maids, do not bring a stranger home

i have written before, singaporeans are so honest to the point of being idiotic. how could they ever think of bringing a stranger home, ie a maid, and leave their most precious and helpless love ones at the mercy of this total stranger? do they know anything about her? is she mentally stable? does she harbour any evil thoughts? what is her values, conduct, emotions, motivations...? a maid is a good servant, a good helping hand for those who need them just for that purpose. the rich can have many maids without problems because maids are there at their command and control. not the other way round. what happens in many homes now is that the maid is put in total control of the homes in the absence of the masters. the master/mistress is totally dependent on the maid. they are both outside and leave their homes, young children/babies or handicap parents to the maids who now become the rulers behind their backs. when the maids are let loose to do what they want, without a pair of watchful eyes, all kinds of things and dangers will happen. more tragedies are waiting to happen in the homes of simple minded singaporeans who know no danger or cannot appreciate that there is a jungle out there, with wild animals.


Anonymous said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

if one day, after a weekend outing in botanic garden or in orchard road, and all the maids gang up and decided to poison their employers, it is not farfetch that on monday morning 10,000 employers were poisoned and dead.

it is a nightmare that can happen. the maid can feed the unwary employer or their children or babies anything. the most risky place is the presumed safety of the home, when the stranger is in control.

Anonymous said...

Maids will now get 1 day off per week. That means they will have 1/7 chance less in your house to kill you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

now that's a nice thought. lowering the odds.

but i think this maid thing is a very serious problem if we are not careful. in the homes of warlords or the super rich, they normally have very firm control over the servants. and they also have the means to crush the servants if they need to. and the servants knew very well who their masters were and would not dare to fool around.

in our society, many of the maid employers are simply the average citizens, some might even be of lesser intelligence than the maids or physically helpless if the maids intend to do them harm. then there are the children, babies and aged parents. even the masters and mums, a few drops of rat poison can do a lot of harm.

the maid you bring home could be a psychopath.

Anonymous said...

If maids get one day off per week, Employer's work would be treated as part-time only and to be carried out half-heartly. Her full-time job, even for a day per week, would be more lucrative and to be carried out whole-heartly.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i think their weekend job is good for the service industry. don't forget there are a few hundred thousand foreign male workers that need some tender loving care. if these are not cater to, our women folks will be at risk.

but there is still this problem of them having too much time together and with the foreign men. many ideas may brood and many sinister schemes may be hatched.

though it is only fair to let them have a day off, the trade off for this good gesture may be too costly. if they stay at home or engage in healthy normal activities no problem. but when they got mixed up with some rogues who started to plant dangerous ideas into their heads then things can get nasty.