Boeing- Bringing down an American icon

The flutter of a butterfly in the Pacific Ocean can turn into a major storm. This is how serious a small matter that was treated lightly can turn into a major disaster. Boeing, an American icon, the biggest money earner and pride of the USA is now facing a bleak future, maybe bankruptcy. The amount of lawsuits it is facing could end up in billions of dollars of damages to be paid to victims of two major air crashes killing more than 200 passengers and air crews. There are also claims for compensation for loss of business due to grounding of Boeing 737 Max. This is not all.

There has been a series of order cancellation for Boeing aircraft going into hundreds of aircraft sales and billions of revenue going up in smokes. The reputation and reliability of Boeing aircraft would take a long time to recover when passengers just fear and avoid to fly Boeing. The biggest winners of this fiasco is Airbus and also China Aviation. Orders that were cancelled from Boeing found their way to France and China.

The future of Boeing is very bleak. Who would ever think of Boeing, the number one commercial aircraft manufacturing could hit the end of the road overnight? Boeing is like the unsinkable USA, the number one super power and richest country on earth, but going under. The sinking of Boeing could be an ominous sign that all is not well in the USA. It could a telling sign that the USA is going the same way as Boeing despite its unassailable position for so many decades as the biggest world economy.

How did Boeing meet its fate so suddenly? It is all because of a cheap software that crashed two Boeing Max 737 Max. And Boeing’s inability to undo this software fault and to change course quickly to start on a new footing resulted in the loss of confidence in all Boeing aircraft and going forward. This is another penny wise pound foolish decision taken by Boeing, to save a few dollars to hire cheap software engineers from dunno where to write cheap software for a very important flight safety function. The rest is history. Boeing will be history.

Will the USA be history soon?

And the moral of the story is…..


Anonymous said...

With the civilian business down, they will increase their military business by creating tension and war in many places so this is a dangerous development. Someone needs to be sodomized as many anons said. πŸ˜€

imho said...

Actually very few companies and political parties can last for 99 years. Demise is natural. Does not matter uass or china companies.

Anonymous said...

Corruption always never fail to bring down a well-established organization or government. It is always, surely, a matter of time. How many well-known Japanese icons had gone to the dogs? Remember Yaohan?

Anonymous said...

Bring down A icon is perfectly ok!

But please don't bring down passengers!


Follow the $. said...

Malaysia government is really desperate for money. Now even the courts are engaged to increase their coffers! "Sorry" have no value. They only want Singaporeans' money. The following substantiates my point:

A Singaporean was fined RM2,500 (S$820) in a Johor court for not showing his passport when exiting Malaysia.

Manager Muhammad Alfalah Mohd Yusof, 27, said in mitigation at the Sessions Court: "Sorry, I did not get enough rest and was too tired and forgot to stop and show my passport."

Anonymous said...

"CECA - Bringing Down a PAP Icon "

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Gotta love the purveyors of bad news. RB, keep talking the company down...despite it being a veritable MONOPOLY in the passenger airliner market. (Boeing's only competitor is Airbus. Boeing is more than TWICE as big as Airbus). Anyway, a lower share price is good for cheapskates like me.

I buy everything cheap. Even when a thing is "on sale", I bargain some more. If you want value, you have to screw hard to get the right price! Dun be scared scared or shy shy...or afraid of what people might think of you....which I GUARANTEE will be less than flattering. But they will be woring as wage slaves whilst value-seeking opportunistic profiteering exploitative fuckers like my good self will be buying One Dollar for 40 or 50 cents, or even lower if we could get away with it.

So yah, RB fuck that company until people are selling in FEAR.

Boeing is TOO BIG TO FAIL, just like the USA is. The USA can make error after error, all sorts of appaling decisions...and tomorrow it will still be open for business and making even more and more money to buy more and more weapons to screw other cuntries even harder.


Our very own Adam Khoo on Boeing: "Boeing Stock Price Crashes! Is It a Buy?"

jjgg said...

