Slit wrist or no slit wrist

This is the latest controversy being discussed in TOC. It has taken issue with the facts of the NTU student, David Hartonto Widjaja, who stabbed his professor and was reported to jump to his death but not before slitting his wrist. Nearly every one of the media reported this. TOC had interviewed a student, Edwin Lesmana Tjiong, who said that there was no slashed wrist and this was confirmed by police reports. How could such a big gap of evidence happen? What is going on?


Anonymous said...

You will notice that the most vociferous voices come from the dead student's compatriots ie Indonesians.

They may be Chinese but they are Indonesians first and foremost. Ask them to take up citizenship? Thanks but no Thanks! They want the comfort and security of this country but at the same time, they want a share of the immense resources of Indonesia as well!

I am not a fan of the MSM. But neither do I believe much of what these Indonesians say either.

I still believe that in their haste of attracting so called foreign talents, someone, another great immortal has goofed on this one. Hereon, I beseech them to choose only the best and scrap the bottom of the barrel. Like the "investments" in foreign banks which are collapsing down a deck of cards, I am afraid that our highly paid mandarins did not really do their due diligence.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi confucian, welcome to the blog.

i think we worry unnecessarily about foreign talents. they are here to save us. remember that. now with obama not hiring foreign talents, many more will be welcomed here. and our country will progress in leaps and bounds.

and you are right, our local talents are not performing and should be replaced by foreign talents.

as for this case in particular, it is better to take the objecive view and look for the facts. that we can see the truth or the tooth.

Anonymous said...

indonesians must speaks for their countrymen , like wise singaporeans must speak for singaporeans, not keep quite.

sad story all around, there is one person who can clear up eveything, the professor with police.

Anonymous said...

Which is the tooth and which is the truth?

Anonymous said...

to confucian.

the article addressed on "slit wrist or no slit wrist" issue , which is an important fact in this case.

and you were respond by bring up the "indonesian thanks but no thanks when asked to take up citizenship" thingy, where is the connection? are you disregard the whole article just because it is said by indonesian? are you try to generating that testimony from indonesian can't be taken seriously?

it is just logic to heard that indonesian also not trust whatever said by singapore media, as addressed in this article.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi yull, welcome to the blog.

in a tragedy like this, i am sure everyone would one to know the truth. it is not an issue of whether david is a singaporean or an indonesian. we must live for the truth and for right and wrong.

the issue of nationality is not a factor here.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Yes, the concern is about a human life. And a concern over how much the human kind could have suffered before choosing the path to end his/her life.

Next concern that come out of here is the reliability of the main stream media. When a straight forward info such as, for this case, whether or not there is a slit on the wrist, is just a fact, reporting a simple fact without distortion not achievable by MSM?

Anonymous said...

@ redbean & JJ : EXACTLY.
keep blogging!


Anonymous said...

The more interesting fact here is there is no police words to respond to your "what going on here". This say alot about the pathetic state of state machineries or strong control over media and media censorship or simply "tidak apa" attitude even when wrongly accused or some blok is waiting for the higher up/highest up to respond. I dont believe our machnieries are such, but there is a credibilty issue here which cannot be slowly eroded by false claims.

Is this the new pathetic reality of handling state affairs on credibility.

Or perhaps in the eyes of authorities, blogs are not credible and therefore there is no need to reply or entertain them.

Which is which? you decide.