govt in business, a conflict of interest

robertteh made these pertinent points about the increasing role of govt in private enterprise that leads to a conflict of interest to their role as govt of the people. as the elected govt, they have an interest to protect the people and to serve the interest of the people. in the case of private enterprises, the primary interest is profit and shareholder's return. when the govt is just the govt, they will administer policies to protect the people's interests. when the govt also wears the hat as private enterprise owners, they have an interest to maximise profits. the proposal to jail bus cheat is the most glaring example of a conflict of interest where the govt finds it more important to protect the private enterprise than the people. similarly, the increase in public transport fares and the fare formula were also good examples where the transport companies' interests now supercede the interest of the people. medical fees and cost of essential services are all examples where a govt no longer see the people's welfare as important as the profits of these organisations.


Anonymous said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

at the rate this is going, the overcharging of fares by the bus companies is going to become very embarrassing. it might explode like the nkf issue.

today a commuter wrote to the straits times forum revealing that he had been overcharged many times but found it more expensive to claim for the excess fares charged. eventually he made it a point to check and found that out of 10 trips he was overcharged on 4 occasions, ie a 40% error. now this is amazing. it was reported as a small problem based on the numbers provided by the bus companies. now it seems that the error is colossal.

what is the govt going to do about it? to continue to protect the bus companies?