Another crap shoot artist!!! U break the law n u pay the fine.. Singapore any different?

Anonymous said...

And the moral of the story is…..

Boeing is too big to fail, and majority customers will not allow it to fail, just a matter of giving them less business but Boeing will not fail.

Just as PAP is too big to lose, and majority Sinkies will not allow it to lose, just a matter of giving them lesser votes next round but PAP will not lose.

Anonymous said...

This is another penny wise pound foolish decision taken by Boeing, to save a few dollars to hire cheap software engineers from dunno where to write cheap software for a very important flight safety function.

Penny wise pound foolish but so what? Boeing will still survive.

Screw up and also screwing Sinkies but so what? PAP will still survive as govt after next election.

jjgg said...

Everything is too big to fail until they become small enough to fail la... GM too big to fail? AIG too big to fail? Lehman/Baring too big to fail? East Germany oso too big to fail? What about the Roman empire..UMNO too big to fail? Even Trump's MAGA will exist maximum another 5years.. PAP government too big to fail? Keep on loading taxes and have outlandish demands on OP'S money then we see..

Anonymous said...

It is not easy to become a strong competitor against Boeing. The competitor must have established themselves first as a strong competitor and over a long period. No such things as instant trees in this type of business.

Just as it is not easy to become a strong competitor against PAP. The competitor must be ready to be govt for over a period before majority Sinkies will even seriously consider voting for them.

No such things as instant trees in Sinkie politics. Don't believe, ask Chee Soon Juan. And Chee Soon Juan has been leading SDP for decades but yet SDP is still far from ready to be govt, and with Chee losing even a by election some more.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1158 & 1205

Hahaha....some predicted Opp 51% at the next GE

I think it is very very very very very difficult!


Anonymous said...

Everything is too big to fail until they become small enough to fail la... GM too big to fail? AIG too big to fail? Lehman/Baring too big to fail? East Germany oso too big to fail? What about the Roman empire..UMNO too big to fail?
jigg 12:13 pm

These failures are a minority lah, like the 30% Sinkies who voted opposition last election.

Majority of the big ones are too big to fail, and they will not be allowed to fail.

There is also no such thing as 100% no fail one lah.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha....some predicted Opp 51% at the next GE
12:24 pm

Of course possible lah, provided Chee Soon Juan also announce SDP will contest 100% seats coming election, and is ready to take over from PAP as govt and with him as PM.

Possible or not, u say lah? LOL

Anonymous said...

....and with him as PM.
12:39 pm

U mean Prime Minister Chee Soon Juan?

If that happens, I will go for sex change operation.

Anonymous said...

Wah! Not so serious lah anonymous 1243pm.

Sex change needs to cut off your kkBIRD!


Virgo 49 said...

Cock! U want to cut your cock into a hole?

CSJ no need contest 100% to take on the PAP.

Just have LT/TCB/CSJ and others win the majority and they will find a way to form the Government.

Waiting for you to cut your cock.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

There Is No Such A Thing
As Too Big To Fail.

The dinosaurs were huge and roamed every part of Earth. They not only failed but failed miserably. They become extinct!

The Mongol Empire (from AD 1206 to AD 1294) - stretching from Europe to Middle East, Africa, India, China and Russia - was too big to fail. It did.

The Persian Empire, refers to a series of Imperial Dynasties that were centred in Persia/Iran, from the 6th Century BC Achaemenid Empire Era to the 20th Century AD in the Qajar Dynasty Era. It was much much too big, and existed too long, to fail. It did.

Alexander the Great's conquests never failed once. It became too big, too powerful and too threatening to everybody who had two legs and two balls. His life was cut short. He was poisoned by his closest ally and uncle and died at age 27. His empire collapsed and his wife and children were hunted down and killed, just like Saddam Hussein's children.

Hannibal, one of the greatest generals of his time, defeated the Roman Army, was also too big to fail. He did.

The Roman Empire was also too big to fail. It did.

