Trade war offers great opportunities for Singapore

The trade war between China and the US offers great opportunities for Singapore despite doomsayers saying the contrary. When China cancels all its orders for soya beans and pork and other food stuff, and this could also apply to Boeing aircraft, the American producers and manufacturers would have their hands full of these products that their warehouses could not hold. What are they going to do with all the foodstuff and beans and aircraft?  There will be over production, over capacity and over employment that would need to be shed.

Who has the money to buy these excess produce and aircraft? If Singapore is smart, ask for fire sale prices. Make sure they are dirt cheap. The Americans must sell, desperate to sell, and there would not be many buyers with the dole. It will be buyer’s market.

What would Singapore do with the purchases? For aircraft, there is SIA and its subsidiaries to pick them up. SIA then can cancel its orders for Boeings as well. With the fire sales, there is no need to go ahead with the orders at high prices. Sorry Trump, you slapped Singapore with Broadcom, now it is only fair that Singapore strikes back.

Singapore can also quietly negotiate with China, the original buyer of Boeings to offer them at greatly reduced prices and make a commision just by being the middleman. This can also apply to the soya beans, pork and whatever. The real end losers would be the American farmers and Boeings and other American producers. China could pick up the same stuff for a song with Singapore making the money and the Americans making the losses.

Singapore should quickly send a special team to the US to pick up these great bargains that come once in a life time. But don't tell Trump that Singapore is capitalising on the spoils of war. Tell Trump Singapore is there to help. Trade war is good for Singapore. Let them fight and Singapore can pick up the pieces.

What do you think? There are caveats of course. The relations between Singapore and the US and China must be really good, not fake good. And the price must be really dirt cheap for China to want to buy.

Now is saying that trade war is bad?


Anonymous said...

Sori Uncle RB, Sinkiapore is classified under part of China. Its products going into UAssA might also hv tariffs imposed by the Dotard administration, jus like a Li SheNWoo being classified as politician from China. Maybe the Leegime can ask for discounts of the UAss farms & diaries products, for air plane selling at lower prices DT wouldn't bulge la.

Anonymous said...

Knn, I hope sg Govt can find a way for citizen to participate in this trade suggested by Rb. May be they can set up a new trading company and sell shares to citizen by using the cpf since cant touch anyway. Then whole of sg can participate. The profit after interest then can take out. I want to go to batam Liao 😀😀😀 to benefit the Indonesian economy

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, for half a Century, this has been Singapore's only knowledge of doing businesses. Entereport Trade as middle men. Commissions Agents.Import and Export. Transhipment Ports for others.Papers for monies insurance and legal loan sharks I.e. the Banks business.

Sinkie SME all doing the same type of businesses.Transportation, Logistics and Freight Forwarding. All acting as Service or Commissions Agents.

Any Innovation and Enterprising Businesses? ? National Line also goes bust. At one time one of the Renowned Port of the World. Now can only smell others fumes.Besides our own Creative with its short life span where any Inovation and Research Companies after all these years of Traditionally Businesses? ?

R&D of What's "A" Stars with billions into the drains having Top Top Researchers from all over the World cannot even produce an egg.

Kicked out to Spring Singapore encouraging what's enterprising ventures.Also no noise no sound. Brought hundreds of delegates to overseas for businesses or nothing in sight.Only can make poh peea rolls. Next just keep selling all Sinkieland assets and squeezed the masses. Promote vice activities to serve Matilah and his ConMen conned the Dafts elites.

Sinkieland entrepeurers only can follow one another in the same lines.You open "Yoon Soo" or sure losw transport business and I follow suit.

You open cafes and I followed suit. Besides those kuching kurap OMO or two men show what's technology IT enterprise in one or two months shut down what's you have??

So, Sinkieland must secretly now do the boom period of these trading by Sha ka China and they already USA's pet skunk, DT can close an eye. Next having War Games exercise with the US Carriers.

After DT still has to do business with China in other whether follow their rules or break their rules ways.

All these ongoing Wayang Trade Wars for pride and show are behind closed doors and in secrets been done and traded secretly.

All these Countries of Origins what's Bullshits ban could be diverted to a Third Country as the Country of Origin and exported to their respective countries if all just kept their mouths shut.

