are we ready for cyber demonstration?

we have seen what cyber demonstration could do in the nkf case. other than the physical demonstration of hundreds or thousands of bodies thumping their chests and shouting slogans, we have the same numbers making the same point without risking anyone being hurt, without inviting the police to take down names and ic numbers, without the fear of damaging public properties, with leaving the comfort of the homes or office, etc. people demonstrate for a cause, to make a point, to raise an issue, to be heard. can the authority accept this as a more civilised, non violent way of expression, to be heard? would the authority clamp down on such protest? a protest is a feedback that the govt wants. and a cyber demonstration is perhaps the best thing that can happen. hear the real voices and respond accordingly in a civil manner, all the swearings can be ignored. or to prove or make a point, any cursing and swearing will by default and designed be ignored completely. people who want to be heard need to accept a certain decorum and civility in putting their points across. are we ready to evolve towards this dimension? or would the authority continue to insist on a quiet subservient and obedient populace without knowing when it will blow up?

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