Hitler was too big to fail. He failed and died a miserable poor soul, hated by everybody except the the Nazis and their descendants, one of whom is probably Trump's father.

The British Empire was too big to fail. Its troops and Navy in the Car East were no match to the "short, squint-eyes, ruthless Japanese Imperial Army and Zero Fighters. After World War 2, the British Empire became bankrupt, having sucked dry by war-machines spending and by paying the dirty USA for their help, and it fell suddenly like water dissolving into the desert sands.

Even huge stars (suns) die and get sucked into Black Holes in the vast Universe. One day, even Planet Earth will fail.

So, what is Boeing compared to all those at-one-time great empires, and stars and planets?

The only thing that is too powerful to fail is IMPERMANCE.

The only thing that is too big to fail is CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

Sex change needs to cut off your kkBIRD!
1:14 pm

Not really cut off lah.

The surgeon will open up the kkBIRD so that it can fold inside out as a hole instead of jutting out.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1.55pm

Ic...,so that can ....!

You are indeed very very knowledgeable!


Anonymous said...

12.43pm anon, u changed from make to female or female to male as most anons assume it's from male to female. In any case u very kualan a s sarcastic and need to be sodomizd irrespective whether u are a male or female lar. Knn very kualan.

Anonymous said...

Boeing tried initially to push the blame on pilots. Now the whole world knows that it puts it's bottom line above the safety of passengers, and that is going to be a very difficult task ahead for them to reassure airlines that it's planes are going to be safe. Once the trust is gone, it is going to be a high mountain to climb.

All through the past few decades we assume that the made in America brand is best. Now, if the world still thinks that only China products are untrustworthy, they had better look at themselves in the mirror.

Well Karma can work in mysterious ways. In ways that we can never think of.

Virgo 49 said...

Now actually the Capitalists World id too competitive. Also too much greed.

Every one tried to be One Up on the Others so that they can have the first bite of the cherries. 4G into 5G. And G strings.

See so many manufacturers of cars, mobile phones and now even planes without thoroughly tested their products quickly launched them into the markets without regards for the Safety of the Consumers.

Mobile phones and Escooters what's nonsense that young punks and bananas riding that knocked and injured all the Ah Ma and Ah Gongs into thr ICU with thr blessings of the Papies Ministers and stooges.

They exploded and caused so many fired.
Cars with faulty brakes and air bags that killed many.

And they simply recalled them without remorse and just rectified their faults.

But Air planes are a different kettle of fish. They KAPUT and thousands of lives are lost.

Boeing should just modified their old models into better capacities or design instead of having their lethal new models which sometimes are not ready tested.

Once a major mistake is made. It be a downfall. Confidence is eroded.

Thus their demise.

Anonymous said...

Capitalism breeds so much greed that all the wealth is now held by the top 1% of mankind.

Now, German banks are all in serious trouble because of nothing else but rampant greed.

Everywhere in the world, every bank, big or small, is trying to boast about who is making the most profit. They tried to outdo each other by illegal means, with the Government closing one eye, and the big bankers know they are too big to fail and that the Government will have to bail them out if things go terribly wrong. That amounts to having a licence for them to take all sorts of high risk businesses, like derivatives without having to worry about the consequences. That is how banks on Wall Street can grow to such monstrosities.

Now the dominoes are falling, and if Deutsche Bank fails, it will bring everyone down. Their job cutting will only delay the inevitable. The German Government is expected to bail it out if anything happens and taxpayers will have to foot the bill, like what happened in the US when Lehman Brothers collapsed.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.4.13

You are absolutely right that the Banks are competing who's making the most profits.That even Mr RB of their Stock broking arm are destructing without mercies.

Let me tell you a simple episode of how the Banks made their billions besides their mortages Tai Yee Loans to those who also wants to OneUp on their peers by biting more than they can choke.

Credit cards roll overs.

Now with the data lost by so many private as well as the Govt agencies, we are very vluernable to many unauthorised purchases and scams.