All just a facade. Sinkieland will forever be a Service Businesses Country with its Airports, Tourism, Vice services with Casinos and Commission Agents.

So now best chance just like the 60s to 90s act as Third Rate Service Agents.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Any kind of war or manifest "disagreement" in the free market of ideas offers potential for profit.

I doubt Boeing will have a "fire sale". The defense industry warmongers are some of their solid, long term clients. People have to kill other people in large numbers---that's an industry which is almost "bulletproof" (oh the irony! 😂).

Killing people is a thing we love, c'mon be honest. Most of us don't do it of course, but there are times when we wish we could 🤣🔪💣⚰️💀 Most video games are about smokin your opponent, and lighting up their troops. The player who kills the most--WINS! Movies too---people flock to movies with "action sequences" where brutality and mayhem are "entertainment".

So I reckon Boeing will be OK. Last year (2017) they made a shit ton of money. If I'm not mistaken, a record year for earning.

Grumpy but charming Charlie Munger, even at 94 is a very smart dude, and also insanely rich. Whilst his buddy Warren is always warm and smiling---a real "ray of sunshine" guy---ol' Charlie is moody, detached and a typical storybook manifestation of the crotchety old curmudgeon. I agree with him when he said "Show me an incentive, and I will show you an outcome"

The US corporate chiefs are the world's biggest CUNTS---smart, well connected and amoral. They are aided and abetted by their Federal Govt, and sometimes even the Federal Reserve. Many of them are PSYCHOPATHS, absolutely devoid of any moral compass. So they will CHEAT, you can bet on it, especially if it means they will get a bump in their bonuses on their already outrageous pay.

So I reckon, they will export their banned goods to a neutral cuntry which is not trade-sanctioned by China, re-label the goods from "Made in the USA" to "Made in we-love-China Cuntry", doctor the paper and money-payment trails (aka commit outright FRAUD) and attempt to bypass China's punitive tariffs.

Will they get caught? Probably. But not before they make loads of money and cheat China of tax.

It's harder for China to do the same. It's obvious that most white goods, flat screens and other consumer products are made in China. They can't re-label their consumer products from "Made In China" to "Made in We-Suck-American-Dick Cuntry". Even for steel. All steel have "fingerprints" in the metal. Easy to detect the point of manufacture.

My bet is that US firms are going to CHEAT. Anyone disagree? Redbean, how say you?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Back to incentives.

One of the oldest incentives is BRIBERY. Bribery works. The thing is to disguise it so you don't get caught. If you are going to be caught, then be open about it and "re-brand" bribery as something else.

A good example is the pay packets of our govt ministers. You can't say it's bribery. You will be sued. They will tekan you for "defamation" and the new law for "fake news". Your ass will be fucked TWICE, and you will bleed and suffer, TWICE.

In fact, the clever SG.GOV insists that their big pay prevents the ministers from accepting bribes. So, you decide lah. I'm going to stop here. I'm not fighting any accusation I may or may not make in the Singapore High Court. No way. 😂

Bribery is nothing but a form of ARBITRAGE. It is the difference between a fixed cost (govt salary, for e.g.) and the TRUE MARKET PRICE of the thing. For e.g. the guy at immigration earns 3000 Baht per month. You want your Thai papers in a hurry, so you pay a "premium" directly to him of say, 6000 Baht, 2 months pay for him, a mere expense for you. The true market price of that transaction is not his shitty pay, but that PLUS your "contribution". I love free markets. I love it more when fixed markets become free. 😎

Both China and US need each other to create wealth for themselves, because trade increases wealth. You give me value, I give you value. Most people in both cuntries have jobs. People with jobs WANT TO BUY STUFF. They want to OWN STUFF. Imposing tariffs make it more difficult to buy and own stuff---especially for people who have to sacrifice their time and energy, and two thirds (or more) of their life WORKING.

Thus the incentive to cheat is very strong. Bribery, black and grey market activity, and outright fraud will increase. Humans respond to incentives.

Human behaviour, resulting from human psychology, ROCKS! Praise Jesus! 🤪

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Human incentive to cheat. A recent example

People with jobs want to own stuff. Nice shiny expensive stuff, premium brand.

Where there's demand, there's a way! 😛

Virgo49 said...

