring to the PCA/Hague Tribunal.

The question is why? Have they found out that the truth is that the PCA/Hague Tribunal was not UN backed?  Or did they come to the realisation that their lies could not hold water, that no one believes in their lies and thus have to abandon telling the lies all over again?

Or has the UN stepped in to stop the western media and crony govts to stop using the prefix to mislead the people of the world or be sued by the UN for abusing the good name of the UN?

For those who are still confused, the simple point, the PCA/Hague Tribunal is an independent organisation that serves the interests of willing parties who voluntarily seek its assistance to arbitrate on their disagreements.

The PCA/Hague Tribunal is NOT a UN Backed organisation with the equivalent stature and authority as an UN organisation. Period. Its rulings are only legal and binding on the the willing parties that sought its arbitration and judgement.


Anonymous said...

Who controls the UN? In this world who controls all the world bodies like WTO, World Bank, IMF, IOC, S & P and all the fucked-up bodies? Whatever the US wants, all these are rubber stamps to be used to suit their agenda. Like in Red Dot!

Go figure out the abvious.

Anonymous said...

I use Philippines Tribunal to make distinction from any real arbitration. Philippines Tribunal is a own self talk to own self tribunal. The court has only one single party talking about South China Sea.
The judges were assembled and hired. They did not know what was South China sea. 1 of the judge half way was compelled to change. He kept to himself having a philippino wife. This man was replaced by someone from Africa to talk about South China sea. In the sentenses, the judges quoted one pro independent party Taiwanese professor saying Taiping island has no man staying, no plain water, and ruled that Taiping island should be classified as rock. As Taiping is the biggest in area, so all islands are rocks. The judges of course ruled that China owns Scs illegally.

Why people tried so hard to brand UN into this Tribunal? It is to disinform readers. These are the main media in little usa and its think tanks, and the rest of the main media in UK and US. The real PCA came out a notice, shown on TV in HK that Philippines Tribunal has nothing to do with UN. PCA is UN body, Philippines Tribunal was no UN body. The Phi Tribunal rented a room in PCA building. Hire the secretarial service. but DID NOT hire the PCA judges. Ocean laws court far away also sent notice to the press, Phi Tribunal did not hire their judges.

No way readers can turn the tides. The main media wrote that way should be because US wanted it that way. Hillary election was reported to have 98.2% win by Huffpost. It was that way, may be money will flow like rivers to someone.

Main media cannot be trusted as an only source. Aleppo war proved it to me. Constantly readers were shown children s injured and dead bodies. Those pictures pained me, teared me, sure would have done the same to world wide reader. There was a 7 year old kept showing up being bombed in shelter of torn buildings. I was wandering how young Aleppo had internet online when buildings were all torn. One guy could not tahan the bluff, put it: hey, "we at Manchester struggle to get internet, you at Aleppo has better internet than us."

Then Aleppo war was over. UN some KeeBoon announced he does not recognize the cease fire agreement signed between the parties. Haha, UN is UN, Aleppo is Aleppo. The evacuation continued with thousands of buses sending civilians and families of fighters out of Aleppo. UN this brand is belonged to US. UN allmost=US.

Virgo 49 said...

Forget their corruptions and goes Scott free just a slap on wrists.

Besides gropping, harassment, rapes of the women folks.

Anonymous said...

Using the World bodies is not the only way the US goes about manipulating the market, divide and rule agenda etc to control the whole world.

Whatever they cannot do legally through the UN etc, they use the CIA to conduct false flag operations, subterfuge, incite riots, destablise regimes, all on the sly, and all without dragging the name of the US into such operations.

After that the US will come in officially as the guardian angel to sell weapons, seize oilfields, give aid with long strings attached and even to negotiate for siting of more US bases and stationing of troops and bombers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31am
Good post i like. Western media reported a lot of suffering in Aleppo.

Now its time for them to offer medicines foods and camping tools. There is none from the West. Not even one single country actually present except the Russians providing mobile hospitals.

UK reported to have a lorry of medicine on the way. One lorry is very big for Aleppo. Not reported arrival yet.

Piles of US weapons and UN medicines were found with IsIs held warehouses after their defeats and withdrawal. The world should have logical thinking, US and UN are all most the same all the time. Saving lives, killing with IsIs are largely the same to US as far as Aleppo is concerned.

I guess war in Mosul in Iraq will continue for year long, as US want IsIs to run to Syria to start another war. Hopefully Trump is taking over, and he vowed to get rid of IsIs for good. I really hope Trump is better than Obama and Hillary, for world peace, as IsIs once strikes on little dot, the economy can turn from half dead to real dead.