My credit cards with the most famous Sinkieland Bank was cancelled three times due to unauthorized transactions and even scams of purchasing what's Bitcon or Bitcoins.

Besided the unauthorized charges I had some recurring charges to some companies as GIRO svs.

Once the cards was cancelled as advised by them, it was taken out of our E-Statements. Now they persuade all on E statements instead of hard copies.

So, unwittingly I do not realise that there are still some outstanding amounts to be paid to the balance companies.

The Bank does not inform or advise until six or nine months later and the minute amount was snow balled into a substantial figure with their late interests and what's NOT.

Their Outsource Debt Department then stepped in to hound you for payment.

With their warning that they could even debit your existing accounts to offset the debts.

They purposely let the roll over festered into a big amount and then inform you of the debt to be paid.

The Worse is that many Sinkies in overseas are afraid of enoromus IDD charges and usually off their postpaid Sim cards.

Many unauthorised transactions are only known when they are back in Singapore.From then, hard time to sort the mess

Like the other day in Genting, using a Bank debit card for a purchase.Sports shop said unable to finialise transaction. Paid cash. Back home saw debit card been debited.Luckiky, they honest merchants and reversed the charge.

So, now feel wanting to dispose all credit cards. Only convenience is putting Hotel's deposit as surety instead od cash when check in when you are overseas.

Now they encouraging all E transactions
How to trust when these are all in big mess with so many Data losses and scams.

Anonymous said...

My credit cards with the most famous Sinkieland Bank was cancelled three times due to unauthorized transactions and even scams of purchasing what's Bitcon or Bitcoins.
Virgo 49 5:13 pm

Aiyo, I think u must have used your credit cards in those "u noe wat i mean" places lah.

Sure can get into trouble one, i tell u. LOL

Virgo 49 said...

I don't patronise those shady places for your inframation

Now, even many Tele calls and messages of loan sharks.Online gaming

All because of that Son of a Gan and those half past six IT security Nehs personnel.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ “Haters gonna hate”

I love CAPITALISM. Not because it is the tried and proven way of how poor people can become unbelievably wealthy….but I love the “game” itself, even though I take the occasional loss, and the more infrequent (thank the gods of randomness) BIG wipeout. It’s all part of The Game. And I treat it as a game because if you are too serious about this...you will lose your fucking mind.

The only other stuff I love more than capitalism itself are the people who HATE capitalism, and who think and act in ways---through their lives---as if capitalism is some “big evil”, and toxic to human souls.. Oh yes, I love these people, because they are the one who create all the problems whereby savvy capitalists can PROFIT IMMENSELY from the haters poor judgement, bone-headed dumbfuck actions and behaviour, and their lack of critical thinking, emotional restraint and sense of entitlement because of an “unfair world” full of “evil people”.

Fuck, these folks are HILARIOUS and how I wish there was more of them.

Anyway, for those who would prefer to “see the light” might I recommend the following, by Ken Langone, founder of the massively successful Home Depot who started with nothing but the shirt on his back:

”I Love Capitalism”.
The book is available at your usual favourite places, like Kinokunya…

Happy Reading! May the wealth be with you!

Virgo49 said...

Out of Tropic but:-

Interesting Read

Critical Spectator Hong Kong's Suicide

The beginning of the end.Michael Petraeus July 10, 2019 I have been observing the events in Hong Kong quite silently for a while, expecting them to die down with time, as they usually have. But it seems that the tensions are going to last for a while longer, as the protesters appear to be emboldened by what they may think are their successes mainly the withdrawal of the controversial extradition bill.

In reality, what might look like an accomplishment of the opponents of Beijing's encroachment on the city, can actually be the beginning of the end of the wealthy enclave.Competitive Disadvantage Ever since the British took over Hong Kong in the aftermath of the First Opium War in 1842, its position and wealth have rested on it being the gateway to the Middle Kingdom and its highly desirable goods.

