Pearl Harbour – The unremorseful Japanese

December 8, 1941, Japan conducted a sneaky attack against the American Pacific in Pearl Harbour, sinking almost every ship that was in the harbor.  Today, a Japanese is commanding the American Pacific Fleet. And there is another Japanese commanding the Japan Self Defense Force. And to mark the day of infamy, Japanese Prime Minister Abe finally paid a visit to the site of horror where thousands of innocent Americans were murdered in cold blood without knowing what hit them. Abe was not there to say sorry, to apologise for the dastardly attack against the Americans but just to commemorate the incident. Remorseful?

The Japanese have not heeded the lessons of Pearl Harbour. They are not remorseful and so were Abe and his ministers. They did not regret the death and destruction they caused to the Americans and the victims in Asia and South East Asia. In an article by a Kuni Miyake, a former diplomat, in the Today paper, he got the cheek to title it ‘China should heed the lessons of Pearl Harbour’. He did not think Japan should heed this lesson except regretting on the ‘hubris and miscalculation that led to the attack’, not the shameful and vicious killings of innocents in Pearl Harbour and Asia. Japan is rearming to the hilt, tore away their pacifist constitution and is ready to conduct wars once again.

Japan does not heed the lessons of Pearl Harbour.  China must. China must prepare for another ‘Pearl Harbour’ by the sneaky Japanese against Chinese ports and naval fleets. The Japanese have arrogantly returned to their Pearl Harbour days and mentality, eager to engage in wars. The Japanese so called Self Defense Force is as big, or even bigger than their WW2 fleet and the largest in Asia, second only to China.

When would Japan learn the lessons of Pearl Harbour? Is Japan waiting for a Pearl Harbour on Yokohama or one of its harbours before it learns its lesson not to conduct wars, not to engage in wars? Japan must know that the next lessons would be the end of Japan if it dares to conduct another war of aggression against is neighbours or against the Americans.

Would Japan learn the lessons of Pearl Harbour before it is too late? Neigh, they think they could conquer the world one more time.

PS. Is this Japanese warning and threatening China that Japan would do a Pearl Harbour on China?


Anonymous said...

China no need to go war with Japan, China will learn the WW2 lesson & gradually diminish the military power of Japan. How? By economic means, the old fart predicted that China economy will overtake US by 20xO year & be world #1 in economy, China will have more economic power to rise as the next super power to b reckon with, that's why US is very scared of her uprising & trying ways & means to depress this dragon from awakening. Japan 's economy will be affected & have no choice but to borrow monies from IMF or even wan to create war with China, when that they arrive it will be a Im Man vs Japs pk ( with Uncle Sam backing)...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No, it will be real soldiers, both well armed, to fight it out on level playing ground. No more Ip Man against guns. No more peasant soldiers with rifles against tanks and aircraft.

Anonymous said...

No more Ip Man against guns in Japan-China war.
That is true.

But is it still Ip Man against tanks in Opposition-PAP war in Singapore?

Virgo 49 said...

Japanese told China must href the Pearl Harbour means We are gonna do the same to you.

At least now they quite gentlemen and said so in advance.



ONE UP AGAINST THE AMERICANS and yet the supposed to be smart Americunts still invite them so.

Thought only Sinkies Daft.

Americans dafter,dafterest???

patriot said...

Be familiar with strategy and be realistic.

Everything is fair in war and love, the One with the Winning Formula, devious or otherwise, is the Victor fair
and square.
The Chinese Saying '宾不厌诈' is a fair statement that connotes strategy can be very
devious non moral compliant.
Not even humane so to say.

Anyway, friend and enemy are
never forever and so is fate.
Again the Chinese knows best;

Destiny is not negotiable though Karma does play a part.


Anonymous said...

In Singapore, the older fart is dead already.
The new old fart is very much alive and continues to suck our blood.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have just added a PS to my post. Is the Japanese warning and threatening to do a Pearl Harbour on China?

Japanese gentlemen? Ask Roosevelt and those that died in Pearl Harbour whether the Japanese declared war before attacking them. Stupid Americans still believed the Japanese were honourable warriors till today, after what happened at Pearl Harbour.

patriot said...

ln Sin,
it is the Sinkies Themselves that
bantai(Malay Language(/piah/拼(Hokkien Dialect) each other.

ln simple term, 70% of Sinkies have ganged up with
the Sin Rulers to attack the Other 30% of Sinkies.

l dare predict that as the 30% gathers more in numbers;
there could be very dire consequences for Sin. At least it will not be peaceful
Aliens who have become Sinkies will NOT be as docile
and 'kiasi' as local Sinkies.

