Where to Ho Ching?

This has been the number one question in many people's mind. There were all kinds of serious and cheeky suggestions, from the Presidency to being a housewife. Let me try another proposition. With the kind of talent and connection, it will be a big waste if Ho Ching makes herself redundant. She still has many good years to come and she can still contribute to the country and the stable of govt link companies. It is far better to get someone who knows to do the job than to hunt around or fish around for another genius to come by. Ho Ching should stay in Temasek and continue with what she is or was doing. Why? After going through all the crisis she must be that much wiser as to the risks involved in managing and investing huge sums of money. And Who else has the privilege of a $58b lesson? Tan Yong Soon only had a $50k lesson in France. I still feel that with such a costly lesson that is difficult to come by, she is even more qualified to do the job. Stay on Ho Ching. No one is more qualified than her to do that job. Of course many of you will disagree. But that's how I see it.


Anonymous said...

er.........Redbean, you want our country to go bankrupt izzit? Or we oledy are?

By the way, how come your pics on chinatown all got no people around. Looks like a ghost town. Where has all the projected 6.5 million people gone?

Cordon "Immortal" Tan

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

oh, chinatown mostly old people playing chess. not too pretty on pictures.

actually i was taking the facade of the shophouses which look quite pretty after a facelift.

i am working on a series with the people included.

Anonymous said...

You are are a good photographer. I bought a few digital cameras but never got round to using it. Where can I learn to "shoot" like you huh. When I am accomplished, I like to take a budget flight and go round capturing the natural sights.

After the "facelift" the facade and the shophouses look pretty artificial to me. Give me the grime of yesteryear anytime!


Anonymous said...

Some people are just 'jinxed'. Anywhere they step on, the grass dry up. Such people better stay at home and, erh, look after their sick mother in law lah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi CIT, photography is now made so easy. you need to experiment with it and play with your camera to get use to it. buy me a cuppa and we can have a chat over it huh.

today most of the technical details have been taken care off by the camera. if you leave that to the auto mode, then it is all composition and angles. this is very personal except for some basic rules.

and to make your pics look better, you can crop and touch up digitally. no more dark room mess. and you can remove all the ugly spots and lines.

know the basics of photography, lightings, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. you can play in whatever combinations you fancy.

the camera today is very sophisticated and can assist in many ways with many modes to choose from. but not necessary to use all of them.

happy shooting.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

the chinese has this saying, 'feng shui lun liu zhuan'. when man is successful, they claimed how smart they were. but when the time comes for them to fail, no matter how smart they were, they will fail.

this is the funny thing about life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks brudder for the photography tips. I will play around with it as you suggested and when I can "shoot" some decent pics, I will also like to put up a photo blog.

Sadly, with all the gadgetry one would be very lazy and predisposed to choose "auto" instead of manually setting the best parameters with which to capture the moment.

Looking forward to see more of your chinatown pics.

"feng shui lun liu zhuan" = HC may propose anything she wants but God or Fate disposes!??

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If you agree that there's no conflict of interest in her being married to the PM, then fuck it — let here be anything — queen, emperor, treasury chief, head of the armed forces... anything also can lah!