What? Too much?

These seem to be the reaction of the public and the letters to the media forum. They are envious of the huge bonus that Liew Mun Leong has been rewarded. But what Liew got was all legal and just reward for his talent. Come on, what he got is peanuts compare to those in Wall Street or in Fleet Street. If we aspire to be a nation of rich billionaires, we must learn from Wall Street and pay the best talents their just rewards. Then only we can have more billionaires. I hope no one is going to call Liew Mun Leong to return his big bonus or a new law being passed to tax it at 90%. That will ruin our policy of rewarding real talents. All our talents will run away and we will end up as the net losers. In fact we should reward more to those who are underpaid when their responsibilities are much greater than Liew Mun Leong but getting less than him. Let Liew Mun Leong's bonus be the reference point to attract more super talents to our shores. Liew Kai Khuin wrote to the ST about the grotesque 700,000 pounds pension being paid for life to the former CEO of RBS. Why should it be troubling to pay him so much for life when his contribution and merits will be good for life even after he has left RBS? His contribution will continue, everlasting. And the public anger in the US over the bonuses paid to AIG was also raised. But we are different. We are making money, a lot of money! In the ST today it was reported that the homes of Sir Fred Goodwin, the disgraced CEO of RBS, has been attacked. And the attackers warned that it was only the beginning. They called themselves 'Bank Bosses are Criminals.' What is the world turning into? People getting honest rewards, just because the losers think that the rewards were a bit too much to stomach and they want to attack them? The losers must be put in their place. They must be reminded that if they were just as good, they too would be getting the multi million dollar bonuses. Please don't begrudge talents being paid their worth. Can I have some crumbs?


Anonymous said...

If Liew was rewarded with 205 months bonus for his "performance" in 2007, then Ho Ching should rewarded with 2050 months of bonuses and Finance Minister Tharman should be rewarded with 20,500 months of bonuses and PM LHL should be rewarded with 205,000 months and so on up the ladder. Because their jobs and responsibilities are much heavier and Capital Land's performance and achievements also mean their performance and achievement. It is not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

in a way it is true. the govt created and provided the environment for companies to make money here. the govt deserves to be paid more.

Anonymous said...

yes, but could we afford them in the long run, are we worthy of such a highly paid team?

if it is a supply and demand thing, could we recruit talents from china and india to run this place and save on costs. they are much cheaper, hungrier and brighter.

in the past, we were run by foreign talents too, we are where we are becos of them.