Buangkok East Drive saves 7 minutes

Buangkok East Drive saves 7 minutes The openinging of the Buangkok Drive extension has made travelling to the city that much faster, by 7 mins. Wonder how much was spent to save that precious 7 minutes. And there is great expectation that this new road will make travelling on the KPE more popular. I will probably agree if the ERP charges are not too prohibitive. A lot of planning and resources have been invested into this new road. And many more resources and planning will be invested building more new roads and extensions to improve traffic flow. The thing that motorists must know is that we are in a phase of diminishing returns. With so many vehicles on the road and a limited number of roads, this is the best that can be done. A few hundred millions more may save another precious few minutes as we explore more space for roads.


Anonymous said...

The real disminshing returns is when jams are like chocolate blocks as in Jarkata, India, Dubai,Bangkok, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Kulua Lumpur. I must say our roads are very well managed unlike major city said above.

Unlike corruptions in big city like Manila where monies for roads disappear into politician pockets where potholes remained unrepaired, manholes covers missing. I was warned to be careful when walking in Manila, one can end up in the sewers and almost walked into one.

We must be glad living in Singapore. The govt agency is proactive in repairing roads.

I heard this case. Child was in junior schools in Manila, politician promised to build a LRT link to the city. Child graduated from Manila University,came to work in Singapore; that LRT is still talking & talking. Sounds farmiliar right - this applies to many major cities around us where corruptions are alive. Overseas politician talked only. Famous example - Euro 400 millions commission money for 3 submarines plus one bomb and one tragic death. He is now in Oxford guarding the millions - why did England grant such safe haven to someone linked to tragic death and letting him enjoy the E400 millions?

Look at it this way, that 7 mins saved is important and government had made it happen or do you prefer PAPA gang to be sipping blue volka, blue cheese, Cohiba cigars, sexy Ukraine damsel lap-dancing in Moscow/Toyko than the 7 mins saved?

Good job LTA.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

build roads shall not be mixed up with corruption. a corruption free govt is expected, so is the building of roads to facilitate movement of goods and services and people.

we must not think that just because we are corruption free or roads are being built that we must be extremely grateful. we paid for it and we demand for it.

what do you think will happen if a corrupt and inefficient govt comes into power?