a casino in my country

they are building a casino in my country. but they said i must pay $100 before i can go in to look see look see. but foreigners are allowed to go in for free. the citizen has no honour in his own land. i think it is a matter of time before singaporeans got caught and send to jail for using the passports of their maids to enter the casino, to save on the $100 entry fee. some may borrow passports from foreign workers from china or india to gain entry, and also got caught and send to jail. my country, my home, my casino and my jail, but only place where you can't find singaporeans is my casino.

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

our best brains used to have it too easy in drawing up rules and policies. and if they don't work, slammed it down with a fine or a jail.

and now comes our casino. we try witha string of rules again, but only to find that all of them just can't work. the casino is no longer another uniquely singapore animal. it is an international entity and is governed by a string of international rules and regulations, philosophy, culture and ethics. any rule or regulation that is applicable to singapore, uniquely, will not work without looking silly.

even the $100 entry ruling is going to be hard to swallow and will remain a mockery to every singaporean. and worst, it will never work. it will be by passed through all kinds of tricks and gimmicks that will make it anything but a lame duck.

i bet all the casino operators must be having a good laugh. why introduce something that is going to be irrelevant?