Anonymous said...

The only official body can interpret the UNCLOS charter is ITLOS - "International Tribunal" law of sea.

PCA is not even an International tribunal. UNCLOS charter dont mention about PCA.

it is unlikely that Singapore govt does not aware of it.
They always talk about Rule of law and international law.

Anonymous said...

"Its rulings are only legal and binding on the the willing parties that sought its arbitration and judgement."

Tiok. And the key words are "willing parties". And since China is not a "willing party" to the SCS ruling, so the PCA rulings are not legal and binding on China lah.

And I wonder why Hsien Loong, from the way he talked about the PCA ruling, does not seem to notice or understand this point. Maybe for a moment he thought that China are like daft Sinkies whom he can and used to talk down to?

By the way, how come the Terrex issue no sound no picture for so long hah?

Anonymous said...

I think sg is not aware and pm truly believe that pca is UN backed as pm has to rely on Lawyers to assist him.so e should now ask the Lawyers to account! We should give pm the benefit of doubt

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:56pm
Dont scared me please. PM has no room to make mistake if it is a UN backed or not UN backed tribunal judgment. Whatever the PM said is taken as he knew it and he had thought through the CONSEQUENCE for saying it.

The words the PM said was a direct hit against China s stance on Philippine judgment. The Foreign Ministry and the FM asked China to follow International laws. The PM said in Washington asked China to follow "international laws" and commented the Philippines Tribunal judgment as "strong and powerful".

You must not over ruled what PM s stance he wanted to project. You are against his wishes for saying this. You are no body to over rule a PM s words and interpreted the words in opposite meaning. You are SPM? Senior pm? SPC ada, but sold to china, you know? SPM is widely used in malaysia only.

Anonymous said...

RB,US Admiral Harris is not barking after China seized their drone.

Anonymous said...

Can PM sue anyone who doubted his integrity of upholding the law (such as the PCA or international law)? Can he bring China to international court of law for not followIng the PCA ? Or can he also sue US for breaking the TPP agreement? If all these he can't do, is he still fit to be a PM?

Anonymous said...

1 article of Reuters pointed out Hdb will have bond due of S$3.4billions, and private sector has S$19 billions bonds due in 2017. It seems to suggest to watch out for signs of default in sin city. Its a testing time of sin city. Names came out are casino operators, and property developer sector. Came across a big house and someone told me it went for auction, lelong.
Big borrowers will face higher interest to pay, with poor income from customers buying.

Pinky needs to issue 3 millions employment pass and s pass to increase population. Last time he did, and got 15.2% GDP increase, S$ was adjusted to S$1.2 to USD. What is stopping him as the white papers has authorized him to do it. He no more young, should take in 3 millions more foreigners to overrun the island, and his bonus will be big next year. Tell the voters, foreigners create good jobs for locals. There will be millions good jobs to increase very ones income. Companies will have cash to pay off the debts. If he does not open the flood gates, 2017 will have more property auctions. Bonds defaults in payment will come naturally.

Anonymous said...

China is one of the Main Members of the United Nation. How can China back a UN resolution to back the Hague (sounds better as Hate) Tribunal? If it is UN-backed, then it means China has also backed something that is unfair to herself! Is China that stupid?

Any reporter, with common sense, would know that it is false, untruthful and a blatant lie to state "UN Backed Hague Tribunal".

If the Editor-in-Chief of any News Outlet approved of such a blatant false statement, that Editor must be a conscious Great Liar. Therefore, he / she should be sacked by the owner of the News Organization.

If any News Organization Owner condone, support and continue to employ such an editor, then that News Organization is a sham and should be condemned by all its readers/viewers.

If any Head of Government of any country (especially the Presidents of Philippines and the United States of America in this case) were to use the the term "UN Backed Hague Tribunal", then they are publicly telling the whole world that they are Outright Blatant Liars, who should never be trusted in any words they say in the PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE!

If any other countries' leaders, e.g. the PM of Singapore and PM of Australian also thought and acted as though the Hague Tribunal is "UN BACKED" and its rulings are binding upon China, and further in their public speeches, directly or indirectly, told China to follow the rulings of the Hague Tribunal, then they are even Greater Liars than the Presidents of the Philippines and the United States.

China should take libel actions against the PM of Singapore, Australia, and the Presidents of the Philippines and the United States for publicly spouting falsehood to influence world opinions against her national image, interests, sovereignty, integrity and dignity.

Anonymous said...

