Singapore's Killing Fields

Singapore's own Killing Fields were forgotten by many, history let to rest. No one wants to talk about it any more. Why would they want to bring up bad memories that would tarnish their good friends, embarrass them for their crime against humanity when they regard the Japanese as the highly respected and most trusted big power in Asia, according to a silly banana.

Thank you Aqil Haziq Mahmud for bringing these Killing Fields to light again.

Mr Goh, who was aged 25 at the time, had just uncovered a mass grave filled with piles of bones belonging to victims of the Second World War. This was near Jalan Puay Poon in Bedok, close to where Temasek Junior College now sits.

The victims were killed in Operation Sook Ching, a “purge” campaign targeted at the Chinese in Singapore. Those suspected of being anti-Japanese were hauled into lorries and executed at remote locations across the island. Jalan Puay Poon was one of the killing grounds.

According to a National Library Board resource, the Japanese put the official Sook Ching death count at 5,000, although the actual figure is believed to be much higher...Mr Goh, now 81, estimated that thousands were killed and buried at the Jalan Puay Poon site, which contained several mass graves. 

“We didn’t dare touch it, so we quickly covered it,” Mr Goh said of his discovery. Eventually the bones were dug out, washed with water and disinfectant, then dried in the sun. Once ready, they were put in 1m-tall funeral jars.

Mr Goh would also go on to scour at least 10 other sites in places like Punggol, Bukit Timah and Choa Chu Kang. The exhumations lasted at least six years, producing 681 jars of bones that were filled to the brim....(RB-Many were also massacred on the beaches of Pulau Blakang Mati now Sentosa, East Coast, Punggol and Changi).

But the sheer size of the Jalan Puay Poon site meant the four-man squad was overwhelmed. Eventually, more than 50 people worked over a year to exhume the bones there....Workers toiled in the sweltering heat from 9am to 6pm, six days a week....The remains were transported by lorry to the Civilian War Memorial on Beach Road. Each truck could only carry 30 jars to avoid breaking them....

Mr Goh said 38 lorries would pull in at the Jalan Puay Poon site. “At 9am they lined people up one by one and started shooting,” he recalled. “The gunshots were never-ending.” This would go on till the evening."

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/grave-bones-world-war-ii-victims-singapore-sook-ching-10089202


Anonymous said...


A picture says a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

May the souls if those killed in WWII during the Japanese invasion be RIP.
Although this horrific incident took place some 70yrs ago, let's not forget the tragedy of war can bring to the destruction of mankind, let's not repeat it, Amen, Amitabah, Allah, The Almighty Supreme Ones Up There.

Anonymous said...

This might be one of the reasons why a few week ago the Lum Chu Kang farms were ' destroyed' by the sudden strong winds blowing, some superstitious people suspected the 'angry spirits of the nether world' arose to vent their frustration of the unrest, perhaps the graves exhumation or digging process not done in a proper manner or some spirits not rest in peace, if the matter go out of hand, it can be quite disastrous.

Anonymous said...

Forgotten because we do not have the MSM doing the job of balancing the news.

When Tiananmen happened, the whole world talked about it, day in and day out. When 911 happened, the whole world talked about it and condemned and point the finger at Saddam Hussein. What they want to leave an indelible bookmark in the minds of people, they keep repeating it. What they do not want to leave any trace in people's mind, they cover up the truth and in time gets forgotten. Have they ever talked about the massacre of the Red Indians in North America, the aborigines in Australia, the killing of innocent people in Iraq, Syria, Vietnam to name a few?

The world is controlled by an evil force, behind the American military might. A pure evil force that wants to take over the whole world, militarily, economically and dictate how others must conform or perish.

Virgo49 said...

Latest Reports that Japan activated their Marine Corps to counter China.

To counter China??? Too frightened that if they kept instigating and taunt China, they be Massacred! How to fight with China now?? Even the Americunts do not dared to touch North Korea, you want the Big Bro to fight China on your behalf??

