In a state of shock!

Have we been so stunned to inactivity by the financial crisis? After the Reliance Package there were some talks of upturn the downturn and belt tightening. Subsequently there were more calls for trainining. Then what else? With the economy grinding down, with some industries limping, where are the supertalents and their super solutions to the problems facing us? Could more be done to alleviate the situation? Or are we just sitting there waiting for the storm to blow over and then pick up the pieces? Or really there is nothing else that can be done? The people have no talents and they can't do anything. Those with great talents and are paid for their talents should be showing their talents at times like this. We really need them now, badly. Where are they?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There's no "solution". We are in a soft depression (no one will admit it) meaning there is a huge de-leveraging process going on all over the world — regardless of what govt and their 'stimulus' packages intend to do.

Let it slide. All that toxic debt has to bled from the system or this economic train wreck could last several decades (like Japan)

Anonymous said...

I say we can never go back to the boom of the last decade. It's gone, and we may just limp along like Japan.

They are saying we are different, our fundamentals are strong, our educated workforce and all the talk about retraining etc, but what about the Japanese?

Do you believe that the Japanese would just sit idly by to wait for recovery? No, they also look for ways to get our of their stagnation for years. They have the best educated workforce, they are the most enterprising people and they are also the most adaptable nation, rising from the ashes of Hiroshima in just 3, maybe 4 decades.

So what ails Japan now? Can we really be that different?

Lost Citizen

Kaffein said...

Casino will save the day.

That's the best that they came up with when probed for an answer.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, are we moving into the so-called 'high-end jobs' or moving backwards into the 'low-end' jobs which the casino provides? I find it difficult to conclude, but rest assured I will not be shocked if someone can provide the answer.

Lost Citizen

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

someone may just say, earn less and live well.