Who are the real fools, clowns and traitors?

The silly Chinese were at it again, biting their own backside. In an article by ST's China correspondence Sim Yin Chi, titled 'Not all Chinese backed patriotic buyer', he started his article with words like, Rogue, Conman, Fool, Clown and Traitor, to call Cai Mingcao. Cai Mingcao was depicted as an obnoxious character after his sabotage of the Christie's auction of looted Chinese treasures. Fortunately not all Chinese were against him. Actually only a minority of 22% in a survey. But the way the article was written, it was as if all the Chinese were attacking Cai. I fully endorse and support his action against the auction. When there is no way to obtain justice, when there is a miscarriage of justice by a court that is supposed to deliver justice, what else should the victim do? And what else did the Chinese people say about the French court? Is there any Asian correspondence worth his salt to condemn the French injustice? No, they are just another bunch of stupid Asians who accepted the abuse and injustice of the West , the colonisation, as a right. They deserve to be treated as second class, as fools, to be ruled by the West. Who then are the real fools, clowns and traitors?


Anonymous said...

we asians are the fool ... look at it this way clothing, shoes, buliding even food are all western styles(comfort,time asides), it seem we are ashame of our good traditions and values for hipping hop and what sell. this is slow eradication of our cultures.

Reminded me of the looting of Iraq museum.
west should return all they stole from east.

Anonymous said...

I think Asians have been dictated to for too long by the West about currency manipulation, democracy, human rights, environmental issues etc that it is time to throw some of these back at them for their hypocrisy.

Take the US for example. They talk about human rights, yet they are torturing iraqi prisoners by just changing the laws.

They talk about letting troubled Asian banks go down during the Asian Financial Crisis, but look at what they are doing now. All the world bodies are controlled by them, the IMF, World Bank etc and they sing the same song when it comes to other Asian and South American countries but lost their voices when it comes to the US itself.

Had the looted treasures come from Europe, I think they would have stepped in to stop Christie's from auctioning them. These are stolen treasures, and isn't disposing of stolen things a crime? But of course we Asians are the lesser mortals of the earthly relm. The Gods just dictate.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

Communist China just adds one additional fool to its list.

To those who feel that Comminust China is unstoppable,I urge you to look at the great company that PRC keeps,dictators and murderers of Cuba,N.Korea,Myanmar,not to forget Mr Mugaba,the billionaire who ionitiated the billion dollar notes to his LUCKY peasants.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

let's me see who are the backers of these great personalities. suharto, marcos, chiang kai shek, shah of iran, ngo dinh diem, general pak chung hee, nguyen cao ky, nguyen van thieu, gen musaraff, and who else?

any can guess which countries were the staunches supporters of these dictators? perhaps these are democratic leaders.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, it puzzles me why some people fail to see the hypocrisy of the West.

Who supported Sadam Hussien during the Iran/Iraq war? Who supported Afghanistan during their conflict with the Soviet Union?

Now, Afghanistan is the hotbed of terrorism and Iraq is an accused state suspected of possessing WMD.

And those countries who supported them are still looked upon as angels who never keeps company with tyrants and dictators.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

when one is young and impressionable, it is easy to be blinded by one sided views. hopefully with exposure to two sides of the coin, one get to see a more balance picture of the real world. but some just choose to see one side.

Anonymous said...

i fully support mr. cai. down with the western rule-of-law, ande bury its carcass with those silly half-witted asians who want to abide those western "laws"