bombs in new delhi...what does it mean to us

another awful destruction of innocent lives, away from our shores. we read the news, we reflect a little, there is fear that we can be next, thank god we are safe. but for how long? we are a prime target. there is no doubt about this. we were targeted even before the americans went into iraq and forced our hands in their 'you are with me or against me' law of the mighty. we have to fight with them or we become the enemy of the usa. this is the type of friends we have. we were bullied into a war, an illegitimate war, and we are stucked in it, not knowing how to get out. now we are counting the days before the next bomb hits us. say, if we were not dragged into this shit, could we adopt a different approach or strategy to lower the anger against us and bring us lower in the list of desired targets? we do not have a strong adversary relationship with those groups that are planting the bombs. there are differences in world views, but nothing serious enough for people to want to blow us up. we cannot assume that these people are totally senseless, irrational and could not be reasoned with. the disclosure of the attempts at some targets in the island were directed at foreign interests. we were initially an indirect target of sort. if that be the case, could we negotiate ourselves out of this dangerous scenario? could we bring some sense to those bombers to redirect their attention elsewhere? or even now, can we extricate ourselves from this unholy alliance of the 'coalition of the unwilling?' there must be a better way out of this quagmire. we must not adopt the attitude that we have no other moves, with our hands twisted against our back by our good friend the usa. our friends have no right to force us to make enemies with their enemies. they are embroiled in a war with the bombers for a totally different reason and we need not be a core member in it. the bombers too will see the advantage to take on only their main enemies and leave the rest of the world alone. we need to talk to these people and drum in some sense in them. we need to get out of it. our security people will not be able to be always on top of the problem. a slip is all it needs. we cannot afford it. violence is not the only way to solve this problem. there got to be other ways. we cannot dig ourselves deeper into it as the days go by. why are we in this shit...to be a key target?


Anonymous said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

the american response to the terrorist is to hit back. and the world has taken this cue from the americans, and tries to hit back at the terrorists. what the world has been misled by the americans is the idea that there is no room for discussion with the terrorists, that the terrorists are insane and irrational people. that terrorism is a madness and can only be terminated by force. unfortunately the greater the force is applied, the greater is the resistance.

why doesn't anyone ever want to talk to the terrorists? it is very obvious that the terrorists have an agenda, a goal. and that they are acting this way for a reason or many reasons.

are the terrorists all insane, people who cannot think logically, who are out just to kill and destroy? i believe these organisations are made up of intelligent people who know what they want. if only people attempt to understand them, talk to them and find a solution that is acceptable to both sides. yes, the favourite phrase, a win win solution.

why are the americans refusing to even talk to seek out a peaceful settlement? either they can't or they knew that they are the main cause of the problem. for the rest of the world, they must attempt to talk to the terrorists instead of following the americans blindly. the situation is getting more dangerous by the day and goinf to be more messy and deadly.

the world and the terrorists must return to sanity and sensibilities. let's talk and try to end this senseless carnage around the world.