The ingenuity of Wall Street thieves

They knew that the outrageous bonus game is over. So they have come to terms with it and decided not to pay huge bonuses any more. But pay themselves well is something that they must do, by hook or by crook. Their new game plan is to pay out front. They will raise the basic pay of their CEOs and senior management by as much as 70%. So a CEO who is getting US$180k will have his basic pay raised to $300k. This kind of robbery is only on the personal side. At the corporate level, they have been hookwinking the Obama govt that all of them are going bust without a bailout of several tens of billions of dollars. But the moment the Fed decided that they could not pay indecent bonuses when receiving govt bailout fund, they started to tell the govt they don't need the money, they are starting to make profits, and one even want to return the govt money immediately. These are the exceptional talents of Wall Street. We must be salivating to welcome them on board as shining examples of out of this world super talents. America main street and Europe need a revolution to rid the country of such thieves.


Anonymous said...

Islamization might be way to go.

Anonymous said...

Temasick has netted one of those big chips in its sick bag?