The world came to Hong Kong not because of Hong Kong but because of China.Unfortunately, this critical strength has now become a deadly weakness.For over a century it was China's link to the rest of the planet in most recent history allowing it to trade freely with other countries before PRC joined the WTO in 2001.

Upon its return to the motherland, in 1997, it handled half of Chinese international trade. In the same year its GDP a city of 6.5 million at the time was a whopping 20% of that of all of China (with a population of 1200 million).Those days, however, are gone.

Today it is no longer the trade nexus it used to be, with its national share dropping to about 12% and heading into single digits. Mere 15 years ago, the port of Hong Kong was the busiest in the world, competing head to head with Singapore.

Now not only does it handle almost 10% fewer TEU than in 2004 (and nearly 20% fewer than in its peak in 2011) but nearly 70% less than Singapore and has already slid from the top spot to no. 5 globally, overtaken by Shanghai, Ningbo and even by neighboring port of Shenzhen while closely challenged by another nearby harbor in Guangzhou (which is set to top it this year) with Qingdao and Korean Busan following closely behind.

You can see a similar decline in the financial markets, where Hong Kong Stock Exchange relative position has shrunk from a market capitalization twice the size of all of China's two decades ago, to just a half today. Shanghai has already stolen its crown of the largest Chinese stock market by capitalization and Shenzhen is in hot pursuit, reaching $2.5 trillion vs. Hong Kong's $4 trillion at the end of 2018.

In the past 22 years its share of national GDP has plunged in the vicinity of 3% and is declining further as the rest of the country continues to grow.Hong Kong is turning into just one of many Chinese cities. Everything that made it unique and valuable is very nearly gone and the protests will only accelerate this erosion.

The Price of Freedom Just as the rest of China is discovering and enjoying its newfound prosperity, disgruntled Hong Kongers are parading their complete disregard for it. Born and raised in a world-class city (notwithstanding housing issues), they appear to betaking their position for granted.

The sobering reality is, however, that through what many of them surely perceive as defense of crucial liberties they are likely sacrificing their future which depends nearly entirely on Beijing, whether they accept it or not. Freedoms bestowed upon them by departing Britain are going to disappear regardless of what they do, as China is ultimately going to take over governance entirely by 2047.Understanding that this was always going to happen the question they should be asking themselves is not how to keep Beijing out but how to deal with it to retain Hong Kong's prime status in unified China.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo---when walking, pay attention lah, kotek

Many of those people who kena langar by eScooter/eBike until masok ICU probably deserve sopme of the blame

Yes yes, many of you sad fucks might think I am being heartless, which means you leave me no choice but to take the moral high ground on this issue.

Personal Responsibility: aka You are responsible for everything which happens to you, for every experience you have.

You know damn fucking well that we live in a time where eScooters and bikes are zipping around silently on the shared paths, and some of the riders are less than cogniscent or empathetic of the other users on the path.

That canot be helped lah. If you are going to have a “hip and awesome cuntry”, you have to allow all this fantastic new tech….and accept that everything has downsides...or you will not progress and die out like the dinosaurs.

I’ll bet that many of those who kena langar by eScooter had their head in their phones instead of paying ATTENTION to their immediate environment...and also walk suka-suka instead of keeping to one side of the motherfucking path. And so they kena langar, and they are partly to blame lah.

So there. That’s my take on it. Put your motherfucking phone away lah, motherfucking phone addicts!! 🀑🀣

Virgo49 said...

Alas, despite the luxury of knowing what is going to happen 50 years in advance a rare political gift masses of the city's inhabitants have chosen to fight it (against all odds), rather than simply adjust to it (especially as they started in a very privileged position).

With the latest wave of violent discontent the notion that Hong Kong may play a significant part in Chinese future could very well be out of the question. Given how widespread the protests have been, Beijing has little reassurance that the city can be entrusted any major role in the country.The center of gravity in trade and finance has already moved to Shanghai.

