racism: I cannot speak your language - by Joe Public

posted by in findsingaporenet. One Nation? Forget it! Unless we are a nation of people sharing same characteristics, or same traits such as facial outline, skin tone / colour and hair texture. Perhaps through generation after generation of genetic process maybe ONE Nation is possible. Maybe ONE world too? IF above is in place. Until then racial differences shall be the foundation for systems of exploitation and discrimination. The rich gets richer. Though the stupid turns smarter. The racial prejudice within will prevent the axiom of one for all and all for one among the multi races. Because of racial prejudice - we coined the term RACISM. It is as we understand a systematic practice denying people rights. A system that deprives a representation in society. Prevents an equal opportunity of jobs when everything is equal. But a race. Further to be denied of resources. Simply because of different racial clusters in varied multi communities of an unequal state of living without [i]extended[/i] means. Or hands. WHY? I cannot speak your language. :roll:


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

it is not an easy task to maintain racial and religious harmony in a society like ours. the jailing of the two bloggers over an issue of dog's urine in a taxi exposes a web of issues that are difficult to understand and resolve.

i don't think many people understand how offensive it is to the muslims on contact with a dog's urine. and this is only skimming the surface of a hot potato. how many more taboos or prohibitions are there in the religion and in all the other religions and races that the people do not know and need to know? just to understand one religion and one race is already a tall order. now if we are all to be wary of what we can and cannot do in the presence of another race or religion, i think life is going to be quite difficult.

does the society expects everyone to know everything about the other religions and races? the thought of educating the populace in such matters is already a lost cause given the time, energy and resources needed.

can we live by the principle that the ignorant shall be forgiven? can all the races be less sensitive and forgiving when the ignorants cross the line unintentionally or unknowingly? often the offenders did not know that they have offended another on issues or race and religion. if everyone is to get infuriated because of such unintentional trespassing, we will have a lot of problems everyday.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

animals, and dogs are no exceptions, do not practise personal hygiene. whenever a dog pees, the last one or two drops will still hang around only to be dried on contact with something, or the cushion of a seat if it so happens to sit on it. and you can guarantee that the drop of urine is there, and will smell too.

any taxi that has taken a dog as a passenger, is likely to have some traces of urine on its seat, if the doggie had not deposit the last drop on the owner's dress.

so, many taxis have traces of dog's urine in them. shall we demand that all the taxis go take a bath everyday or whenever they take in a dog?

a muslim elite was wise to say that he was taught to interpret this taboo from the point that if one does not see it, then it is not there or no sin. i think this is a very practical way of living and reducing unnecessary stress on oneself by not having to constantly ask the question, has the taxi taken a dog, or has a dog left its last drop in the taxi.

life can be very miserable.

Anonymous said...

The saliva of a dog is impure to Muslims. IF it touches the clothes or body. That portion becomes impure and must be washed.

However dogs are to be treated the same as that of any other tamed animal. They can be kept for protection and hunting.

Be kept as a pet too. But (rediculous it may be) it is desirable (not obligatory of course) that it should not be brought inside the home.

About the notion that it is untouchable to Muslims has no basis.

In my humble thinking - people base this view mostly on the following Hadith.

The Prophet [once] said:
When a dog puts his mouth in some utensil wash it seven times and scrub it with mud the seventh time as well.

I believe that the Prophet gave this directive not because dogs are unclean. But because some dogs during his times were infected with rabies.

This seems so because of the intensity depicted in cleaning the utensil in this Hadith.

Had the matter been of a dog being unclean intrinsically. The need to wash any utensil NOT twice or thrice.

BUT seven times.

AND the seventh with mud would not have been necessary.

What is HAdith?

Hadith literally means “a saying”.

But in Islamic technical sense, a hadith refers to any of the following:

1. The sayings of the Prophet Muhammad

2.The Prophet’s acts

3. The Prophet’s tacit approval of an action or practice

4. The Prophet’s attributes both physical or moral

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

thanks for the explanation joe. i thought i read it in the paper that the offending element was the dog's urine.

your view that the original intention was cleanliness made a lot of sense. in many literatures, the prohibitions to eat pigs and crustaceans like crabs were due to their dirty diet. these are all scavengers.

it is very important for modern man to interpret ancient sayings and wisdoms together with modern knowledge. they will make more sense than just blindly sticking to them without understanding.

as regards dog's urine or saliva, the latter is always dripping and not unusual to have it everywhere when a dog is present.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I have Muslim friends who told me likewise the Muslim elite that you referred to. As long as one does not see the urine or saliva. The assumption or benefit of doubt shall be with the believer. Unless a Muslim knowingly goes into a vehicle stained with urine or saliva.

That goes for the food too. Muslims require "HALAL" preparation of foods and drinks. Assuming a Muslim has no reason to believe that there is pork nor lard.

Neither the meat nor poultry are slaughtered according to Islamic Rights, it is alright to consume the food on the basis of ignorance!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

all religions have their taboos and prohibitions. but living together in close proximity, sharing common social facilities and space, it is unavoidable to trespass each other's barriers.

it is how people react to such trespassing, many from ignorance or without intention to violate that matters. if every race felt strongly offended and demanded actions against the violater, then there will be endless problems.

many a times the more amicable or tolerable group will lose out as they absorb any violations quietly without making a fuss. this gives the impression that the offending party are angels and did not violate others. and worst, scream at the slightest violations.

it will never end.

Anonymous said...

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