The Whites will put their tails behind their backs and you are at China's Mercy. How many Marine Units also no use.

We have in Sinkieland Bananas Leaders saying that the Japanese had apologized enough and enough is Enough. Don't keep bringing up the past or we might be exposed of our Traitorous Acts. South Korea's Park can accept just a token compensation and covered all the pains of her countrymen. Yet, many still worshipped her. Stupidity not only in Sinkieland has really no cures.

Any dark secrets in 38, Oxley Road??? Yamashita's photos???

Kama that no demolition will expose their dark secrets. Paper cannot cover Fire.

Anonymous said...

Any dark secrets in 38, Oxley Road? Maybe Yamashita's gold?

The Whites and the Japs are just reliving their past glory, when China was weak with opium addiction and civil wars.

It may have been a blessing in disguise that the Nationalist fled to Taiwan and that ends all civil wars in China. Otherwise China may still be weak with internal conflicts.

Anonymous said...

Japan on Saturday (Apr 7) activated its first marine unit since World War II trained to counter invaders occupying Japanese islands along the edge of the East China Sea that Tokyo fears are vulnerable to attack by China.

In a ceremony held at a military base near Sasebo on the southwest island of Kyushu, about 1,500 members of the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade (ARDB) wearing camouflage lined up outside amid cold, windy weather.

"Given the increasingly difficult defence and security situation surrounding Japan, defence of our islands has become a critical mandate," Tomohiro Yamamoto, vice defence minister, said in a speech.

The troops conducted a 20-minute mock public exercise recapturing a remote island from invaders.

The formation of the Japanese marine brigade is controversial because amphibious units can project military force and could, critics warn, be used to threaten Japan’s neighbours. In its post World War II constitution Japan renounced the right to wage war.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/japan-activates-first-marines-since-ww2-to-bolster-defences-10114540

Anonymous said...

Never trust the Japs. The Japs in Hawaii were spying for the country, which made Pearl Harbour attack so successful. And they started the attack while negotiations were still ongoing in Washington.

The Japs were thought to have nuclear weapons on the sly. If this is true, China must be extra vigilant against any sneak attack by the Japs from behind while they concentrate on the US.

Anonymous said...

In any nuclear war, Japan and Guan must be taken out first. The other worry for China is where will India stand and what will they do. China needs to figure out how to deal with such neighbours cashing in like a pack of wolves for the kill.

And that is why allies like Russia and N Korea is important.

Anonymous said...

China would also count on Pakistan and Iran and many African states, Latin American states, Central Asian states and a few Asean states.

Anonymous said...

An eye for an eye soon everyone will be blind. Let Almighty God judge, tbe time will come for unrepentant men, the Lake of Fire that burn forever & ever await them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


It is unfortunate that the present post-war generations (plural) don't know how truly cruel and brutal the Japs were when they occupied Syonanto for 3 awful years. (Trans: Light of the South Island).

Members of my own family were brutalised, murdered and captured to work as forced labour.

After Japan's surrender in 1945, you could find human bones in places like Loyang and Changi beaches. The fucking Japs murdered locals...the true number of people killed might never be known...by just lining them up and blasting them with machine guns. All CIVILIANS, BTW.

Even many year's later on, old Chinese women would spit and curse at Japanese tour buses, usually in Chinatown.

When my brother was transferred to Japan for several years, my father flat-out refused to go and visit his beloved grandchildren. He could never bring it himself to do so. When the kids spoke fluent Japanese to each other when they came to visit, you could see the pain in my dad's face, straining to cover it as best he could so as not to affect the kids he loved.

It's only when you see the effects of war on a personal level do you know how horrible it is to be a civilian in their country occupied by a truly evil interloper. That is why self-defense is so important. The Brits let Singapore down...in so many ways. Churchill "sacrificed" Singapore to fight the war in Europe.