The PRC Bus Drivers and Little India Riot were proof that aliens are brave and revolutionary.

Brace for interesting time
to come.


Unknown said...

Japan needs its own military, the alternative is that it remains a USG vassal state. A war is highly unlikely looking at Japan's demographic profile. They have too few young men to support the economy, yet alone replicate its empire.

Anonymous said...

If Japan does not start a war with anyone, does not invade anyone, who is going to attack Japan?

patriot said...

Japan will be around for
a long time if it stays
peaceful with others.
lt will be left to develop
and prosper as it does.

However, the Japanese shall
be treated as pariah and Japan will be in ruin if it ever dare to rise militarily.

The World and especially the Chinese, had suffered from
its'(Japan) atrocities.
It is unforgetable and unforgivable.


Anonymous said...

Japan Abe is a kind of howlian ah beng on sg street. Like to be seen as big time in world stage. Under the skirt of Obama, he would always stir up South China sea issue to threaten the mild and timid Xi. Xi was forced to tell Abe off in some meetings when he insisted to put Scs clause or raise the issue when Asean countries tried to avoid, when Aquino was still president. One little usa also want to get the spot light, and was as if he was shadow of Abe. To their shock Trump won. Abe still want the spot light, will be meeting Trump on January 27th next year.

What Pearl Harbor talk? It was 7th Fleet Harris who commented that the story of China attacking pearl harbor worth considering as a future war scenario. Abe also read that china story i guess, called "Ghost Brigade".

In reality, i think attacking Yokohama harbor from China s cheng jets will be more practical and forecoming generating fruits for China people. This will include attacking Okinawa. It has to be a combined war with Russia to achieve good results. Russia has put nuclear capable missile units at Kuril islands next to Okinawa. If China attack Yokohama, and Russian attack Okinawa, and North Korea attack South Korea base, then US s forces will be similar to Aleppo. It will be a unconditional withdrawal to US and Asia will have China and Russia.
Japan is too far out without nuclear capability. NorthKorea can make Abe to surrender if he irritates the young leader Kim.

Abe is not this type. Trump has asked him to pay money to US. Japan Softbank went for the kill, investing USD50,000millions to boost US employment. Trump is doing well in getting money from Japan and South Koreans. Not China yet, may be Xi will give a lot if Trump goes on soft way like Duterte.

But Trump is playing up Taiwan as an independent island. If Trump and Tsia meets in US, then many countries will take it that Trump changes the one china policy in US. That will put Xi in bad position, if he hides away, the old guards will replace him, similar to one happened during Tienannmeng incidence. If Xi still refuse to take Taiwan by force, China communist party may lose power due to the uprising of China people. Trump is playing a card he never knows has more than Pearl harbor consequences. Little usa has learned that Xi can never be timid to deal with Taiwan issue, as he wishes, because the PLA is behind the policy making too. China s parliament is a huge body. If Xi allows Taiwan to be seen as independent as plays by Abe now and Trump next year, Xi will habis faster than both Abe and Trump.

No pearl harbor for now, but Taiwan and Scs seas will never end for Xi s all also can as long as no war attitude. Xi needs to learn to get tough with US hawkists or he will lose to Abe playing behind him, with no real weapons.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese better learn the Pearl Harbour lesson that they should not start another war or atomic bombs and nuclear bombs would land in many Japanese cities.

Want more Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

Anonymous said...

China Foreign Ministry press meeting on 7 Dec , spokesman Lukang. Regarding Terrex.


Lukang: Regarding this matter, we have expressed our stand. We hope related party can commit to practising one china policy, at the same time,(they) should comply with China Hong Kong Special Administration s related laws and legal rules/regulations.

What is your view? No return of Terrex, is my guess. APL must raise court case or the HK Custom may charge APL for illegal problems relating to the Terrex. Ming deaf might be charged too as the exporter importer.

Anonymous said...

The Pearl Harbour lessons are for everyone to learn except the Japanese. The Americans must know that they cannot trust the Japanese but they put a Japanese in charge of their Pacific Fleet.

