general election - opposition to win by default

can't believe the statement myself either. the pap has been winning elections by default. how could the opposition parties ever think of winning any seat by default? yes, the opposition parties can only win seats by default, not the general election. the pap will still win a big number of seats. but the opposition parties shall also win quite a number of seats simply be default, that is if they play their cards right. how so? there are no issues that the opposition parties could pounce on. that is what the pap wanted everyone to believe. they are trying to talk away the problems. but for those who are affected, gravely and grieviously affected, the problems cannot go away. if you are jobless, you are jobless. if one is in debt, one is in debt. if one is holding on to a negative asset, one is broke. if one is 55, one is not going to see his cpf money. if one is sick, one cannot run away from expensive hospital bills. if one has several school going children, one is in shit just to pay their school fees. there are problems and enormous problems. and the oppositions know very well how the people are feeling. but no, the election will not be won by all these issues. the issues have been there and will be there. the opposition may win a few seats but will not be able to solve these problems. the electorate knows too. these issues will just form the backdrop of the whole picture. what must the opposition do to win a few more seats? it is very simple and also very difficult. the opposition parties do not need any mavericks or exceptional candidates to win an election. all they need are simple, decent professionals who can talk simply, rationally and honestly. the people's expectation are not unreasonably high of the opposition candidates. they only want good people to stand up to the pap. but be very careful here. the electorate will not tolerate ruffians, gangsters or scums to be paraded as worthy candidates. opposition candidates cannot afford to misbehave, to be rude, unruly, outright abusive. just proper and decent people, preferably professionals. if the opposition parties can put up such candidates, they will win by default. the people will just dump their votes to them. no need to over do things. just represent the people in parliament to win back the respect for the voters and speak on behalf of the interests of the voters. the people really need to be represented by members of parliament who will genuinely look after their interests. now the difficult task is to search and convince decent professionals to stand for them. remember, no ah meng, no pasar malam hawkers, no kopi kia, no con men or people who have criminal records. the people expect opposition candidates to be of a reasonable standard, presentable and articulate enough to bring them honour in parliament. not candidates that go to parliament to snore, or giggle or to be absent to attend to more urgent personal interests and hobbies. yes, with reasonable candidates, the opposition parties can win many more seats by default.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

can the opposition parties feel the frustration of the people? can they see how policies are shafted down the people's throat? if they can only translate these frustrations and relate with the people, empathise with the people and tell the people that they will stand up for them, they will be most welcome.

for the moment the people are just on the receiving end with no one to stand up for their rights and interests.

Anonymous said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

a letter in the forum page of the straits times today by a chan mia lee confidently said that the ground in potong pasir is not level and chiam must buck up and strengthen his ties with the people. the implication is that chiam is losing ground. she claimed that sitoh has been doing a lot of great works to improve the life in potong pasir.

if the last 5 elections were a sign of what potong pasir residents want, no matter how much work sitoh is doing, they will still vote for chiam. this will prove my statement that the opposition will win by default if they can put up good and honest men to run. no need all the fanciful stuff. the voters are hungry for good opposition candidates to represent them in parliament.

Anonymous said...


You don't look like you have observed Singapore politicians well or long enough; major opposition party candidates have largely spoken rationally and honestly; nothing. This is too simplistic for a winning formula. Who are the ruffians, gangsters or scums you refer to?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

ruffians and scums are everywhere. some you see them as they really are. some yet to be seen beneath the sheep's clothing.

but it is important and necessary for politics and politicking for power to be more civil and gentlemanly. we still need to develop or project a political culture that is less abrasive, less personal, less vindictive and less destructive. whoever wins the confidence of the people shall govern with grace and acceptance by all, including the losers. the winners and losers shall embrace each other as worthy and respect rivals in the same game.

if we fail to develop such a culture, it is very easy to go back to a time when politicking is akin to warlordism or gangsterism. the game rule must be established now and for the good of future generations. we must not allow our system to become one like taiwan when 'black' power determines who should rule with 'white' power, where the triads determine who shall govern the country. where the police and the triads are indistinguishable.

we must not turn back the clock. we have to move forward and institutionalised this quickly.

Anonymous said...

Opposition quite hard to win by default if they can't convince the fairer sex to vote for them. Let say about 80% of women choose the current ruling party and still do so in the next GE. 40% of the vote will be in the bag of the ruling party. Let say half of the men choose Opposition half choose Ruling party. Further 25% go to Ruling party. With minimum 65% of the votes, it is difficult for Opposition to win.
Opposition need to work hard to win over our women folk to their side, then they have a fair chance.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i didn't know where you got the idea that women folks will vote for pap. or is it because of the perks for more children?

or are they attracted to the handsome miws?