I think the Americans very smart. They never say the tribunal was UN backed. I think the Ppines also never say.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anonymous said...
RB,US Admiral Harris is not barking after China seized their drone.

December 19, 2016 1:23 pm

This is scary when a barking dog stops barking. What is he intending to do now? Is he preparing something sinister?

patriot said...


The Prime Minister or
President of any sovereign
nation should and must know
what every International Organization stands for.

how to be the Leader of a


patriot said...


What is UN?

ls it able to
provide JUSTICE
to the World?

Has the United
Nation been able
to make the World
more peaceful and

lt has failed big
time and shall
fail forever.

lt is worse than
a paper tiger.

Yes, it is a tiger
drawn on a paper.
Not even a paper


Anonymous said...

request, the Court decides which states and organizations ...

Permanent Court of Arbitration - Wikipedia

The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) is an intergovernmental organization located at The Hague in the Netherlands. ... The organization is not a United Nations agency. The Peace Palace was built from 1907 until 1913 for PCA in The Hague.

Anonymous said...

Leaders that deliberately misquoted the UN backed tribunal stand to lose their credibility and make themselves looking stupid to the world.

Anonymous said...

"deliberately misquoted the UN backed tribunal stand to lose their credibility"

What credibility is to be believed among those who supported Obama and were supporters of Hillary.

Hillary didnt believe herself was a flaw. She proved it herself with recount as Obama claimed that Russia hacked US system. On claims that Russian hack the voting system, Trump said why didnt Obama block it?

Hillary supported Stein s hand recounts, the major states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, all showed Trump won. Those states used to support democrats. It showed Hillary s character flaws, liar by nature, and what creditability?

Her supporters round the world will largely be doubted too. Same applies to Obama s supporters round the world.

b said...

Just like the Tulip mania, the dutch are good in creating bubbles. Always take anything from the west with a pinch of salt. A lot of bullshit, overrating, bubbles in those places.

Anonymous said...

Was PM misled by others or he misled himself?

Anonymous said...

I think he was misled by both foreign ministry and law ministry lar. I believe in pm innocent. He is human not God lar so to err is human mah Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

PM is not misled if he open the border to accept 3 millions pmets from India and Philippines. Property will move up reflected in GDP. He sold many lands for building residential and commercial properties for foreigners to occupy.
Yes follow Hilliary to globalization. Open the country 100% for foreigners to use it.

Anonymous said...

"Was PM misled by others or he misled himself?"
65 year old man can be misled for supporting or against China. You must find good evidence to justify his salary.

Anonymous said...

IF a Prime Minister of a tiny city state has the gumption and audacity, without any shame and remorse or regret, willingly and greedily approved for himself and collect for himself the World's Highest Salary, which is at least THREE TIMES that of the President of the United States of America, can be mislead by others into committing himself to speak openly and publicly falsehood against another country, be it China or Indonesia, then it is clear he does not deserve such a high salary. In fact, he should not be entitled to any salary beyond that of an ordinary man in the street. Why? BECAUSE HE DEMONSTRATES THAT HE DOES NOT EVEN HAVE ANY COMMON SENSE!

Anonymous said...

Pm is a good guy helping many pmet leh. He deserved to has his pay up by 10 times to match the USA ceo as he is running a business or company that is larger than the largest global company on earth. The job is complicated as beside the size of the company he is also responsible for Defence, law and order. You tell me lar which company ceo has this kind of respoibility Tio bo? I think may be 10 times not enough so may be 100 times that is a billion a year may be more appropriate, what say u?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I think he was misled by both foreign ministry and law ministry lar. I believe in pm innocent. He is human not God lar so to err is human mah Tio bo?

December 19, 2016 8:55 pm
You think anyone would dare to mislead LKY? Or capable of misleading him? A few did try and their fate was sealed.

Anonymous said...

When one is misled, it says one is stupid or the one doing the misleading is smarter. What is more important is the intent of action, good ending or bad ending.

Anonymous said...

Politics is dirty, so how can politicians be otherwise?

Just look at all the ex-leaders around us - Marcos, Suharto, Chen Sui Bian, and now to be ex-President Park, and also those who managed to wipe their mouths clean and avoid punishment, but whose greasy fingers are all open secrets to all. Most are there to reap the benefits of the connections by assunming that position.

Even one such well defined, honourable 'Oriental Gentlemen' of Sinkieland failed to live up to his reputation.

Anonymous said...

The only reputation of most politicians, especially those who are at the pinnacle, is lying with a straight face without blinking an eyelid.