public transportation: the magical formula to run a business

the public transport council, ptc has come up with the magic formula for all businesses. a fair and equitable formula that guarantees profit in all situations. the only difference is how much. the variables in the formula includes economic factors, average wages and productivity of train operators. after analysing the input factors, it is undoubtedly the most ingenious formula that can be apply across the board to all industries. the formula should be strongly recommended as a national asset, copyrighted and be applied as the ultimate formula for business success.


Joe Public said...

The only magic formula in business is NO competition.

Seriously 2 thinkable formulas:

[1] Demand

[2] Costs

As for transportation - the bulk of costs to be fuel!

Magic formula?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

now the magic formula is further modified and made more effective with bigger fines and the threat of jail.

why is penalties and laws always one sided, targetting only at the people/commuters? why is it that the law allows the transport company to get away with overcharging, causing so much trouble for commuters to claim back their monies without penalties? can there be some fair play?

the transport companies could work out a $9 mil annual loss due to fare cheats. could they also work out how much they overcharged the commuters due to a flawed system?