The Chinese must always be ready for a Pearl Harbour in China.

The Asean countries no need to learn anything. The Japanese are their best friends. Sure no Pearl Harbour. Not sure got another Japanese invasion. Not sure if Singapore will be Syonan To again. Not sure can work for the Japanese as translators or not. Good experience for the testimonials and can hope to become President or PM next time, learning from historical experience.

b said...

All these elites are fighting for their own wealth and power but the people are the ones who suffered. It is never about countries against countries but elites against people.

Unknown said...

The coming war on China.


Virgo 49 said...

You think Xi is a weak President just because he is not acting tough on USA and Japan and their Kia kias!

All these pok kai chow kars are just provoking and stirring shits because they knew that they are not up to China.

They want to have wars to cover their blunders all these years.
They want to have a fresh start to again compete with China on the beginning line again.

China is far head and had built the country thru blood and sweat to be ahead.

They had undergone enough wars both civil and military. The Chinese knew Wars being sufferings to all sides and their country will suffer the worst as they wants to concentrate here.

These other bastards does not care of their citizens sufferings of their Agenda.

Even China were to beat the daylights out of them, She still.has to start again to rebuild.

See the disasters in the ME using DT.favourite word: Disasters.

They will take donkey years to rebuild the disasters.

But if comes to the worst when China is really been cornered, she will exterminate once and all all mankind.

North Koreans and PRC have mentalities that we shall die together and go to Hell rather than losing my water face and honour.

It be a shame to my Ancestors.

Anonymous said...

North Koreans and PRC have mentalities that we shall die together and go to Hell rather than losing my water face and honour.

Really ?

Always claim PRC how dok kong how dok kong. In the end bo confident.
That's too f**k tub man.

virgo49 said...

You must be just fuxking born yesterday or a fycking banana who bak seow boh keow.

Or must be a SAF farking nee Kia Peng chia liao bee regular who sponged just your equally useless What MG/BG or the bees

Pee sai.just 200 sq miles with so many useless Indian chiefs who do not even how to have a primary school PSLE kid brain just to communicate and passed Instructions how ti avoid a simple rail maintenance

How to fight a war with the PLA ??

Think one platoon of peasant soldiers can take one battalion of you useless Pa Swee only good for wayang display for the daft Sinkies with salvia dripping from their mouths.

Go and see the Training and just the Parade of the PRC.

Lines straight like Rods.

Sinkie soldiers just half hour in Sun fainted call mummy liao.

KNN wasted so much tax payers monies and free uniforms, free food free lodgings

Everything laze in barracks and just do areas training.

At night go Desker Road and so natural firing

That's what you are good for.

Hey, try the PLA. Go in one piece and back in body bag.

Anonymous said...

In Sin,
it is the Sinkies Themselves that
bantai(Malay Language(/piah/拼(Hokkien Dialect) each other.

You muz have really look away from Bo Xi Lai Zhou Yong Kang case to fail to mention them.

Anonymous said...

Don't see Xi as weak naybe ...

Fat and Chubby , the guy better shred some weight for his own health and China sake.

Anonymous said...

"Is the Japanese warning and threatening to do a Pearl Harbour on China?"

So who will the Japan send to attack China ? Godzilla ?

Virgo49 said...

Just happened to see a photo of wah so many monks praying for the Dead of the victims of the Pearl Harbour.

Praying for the Japanese deaths or Americans deaths.?????

Never know that the Whites converted to Buddhism.

That's the way, Repent and Regret your way of your past evil deeds.

Not simply shout Hell You Lu Ya and you shall be saved and go to Nirvana.

Or is it Abe San leading the Black President by the Nose and have Monks praying instead of their Fathers.

If si, Abe must be an influential man indeed

Anonymous said...

To Chua Chin Leng akka dumb red bean

You have to put aside you have to put aside your communist Chinese pride and be down to earth about the intentions of the communist red army China. You should open your biased communist mind in our Multi Racial Singapore Society or simply pack up and leave for your brain dead communist China and their communist thoughts.
Cha Chua Chink akka dummy red bean, maybe the below links would open your biased commie mind to educate your thoughts, towards humanity.



It was a grave mistake that the British Cartographers had to name that area down south as the South China Seas. Instead of as South East Asia Seas.