Shipping frauds been happening round the World with the Auspices of Carrier Lines only interested in making the MONIES.

Goods can be labelled on a Third Country not engaged in any Imposed Tariffs on them.That's why USA can give exemptions to those that can collobrate with them.

Even on same vessels from same destinations to the Sanctioned or Tariffs imposed Countrirs, they can simply paid a fee for the Carriers to what's we called "Switch Bill of Ladings" Their own carriers can even do free for them.Just simple documentations of changing Port of Loading and Country of Origin.The Countries can issued Fraudulent Certs of Origins.

These are tricks to bypass Sanctioned and Tariff imposed goods.

If not North Korea can survived so long with the U.N. Sanctions? ?

That's why the UAss want to stop and search vessels to harass them.

Some even loaded scraps and stones as valuable cargo with insurance coverage.Charter a leaking ship and sink it.

Mr Lim Tean as a Shipping Lawyer is wise in these hanky panky.

Sinkieland Traders and shippers also do trade with Kim.

Until some whistle blowers blown whistles.

Anonymous said...

With US and China busy eyeballing each other, perhaps now is best time to sneak some exports to North Korea !

Anonymous said...

Your scheme is at par with the Thai rice fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Who has the money to buy these excess produce and aircraft? If Singapore is smart, ask for fire sale prices. Make sure they are dirt cheap. The Americans must sell, desperate to sell, and there would not be many buyers with the dole. It will be buyer’s market.

There would not be many buyers with the dole? Sure or not?

Singapore is the richest country in the world meh? Even if Singapore got money, why would smart PAP want to buy stuff they do not need and which also cannot stimulate GDP growth? Some more u sure can resell one meh? If not, may have to pay extra for parking like airplanes, u know.

Anonymous said...

Well, for one, they can continue printing money, give them to the big banks to lend to people to buy. It has been this way for decades and it works, so far.

Anonymous said...

Who has the money to buy? Well, for sure they look and still act like a rich country with rich people. Just look at the stock market on Wall Street. When you can print money from thin air, what else is the problem with not being able to buy?

Let's not worry too much about the ordinary folks in the USA. They voted for the Government they deserve and so do we.

Here in red dot some people are talking about the HDB time bomb. A careful look at the 99 year lease and the fact that there are already 70,000 flats with less than 60 year lease remaining and with more coming onto the bandwagon, it is a problem to be solved. When flats gets older, it goes down in value and loans are hardly possible for buyers. Hence the myth that HDB is good investment and good store of value is beginning to unravel when retirees find their store of retirement value is getting difficult to dispose off and continue to depreciate until zero.

When demand for old flats from people fizzle out, the problem is going to be difficult to deal with, when over the years they have been telling everyone that upgrading will add value to their investments. Like the retirement pension fund Ponzi scheme of the West, the property Ponzi scheme in red dot is going down the same route.

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Buy the soya beans and anything. Can oso sell to NK.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone

FYI, Singapore is N Kore's 4th largest trading partner. Those buggers in construction supplies (motherfucking contractors) are making good money. USA found out. Alamak, pechah lobang 🤣

@1222 HDB Time bomb:

>> A careful look at the 99 year lease and the fact that there are already 70,000 flats with less than 60 year lease remaining and with more coming onto the bandwagon, it is a problem to be solved. When flats gets older, it goes down in value and loans are hardly possible for buyers. <<

OK, what you don't know is that is how it is supposed to be. The "theory" is that we move from govt subsidised system to a free market system...like HK where the govt leases out the land to developers in the PRIVATE market.

The argument is that Singaporeans by the end of the old 99 leases, and the rest following will be RICH ENOUGH to go 100% private.

So if you have reservations and are going to be alive, you better go out and make as much money as possible.

Whatever you do, never be BROKE in Singapore. No one will give a flying shit about you🤓

Anonymous said...

Only Singapore daft balls-carrying people can exploit the situation? Other cuntries full of world-famous crooks like the Israelis, German, French, Italians, Brazilians, Mexicans, British and Australians cannot meh?

There are full of sharks and crocodiles out there waiting just to eat easy prey.

Daft Sinkies without the old fart around are dead ducks. For the past five years, how many cock-ups happened?

