Cleaner is another choice profession

Other than security guards, taxi drivers and hawkers, the next choice profession for Singaporeans looks like cleaners. There were several reports in the main media about steady increments and bonuses for this profession. A cleaner can look forward to $1,400 per month or $1,600 and with bonuses some more. So, for those professions that are getting less than $1,600, it is high time for them to switch profession and join the cleaning force.

The attractiveness of being cleaners is that entry level is low. There is no need to have a degree, no need to sit for courses and pass professional examinations, no need to take courses on anti money laundering, no need for character checks, no need to declare non indebtedness, and no need to attend annual upgrading or refresher courses. And there is no authority to watch over the cleaners like a hawk as if you are a crook, a cheat and can be called up to ‘lim kopi’ for minor mistakes.

If these are still not attractive enough, cleaners can wear face mask when working to conceal one’s identity for those that are too shy to apply.  And for some organizations, cleaners used the fireman or delivery lifts for more privacy. Think about the annual increments and bonuses as a cleaner. Better than being self employed, with no increments, no bonuses, no medical benefits, no staff benefits, and no financial risks.

After posting these benefits I am getting convinced myself that being a cleaner is not a bad idea. When a cleaner finishes his cleaning duties, he can go home without a worry.

Singaporeans that are jobless, underemployed, wrote resumes and got no reply, need not worry anymore. They can just apply to be cleaners, the next choice professions for Singaporeans that are displaced by foreigners, or the so called young and discouraged Singaporeans that no one wants to employ.

There are choices, and being a cleaner would soon be a lifestyle choice. Ph Ds, Masters degrees from world best universities that cannot compete with backlane degrees, this is a new employment opportunity. Don’t be choosy. You are lucky to be employed.


Anonymous said...

Sweeping floor is also term as carrying

A big writing brush career!(dats in the 1960s n 70s)

Tren coming back i c.

Anonymous said...

Cleaning profession has been around since ancient times. To this days, it's still a sunrise industry. Cleaning jobs cut across many areas & sectors in Sinkieland, u need cleaners in roads, hawker centers, food courts, restaurants, hotels, entertainments, gardens/ parks, buildings (interior & exteriors),offices, government/public sectors, transport, industrial estates etc ...so many places need cleaning & cleaners to do the jobs, no wonder the gahmen wan to promote this cleaning jobs, no need too much qualifications, just some basic English ( some even don't speak English at all also can do the job)..but there is 1 catch ..that is, low pay, some cleaners need to work shifts, long working hrs & strenuous ( need to be at least physically or medically fit), for those unemployed can consider this cleaning professional if they r mentally prepared to take up this new sunshine bziness.

Virgo49 said...

The PAP has been preparing for the future Generations of sinkies to be cleaners.

From next school term, the students got to do areas cleaning. Tell you No need go yo unis.
Waste time, come out also No Jobs. Now Durute in sinkieland to sign another CECA with the Philipines.

In National Slavery, besides some wayang displays at NDP, some bush exercises in Lim Chu Kang, Choa Chua Kang and Phua Choa Kang, most of time in camps always do Areas cleaning.

Now they harped that cleaners will get salary increases. By the time they get the real increases, most will be at Mandai, Choa Chu Kang and Nirvana always doing area cleaning.

The ex NTUC Leader and now MOM minister no need to take out Big Drawing Board and start drawing circles and circles just to increase S$50.00

But they NO need drawing boards to increase their Million S$$$$$ salaries.

Just say AY, AY in Parliament with the compliment of the 70 percent daft cleaner.

Anonymous said...

With all the glamour jobs done by foreigners and 'reserved' jobs now done by robots and machines, like driverless vehicles, trains, taxis etc coming our way, what jobs are still left for locals?

The only problem is who is going to buy all the products churned out by the gigantic automated factories? With jobs paying such wages that is probably just subsistence level for needs, what is there left for wants?

Oh, our learned ministers will tell you why do you need wants when you can already satisfy your needs, just like where do you want to eat - in restaurants or at hawker centres? Those who stay in high towers never understand the downtrodden's aspirations. Again, why do you need aspirations. Just listen and do as you are told. Damm it!

Anonymous said...

One dollar for you, one million for me, one dollar for you, one million for me......

Anonymous said...

One feather for you, one drumstick for me, one drumstick bone for you, one whole chicken for me. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

No worries, fund managers, stockbrokers and business analysts will soon be replaced by fintech & robo-advisories. Empirical evidence over past 3 years showing they outperform humans and much cheaper too. Singapore will have plenty of cleaners & security guards by 2020.

Anonymous said...

Don't call them cleaners and security guards. They will be given their newly minted professional titles of 'Healthcare Professionals' and 'Elite Armed Escorts'. All will be classified as professional, manageral and executive jobs hor. Don't play play.

For me, just pay me like the 'chiak leow bees' and you can call me cleaners or security guards. Doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Even if jobless Sinkie PMETs, or more of them, need to become cleaners to earn a living, PAP will still win the next election in 2020.

That's the beauty for PAP as a political party with LHL as leader.

Anonymous said...

cleaners like cardboard collectors are not going for money/salary.......

they are actually "exercising" during their spare time.......

yes! exercising only.............


Anonymous said...

yes! exercising only.............
12:07 pm

I have a friend who is a poly lecturer. He said that when he retires, he wants to become a cleaner at East Coast Park. Easy job, fresh sea air, can exercise and although not paid much but that is secondary.

Yes at East Coast Park or any other parks only, not HDB estate cleaner or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Be a cleaner at the Istana! That's the best cleaning job. Maybe even provided with meals from the Istana.

Anonymous said...