It's no longer a question of whether Hong Kong remains the country's bridge to the world because it isn't one anymore or at least it isn't the only or the main one. The question now is whether it gets overtaken by second or third tier cities, which are going to enjoy far more generosity from Beijing than it will.

Many are eagerly celebrating the supposed achievements of the public revolt, with the extradition law now declared dead. Some are even making more demands.The paradoxical reality is, however, that, as long as Beijing is resisting, it means that it still sees value in Hong Kong worth fighting for.

But when it concedes a defeat which is cheered as a win by its opponents it is an ominous sign for the city's future.If the CCP leaders give up the fight to control Hong Kong, the city folk may enjoy more liberties but at the expense of business and investment, which are going to be directed elsewhere.

Beijing doesn't have to use force to subdue the citya t all it has to do is tighten the screws elsewhere, restricting Hong Kong's economic potential and minimizing its political influence, to relegate it from the country's premier league

At the same time, any serious instability and unpredictability are going to scare foreign business away. Companies dealing with China are going to move to locations preferred by the leaders in Beijing. In the meanwhile, major organizations looking for a regional safe haven to conduct their operations around Asia from are going to look to other jurisdictions with Singapore being the most attractive destination, offering largely the same benefits as Hong Kong coupled with stability its sovereignty guarantees.

What will freedom mean then, if once great career and business opportunities disappear? When perspectives become bleak and getting a good job is going to require venturing to the mainland or abroad?

What's the use of your civil liberties when you're no longer free to live a life you could have lived in the past? That's the Hong Kong paradox. Legal freedoms do not necessarily translate into real freedom.

But before the city's rambunctious youth realize that, it will be too late to change course In fact, it already is.

Posted as received.

Virgo49 said...


I am not like the mindless idiots who cannot even take their eyes off their phones even for a second as they walked.

I am talking about those pathetic elderly folks who cannot even aa-lah those punks E-scooters or PMDs or PMPs whisking at top speed as though they own the footpaths and shelter ways. Even at bus shelters where the folks are waiting for buses.

With the stupid blessings of the equally stupid ministers and MPs wgho approved the ideas.

Got legs also don't want to walk. Followed the stupid westerners ghettos chow ang mohs now poor as church mouses riding what's nonsense stupid gadgets.

Waiting to see these idiots goes under the buses and container trucks and trailers and become mince meats for the Zoos. See so many already fed to the Zoos.

These bastards and idiots deserved to die a horrible death.

If I were to be even before bang by them, they be flying in the air rather than me.

Have not taste my front or turning kicks yet. Or frontal slap to their faces.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Eh Joe, it's personal responsibility lah. You walk on footpath---by voluntary choice lah, you already know (whether you willfully delude yourself into believing otherwise or not) that there are going to be zoomers lah, and that some people are going to "kena langar masuk ICU". πŸš‘πŸš’ Lucky for them, we have excellent ICU's here in Singapore, administered by the finest foreign-sourced staff. 😷

The likelihood of kena langar by eScooter on footpaths also highlights the need for COMPULSORY MEDICAL INSURANCE especially for the oldies.

>> I am talking about those pathetic elderly folks who cannot even aa-lah those punks E-scooters or PMDs or PMPs whisking at top speed as though they own the footpaths and shelter ways. Even at bus shelters where the folks are waiting for buses.

With the stupid blessings of the equally stupid ministers and MPs wgho approved the ideas. <<

Not only they approve, I also approve. This culture has to change into one centered on personal responsibility or the cuntry is going to flushed like a piece of shit into the toilet of history.

In order to move forward, there is going to be CHAOS. eScooterists and pedestrians will engage in a "Battle of Rights". Everyone is always complaining about their rights to do this that the other, or entitled to WTF nonsense ideas they pull out their arseholes..."I have a right"..."You have no right"...KNN...fuck them all lah. (Psst: there are no such thing as "rights". When some claims a "right" that automatically imposes an OBLIGATION on someone else to provide that "right". Fuck these people lah, pretentious cunts! πŸ˜‚ ).

