How to save Iran and the rest of the world

The Americans are dead set to attack Iran militarily and are amassing the biggest naval force in the Gulf of Oman since the invasion of Iraq. There is no good and justifiable reason for the Americans to start a war with Iran under international law and norms. The only reason for the Americans to want to start a war with Iran is for American hegemony and dominance in the region.

The world cannot allow this to happen. Russia and China and other friendly countries to Iran cannot allow this to happen. What can Russia and China and the rest of the world do while the warmongering Americans are beating the war drums and mustering up a coalition of pro American countries to attack Iran?
The British have started the ball rolling by hijacking an Iranian super tanker on the false allegation that it was supplying oil to Syria. This kind of international piracy is irreprehensible and cannot be tolerated by the rest of the world.

The unilateral sanction against Iran by the Americans, like the sanction against Venezuela, is causing untold hardship to the people of Iran, and also Venezuela. Both countries are suffering from economic hardship with Venezuela at the verge of collapsing.

Small countries cannot be subject to the bullying of the Americans, be threatened by economic sanctions and the threats of war. Small countries must be free from the coercion and threats of big powers like the Americans and European powers to choose their way of life. For this to happen, small countries must have the option to say no to the American and European bullying and threats.

Russia and China must step in to fill this void, to offer small countries the protection and support when threatened by the Americans and European powers. A very good example is the Russian and Chinese support for Syria and Venezuela. Without these supports, the popularly elected governments of both countries would have been toppled by the Americans.

Iran is facing the same threat and more deadly with the Americans ready to attack Iran at any moment. It is better to prevent a war from starting than to get involved militarily once a war is started. The best and most immediate action to prevent such a dangerous and disastrous war is for Russia and China to sign a military alliance with Iran to tell the Americans that an attack on Iran is an attack on Russia and China. Both Russia and China would then have the obligation and justification to come to the defence of Iran when the latter is attacked by the Americans.

The Americans have been using military alliances to justify their military involvement, in the name of defending their allies, to engage in a war with other countries. Russia and China must do the same, to justify their engagement in wars against an aggressive power attacking their smaller allies. Military alliances are necessary to save and protect smaller countries from being attacked by bigger and belligerent powers like the Americans and Europeans. In the absence of such alliances, more and more small countries would be at the mercy of the Americans and European powers as they are absolutely hapless against such overwhelming military might. Only Russia and China can provide the protective umbrella to smaller countries to live alone and in peace.

Russia and China have to shoulder this responsibility to protect the rest of the world from the aggressive American hegemony and threats of war and economic sanctions. Russia and China combined today are economically and militarily strong enough to keep the hostile Americans and Europeans from bullying the rest of the world.

Russia and China cannot wait for the Americans and Europeans to start attacking Iran as it would be too late. Iran and its people would suffer untold damages and destruction when attacked by the Americans and its coalition of equally militarily adventurous allies.

Russia and China must act now to protect and defend Iran and prevent the outbreak of war in the Persian Gulf, a war that would engulf the whole region with neighbouring countries being involved and destroyed. A military alliance with Iran would tell the Americans and its belligerent allies to cool off and leave Iran alone. Without this military alliance, the Americans and its lackeys would be emboldened to attack Iran.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

All countries with cyber capabilities must now work together, unite, focus and concentrate all your efforts onto countering and crippling the Evil US Empire"s cyber capabilities.

Only by this way can the US's 3C (Command Control Communication) be hampered, limited, restricted or obstructed, and therefore, made ineffective or crippled.

Without their ease in the use of their 3Cs, the military forces of the Evil US Empire will not be able to succeed in their evil destructive missions.

Anonymous said...

The Us or Uk can try war with Iran but Iran also got wmd, the Russian or China might assist Iran when there is a war break out. The Us will hv to think thrice b4 they strike else will suffer with gignomous consequences.

Virgo 49 said...

Now the best solution.

North Korea carried overland to Iran their killer ICBM. With Necular Heads.

China and Russia also send theirs.

Borrow knives to kill the Americunts without blooding their hands.

