evergreen super talents

for the last 30 to 40 years, singapore was virtually run by a group of supertalents, the same group of individuals whom lky once said could fill up a 747 jet. today, after all these years, the same 200/300 individuals are still hoarding all the key positions in the economy except for a very few who passed away. and it seems that this creme ala creme of supertalents are here to stay for as long as they are alive and kicking. they appear to be irreplaceable, and many going from strength to strength, wearing several hats. whither will these elders, senior statesmen, corporate honchos etc call it a day and say they had enough? whither will they say their contributions have reached a point of diminishing returns. and how much it is costing the economy to keep these 200/300 supertalents in their enviable positions?

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