foreign talents: singapore no lack of local talents

in the local foreign talent debate, the authority's view, or the view of our supertalents, is that singapore lacks local talents. so there is a need to import and nurture foreign talents, which directly causes the further dwindling of the local talent pool. we need to provide the environment and create opportunities for our own talents to grow. this is probably the only country that despises its own children and craves for the greener grass next door. in some areas, yes, we need some foreign talents to increase the pool, not to replace the pool of local talents with foreign talents. just imagine what would happen to the current pool of mediacorp artistes if we don't have mediacorp to provide them the opportunities to grow? no other country will give our local talents a chance. perhaps a few very exceptional one. but they still need a headstart locally to be known and discovered. pearry reginald teo is a clear cut example of a local reject made good as a foreign talent in hollywood. he would probably be a hawker selling pirated vcds if he remains here. we have world class photographers, dancers, pianists, musicians, computer graphic experts, etc, grown and nurtured overseas to no credit of singapore. it is time that the govt takes a reflection of their foreign talent policy and put some money and effort to treasure and grow local talents, which may not be the equivalent of straight As. and most foreign talents too did not have them but were given a headstart in their home tuft to build up their porfolio. the govt must stop strangling our own children. stop the foreign talent policy. modify it to take in only the best the world can provide and supplement with our own children.

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Doramon said...

Of cos we lack local talents. Come on, we need ONE man to be a prime minister cum finance minister cum MAS chief cum everything else. Apparently, it's deemed that no one else can do the job better..