Even the generations after a war experience the effects, at least on the emotional level.

So fuck, both the Japs and the Brits---one side betrays you, the other rapes you. And around 10 or so years later, we get fucked again by UMNO in Malaysia.

That's why I say, no matter how you criticise the cuntry, remember that we are here able to shit on each other on the net by sheer luck more than careful planning or having a competent fella like Lee Kuan Yew and the old guard of the PAP seize the opportunity to lead, and then up his game because of the forced secession from the Malayan Federation.

However, here we are. And things aren't exactly right. But at least...we're rich and doing better than the Brits, the Japs and the Malaysians.

Not so bad lah..

Anonymous said...

AnonymousApril 08, 2018 12:27 pm
//An eye for an eye soon everyone will be blind. //

How about a tooth for a tooth?

What will result?

Anonymous said...

Ya, Singapore is actually, truly, realistically not bad compared with neighbours and some advanced countries like UK, excluding Scotland and Ireland; not fake news.

However, it can be much much much better in some areas:

1. Distribution of richness in terms of wealth, status and opportunities.

2. Health and Medical adequacy, cost and speed in handling daily requirements and emergencies.

3. Political freedom and Democracy.

4. Freedom of Expression and Information with regard to journalism and ownership of main media. All political parties should have their own newspapers and broadcasting rights, instead of only newsletters and a restricted/limited website.

5. More places for Singaporeans to attend tertiary education (not polytechnics) and free education from Kindergarten up to University levels.

6. Last but not least, Laws to limit and restrict the powers of government and governance against the people.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Cranium

Except for the freedom of speech and expression issue (and maybe even they're not problems), none of your points are actually "problems".

Every single one of them can be overcome on the Individual level...by achieving (it's a meritocracy) a level of wealth to "shield" you from those points, and to have good relationships and networks so that you don't have to moan and groan that the world is "unfair".

I'm not down with democracy in Singapore. The system of a "benevolent dictator" is IMO the best choice...notwithstanding the "negative externalities" it brings.

No such thing as free anything...every bit of State Welfare costs someone money. I don't see why I have to pay for other peoples' lousy health, nor why I should pay for their kids' educations. They fucked. They had the kids, so they can jolly well pay. Similarly, they smoke, drink, get fat and don't exercise---they pay, not me.

When I get old and sick, I don't expect anyone to pay for me. Having hardship doesn't grant you automatic "help" from others who are forced to pay for you bad choices, or bad luck. Everyone has the choice of buying insurance to help them if bad luck occurs. We have market solutions for nearly every human problem, and they work.

In your last piece you posted about being a "Free man". It says very clearly that a free man doesn't go begging to others or the state for 'help" because the world is unfair. I suggest you read that piece again.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Cranium

Your post about "What it means to be free" I draw your attention to the parts about the dole, handouts, the state looking after you, and succeeding and failing on the opportunities you choose for yourself.

What It Means To Be Free posted by Cranium

Anonymous said...

Matilah, you are right.

Anonymous said...

Today (Apr 8), MP Pritam Singh has been elected as the next Workers Party Secretary General.

MP Sylvia Lim was also re-elected as the Chairperson of WP.

Both seats were given a landslide and party was fully unanimous in their selection.

Former WP Chief Low Thia Khiang will remain a party member and may continue to contest in the coming 2020 General Election.

Pritam Singh was strongly supported by WP NCMPs Dennis Tan, Daniel Goh and Leon Perera.

The smooth transition contrasts with the PAP, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong still undecided who to become his successor.

Should the WP win enough seats to form the next Singapore government, Singaporeans would see the first Non-Chinese Prime Minister since Independence. Will this happen?

What would you feel/think?

Anonymous said...

Not only the first Non-Chinese PM but also the first PM who can easily cower and apologise not once but three times when threatened for speaking up for his people?

Anonymous said...

Singapore's unique kiasi trademark.