The widening racial divide

The pain is hurting more with each day passing in Malaysia. The discrimination against the non Malays continues and will continue as a govt policy with BN in charge. Malaysia under the BN is determined to rule the country on the basis of Malay and non Malay. And the ethnic minorities suffer in silence, for too long. But the silence has been broken and they are standing up to say no to such discrimination. Hindraf is playing an increasingly important role in this fight against racial discrimination and suppression, against economic freedom and freedom to choose a way of life.And they are going to sacrifice for the cause with more martyrs to be imprisoned or to be harmed in the process. As the BN continues to build up its Malayness in a country when the Malays is not really an absolute majority, the ridiculous nature of this Malayness is now being exposed. Most of the champions of Malayness are not Malays themselves. Many are Arabs, Indians and Indonesians in orgins. And many have mixed ancestries. The point is more sore when many are new immigrants in the country compare to the ethnic minorities who have set roots here a few centuries back. The people are questioning this Malay formula. What is so Malay about being Malay? As long as the ruling BN continues with this half past six formula to cling on to power, Malaysia will continue to be divided as a country for years to come. Instead of becoming more Malaysian, it is becoming more Malay. Actually this is also a fallacy, it is not becoming more Malay but more rojak Malay. For the new Malays are not Malay in the strict sense but descendants of mixed ancestries. Who is a Malay? And the real bumiputras, the original natives of the land, were also beside sidelined. The Orang Aslis, the Dayaks, the Dusuns, the Ibans and the many tribes in East Malaysia, they do not enjoy the kind of privileges and attention the so called 'Malays' are enjoying. Would the real bumiputras stand up for their rights and rightful place in the country and chase away the pretenders?


Anonymous said...

Just a shame ... envie and jealousy(malay) will be the root of that nation downfall. The leaders of Malaysaia have put on horse blinds and even than cannot see straight. They want easy money and modern nation but not put effort to achieve it.

racial tension is the result of minority working hard and majority feeling jealous. a disgrace to Islam.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia will probably stagnate, similar to the Philippines (sorry for that) under Marcos.

The Philippines was the best country in this region in the early fifties, but has been left behind during the Marcos era. The dictatorial rule left its mark.

If change does not come to Malaysia soon, and the racial bias continue, other countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos will move ahead eventually.

What a pity for a country so rich in natural resources and potential!

Lost Citizen`

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It can't be helped, and we can predict the end-game:

Malaysian constitution SPECIFICALLY DEFINES what buhmi's are and the RIGHTS they are given, hence at the root, the Malaysian state (not the country) is biased racially (aka the state of Malaysia is by definition racist)

The only hope is constitutional change, and we know although not impossible, it is a very difficult process and could take decades or even a hundred years or more — that is if they haven't wiped themselves out by civil war.

Anyway, any strife in the world is always fun to watch on TV. So I could care less if the fuckers choose to fight it out on the streets.