live longer, a blessing from advancement in medical science

people are now living longer and expected to live longer in the future. thanks to advancement in medical science. and thanks to stem cell technology. we shall all be joyous to this new development. wishing people many good returns, long live the emperor, many good years, now take on a different and real meaning. but is it time for celebration? far from it. medical science is now creating a mammoth social and economic problem to society. how to keep these old hags that refused to die, or cannot die, alive, happy and productive, and not be a burden to society and their families and the state? the social and government structure to support a society of old hags is just not there, or not ready to cope with the associated problems of an ageing society. our initial reaction is to grab hold onto people's money and hold them at ransom. i will give you a little at a time while you keep growing old and unemployed. we know that you will not have any means to upkeep yourself. so the best thing is to hold on to your money. hopefully you die before you use up your savings. what am i talking, my savings or your savings? anyway, it is the money in your cpf. this is the ingenious solution that we can think of for the moment. you have to look after yourself, not the state. perhaps we should take heed to the objection by the church. we shall forbid stem cell technology. let people live and die the natural way. the longer people lived, the more problems they created for society. and society has no answer. how can there be when one is no longer employable at 50 or 55 years? how then to feed oneself to 90 years? but then again, the church is wrong. stem cell technology was started when god created man. eve was created out of some cells from adam. god had shown the way to mankind what stem cell technology can do to propagate life. if god did it, then it cannot be wrong and cannot be forbidden. long live mankind, long live old hags.

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