a war we cannot win

we are openly against terrorism and has in our own way declared war on terrorism. after the disclosure of the planned attack on some targets in the island, whether we like it or not, whether we declare war on terrorism or just keep quiet, we are already a target of the terrorists. it seems like we really have no choice but to take a stand. but taking this stand only makes our position clear and our chances of being hit just as obvious. the question is when. or can we really hope that we are able to thwart all attempts at hitting us? giving that in terms of possibilities and probabilities, we will be hit someday somehow. the people should all be prepared mentally to expect such an eventuality and to be able to deal with it when it happens. life will no longer be the same again. how is everyone going to be prepared, be cautious, be ready to take actions to prevent something drastic from happening? how is everyone going to watch and look at everyone with suspicion without being rude and aggressive, without causing unpleasantness and outright violence while in the process of being vigilant?


Anonymous said...

Try to spend more time in attempting to understand idea of 'terrorism' rather than taking your idea from the word itself. Relate it to historical, sociological and psychological facts and then you might be in a better position to oppose 'terrorism'. Get you nose out of the ST and dive into intelligent sources that is a non sequitur when it comes to chinese-dominated sg.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

you have your point. for those who are reading western media, many will take it for granted the western definition of terrorism. in this case it simply means the act of sabotage or violence against civilians or civilian targets by muslim terrorist groups. actually terrorism per se is different depending on which angle one looks at it. in the arab muslim world, the american bombing of their countries is terrorism, state terrorism. so who is the terror and who is the victim.

just because soldiers fought in the name of their countries and wearing uniforms and flying their national flags does not mean that their killings and destruction of properties are justified...by a term called war. it is terrorism in another form. to their victims, they are also terrorists.