Americunts attack. Gave all to them.

Have their Allied Forces of RUSSIA,China and North Korea operating nuclear forces in Iranian Miltary Uniforms to operate their Arsenals.

Bye bye UAssA.


imho said...

If only asia countries can unite as one rock, uass will never stand a chance to bully asia. The reason for all the conflicts in asia is because asia is weak like sand as stated by Sun Wen.

Anonymous said...

Greed, not money, is the ROOT of ALL Evils.

Greed for Money is the ROOT of ALL Havocs.

Greed for Power is the ROOT of ALL Miseries.

Greed for Money and Power is the ROOT of ALL Destructions to Others first and ultimately to Self also.

The end of your journey in life, wherever you may be - Earth, Mars, Milky Way - is DEATH!

No one brings his possessions accumulated and enmased, due to greed, in his whole life time, to his grave.

The End Game is NAKED EMPTINESS. Even your dead body, which your children burnt into ashes and out into an urn, is nothing but numerous grains of dust which will ultimately dissolve into the Great Emptiness of Space.

Where then will be your Ego? Your thoughts? Your Legacy? Your Greatness? If you are lucky, yoir children or grand children may still remember you. Look at LKY. What have happened after his demise? His own loved ones hammering one another to kingdoms come - kingdoms without kings, coming without cums. What has happened to his legacy - carefully, pains-takingly and meticulously curved in his 91 years of life? Gone with the wind, a powerful wind born of power, not because of power-struggle, but because of a stroke of stupidity in some brilliant minds. A laughing stork?

That is an excellent example of the folly of greed.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Aiyah, a long time coming lah. since they had to "rescue" the corrupt, execution-loving, western arse-licking Shah.

After that, under the ayatollahs, Iran was no longer a western arselicker, and to further sully relationships, they stormed the US embassy and took hostages, during Jimmy Carter's time.

Iran has never been a "good actor" lah. No cuntry in the Middle East is or has ever been...it is impossible. You have to be cunning and willing to form temporaray alliances with people you neither trust nor like. You have to be willing to do unconscionable things, like opress your own people and murder rivals...otherwise you just won't survive.

A showdown is inevitable. Even if they don't go now, at some time in the future it's bound to happen.

Plus you have Saudi Arabia & Israel, maybe Abu Dhabi always poking fire. Why not get the gung-ho Americans to do the dirty deeds? Smart move.

Anonymous said...

Sideline a bit.

Huawei Y6 54th National Day mobile phones all snap up within an hr, Huawei posted on media to customers not to head down to all their concept stores due to overwhelming response. Can see tat many of our elderly uncles & aunties over 50yo out of jobs q in the long line! Some even fight over this gadgets, an ugly scene in kiasu Sinkieland, ask them to vto all say boh pian & kiasi KiaChengHu kiabor attitudes, let one hero said they deserves it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We are all witnesses to the evil deeds of the Americans all over the world, economic terrorism against Iran, NK and Venezuela, causing untold hardship on their people, sabotaged the power grid of Venezuela, raising tensions in Persian Gulf and SC Sea, wars all over, killing and destroying countries, then, only a handful of us here are pointing the fingers at the evil Americans.

Many just take it for granted that these evil deeds of the Americans are nothing to gripe about. It is their normal, to kill, destroy, threaten and oppress other countries and people.

Think about it. Even the UN diam diam.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> then, only a handful of us here are pointing the fingers at the evil Americans. <<

It is your "right" to pint lah. Most saner people know that pointing fingers is for passive dreamers whose "best tool" is wishful thinking.

You also make a fundamental error, holding in your mind that America is a cuntree or a race. America is not a race. It is also more nuanced and encompassing than that the idea of "nation" or "cuntree". "America" is an IDEA". (Look it up, the meaning is too varied, multifaceted and complex for me to do justice in explaining it)

You also consistently make the Fundamental attribution error i.e. "the tendency to believe that what people do reflects who they are". Doing so of course severely weakens the QUALITY of your scholarship...or lack thereof.

