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what is acceptable to post in forum/blog?

the charging of 3 bloggers under the sedition acts and the intent by the govt to amend the laws on blogging both spelt bad news for blogging and internet forums. many are questioning what is acceptable and what is not. where are the ob markers? are there any guidelines other than the provisions of the sedition acts or good commonsense and respect for others? or shall forumers and bloggers take the cue from the official media? or shall they rely on the standards set in govt or govt related forums as to what is tolerable by the authorities? can forumers rely on the ypap forum and say what is acceptable there must be acceptable elsewhere? the ypap forum may not be an official govt organ. but it is sponsored and operated by the ruling party, which is also the govt. can one then conclude that it is sanctioned by the govt and thus it sets the standard for all internet forum and blogging? afterall senior members of the ruling party must have visited and read the postings in the ypap forum. and if they have condoned them would it be double standard to say other forums or bloggers are not allowed? what happens if an accused blogger quote postings from the ypap forum as a defence if such postings are more vile and vicious than what they have posted?


redbean said...

should the ypap forum be banned for allowing very fierce articles and comments to be posted in the site? by looking at the copious postings on racial and religious issues and the vicious and provocative comments, it gives the impression that such comments are acceptable.

alpha said...

Qn: What do you think ypap forum exists for?

redbean said...

very tough question alpha. but on the surface they may be setting the standard for discussion and the use of vulgarity in internet forum.

the ypap forum is the market leader, they set the tone, what can be discussed what cannot, what is ob what is not.

i think that is what they are there for. or is it so? it will be interesting to discuss it in parliament and praise the ypap forum as the role model for all internet forums.

redbean said...

the guidelines or standard of decency have more or less been established for offensive bloggers in the area or race and religion. there is another area where trouble is seen to be brewing. the blogs of students who made cheeky, nasty or lewd remarks against their teachers, principals and fellow students.

some of the students have been given stern warnings. some maybe treated to more severe punishments. the issue is whether such remarks are pranks or things said at a time when the young minds were still very impressionable and fashionable. many things were said or done without any real thought or understanding the seriousness of how they will affect others. the time of being young and beautiful, the years of innocence that we all lived through and could reminisce or regret, or smile cheekily during our sunset years.

will the authority, the guardians and educators treat such infringements with some humility and make an effort to understand and appreciate the intentions and thoughts or personalities behind the remarks?

some needs to be spanked. that is unavoidable. but a little caution, a little more care and understanding must be put in before some young lives are destroyed by mishandling such problems.

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