young pap forum

this is a forum operated by the ruling party to educate the younger members in the party. it is a political website for political education. the objectives are understandable and would serve the party well. in reality the forum has been turned into a cesspool for attacks against the ruling party. some were very personal and vindictive and uncalled for. the political issues raised, there are, are minimal and at times inconsequential. there is no response from the party or young party members. it is unidirectional. criticisms and attacks aimed at the party. no engagement of thoughts and ideas. we would expect some kind of response from the party to defend itself, its policies and at least try to explain why certain positions were taken. unfortunately there is a total silence from the official angle. how would the younger pap members going to benefit from their own website? how are they going to get an education when there is no engagement of the forumers by the party? perhaps the only thing that they will gain, tremendously, are vulgarities and criticisms against the party. and if no explanations are forth coming, the young members may take it that the criticism must have some elements of truth. otherwise why would the party not exercise its right to respond to wild criticisms and allegations? the party also professes to want feedback and a dialogue with the people. but sadly this is missing in the forum. it is a tool that is being abused and with little real value if it is going to be what it is... a graffiti board.

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