However, since this is a TCSS blog, perhaps intellectual rigour is neither expected nor probable. This is a place where people can and do wantonly express their biases, fears, hatreds, and CERTAINTIES. People here are certain that their views are correct, and written down for posterity. On the internet, everyone's a winner!

>> Even the UN diam diam. <<

Even if they made a squeak, the US will "remind the world" that the US acts unilaterally, putting US interests first. We might hate the Yanks for that selfish stance, but we have to appreciate their honesty and forthrightness.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, Pompeo spoke in Congress...We cheat, we lie and we steal.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> We cheat, we lie and we steal. <<

Of course. That's how to get the job done properly. You are an agent of The State...i.e. the ends justify the means.

Show me one govt agency in any cuntree which is 100% honest and pristine as the driven snow, and I will castrate (cut off cock and balls) myself in public at high noon in Raffles Place on a workday.

Anonymous said...

No bullshit.
North Korea, Iran and Syria are showing the US and it's Allies their Middle Fingers literally.
lt is true that the US is currently the Mightiest Superpower. However, most have see through its' evilness as evident in history. With China and Russia not on the Side of the US, more countries are getting less by the military might of the US.
In fact,
if counter attacks are launched in the US Homeland, the Americans shall have to live on tenterhook with fear.

Donald Trump wants to live good life and he also wants his countrymen to live in peace and prosperity. His war loving hawks in his Government are goading him to war and D Trump is doing his best to play around them to avoid war with other countries as well as his personal conflicts with the Hawks.

lt shall have to depend on who succeeds him as the Next US President to see how the US will conduct itself.

the Americans will know their own vulnerability if as said, the Battles are done in the US Homeland.

Lets hope the Americans have some sensibilities in them to see their own evilness as well as its own vulnerability.

Anonymous said...


Hahaha!!!! All these are just strategies & tactics to pump up my War Stocks even HIGHER!!!!

GOOD!!! It has worked VERY WELL for ME for the past 20 years liao!!!



Anonymous said...

The real reason for the Americans to want to start a war with Iran is Israel.

Anonymous said...

The only option to say no to the bullying is going nuclear, like North Korea.

But small countries have no means to go nuclear, unless they are lapdogs like Israel. Before they can start, they will be removed by having regime changes instigated or propagated by the evil empire, just like Iraq and Libya.

Iran cannot be considered a small country, but it still needed the nuclear deterrent which the evil ones would not allow.

Iran will be attacked the moment Trump, Clinton and other powerful figures in the US are legally and directly implicated in the Epstein scandal. Epstein will not survive in prison anyway to live to testify. And his black book, with all the names of powerful people, is already in the hands of the authorities. Whether that means anything is not a certainty, knowing how powerful people will do to subvert the law in the evil nation.

A war with Iran will divert all the attention away from this scandal and change everything.

Virgo 49 said...

"Wag the Dog" When any POTUS had any crucial scandal or scandals, their Advisers will look for a diversion.

The Best diversion is a WAR.!!

Their Generals and the Military are always on the lookout for actions.

Their CIAs or other Spy Agencies will create a scenario even the evil ways of their own doings to massacre or bomb a happening so as to accuse the innocents into wars. Usually their lap dogs the Israelis will do the shits stirring for them.

If they were to divert their attention to Asia or SEA, Taiwan and Sinkieland will be their shits stirrers.
This is to gain the Americans Supports against a common enemy or enemies.

Just see the American Reel dramas which are been portrayed as REAL happenings in the USA.

One fine example now "Designated Survior" 60 days in Netflix American and the Korean Version.

Anonymous said...

Reply to:

Anonymous July 26, 2019 4:17 pm

### @All,

Hahaha!!!! All these are just strategies & tactics to pump up my War Stocks even HIGHER!!!!

GOOD!!! It has worked VERY WELL for ME for the past 20 years liao!!!


WSG ###


Knn said...

Agreed the WSG is very evil and sick. Hope that he kena sodomized by some black ant intruders soon so he really know what suffering feels luke

Knn said...

.... Feels like