What is going on?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 This blog is down until further notice. a. Regular CNA forumer JohnLaw who first reported on the CDC bonus has not been seen. b. Wayang.Party has been shutdown by ISP. c. Blogger PoThePanda was investigated by the police & ISD for his articles. I receive a few emails that a number have been followed. Something may be on. I'll be back once the picture is clearer Posted by LuckySingaporean at 3:24 AM The above was posted in Diary of a Singaporean Mind. What is happening? WayangParty reported that it is now back online and is investigating the cause of the breakdown. They suspected foul play. Coincidently Redbeanforum was also out on Monday evening. Are we thinking the same thing that something sinister is brewing? Who on earth would want to do such a damn thing? Lucky Tan's post makes one thinking of some forces at work, that we are being watched like the Communist countries or the days of Gestapo. I think it is all our imagination. Our security personnel are paid by public money and have better and more important things to do than to stoop so low and become petty pawns in a political game. The only reason for them to act will be threats to national security or terrorism. I don't think bloggers belong to these two categories. Should my postings be interpreted as a threat to national security, please email me or give me a call. I shall cease posting. Or maybe I shall post about lingeries and underwear, or which celebrity is sleeping with who. Or maybe I shall write about cookings, or better still write a cook book. That should be safe enough for good Singaporeans. Then I shall write about the most intellectual pursuit of Singaporeans, writing cook books. Then we will become the most intelligent


bbqchickenwings said...

cooking is great, singaporeans' fave past time is food. talking policies wont keep your stomach from growling.

if you have great cooking recipes, pls do share them.

I don't like red beans a lot, so don't post beany ones k.

Anonymous said...

two guaranteed money spinners to blog about: geylang news and IR news.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i think post about bbq chicken and chicken wings will be better. there are 36 ways of bbq chicken and 24 ways of stewing and 12 ways of baking. wow, can write a 100 page book already.

Anonymous said...

redbean is indeed a humble stuff, however, it is nutritious and healthy.

Be it the simple 'ang tau tng'(redbean porridge/soup in hokkien dialect), as an ingredient in 'chendol'(an exotic S E Asian cocktail drink), as filling for Chinese buns/breads/dumplings or any other edibles, the humble redbean is great.

Dear Redbean;
You mentioned some very loyal Singaporeans here and asked "What is going on ?" It takes great courage to ask such question and more so when You expect to be emailed and be apprised. You have my greatest respect Sir !

Do serve your redbean stuff, it fills the hunger of many.


Anonymous said...

1) bloggers who get traffic by being stridently anti-govt/pap are flattering themselves if they think the ISD etc have that much time to go after them. It's more likely to be their hosts not having enough bandwidth and yes, anti-govt rhetoric does attract visitors, altho I think the exponential growth of such sites will see diminishing returns ;)

2) redbean is a great name.. u know the great Cantonese song which goes something like that "hong dow sang name kok, chun loi dor kei zhi?'

3) I see u r interested in orchids; u should check out eric simon's blog abt his book "brighten your life with orchids" which is part of his brighten your life series

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

yes auntielucia, like your humour. you are right that the security people are having their hands full in more important stuff than watching citizens chatting online. if they do it, it will be an abuse of public fund. i think they have no time for such frivolous thing esp when the govt is opening up more spaces for more freedom of expression.

my interest is photography and things that are beautiful. ok i will visit eric simon's blog.

one serving of ang tau tng for patriot.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think it is silly to be thinking like a knee-jerk conspiracy theorist.

Look for evidence, the draw a conclusion if you can. The "fear mongers" way is to look at the situation, then speculate on the evidence.