And why keep introducing new draconian laws? Why must deprive Dr Tan Cheng Bock of the Presidency by engineering a puppet walkover unelected elected indian woman as malaly to shame the whole country world-wide?

All these are signs of desperation.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

>> Shipping frauds been happening round the World with the Auspices of Carrier Lines only interested in making the MONIES. <<

Kaninah, you go casino for what? Eat free food ah? Kepla butoh lah, you go in the hope (burn joss stick, burn hell paper, tow pei kong.. 😂) of making money because you are incentivised by the idea of something much more, from something less. i.e. one bet can hopefully win big big.

In brain science terms, your dopamine mechanism in your reward system is "stimulated". This is the very BASIC LEVEL by which ALL cons and scams work.

Shipping Fraud has been going on longer than that. Consider the British East and West India company days...and go back even further to the "profiteers" of the high seas.

As long as there is are possibilities for "something more for something less", human beings will act accordingly. That is how our brain's calculus works. The brain is basically a prediction engine...it wants to predict losses and gains so actions can be decided on to suit the circumstance.

Often, it is wrong. Sometimes it is right. Up to you lah...I mean, up to your brain lah..🤣🤓

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1246:

>> All these are signs of desperation. <<

I like. Desperate people make terrible emotionally-based JUDGEMENTS, then proceed to take irrational actions and make appalling choices. Can exploit their errors very easily for profit and/ or gain.

>> Only Singapore daft balls-carrying people can exploit the situation? <<

Not true. These are the people who will make the biggest, and thus most profitable mistakes. Anyone, can profit from their errors.

I champion desperation. C'mon PAP, do your worse! 😂

Anonymous said...

"Desparate leaders create desparate situations. Desperate situations require desperate measures, then therefore I am free to act as desperately as I wish."

The Hunger Games, #2 - Carching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

“Never let a crisis go to waste”
by Rahm Emanuel, foul mouthed, ballet dancing current Chicago mayor, and former Obama sidekick.

Rahm was echoing ideas from people before him: Saul Alinski in Rules For Radicals, and The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli, and later on Norm Chomsky.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.'
One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity.
In a crisis, be aware of the danger--but recognize the opportunity.”

― John F. Kennedy

Anonymous said...

What It Means To Be Free"

"I do not choose to be a common man.

It is my right to be uncommon, if I can.

I seek opportunity, not security.

I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me.

I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed.

I refuse to barter incentive for a dole.

I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of Utopia.

I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout.

I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat.

It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations, and to face the world boldly and say, this I have done!

All this is what it means to be an American - a Free Man of the World."

- Dean Alfange - Originally published in "This Week Magazine". Later reprinted in The Reader's Digest, October 1952 and January 1954.

Leo81 said...

Part 1: Donald Trump's Trade War is 10 Years Too Late

In 2009, the year after the 2008 GFC (Global Financial Crisis), world trade shrank for the first time in half a century. China then was far more dependent on the American market in terms of percentage share of exports to GDP.

Over the past 10 years, China's GDP more than doubled, averaging more than 7% per annum, though economic growth ranges between 6.5% to 6.9% in the last 3 years but overall the average annual growth rate was well over 7% in the past decade for the Chinese economy to more than double between 2007 to 2018.

After the onset of the 2008 GFC, the drastic fall of demand for Chinese exports in the American and European markets, massive efforts and policy initiatives were taken by the Hu/ Wen led Chinese government to diversify and restructure the economy away from the export-led economic growth especially to the debt-laden American economy which is predicted to implode cyclically given its massive imbalance in its GDP consumption spending composition, savings rate, budget deficit etc. After 10 years of silent but relentless slogging, the Chinese economy is far more diversified, urbanisation has continued to intensify, services has become much larger as a share of GDP, social security has improved and more and more Chinese consumers are confident and willing to spend on consumption. All these implied that any protectionist measure especially tariffs would harm the American consumers and economy much much more than the Chinese.

With the US economy heavily in debt and the average consumers highly leveraged, the days of the American economy as the number one consumers are likely numbered and its importance diminishing each passing day. Any further escalation of the current budding trade war posts far more systemic threat to the American than the Chinese.