Out of the CHAOS will emerge some form of ORDER. The thing is not to intefere...see how the dynamics turn out. See whether people can moderate their behaviours to accomdate each other. That's The Way Ah Ha Ha Ha I Like It. Ah Ha Ha Ha! πŸ•ΊπŸΏπŸ‘―‍♀️

Anyway, fuck all your rights lah. I don't want to be "obligated" to provide you with "free rights".

When you step on the shared path, you ASSUME PART OF THE RISK. Just as you assume the risk of accidents when flying or using the roads. Don't like risk? Sty home lah, stare the 4 walls and pleasure yourself sexually lah 🀣

How about that? 🀑

Anonymous said...

The demands of the Hong Kong protestors will continue for sure. If they can take an inch, the instigators behind the protestors will surely add more fire, and tell them to demand more. Of course the instigators will lose nothing if violence erupts, while the protestors gets brutalised, which is what they are rooting for. Then the whole world will come down on China for using force. You know this is the normal course of action that the evil ones used over the decades to bring down regimes.

What will the final demand by the protestors be? My guess is independence like Taiwan. But China will never agree to that. With Taiwan already well used by the US as a proxy to pressurise China, Hong Kong is never going to enjoy that route.

If Hong Kong protestors think that killing the extradition bill is a sign of weakness of the Hong Kong Government and it's Beijing backers, they are dead wrong. Perhaps when the situation gets out of control, Beijing could send troops down to Hong Kong to quell the revolt, using national security as an excuse. After all, Hong Kong still legally belongs to China, and this is an internal matter for China to settle.

jjgg said...

Oi..u talk a lot of cock..first off..these new transportation methods is beyond the current framework of ensuring safety for both pedestrians and vehicle users..should not the government have ensured safety for all before allowing a bunch of gung hos to charge around the pathways..put them on the roads n we'll soon resolve their devil may care attitude..why wait for chaos to happen before u take action?

Anonymous said...

Now the dominoes are falling, and if Deutsche Bank fails, it will bring everyone down. Their job cutting will only delay the inevitable. The German Government is expected to bail it out if anything happens and taxpayers will have to foot the bill, like what happened in the US when Lehman Brothers collapsed.
July 13, 2019 4:13 pm

Not to worry, they will come knocking at the door of Singapore and our very rich and generous guardians of OPMs may be very kind, very helpful to white men just like the GFC and start pouring money into their cups, thinking it is goodbye, oops good buy and then said it is for very long term investment when Duetsche Bank could no longer hide all the worms crawling all over the bank.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Jiggs

This Mati-lah..go and die lah is just a locust scavenger with no ties and kind in Sinkieland

That's when he don't give a damn what's will happen to Singapore.

Just sucks as much as he could and have safe heaven elsewhere

Hopefully,he himself don't land in the ICU after Jena langgar by his beloved Bananas.

Whole life crippled and karma which he do not believe as all evil men does paid him his dues


Anonymous said...


Sorry to disappoint you fuckers.

Boeing still flying high!! LOL!!!

In fact Boeing stock suffered much more during the big recessions in 2001-2002 and 2008 ---- both of which I also went through holding Boeing and other War Stocks as well.

Stock price now is roughly the same as when I topped up in mid-March, around US$365 per share.

And over the last 20 years, it has given me plenty of profits & fat dividends.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If I don't have a country, don't have family and children and grandchildren, my life is just this life, then I would think and act like Matilah, just finish this life the best one could for one's little pleasure and no more.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

I am no stranger to criticism or the vitriol of people who seem to be "less happy" than I am. Well, so be it lah. I ain't changing just because a few sorry fucks are allowing the "dukkha" of existence to keep them mired in suffering and discontent. I jaga my ownself first and always. πŸ€“ Some day, everyone will die, maybe even horribly. However, in the meantime....up to you lah, you decide how you want to live...

