Knowing your place

Today I shall not indulge in matters that does not concern me, matters that should rightfully be the concerns of those who volunteered to care of them. Today I shall talk about things that a kopitiam shall talk about, about things that affect the kopitiam people daily. Let's start at 6am. What would people be doing at 6am when the sun is not even up? Sunrise is now 7am after we amended our time forward. Oh, the 'mummies' must be busy preparing their little kids for school. 6am may even be too late for those living further away. These are real stuff of kopitiams. What else, ha, choping seats in kopitiams with tissue papers. Arrrgggh, such bad habits, offensive, unacceptable. There must be better ways of choping seats. And don't forget to return the plates to the cleaning ah peks or ah mahs. And don't leave a mess after eating ok? Public transport may be something they should talk about. Not the high cost, but about seating on the floors, about peeping Toms, about giving up seats to aunties and uncles and getting annoyed when they don't accept the kind offers. For the young, talk about warcraft, about the latest gadgets and mobile phones, about Stomps, and yes, take pictures for Stomps. And the tai tais, about the most sexy lingeries and where to get them. I think there are many serious stuff that befit kopitiam talks. How nice if everyone will come to kopitiams and talk about such stuff. I think everyone will give me pat on the back and say, 'Good boy, that is your rightful place.'


Anonymous said...

The clever ones who knows their places are the see nothing, hear nothing and speak nothing wisemen.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

> I think there are many serious stuff that befit kopitiam talks. <

Sure there are. For starters kopitiams are no different from the 'cafe societites' of all great civilizations. It's where the chattering classes meet up to expound and debate things affecting their lives, and the biggest most common one is The State and how or why it intervenes in human relationships.