6 papers in 2 days in O level exam

the biggest hurdle, the most demanding test in a young person's life, and the most nerve wrecking moment, must be the o level examination. this is the examination that sets or alters the whole life of a young man/woman. it is the stepping stone towards a university education or a polytechnic education or worst. it also determines a good junior college or a lesser one. this year's exam, even before it officially started, is already an issue. some students are crying foul for having to sit for 3 papers in a day with only a 30 minutes break. and it can't be helped. so said the authority. and for some of the worst hit, this is going to be repeated twice. sitting for one paper is already a stress. two papers are simply very energy sapping. 3 papers, all crammed together, how to describe that? only the students who sat for it will know. poor buggers. not those people who said can't be helped. and i repeat, it can't be helped! really, after so many years and experience in administering the examination, is it that difficult? is it that unforeseeable? 15 days of examination at a punishing pace. it only needs one extra day to reduce the pressure and mental stress on the affected students. is it too much to ask for? are all the facilities and examiners too preoccupied that there is no consideration to include one single miserable day to make it just a little easier on the nimble and young minds? too late now to talk about it. one may want to ask why must it be left till now for it to surface. but will it be repeated again next year and the subsequent years? yes, definitely. the reason, can't be helped!

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