All the major political events in China such as last year Oct Party's Congress and this year March NPC are over. President Xi Jinping has consolidated his power and the people and society are ready to stand united behind the government in any economic showdown forced upon them by the imperial American white supremacists. On the other hand, the domestic political battles in the US are just beginning and subjected to change especially from missteps in managing the economy and international relations which bring more setbacks than benefits to the American economy.

Donald Trump is facing a more and more uphill battle in the upcoming mid-term election to maintain the Republican razor thin majority in the US Senate and given more and more House of Representatives seats held by the Republic are becoming hot battle grounds, even the majority in the lower Congress is under threat. By losing their majority in the coming mid-term, Donald Trump would probably become the most "besieged" US President in history and his remaining term may just become pure lame duck and all about dodging impeachment as much as possible. Also he will likely face a strong challenge for the 2020 Presidential bid within his party if he survives a full term till 2020.

Given such outlook, likely Donald Trump would become more and more desperate in maintaining the majority in the Congress. Desperation probably would lead to taking more and unnecessary high risks. As most of his best advisors are gone and now surrounded by like-minded hawks, the perils of groupthink under such circumstances are much more heigthened and the enactment of "Bay of Pigs 2" groupthink fiasco may become more and more of a reality.

PS: Dear Mr Chua, it seems more and more readers are beginning to contribute to MySingaporeNews and it is only natural that long time and royal readers would want to become part of this process. Pls give some consideration to the above article for publication in your social media site. Thank you in advance. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousApril 07, 2018 12:26 pm
//Good idea. Buy the soya beans and anything. Can oso sell to NK.//

Sounds good

Just charge a middle man fees

And the source of origin for the soybean just state sinkieland (grown under the beds of hdb heartlands)

Anonymous said...

US actions so far have pushed Chinese to believe that this is no ordinary trade war but a strategic move to counter China's rise and perpetuate the overall advantage of the US.

Both China and the US believe their moves will affect their countries' future and their status in the world economies. Both sides may exert their utmost power to fight a trade war at all cost.

This trade war was initiated by the US in an especially brutal way and the price it demands is unbearable for China. The US has given China no choice but to launch a comprehensive resistance.

A strategic resolution is being established in China, which is to fight the Trump administration's trade aggression in the same way the country fought US troops during the Korean War (1950-53). The Korean War caused China much losses but it forced the US to sign on an armistice, damaging Washington's strategic arrogance and winning many years of strategic respect for Beijing. The Chinese will fight today's trade war with the same strategic spirit that fears no sacrifice or loss, and force the US to burn the very stick that it wields at China.

China's participation in the Korea War was due to US military's approach to the Yalu River, which is the Chinese border. Today's trade war is also due to US acts that are hurting China's core interests. A sense of crisis that the Chinese have no place to retreat is uniting the Chinese society. The Chinese know there will be sacrifices but understand better that there is no limit to the greed of hegemony. If the Chinese don't build their trade defense today, they will never know what they will lose tomorrow.

Beijing is capable of hurting Washington in every trade battle, making the US suffer the same losses as China suffers. "Chinese hiding in tunnels from US bombing" is not how this trade war will be fought. China has enough ammunition to fight this trade war, and China's system will mobilize its people to counter challenges from an external economic power. When the fight begins, the world will see which one is more capable of persisting.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be in China for a working visit from Sunday (Apr 8) to Thursday. Wow RB! It's happening!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome to the blog Leo81.

Your article posted.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China and Russia should pull out from the trade sanction against North Korea and resume full trading activities with the North Koreans.

This is war and there is no need for niceties to please the enemies.

Virgo49 said...

China been trying to be a Responsible MEMBER of the International Community. They adhere to what's the U.N. and other World's Body Resolutions as Agreed. They trying to show the International Community that they are a being and peaceful rising Nation.

The Americans been going round like a big bully for century and now even their Allies are been short changed and cowed by them. Even the U.N. and WTO is helpless against their unreasonable behaviours.

So, now they openly declared their true colours of Trade Wars harrasing China to obey as their vassal, China should now ignore whatsoever agreements and resolutions that they had agreed to comply and have trade relations with all countries that are sanctioned or bully by the Americans.

Why be gentlemen when they are no longer gentlemen.Russia, North Korea, Iran and China should rise to counter their evil intentions.

