substandard window rivets

all hdb flat owners are now expected to change all their window rivets within 5 years of occupying their flats. those with older flats are given an ultimatum to change by 30 sep, failing which they could be fined or jailed for maintaining a window that is now a life threatening hazard to people passing below. using the same logic, if hdb suddenly discovered that the wirings in hdb flats are faulty, they could also demand that all hdb flatowners change all their wirings, say again within 5 years. and again it will be the responsibility of hdb flatowners to change the wirings or face a fine or jail. the question is why is hdb allowed to shift the responsibility of poor workmanship or installing substandard items and made the buyers be responsible for it? isn't it reasonable for the window rivets to last at least 10 years or more unless being misused by the owners? likewise, all wirings and many other fixtures are expected, and can be expected, to last more than 10 years. in many of the older estates, the window rivets lasted more than 20 years. why suddenly people are told that the rivets are only worthy for 5 years? in the case of the window rivets, is the hdb being fair to the flatowners. or in this case it becomes the govt who is expecting the flatowners to bear the burden while hdb got away scot free. not hdb's problem anymore. are flatowners getting a raw deal? what if the hdb flats were developed by private developers? or would private developers be able to get away with such low quality rivets?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

case, the champion of consumer rights is taking up the issue of lemons in the car industry. the gist is that no one is allowed to sell lemons and get away with it.

what is a lemon is still being defined. basically any faulty product is a lemon. a faulty car, radio, hifi, furniture, fridge, and yes,it must also include a house or a flat.

now when you buy a flat, and the developer tells you that in 5 years time all your windows will become safety hazards, threatening the lives of people walking below. is that a reasonable expectation from a buyer of a flat? is a hdb flat a lemon?

perhaps case, being the real champion of the people and the protector of the people's interests, may want to look at this case all over again. or is it a task too huge for it to handle? or is it water under the bridge. case closed. lets move on?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

today the newspaper reported that toyota is recalling 1 million cars because of a faulty light switch.

does the hdb think it is their responsibility to recall or replace all the substandard window rivets because they are going to pose a safety hazard to people?