/// Other than security guards, taxi drivers and hawkers, the next choice profession for Singaporeans looks like cleaners. ///

Ah yes!
It is good to see PAP Millionaire-Ministers working hard to create good jobs for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Now that's the beauty of the PAP argument that foreigners create jobs for Sinkies. It is true. We need more policemen to control foreigner's rowdy habits bought over from their homeland, for example rioting, and more cleaners to clean up places they frequent during weekends and holidays, with all the rubbish left behind. To sum it up, they do create jobs for Sinkies. Well done PAP.

Anonymous said...

/// Other than security guards, taxi drivers and hawkers, the next choice profession for Singaporeans looks like cleaners. ///

Foreign Talents are indeed creating good jobs for Singaporeans as promised by PAP.

"Foreigners help create jobs for Singaporeans
- PM Lee


Anonymous said...

/// Other than security guards, taxi drivers and hawkers, the next choice profession for Singaporeans looks like cleaners. ///

‘More foreign talents equal to better society growth"
- Lee Kuan Yew

See. Even from his grave.
LKY continues to grow good jobs for Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

For our children’s sake, say ‘NO’ to LKY’s FT policy, PAP’s population growth shortcut
March 21, 2015 by Phillip Ang


Anonymous said...

The schools have already started to teach the children how to clean toilets and sweeping floors. This skill set will be with them when they grow up so guarantee no mismatch and easily employable.

Now school can teach less and learn more, at least learning how to sweep floors and become cleaners.

Anonymous said...

And the daft becomes dafter, election after elecion, not knowing that they have been brainwashed to think they are really having a good deal, when they have in fact been sold out - lock, stock, and barrel.

Anonymous said...

Singapore exports surge, surprising experts

Singapore's key non-oil exports surged in November due to a rise in shipments to China and the European Union, the island nation's top customers.


China , not US.

LHL is treating China as potential enemy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:11pm
Where is the quantity figure on surge?

non oil export has been dropping for many years.

Let say from 10000 drop to 1000.
Any small order of 100 exceeding 1000 will surge the the export by 10%.

Can any body see the figure? It means surging for replenishing the stock for new year.

After the replenishment, non oil export will drop again as no more 1100 in quantity byt 900 only.

Anonymous said...

I ever asked why bus driver was paid $1200pm while other part of the world $1800pm. Some replied there were $1200pm available. I told him this was wrong because that meant sg had no bus drivers supply to economy. He said no need to argue, $1200pm was the market price.

Bus driver was a big pool of people. Gave the money to foreigners to bring home was considered an economy "investment" or "dis-investment"? He could not understand. I told him eventually, civil servants also letting foreigners to take over, and all working people in sg ship their money to India or other countries, can such economy work? He began to know what i meant.

If all cleaners, bus drivers are paid higher and citizens come back to work, will the shop having better businesses? I certainly think so.
Swee swee has tried to curb cleaner s pay by $1k for many years claiming no productivity increase. How can the economy whole productivity be related to cleaners?

Cleaners are not possible/able to increase productivity. Only the employers can increase productivity. Productivity not increase, cut cleaner s pay, this is Pap s policy.

Why suddenly cleaners can get 1400? That is after 4 years, and not sure if this gonna be possible as Pap will find other reason to stop pay at $1k.

To let cleaner getting more pay, only opposition party can let them increase naturally. Better vote for opposition in 2020GE, i think pay will increase beyond $1400pm in for yrs time, if Pap lose in GE. That $1k is artificially curbed by Swee Swee to make sure there are very poor people in sg while their bosses having multiple months bonus. Once opposition takes over, it will curb immigrants inflow, and pay will go up for all jobs, while bosses have to work harder and earn lesser.

Anonymous said...

/// How can the economy whole productivity be related to cleaners? ///

Tiok. This is a clever Sinkie.

Likewise think.
How can the entire Singapore economy depend only on LHL's Ministers and the PAP?

One LHL lady Minister can't even park her own Mercedes without help from a policeman.
You think she can help LHL create good jobs for Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

If Tony Tan stop being the President, do you think Singapore will die?

George Yeo got voted out.
Did Singapore die?

If you vote out Vivian Bala in GE 2020?
Do you think Singapore will die?

I think a many PAP Ministers can be voted out in GE 2020 ... and Singapore's economy will probably get better.
Because under the current group of PAP Ministers, Singapore's economy has been dying.

b said...

Many politicians in this world are afraid of local talents in their own countries that can vote them out. So they will try to make them cleaners and get foreigners to take up good jobs so there is no more talents that can vote them out. Fear of losing power is a serious problem in the political class.

Anonymous said...

/// Fear of losing power is a serious problem in the political class. ///

If this is true ... then do you think PAP is an anti-Singaporean Party?
And is it true that Singaporeans will be very stupid to vote for PAP in GE 2020?

Anonymous said...

//If this is true ... then do you think PAP is an anti-Singaporean Party?//
No PAPies r not Anti-Sinkies when approaching election time, cos their slogan is "...with u ..4u.." After election, their slogan change to "..what's wrong with collecting more $$$"

//And is it true that Singaporeans will be very stupid to vote for PAP in GE 2020?//

Sinkies r the smartest in this world ( base on PISA our students r top ),however, when come to election, most of them become "kiasi", some even ask what oppo can give them or if oppo elected who cuntry can collapse, Sinkies r brainwashed to condition that PAPies is the only party that can do the job, Sinkies r not 'gutsy' like the Americuns, but definitely 70% r dafts...

Anonymous said...

He who controls the collection and dispensing of taxpayers's money controls the daft and greedy sinkies. And because of this, Singapore's political landscape will not change, can never change and not possible to change even after a thousand years.