@ jigg

CHAOS is nature's way of eventually evolving the BEST order. No need for govt to interfere. Eventually of course they will, because Singaporeans just cannot tahan a bit of "hardship" and "growing pains". Once you step out of your house into the world, you are subject to the (random) risk of events based on luck---both good and bad luck. So when you drive, you need to be defensive. On the footpath you have to walk defensively. This is from a not-so-popular, age-old concept: Jaga your own self FIRST and ALWAYS. 🀣


re: Boeing. I'm waiting for the cancelled orders, and law suits to lower the price even more. Yup, they are too big to fail. Just like the USA. Can fall and crash, but always comes back to higher highs.

Virgo 49 said...

WSG cock.

Please bring all your monies into your graves

Who the hell envy you?

Have three forty footer containers of Kim chuak to burn days and nights.

Bean without soul.Very Pathetic indeed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jiggs 11.54.

You cannot use pedestrian walkways linking bus stops to be used for bicycles and mobile scooters romping along, that is sure to cause accidents. If Singapore had plenty of land, maybe it will be reasonable to construct separate passageways for bicycles and mobile scooters, but is it feasible to do it. The people in power thinks that with all the highly educated scholars thinking for them, everything is going to work in theory at least, but the reality is it is all going to fuck up when the shit hits the fan.

What happened to the dockless rental bikes is a case in point. Distances are short unlike China, and with good connectivity by buses and trains, why allow such a brainless idea to take root, caused so much problems and then tried to impose all kinds of rules and regulations after the horses have bolted from the stable? It is good that the whole idea managed to die a natural death, albeit with some still on their death throes.

That begs the question of why allowed mobile scooters in the first place, causing all kinds of problems and then trying to regulate and kill it off eventually? Why not just ban it in the first place. Waste of taxpayer's money, state resources and citizen's well being.

It does not mean that what works in other places can work in Singapore.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ reverse thinking 202

>> Waste of taxpayer's money, state resources and citizen's well being. <<

eScooterists are also taxpaying citizens. If others can express their autonomy, so can the people who ride Personal Mobility Devices.

>> You cannot use pedestrian walkways linking bus stops to be used for bicycles and mobile scooters romping along, that is sure to cause accidents. <<

Of course you can. Pedestrians can adapt to the changes and walk more carefully. Adapt to chages or go the way of the dinsaurs

>> It does not mean that what works in other places can work in Singapore. <

In order to stay on top of awesomeness, the cuntry needs to try out new shit all the time. Of course, not everything will work. You have to try.

It is a mistake trying to run policy or the cuntry by LOGIC alone. Logic has its place, but logic doesn't account for randomness or facts which are unseen or unknown. Thinking is FINE, but DOING gets the gold.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> And the moral of the story is….. <<

The morals of this story are definitely NOT what you think they are.

Size Matters. Track Record Matters

Boeing is too big to fail. The USA is also too big to fail. Yes, there will be downturns and many of the naysayers will sport giant erections...at least for a while. And then a thing called "reversion to the mean" will occur when things return to "normal" and it is "steady state" once again.

System behavior can take on many forms. That's why just using "logic" to predict is not the best choice. There are fields of inquiry like non-linear dynamics, chaos, complexity theory and networking...not "schmoozing with influential people, but the effects of networks---how they grow and strengthen, become dominant, node theory etc.

Anyway this "$9 engineer, for 12 bucks we'll throw in a curry and chapati too!" special offer from India is soon to be a thing of the past. Your software engineer's cost will approach Zero Dollars, as Artificial Intelligence learns to write code for itself and other systems.

Microsoft's DeepCoder (Google it yurself lah) is such an AI, among the various out there being developed as we move closer to Machine World where basically machines are doing all the work, and we are just eating, having a good time and fucking...all day long.

Since companies like Boeing are way ahead, large, rich and are monopolies, they will be the first to benefit from Zero-cost programming. Software engineers won't even be able to command $9 an hour at that point. Out of job lah. Job gone forever. 🀣

So the moral of the story is The Big Richand Powerful continue to WIN.