national reserves, for what

we have a huge national reserve amounting to $200 billion. what are these reserves being used for, to create more billions and more billions. is creating creating wealth just for the sake of making more money to be kept in reserve? we have an ageing problem like all nations. to solve this problem, instead of making some provisions from our national income and reserves, we enforced by law, to keep the people's cpf money and the govt has the audacity to decide how these monies shall be dispensed back to their rightful owners. if these money were deposited by their owners in a bank and the bank takes the same attitude, the bank will be broken in no time. the meaning of ownership of these monies in the cpf has totally been distorted and changed. what are we doing to the national reserves and national wealth? one thing that is very obvious is to pay to a small elite whose huge income is never seen to be enough. the more they are paid, the more they keep asking, regardless of their actual contributions. it is time that the national wealth be used for the interest of the majority of the people. let not the argument that by giving each citizen $1000, it will cost the nation $3 billion. then it is better to pay 100 people $1 mil each as it will only cost only $100 million.

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

good that the govt is now trying to find ways to distribute some of the wealth of the nation to the people. depending on how these monies are distributed, it could be an attractive way to tell the people then citizenship has its privileges.

it is time to put a bigger distinction between citizens and non citizens. the people, especially the men, have contributed and sacrificed enough for the nation. what is a little reward from incomes from the nation's reserve?