signs of first world status. we have arrived

we are a developed nation. our people are well educated, well travelled, well informed, cultured, rich and disciplined. and to consolidate our first world status, we have the following to make sure we remain there forever. 1. to prevent our people from falling back to their old third world habits, we have laws to fine them for spitting. 2. we also have laws to jail them for cheating bus fares. 3. we also jail them when they made reckless posts in the cyber world. 4. we also levy a $100 charge for entry to casino. this is to ensure that the mature ones are allowed into the casino, ie those who can afford to pay $100. price of maturity is $100. 5. to qualify to be the president of the island, one must run a $200 million organisation. the quality of a presidential candidate is $200 million worth. 6. we also subsidised those who can afford to acquire the taste for arts and culture on their visits to our world class theatre. 7. we also protect our vulnerable senior citizens by putting all their savings under lock and key when they reached 55. just in case they throw away all their monies. 8. and the conduct and proceedings in our parliament are most civil and distinguished. no throwing of chairs and tables. members of parliament take turns to ask questions politely. 9. we have the biggest stockmarket in the region. and most of the stocks are attractively priced that they are popularly known as penny stocks. 10. we have the best govt that plans for the people and telling the people how to live their lives, from cradle to grave. 11. we paid our politicians and senior civil servants so well that we are corruption free. at the lower level, the people are not paid so well, but are also corruption free.

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