Aiya, Two faced Loony Loon,.DONT waste time lah.People alreday knew.your ODOUR.Worse than Ah Nehs and the whites triple forked tongues.

China's diplomacy will welcome you but you be coming back with your tails behind your back empty handed. They prefer Najib than you kakinan now.

You are the Worst traitor to your own kind.One hand joint exercise with USA and then go and try to put on best smiles to get some scraps from them.

Or may be as running dog to convey message on Trump's behalf.

Sinking land Sampan already half submerged and you still want to spend time kaypoh as International Statesman.

Leo81 said...

Thank you Mr Chua.

Anonymous said...

Trump's trade war with China is a part of the overall strategic plan to contain China's rise.

Most likely US's staunch allies (e.g UK, Australia, Canada, maybe EU (NATO affiliated) and possibly India, Singapore), those countries who are eager to see the effective containment of China's rise, would be coordinated well-timed to create roadblock and obstacles for China economically.

When China overall national revenue has suffered, and insufficient cash to continue her rapid military expansion plan, social reinforcement, and stagnate B&R projects,
then we'll see at the same time coordinated military encroachment by US, UK, Australia, maybe France, India and Singapore into the South China Sea, as well as India-China border.

Also, US will destabilize Taiwan province by engaging Taiwan directly in some offensive way.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 11.05

The USA will use their Evil card to draw China into a conflict with Taiwan if other Trade measures hurt them more than they hurt China.

This Tsai President is itching for a Fark, oops Fight for Independence. DT will use this Borrow the kinfe to kill someone ruse to make sure China had no choice but action.

They had already sent their banana ABCs traitors emissaries to Taiwan to stir Shits.

But it will be a Fast Invasions faster than the Israeli Six day war.Now they have exercises with their carrier in the South China Seas.

Within twenty four hours of full invasions against the Taiwanese Boy Scouts, PRC will secure and have all the Forces ready for any Americans interference.

DT hot air only. He busts want to see a long battle with both sides weakening.

Taiwan will fall within 24 hours with a Full Assault from China.

Have to be quick and fast to fight the Real Enemy.

Russia and North Korea on standby.

South Korea need a Philippines Durete who must have the guts to break off with USA. If not SKorea be the next scapegoat.

Japan and USA waiting on.the side Line for their suicide.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said.April 08, 2018 8:52 am
// Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be in China for a working visit from Sunday (Apr 8) to Thursday. Wow RB! It's happening! //

Najib and Lee Hsien Loong are good friends, just like abang adik.
Malaysia's 14th general election is around the corner, Loony Loong goes to China to drum up support for corrupt Najib, do corruption, do together.
Since China is fighting official corruption, China should take note and be extremely wary of forked tongues and extremist .

The link,
Najib sends best wishes to S'pore PM | Free Malaysia Today - FMT

Did Lee Hsien Loong studiously avoid Najib Razak in US-ASEAN ...

Najib Razak glaringly missing from PM Lee's photo collage | The ...

'New Johor Baru' might be another Singapore, warns Dr M | Malaysia ...

TMJ maintains political neutrality | Malaysia | Malay Mail Online

Anonymous said...

Beijing is Increasingly Looking Toward Reunification with Taiwan by Force.

The number of people in China who are pro-reunification by force and anticipating a cross-Straits war is growing unprecedentedly.

When the new American Institute in Taiwan opens, slated for June, John Bolton, US President Donald Trump's pick for his new national security adviser, could visit Taiwan, it has been reported. If so, Bolton will become the most senior US official to visit Taiwan since China and the US established diplomatic ties in 1979.

There are also reports that the Trump administration has approved the marketing license required for US manufacturers to sell submarine-building technology to Taiwan. There has not been such a sensitive step since former president George W. Bush approved the sale of eight conventional submarines to Taiwan in 2001.

As the US and Taiwan become more provocative and continue to hit the boundary outlined by China's Anti-secession Law, a quick solution to the question may be essential.

So far, cross-Straits relations built on the 1992 Consensus and the one-China policy agreed by China and the US in accordance with the three joint communiqués have been gravely undermined. The situation across the Taiwan Straits is poised for fundamental changes and the mainland has to make major adjustments.

The mainland will continue to prepare for a possible military clash across the Straits. A military showdown with Taiwan is becoming more probable and may take place sooner rather than later.