poor singaporeans, life is tough

no, i am not referring to them having to fight for jobs with foreign workers. no, not that they have to work as cleaners and sweepers. these are poor people with hardly any spare cash and yet having to make ends meet. and they are being forced to save from the miserable few dollars they called wages. and they need to save them to the tune of $90,000 so that they will not be a burden to themselves and to a society that expects them to live till 80 years old. all their present needs and responsibilities which they are having a hard time to fulfill must be set aside to save for the future. a future that they might not want to see or know. to many, they are more concern with food on the table and pocket money for their children, on top of all the basic necessities to be alive. they are really blessed with a compassionate and thoughtful government that insisted on planning their future for them, and making sure that they, the poor, will be able to support themselves, not through state welfarism.

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