accident prone junction

the junction at cecil street and robinson road is now a very dangerous accident spot. 8 accidents occurred over the last 3 days. the situation was created by the removing of a road divider which prevented vehicles from driving straight into d'almeida street. and the reason for removing the divider is to stop pedestrians from crossing that stretch of road and standing on the divider. the intention to remove the divider may be good but what happens now is the creation of a very dangerous spot. the authorities seem to be quite reluctant to take immediate actions to correct the problem. maybe they think they have a lot of time to play with, just like the nicoll highway case, and waiting for some ugly accidents to happen, maybe the lost of some lives. it is now a matter of whether more accidents will happen first or some corrective measures be taken quickly to prevent them from happening.


Anonymous said...

oh, the lta has taken quick action to rectify the danger that it had created. yellow and black striped poles were erected in the place of the cement divider that were removed. altogether about 20 such metal poles, nicely painted, have been put up overnight. quite efficient, but a lot of work, a lot of accidents, a lot of money spent, all for nothing.

everything is now as before. people are still crossing the section of the road, standing in between the road dividing poles.

what a waste of effort and public fund.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

will the person who authorised the moving of the road divider, painted all the beautiful colours on the road, caused all the road accidents as a result, reinstalled metal poles, repainted them, receive a pay cut? or shall he be rewarded for fixing something that ain't broken?

people who live be the rule that you must fix things even if it ain't broken, lives dangerously. if nothing happens no one will say anything. if like in this case, people will say 'kay khian,' or try to be smart.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i took a closer look at the newly erected poles at the junction. my god, about 60 poles were erected in a straight line. 60 yellow and black stripe poles lining in the middle of a 6 lane major road! what an awful sight.

then i look at them from a different angle, from the direction of a driver driving towards them. at certain angle i could only see one single pole with the rest in perfect position exactly behind one another. the workers have done a very accurate piece of geometrical structure.

what does this mean? someone, someday, unconsciously or distracted, will drive his car into the poles. imagine if it happens to be a bus, it will plough right through the poles. but for a car, wonder if the driver or the passenger will get away scratch free.

why create a road hazard in the middle of a busy road junction when the previous road divider was serving its function effectively?

just wait and see to count how many cars are going to hit the poles. will the people creating such a road hazard be liable should accidents happen as a result of its presence?