dengue war

the most said and recommended suggestion in the media to fight the spread of dengue is pouring away water left in vases and pots and pans. what they missed out is to ensure that whatever eggs, larvae and pupae present should also be destroyed first before pouring the water into the sewage. otherwise, the live eggs, larvae and pupae are likely to survive in the sewage system and continue into full blown mosquitoes, out of sight and out of harm from man. the intention with getting rid of all stagnant water is to deprive the mosquitoes of their breeding grounds. but the mosquitoes, with their natural instinct to breed will resoucefully go about finding water in the most unlikely crooks and corners, away and out of sight of man. and they will return in full force to attack and spread dengue as before. it is better to harvest their eggs in convenient places, eg bathrooms and destroy them properly. every egg harvest is every egg deprived from hatching into another mosquito. a proper and well coordinated campaign can produce very good results.

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